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13-year old fed Molly, dies of Drug overdose

>A 13-year old, Carson Crimeni, in British Columbia was fed by his older friends a fatal overdose of what is likely MDMA.

Video with timestamp:


What can we do about the Wigger problem?

Weak minded people can’t handle it and it ruins the fun for everyone
Drugs are a hell of a drug.
13 is old enough to know to stay away from them, and stay away from those that use them.

If he had been raised with the discipline of National Socialism, he'd be alive today.
Zoomers are so fucking retarded

The Truth about the Hong Kong protests

A tough pill to swallow for some political illiterates is that China is acting completely rationally. China vs the West especially against the U.S are embroiled in a sort of Cold War. Right now China is cracking down on Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong in order to eliminate their weak spots. By now everyone is familiar with the U.S tactics in pressuring nation-states—namely subversion and inciting political sectarianism within a certain nation, supplying weapons, propaganda, money, intelligence and so on.

China is afraid that if her conflicts with the West escalate, the Uyghurs and to a lesser extent Tibetans would be easily pliable and ripe for conflict because of ethnic, ideological and religious differences.

Hong Kong being a former colony of Britain is filled with spies and allies of western nations, while simultaneously being an important part of Chinas economy representing 3% of GDP and acting as a base for multinational investors. The extradition bill China drafted which is the cause for the protests would allow China to extradite these ne’er-do-wells potential agents to the mainland to be neutralized. That’s why these protests are being highlighted while the still-ongoing Yellow Vest protests are being ignored, because if China succeeds the West will lose a valuable bargaining chip against China.

This is true. Economic and political clout grow from a united (best is ethnic/racial) nation. The issue with the west as everybody here knows is that we haven’t come to terms with it.
>The Truth about the Hong Kong protests

China IS BREAKING THE TREATY IT SIGNED WITH ENGLAND for the handover conditions. HK is supposed to have 50 years of its own rule as it decides itself on how it will perform the merge. Instead, outside China violates the treaty and sends its military forces in after the HK protests mention the treaty breaking.

The police discourage protests by shooting people in the eye with rubber bullets to make them blind. And other discouraging actions such as this to cause permanent maiming to any protestors.
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