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Britain Shirks From Summer of Gull Violence

After a plague of vicious herring gull attacks across the UK that has left numerous dogs dead, children maimed and elderly postmen made prisoners in their own vans by flocks of these huge birds - now kids are being taught to surrender to them.

They're vicious, intelligent and huge.
the council and police won't do anything and im scared to leave my house. I have nothing to fight with.

They attack children, pets, they'll attack anyone. How long until these dog sized birds realise they can gang up and kill people?

And NO we can't kill or hurt them, you will get put in jail.

Seagul grooming gangs when?
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>Go to Europe for vacation >Frankfurt, Paris, London and Bar...

>Go to Europe for vacation
>Frankfurt, Paris, London and Barcelona
>Kids constantly making slant eyed gestures at me
>'Ching chong, wing wong' comments from adults
>'chinky chinky chinky'
>'I'll have a number 65 please with egg fried rice

Is this normal in Europe? Because it isn't in the States or Canada. I was about ready to throw hands by the end of the trip.

Somehow I don't think you guys would ever DARE do this to a Uber Driver or African.

So what. Asians are racist as fuck, don't play like you ain't ching chong. Stop expecting white people to treat you with respect. Asians are fucking up every country they go to, invading every country like a quiet plague. China will go down harder than any other country once we pull the curtain back.
Ching chang chong suck my king kong sized ding dong with arr youl famiry from hong kong
Asians aren't subhuman enough. We only like violent, impulsive liberators and refugees, or at least that's the average view of the delusional brainwashed specimen they call a "European" here.