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True cost of US healthcare shocks the British public

People in Britain are horrified to discover how much healthcare costs in the United States. Thoughts?

>go to hospital
>$3000 charge
>never pay it
>goes to collections for $100
>maybe pay it if you feel like it

The big brain way
No, if you're poor everything is free. (Everything except dentistry/orthodontistry/oral surgery, which are priced to kill.) If on the low end of life you can walk into pretty much any hospital for serious malady and be in surgery by the next day, and discharged days later. For the poor it is actually quite nice.
I hate videos like this. They are asking people that already agree with them on the issue. Just feels like they are patting themselves on the back and jerking each other off. It's so off putting.

british chav HUMILIATES amerimutt in UK trolley

video depicts the young WHITE chav mogging the brown amerimutt and the only rebutal the american has is ''i-i did 7 years in the military'' ''i- i- ive been here longer than you''

Grow some balls and stop the rape gangs why do you give a shit about Americans?
I don't get it, what caused Martin Shkreli to start yelling att the American guy?
time for deportations