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/gb/ blasted by British media for abuse of coalburners

WHEN 21-year-old Madison Sarah uploaded a new lifestyle vlog to YouTube from her bedroom in Manchester, she was hoping for comments about how pretty she looked.

Instead she was branded "a disgusting f**king w***e” and threatened.

Her crime? Dating musician boyfriend Paddy, who is black.

And she's not the only British woman to face such vile trolling.

In fact a Sun Online investigation has found an alarming rise in racist abuse, aimed at relationships between white women and black men.

These disgusting trolls have dubbed themselves the coal patrol because they are trying to stamp out "coal burners" - their name for white women who date black men.

The term comes from the vulgar idea that a woman "uses black coal to keep her hot".

‘BURN THE COAL, PAY THE TOLL!’ Iskra Lawrence among the white British women being branded ‘coal burners’ and told to kill themselves by vile gangs who hate them for having black boyfriends

In a sickening new phenomenon trolls are targeting so-called 'coal burners' - white women with black partners - with vile abuse


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This fucktrads want to turn the entire planet into a shit hole

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>dubbed themselves the coal patrol

English man AMAZED by Islam outside Greggs



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