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Reminder that Trump has this in the bag, the polls are all 1...

Reminder that Trump has this in the bag, the polls are all 100% fabricated, and libcucks are in complete disarray. Pic related is absolutely the worst Trump can do in November. He may also take Oregon, Illinois, and a few more New England states. Relax, sit back, and simply wait for the inevitable ocean of libshit tears.

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3 million Hong Kong citizens to be given right to British citizenship

bad or good?

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God bless Brexit, Euros SEETHING

>Germany imports Turks >France imports Algerians >Sweden imports Somalians >Holland imports Morrocans >Italy imports Ethiopians >Britain imports anti-communist qt HK waifus

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Why are young people (90% have anxiety issues >60% are depre...

Why are young people (<23 years old) doing so shit? Of the ones I know. >90% have anxiety issues >60% are depressed >Most hold shit jobs despite having a degree. Supermarket worker, bartender, waiter. >Buy useless shit to do with weird hobbies, like Teen Titans (yes, the cartoon) >The ones in the office (those who actually got a decent job) can barely hold a conversation, they mumble shit and break eye contact after 30 seconds. >Never drink or party. Thursday after work drinks are sacrosanct. >Have difficulty in grasping simple technical concepts, despite having gone to Oxford/Cambridge/LSE Apparently the best and brightest come to London, but from what I've seen I'm seriously unimpressed in those aged 23 and below. For reference, I'm 30 years old. Wtf is causing this? Not only are they nearly useless but they can't even party....

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Britbongs how are you taking this news?

Britbongs how are you taking this news?

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>a normal day in London

>a normal day in London

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Transgender women 'should be allowed womb transplants'

Transgender women should be entitled to womb transplant to enable them to have their own babies, according to a leading British surgeon. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/transgender-woman-should-allowed-womb-22270768 Two years ago a woman in Brazil became the first mother to give birth to her child using a womb transplanted from a deceased donor to a woman. It was a major breakthrough in fertility medicine when the little girl was born healthy and weighing 5.6lbs. It comes just four years after the world’s first womb transplant baby from a live donor was born in Sweden in 2014. Surgeon Christopher Inglefield, founder of the London Transgender Clinic, says a successful uterus implant into a trans-female is now achievable. He says the procedure ‘essentially identical’ to that of ‘cis-women’ - aka females born in that gender. Mr Inglefield, a specialist in gender confirmation surgery as well as facial and body feminisation, said: “This pioneering birth is extremely...

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Britbongs, is this guy legit? What are his credentials? He has previous tweets claiming that most if not all right-wing & conservative voices will get silenced across all social media platforms. His prediction was true, a bunch of right wing youtube channels and subreddits got banned today. More to come. He seems to know his shit. What is in store for us on this date? Is it really going to happen?

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How do we deal with the British sex tourism disaster? Greeks...

How do we deal with the British sex tourism disaster? Greeks hate them, Thailand is getting pissed, African males hate them. Philippine nationalists say they have fucked so much that Philippines is becoming whiter thanks to all the mixed children they leave behind with single mothers.

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>Be 30 years old >Dating a 19 year old woman with her own jo...

>Be 30 years old >Dating a 19 year old woman with her own job while studying full-time >Work in finance and told co workers after they asked if I was with anyone >'Omg anon, you cradle snatcher' >'Anon, that's kinda ermmm, it's not my place to say' >'Anons a pedoooo lol' >'Hmmmmm' >'...Could you not find someone nearer your age...? Like, there's plenty of smart, career-minded, sexy 30 year old women in the City (of London) making 6 figures' >Get weird looks now, especially from the women Why are women (and some men) enraged by age gap relationships like no other? The mere mention of even a 6+ gap between an older man and younger woman is enough to get them frothing at the mouth....

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MASS STABBING ATTACK IN GLASGOW, SCOTLAND 'MULTIPLE' CASUALTIES https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/west-george-street-incident-live-18494009

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British “people”

British “people”

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Happening in Manchester, England

>English soccer season restarts >Everyone is taking the knee >Everyone is literally wearing 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' on their shirts >Norf FC isn't having it >Hires a plane >Attaches WHITE LIVES MATTER banner to the plane >Flies over the stadium while the cucks are kneeling >Epic win is epic

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Why do Brits have an inflated sense of self?

