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Is the British SAS the last Bastion of white masculinity?

Nowadays, the US military is very vocal about accepting darkies, females, homosexuals, and even ladyboys. The British and Aussie SAS, however, is literally 100% white and male. It's common for just one or a few of these hard assess to wipe out entire armies ragheads, and other creeper groups. Also, in the past few decades, they seem to always be the ones getting charged with "war crimes", ie, completely massacring entire villages and towns of people. What is it about this specific group of Anglos that make them so violent, and dare I say...based?

Line infantry in the UK is infested with commonwealth now and it rustles alot of people wrong that they’re allowed to grow beards or dreadlocks by way of their religion. It’s hilarious that in the attempt to grant religious equality they infer privileges upon certain people and in doing so create an inequality and a privileged few who don’t have to have the same hygiene standards as the rest of us. At least the paras generally don’t stand for that shit and have little to no commonwealth in them.

The Armed forces will suffer more casualties in future conflicts and they won’t be able to understand why. Recruiting from a pool of semi mentally retarded people they conquered is surely the way to win a future conflict. Nevermind the fact they’ve been using the same bloody weapon systems like the gpmg since the days of cavemen.
My best friend is Scottish and he has a buddy who was in SAS and then joined the FFL, he just told me that SAS has majority Scots, not Englishmen. Ofc he could just hate English people, which he does.
Please Americans, if your only sauce of history, culture and mythology is hollywood movies and internet cliches, refrain from posting.

Independence could cost Scotland's economy £11bn a year, forecast suggests


>Scotland’s economy would shrink by at least £11bn a year if it became independent, more than doubling the damaging impacts of Brexit, a team of economists has forecast.

The report from the London School of Economics and City University of Hong Kong found that quitting the UK’s common market would hit the Scottish economy two to three times as hard as leaving the EU, just counting the impact on trade alone (https://cep.lse.ac.uk/_new/publications/abstract.asp?index=7714).

Suggesting that the worst economic effects would take several decades to take hold, the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance said the impacts on its trade with both the UK and the EU would shrink Scotland’s economy in the long run by between 6.3% and 8.7%.

The authors stressed their analysis only covered the impacts of increasing trading costs, and excluded other economic or fiscal issues post-independence, such as cuts or increases in inward investment, changes in immigration, currency changes or tax changes.

Is that including all the lost gibs from UK taxpayers normally put into circulation? They forgot aswell that the public sector in scotland is massive in proportion to their private sector. That's alot of wages paid by central goverment.
t. sponsord forecast by england
>EU: "If you leave, your GDP will go down!"
>UK: "It's about more than muh green line goes up!"
>UK: "If you leave, your GDP will go down!"
>Scotland: "It's about more than muh green line goes up!"