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Learn to code

The stranglehold on the tech sector by leftoids cannot be allowed to continue.

Not only must you be able to shoot, lift, navigate and lead. You must also learn to code and be able to provide your own tech support and cybersecurity.
The burden is massive but it is one we must absolutely shoulder if we are to remain independent and autonomous.
You MUST learn to code. It is as important to your freedom and security as being able to read, though you won't know it until you have learned to code and understand how important it is.

You must learn to code. You must teach your children to code. It is absolutely crucial to not being left behind and totally marginalized in the decades to come.

Coding is as important as being able to shoot, for effective self defense. At least being able to read and understand code, If not creating it yourself.
I do.
You'd be surprised how many fascists are secretly working in this industry.

In fact from experience the best programming threads are the rare ones on /g/ not the ones full of retards on /g/
Post your Fibonacci homos
everyone but me gotta learn to stfu
Where to start OP? Yesterday I started looking around for Python coding but it’s all so abstract. Without a clear goal or mission to make something useful i’m not quite sure where to begin.
Just telling people to do all that you list is unrealistic. Code to do what? Make and host secure websites? Encryption? Running servers/networks? "Hack"? Without a goal or purpose, there's no focus, you spread yourself too thin, and you end up doing nothing. Don't use /g/ to plan stuff like this out. This should go without saying.

Remember, you don't want to instigate anything, you don't want conflict. All you are trying to do is to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property/neighborhood. Othee ways to ensure that must be attempted before turning yourself into some kind of fucking "Rambo polymath".
you must train your mind and body to become a UNIX COMMANDO
i am a software engineer. i am on you side g. i dont have to hide my power level either
ive just noticed his bino
wtf he even gonna shoot at
Agreed. For retards like me who might be reading this, go buy an arduino UNO, a breadboard, and a beginner's small electronics kit w/ a shit ton of LED's and shit. You'll learn how to solder, how electronics work, and a little programming. Then learn python and the gates blow wide open and you can automate your coworkers jobs.
>The stranglehold on the tech sector by leftoids cannot be allowed to continue.
Not really. The leftism of certain tech companies is marketing and media representation. Twitter for example.

Most developers i have met are not leftists. They are either moderate or right leaning.

The typical ‘leftist’ coder is a web designer, ‘user experience engineer’ or some other it person that isnt actually doing any programming and certainly not any architecture.

You probably should learn how the internet works, why tech companies want your information, how you are tracked.
coding isn't going to achieve anything retard
you need money and a lot of people
a single codemonkey shilling his shitty linux setups is completely useless
What do you recommend specifically as a starting point? What languages?
I'm unironically try to do this. Only I'll never get a job because I don't have 3 years experience or a 4 year degree.
I tried once and my head nearly exploded.
Any quality learning materials you would recommend?
Best language? I know c++ and Java to some degree. I hear c# is ideal, is that true?
only leftists can get employed
Bump for interest and out of gratitude
go to your nearest local call center with your IT diploma on hand, get to panhandle niggers and fat americans on remote CS IT support for a fortune 500 outsourcing shit company and get to mess around with freaking latest xeon servers, you can take the old core 2 shmuo/qwack/i5 parts to your home when the PC;s "break" they dont give a shit, I sometimes figured out the problem with the PCs and got the 951 and the hot air station to fix it, ordered the cheapest celeron part and just swapped out it + added an SSD to the sucker and sent it back to the battlkekfield to take up calls and emails from angryn niggers asking of DPP's, "Medicare" and what not. New Dells and HPs server parts suck when it comes to IC shit 3-4 years on. LEARN FUCKING ELECTRONIC REPAIR! And get a good hot air station and JTAG jig for deleting bios passwords setup by angry Mexican and Curry employees messing with the computerz... they most time have locks so dont worry about that, you will have the masterkey in IT suppor t monkeyland
I guess this is what my boss technically did, since he's a pretty redpilled boomer leading and taking charge of his small tech company. Though, unbeknownst to him, his engineering division is getting filled up by heavily right leaning whites and Asians due to a certain particular influence. :^)

The time for the long march through the institutions begins now.
Leftoids don't actually know how to code. The actual code monkeys come in all ideologies, and either white, pajeet, or asian. The leftists subvert the leadership. They NEVER EVER do the grunt work, like jews. So this stranglehold you speak of is not a matter of learning to code, but a matter of learning to retain true leadership to that which you create.
Currently learning Python Bros. Using "crash course on python." I have been consistent and hope it pays off. I change all of the learning activities to
print "you lost 5 points nigger."
Was in that thread with the German bro who loves C and is making his own language or some shit.
Right-wingers are too braindead for IT.
I believe the difference is really fucking deep. It's not leftist culture. It's shit culture that has strayed from basics. Basics like LOGIC. Wtf does it even mean to learn to code?