Why do british posters and people seem to have an inflated sense of self? When I grew up, I thought of the UK as one of many important European nations, together with German, France, Spain, Italy, etc. But it seems to me the British think they're better than everyone else? Where do these delusions come from? It has really come out more in the open during the past few years. Almost delusional statements such as that Spain should be grateful that old British chav-boomers are suffocating their healthcare. Usually we joke about how American's have an overinflated ego. But at least American's are the most powerful nation on earth. So there is actually something to back that up. Britain is not even the richest country in Europe, nor is it the most developed one. I don't understand this at all. Help explain it to me /gb/.

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Why is it illegal to defend yourself in Britain?

Why is it illegal to defend yourself in Britain?

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>DEVELOPING: Fatalities reported after multiple people stabbed at park in Reading, UK >Unconfirmed reports say 3 people dead, multiple more injured after mass-stabbing in Reading, England - police say they “are aware of the incident” https://twitter.com/shoibarbi/status/1274420626435031040 https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1274428394009178112

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England is pathetic. Let's discuss.

England is pathetic. Let's discuss.

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Its the year 117 AD The Roman Principate just achieved his p...

Its the year 117 AD The Roman Principate just achieved his peak territory under Trajan Based on your location and age What would you do ? Me i live near lugdunum, so i will join the legion, graduate the ranks and try to become general so i can fully annex Germania and the british isles

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Bolton just exposed Trump as a retard

>Trump didn't know Britain was a nuclear power and inquired whether Finland was part of Russia, according to John Bolton's bombshell memoir In addition to asking if Finland was part of Russia (the former Soviet Union invaded Finland and fought a border dispute with the country in the 1939 Winter War), Bolton reportedly writes that "much of the time was spent listening to Trump, rather than Trump listening to the briefers" during his intelligence briefings, and that Trump lacked the respect of many of the people around him. The United Kingdom first tested nuclear weapons in 1952 and today still deploys submarines armed with the Trident missiles armed with nuclear warheads. https://www.businessinsider.com/bolton-book-trump-asked-if-finland-part-of-russia-nyt-2020-6 In the end it was based Bolton who brought down the Miga agenda. Oh how the tables have turned.

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Richard Spencer is one of the most shilled against right win...

Richard Spencer is one of the most shilled against right wing figures on this board. None of the criticisms are factual or organic, all based on false information and slurs. How did someone who is one of the best public figures on our side get shilled against so bad on here? Typical "criticisms" used by shills are >He appeared out of nowhere!!! Nope. He's been around as a public figure since 2008. You're just a 2016 election newfag. Here is Spencer giving a speech at the Traditional Britain Group in 2012. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSSKSK1ZHdI >Alt-right never existed, made up by CNN and Hillary Clinton! New fag again. "Alt-right" was coined by Paul Gottfried back in 2008, as a way to collectively refer to right-wing thought outside mainstream acceptable opinion.

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Come home /gb/ 1000 anons pay $325 each and we can buy this...

Come home /gb/ 1000 anons pay $325 each and we can buy this island near Scotland. Shetland

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get in here bros HAHAHAHAHAH

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Guys, I'm done. None of this is funny anymore. I thought cor...

Guys, I'm done. None of this is funny anymore. I thought corona was pure bants but this blm shit is actually getting to me for a change. Classic British comedies being blacklisted, war memorials and statues being desecrated. My culture is under siege and it is losing, and it isn't just us. Every white country in the world is turning on itself. We are taught we must feel guilt for the sins of our fathers, while brown people are told they are poor oppressed victims. We are heading into all out racial and cultural war and I haven't got the mind to be able to cope. The sad thing is, most people still don't care. Most people still go about their daily buisiness, as our histories are defiled and rewritten, and the only ones who seem to do anything are the ones on the other side. There is no defense of our ways and we are not even allowed to defend them without being deemed racist which is apparantly the worst thing you can be nowadays. I just think we are done for, the west in general. I only wante...

