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This is Britain in 2019 chaps.

This is Britain in 2019 chaps.

This is literally Ukraine-tier politics: sawing someone arm off, acid attacks, grenades in a subway....
How far the UK has fallen? I have visited Bournmouth frequently and I dont want to go anymore. You are o the same level as my country in terms of civilized public discourse, amazing.
What can I say...

Since the popularity of European polytheistic reconstruction...

Since the popularity of European polytheistic reconstruction is rising we need to talk about how we could integrate it into society. The belief system would be beneficial to nationalist politics as well as honor based shaming of degenerate actions. Due to most western countries being germanic in orgin: England, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Liechtenstein, Sweden and Norway in Europe. Iceland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and a scattering of African countries in the new world (all have large germanic populations). We are going to focus on germanic polytheism. (however hellenic, roman, and Celtic polytheism should be championed in their countries of origin) Obviously the reconstruction is not finished so focus still needs to be on recovering the old belief system with as much completeness as possible but after it is reconstructed it needs to be integrated into society. How do we achieve this? How can we reignite the fire of belief in the west?

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>We are going to focus on germanic polytheism. (however hellenic, roman, and Celtic
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