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Reminder that Trump has this in the bag, the polls are all 1...

Reminder that Trump has this in the bag, the polls are all 100% fabricated, and libcucks are in complete disarray. Pic related is absolutely the worst Trump can do in November. He may also take Oregon, Illinois, and a few more New England states. Relax, sit back, and simply wait for the inevitable ocean of libshit tears.

between coronavirus and state debt, trump could take ct
people here are fed up

After Chaz I bet Washington turns red.

3 million Hong Kong citizens to be given right to British citizenship

bad or good?

I've warned you drooling right wing retards about this.

Anybody pushing the anti-China, anti-CCP is an advocate for open borders and multiculturalism.

It does not matter what you believe, when you attack China you are effectively advocating for Chinese immigration into the West.

You are giving moral validation to the "look how bad these poor skittles have it in their country, LET THEM IN ALREADY, BIGOT" crowd.

Anti-China is codeword for anti-white.
There is talk of some of them coming to Australia too.
This will just start a process of mainland Chinese fabricating birth certificates and with 3 million ethnic kin here that will sway the vote, our political parties will be impotent to ever prevent it.