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(((They))) are changing the KING JAMES BIBLE

>King James Bible of today is not the King James of 1611. It has undergone revisions, incorporating hundreds of changes. Each edition that is printed also has minor spelling and grammatical changes based on what the publishers believe is the best known way to translate the original texts into English. Of course because the original Bible text is not in English, translation authorities sometimes decide a word's meaning is closer to a different English word based on new archaeological information. >The most commonly available edition of the KJV around for purchase today is the Standard 1769 edition. Many unofficial versions have also been published by people erroneously thinking it is open domain because of it's age. Interesting though, the British Crown actually owns the copyright to the King James Bible, which has been renewed upon the accession of each succeeding monarch since King James himself. >YouVersion receives the KJV edition directly from Crown Copyright UK. Here's a link to their websi...

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Black men and white roasties run away in fear https://twitter.com/richiebrave/status/1271790500027252737?s=21 We officially won

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BLM are stabbing lots of British guys now.


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The Englishman is tougher than the American, who is all talk

>Be American with a stash full of guns >Cower in fear from Antifa ladyboys and blacks >Be Souf FC Bong >Scare off commies and POCs so much they cancel their protest, armed only with pies and cans of beer

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>meanwhile in Great Britain >the state of white men

>meanwhile in Great Britain >the state of white men

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A Jewish male was just stabbed by a white person in London. It is a sad day for all of us that a Jew cannot be safe in London in 2020 https://twitter.com/BRNewsFlash/status/1271392265987112960

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Brit/gb/ OHNONO statue wars edition

>Black Bristol playwright statue dosed in bleach www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-bristol-53011774 >Edward Colston statue fished out of Bristol harbour Www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-bristol-53004748 >Colston Tower Name pulled off to be named after Lenny Henry www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-bristol-53011775

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The 60 statues in the UK Black Lives Matter wants torn down

Including monarchs, and foundational people in British history, like Horatio Nelson, that's right, Nelson's Column, one the most famous monuments in the UK. Thanks America, your shit has spilt over here, and now we're having to deal with this shit too. How the fuck do we stop these retards from tearing the West apart, because some of its history is "problematic"? Article is archived here: >https://archive.is/5am9Z

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Britain could be the first country to uncuck itself

https://twitter.com/konstantinkisin/status/1270711803597615111?s=21 The zios are starting to worry it’s gone too far.

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Highgate Cemetery, London, 13th of June 2020

Bring a sledgehammer.

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Britain is FUCKED

Britain is FUCKED

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Another statue down in London

Sadiq Khan is really getting into this, isn't he? https://twitter.com/SadiqKhan/status/1270425865273389056

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My fellow British anons, how do you feel about this?

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Are they overplaying their hand?

> Sadiq Khan will 'review and improve' London diversity of statues and says he hopes slave traders are removed >London Mayor said capital's landmarks largely Victorian - and should include more 'people of colour' >BLM activists to gather at Cecil Rhodes' statue in Oxford at 5pm as part of 'Rhodes you're next' campaign >'Topple the racists' website maps more than 30 statues organisers claim 'celebrate slavery and racism' >These include statues of Sir Francis Drake, Horatio Nelson and Oliver Cromwell outside Parliament https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8401935/Sadiq-Khan-calls-Londons-slave-trader-statues-removed-orders-landmarks-review.html Generally the average person is pretty repulsed at the recklessness of the rioters during a pandemic and the defacement of our flag, statues and war monuments....

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The Last Englishman In London Edition

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is this the hero England needs? https://www.youtube.com/wat...

is this the hero England needs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFrX02KOa8c&feature=emb_err_woyt

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Britain's Home secretary, Priti Patel, just gave a speech to...

Britain's Home secretary, Priti Patel, just gave a speech to parliament declaring the BLM protestors as thugs and criminals, and vowing that any who committed offences will face justice. The leftists are absolutely seething.

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English Men/footie hooligans fight back against BLM in London

Link - https://youtu.be/MY9wzciqC54 Finally White Men/footie hooligans are fighting back against the racist BLM in London.

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Anybody who destroys or defaces the memorial of the man who...

Anybody who destroys or defaces the memorial of the man who helped the United Kingdom through the World War deserves to be killed

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BRIT/gb/ - who is guy?

In London today at Westminster some kid was trying to burn the Cenotaph flags (memorial for the war dead, WW1/2) and I need some help finding some details - any help appreciated

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Statues now being torn down in Britain

White people eventually won't be allowed any monuments.

