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What's up with Britain going out of their way to protect pedophiles and child killers?

>Will prosecute fellow bongs for posting photos of Jon Venables and Robert Thomson as adults. Who are they? Two child killers, who tortured, molested, and murdered a toddler named James Bulger. Because of their age, the killers were given new identities so they could re-enter society. Venables however keeps being caught with child porn and was caught with a book on how to groom children.

>Britan also protects Mary Flora Bell, another child killer, who murdered two little boys, and sexually mutilated one of them, and bragged about killing them. The courts gave her a new name and let her re-enter society, despite being a serial child child killer and lust murderer, and protects her.

Bongs can go to prison for posting or viewing photos of these child killers today, because they're protecting their identity. Brits don't have the First Amendment and can't post or view this information without going to prison. It's legal in the US to let everyone know about this.

Definitely has a face that should be hit with a brick..
They did the same thing with Karla Homolka as well...
Good point.



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