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England's greatest shame

How did they let this happen?

>How did they let this happen?
>How did the let this happen?
Well in the 40s they bombed the only people in the world doing anything that could possibly stop it.
People come into your country and sell your girls into sex slavery in your capital city. Where's the British army?

British Man beaten, slashed, and almost killed by psycho Foid

Man, 22, who was violently attacked daily by ex-girlfriend who slashed him with knives and poured boiling water over him says he 'was waiting to die' before police dramatically intervened

A man who was starved, stabbed and scalded with boiling water by his ex-girlfriend has said he 'would have died' if police had not intervened.

Alex Skeel, 22, from Bedfordshire, suffered horrific injuries at the hands of childhood sweetheart Jordan Worth, and bravely recalled his story on a BBC documentary this week which made headlines around the world.

The father-of-two appeared on GMB on Thursday where he spoke about his terrifying ordeal and discussed some of the little-known warning signs of domestic abuse.

Speaking just days after his appearance on BBC Three's Abused By My Girlfriend, Alex explained his decision to go public and the overwhelming response to his story.


See the only thing better about black women is ...... their skin hides bruises
wtf she strong!
how is that even possible?