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The EU referendum wasn't democracy. Democracy doesn't mean voting with a blindfold on. We didn't know what we were voting for. Britain wants to be a part of the EU!

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>London chimpout incoming https://youtu.be/4gTXCyozX9A

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London is BURNING


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what went wrong?

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Congratulations on your new residents, Britain

You're finally letting in a high-IQ, nonviolent race who will cherish their British national identity and Western values while contributing to your economy for a change instead of just leeching off it.

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Boris Johnson says 3m people in Hong Kong will get path to British citizenship

Boris Johnson is ready to open the door to nearly three million Hong Kong citizens if China imposes a new security law that critics say would rob the territory of its autonomy. >The Prime Minister, writing in The Times, has offered to make what he says would be one of the "biggest changes" in the history of the British visa system to allow 2.85 million Hong Kong citizens the chance of fully-fledged citizenship. The move, which represents a dramatic escalation in the stand-off between the UK and China, would put Hongkongers "on the route to citizenship", said the Conservative Party leader. >https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/06/03/boris-johnson-says-3m-people-hong-kong-will-get-path-british/ Hahahahahahaha. Good thing you Brexited, god forbid Europeans migrate to the UK. Now Boris will fill the country with Africans and Chinks. It's what you voted for you dumb fucks....

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More than 200,000 gathered in England to protest against American racism yesterday

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-mWQPYELhDQ&t=1040s https://mobile.twitter.com/Michael_Heaver/status/1267079910662778880 Cucks RIP U.K.

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Protests in Britain over George Floyd Killing in USA

https://twitter.com/CrimeLdn/status/1266744855432245250 https://twitter.com/TopeTops/status/1266750177383190531 It's good to see the people of Britain take to the streets in light of the cruel and grotesque killing of George Floyd in the USA. Britain shows its anger and fury at these injustices carried out against innocent black people, their lives matter! Every single day we see news reports of brave black men and women suffer oppression from a an institutionally racist police force. It's got to stop, America. They must have reparations.

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Black Lives Matter riot in England


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Aborigenes thread

I just discovered the Australien aborigenes rabbit hole, holy shit. So far I've read >there were literal stone age cavemen when British colonised Australia, some cave have been occupied for 50000 years >they never invented the wheel, writing or metal forging >in some aborigene langage, the highest number with a dedicated word is three >some aborigene tribes didn't know the link between sexual intercourse and pregnancy >some aborigene tribes don't have words for the concepts of left and right >in some Australians districts, the gas sold is a special kind with very little aromatic molecules because petrol sniffing is a big problem among aborigenes >some aborigenes made a hole in there penis as a passage into adulthood ritual >there is a big problem with aborigenes sleeping on roads and getting hit by cars Any other aborigene facts facts ?...

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Imagine vacationing in Britain and seeing this https://mobi...

Imagine vacationing in Britain and seeing this https://mobile.twitter.com/DVATW/status/1264539589487874048

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Modern Multicultural England

https://mobile.twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1264693605785931778 What the hell is happening over there

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And how to oppose it. >Create email address >Create an account >Select any postal address >Comment on link below, objecting to it jobdone.jpg Get 'er done, boys https://idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=neighbourComments&keyVal=Q54UPMRPFSO00&neighbourCommentsPager.page=4

popularity: 146

HAPPENING: Mega Mosque Planned For London

HAPPENING >HAPPENING HAPPENING Britanons a huge 1000 seater mega mosque is going to be built in Piccadilly, the heart of London. Plans have been proposed to destroy one of the classical buildings (pic related) and erect a mosque there. No one is talking about this we need to make some noise this will be a humiliating defeat if we let this happen. Never surrender. There is a way to prevent this tho. Video about the Mosque: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtnuQckQBWE

popularity: 121

Why don’t British men defend their women?


popularity: 63

Bongland is fucked!


popularity: 95

When did you realise Britons were the true master race?