We as a people need to go back to logical foundations of math, language, and thought in general. Fuck niggers. Fuck jannies. And most importantly, fuck jargontards.
Code what????
What to code?
90% of internet code is bullshit.
10% is military code no one understands.
Written Like a true jew
Just stop using their sites then, just don't make profit. Short term loss of profit is long term freedom.
Literally founded a company so I can take these faggots on eventually. Don't worry, we'll take 'em on all right.
I’d like to learn2code but I have no incentive to actually create any websites or programs & that seems to be the implication behind this post & where the bread is. Am I misreading the industry?Are there other alternatives here
I thought we all work in fucking IT?
I work in the tech industry. Most people there are not leftie cucks, it's a small minority of people but they're able to shout loudly because it's "acceptable". Everyone else in these companies rolls their eyes and keeps their mouths shut.

The real hurdle is HR and Marketing, both of which are more than happy to lend a voice to the left so a company can chase after woke cred.
There is no stranglehold. Programmers are all over the place politically but it doesn't matter. You realize that programmers don't make content decisions right?

Anyway, programming is useful in this era of online cultural warfare but try getting into ethical hacking/pentesting. I'm following an online course because I've had it with the cyberterrorism from leftoids. I'm going to prod any and every little zog website and release everything I can find.
Be careful what you wish for. Coding requires logic and intelligence. I used to be far right wing but 7 years into my firmware dev career I am slightly left of moderate.

I won't vote for Trump (not that I like Biden, Warren would be my ideal candidate) BUT I think these BLM chimpouts are unacceptable. Their participants and proponents live in an alternate pretend reality. These 'people' cannot be educated or even fully civilized why should they be equal to me?

Believe me lots of coders that seem left wing are actually redpilled about that stuff like above but see that Trump is even more of a buffoon than the leftist thought police so they pick the lesser of evils
I want him to ravage all my holes
Please tell me python is the best language to start with. I took Intro to programming 5 times before passing it because that shit was so fucking hard, and they were teaching motherfucking java.

I studied cyber security, currently a NOC engineer
pretty much every top tier programmer is right leaning.

startups with less than 200 employees hiring (loud on social media) junior engineers are left leaning. any major company employs tons of right leaning people (Facebook / Twitter / etc)
Lefties dont have a stranglehold on the tech sector they have a stranglehold on human resources and diversity initiatives in all businesses.
If you have a degree but no practical skills you go in to human resources where you get put in charge of hiring and firing people who do the actual work.
imagine if 100 anons got together and started building from the ground up. Our own protocols, our own OS, etc
I do code. It's part of being an autist. Those companies are bloated with thousands of worthless lard that are doing shit work like QA.
We will not. You fags controll the internet. We control the real world. That's why so many beta leftist men are obsessed with video games and the computer. It's a alternate reality where they can be what they want.
'k. where do i start?
pic unrelated. but not really.
Learn psychology as well. That's going to be extremely valuable because merely convincing people to hire you doesn't mean they won't fire you on the first time you say nigger.
For someone who has never coded anything ever, where do I start? I mean the very basics, like coding for kids type shit. I want to start at the very beginning and work my way up to more advanced stuff.
You can always join Europe, there diversity is tokenized
You realize in capitalism its not the workers who have any say in this sort of thing, its the owners, right?
I wouldn't worry too much about it gentlemen. You should learn to code if you can, but it's not a requirement.
The lefty programmers are almost all retarded. All the major tech companies have been suffering brain drain for years. You can visibly notice the decline in quality of Facebook and Google products.
The absolute best programmers I know are more robot than human and really DGAF about people, especially politics.
Make no mistake, big tech will eat itself by leaning left. It's ironic because you actually want some degree of diversity on an engineering project and most of these places are shutting out any right-leaning developers ( who in my opinion are objectively better at writing code ).
In this current era of demoralization we absolutely need threads like this to keep us focused on the future in a constructive and positive manner.

At this time it's easy to get black pilled and just say "fuck it, I'm just going to masturbate and smoke weed and watch Jewish propaganda, the Jews have won."

No. It's time to stand up and start preparing to resist:

1. Work on your mental health. If you're addicted (to anything, drugs, alcohol, food, porno, video games) it's time to start working on that.
2. It's time to work on your physical health; you should be running, lifting, doing pushups, going for hikes. This will also help your mood in a time of defeatism.
3. It's time to start your own private army. It's time to start a family. Find a woman willing to have kids, any woman, it really doesn't matter if she's smart or hot, all that matters is that she wants kids. Start fucking without protection today.
4. It's time to reinforce your material condition. Remember, leftists will try to get you fired from your job for merely not being woke enough. It's time to build up some savings, if you can afford it, buy an investment property or find other, passive, sauces of income. Improve your work skills and make yourself indispensable.

But the most important thing is not to loose focus and not to forget. One day we will have our revenge, and when we do, we will make our enemies die screaming.

Hail Victory.
I'm starting a coding class onlie next week, 2 hours for 8 weeks is that enough to get the basics? get proficient? master the whole shit?
Can I learn to code with 110 IQ?
Computer Science is a right wing fortress, no matter how many female/POC professors you bring in, the people who excel in that discipline will always be the anti social outcasts it's just the way it is.
Math BSc, CS PhD here.
I'm a Seeples fag. Worked as engine developer for the game industry (shut up).
But also have worked on a simulator for my country's Navy.
This is the best way to preserve the future of the movement. Have children and teach them skills that put them in the forefront of society.
>he doesn't use temple OS