Red haired Atlantian ubermensch who built the pyramids Snowniggas have filthy blonde hair that makes them look frail. The patrician eugenicist favours the fiery red hair of those descended from the ancient race of Atlantis. >70 percent of British men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun >Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent https://uk.reuters.com/article/oukoe-uk-britain-tutankhamun-dna/half-of-european-men-share-king-tuts-dna-idUKTRE7704OR20110801

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UK - US Trade Deal. Still happy with Brexit?

US >10 times more likely to be food poisoned >5 times more antibiotics used >Chlorinated Chicken >Hormone-treated Beef >GM >Lower pesticide regulations >Food dyes banned in EU >UK farmers forced to compete with low quality meat https://www.soilassociation.org/our-campaigns/top-10-risks-from-a-uk-us-trade-deal/ On top of this, European immigration down, non-European immigration up. Are you happy with your vote still? Well done retards.

popularity: 77

Wtf is wrong with bongs? How can they live like this? This i...

Wtf is wrong with bongs? How can they live like this? This is even worse than the mutt McMansions. I get anxious every time I'm in England. The endless rows of brick houses, the constantly shitty weather, the massive amount of foreigners. England is a prime example of how the industrialisation destroyed an entire culture. Their only culture now is being overweight alcoholics who only eat fried food.

popularity: 100

Post Jews Who You Didn't Know They Were Jews

Here's my jew, his British accent threw me off.

popularity: 103

explain your country and yourself

>entire new world homo >bongland and nordics too kek

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Ahmaud Arbery General /aag/ - Gee, I wonder who stole the fishing equipment edition

>"Larry English, a man building a home in the McMichaels’ neighborhood, said someone stole $2,500 in fishing gear from him earlier this year. English told the Daily Beast he never reported the theft. https://archive.is/F8Yth#selection-701.114-705.29 >security video released yesterday shows Ahmaud looking into Larry's fishing boat while he jogged around the boat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7N6bC5cnVU OH NO NO NO NO

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No country is as Finished as Britain

literally worse than Sweden

popularity: 102

United Kingdom

Is that why Bongland's governments, despite being "conservative", are always so open to immigration? Is UK's population in danger of, let's call it "genetic collapse" from all that inbreeding due to hundreds of years of island isolation?

popularity: 99

Englishman defends his home from Somalinigger with sound- h...

Englishman defends his home from Somalinigger with sound- https://twitter.com/DVATW/status/1257067071944511488

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What a waste of life. She stood by and watched England becom...

What a waste of life. She stood by and watched England become invaded by refugees and niggers. she literally accomplished nothing with her life, she ate biscuits and tea and watched horse races for 90 years

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Scotland: Refugee Justice Minister Announces New Hate Speech Laws

"Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf who announced new hate laws for Scotland with maximum 7 year jail sentences. These laws are for whites only. This is the result of aliens having control over us. Our ancestors would think we’ve lost our minds." >"We live in a time where white countries are conquered and destroyed without a single bullet fired and with the consent of the once proud inhabitants."

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Is it a cliche that British women are being mass raped and passed around?

Or are they willingly submitting to Refugee men?

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Mandatory Clapping

A British mother who failed to join in with her neighbourhood’s clap for carers claims to have been “named and shamed on Facebook” for not applauding the National Health Service in the street, The Manchester Evening News reports. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/tired-mum-named-shamed-facebook-18143150 Clap for carers has been a regular occurrence in the UK for the past few weeks as the nation publicly thanks NHS staff as well as other key workers. One woman claims she was criticised on social media for failing to join in with last week’s round of applause, accused of “showing the street up.” “I clapped originally and it was lovely and everyone turned out for it here,” she wrote on the parenting website Mumsnet. “Last week, after a rough night with DS (dear son) I fell asleep after he went down and missed the clapping. A post went on our community Facebook group actually naming and shaming me. I was mortified. The post said everyone...

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Israeli rapist identified as Sam Shimon Yusupov

A British woman was raped a few months back in Ayia Napa, Cyprus by 7-12 Israeli thugs, one of them the son of an Israeli politician with links to Netanyahu. (Names and Facebook links in comments) They then circulated revenge porn of her on Facebook, along with a fake four year old group sex video taken from an amateur porn site. This fake video has been used as evidence by Cypriot and Israeli internet trolls, along with cucked Westerners, despite it featuring a completely different hotel room, a different woman and different men. The real videos only show sex with a guy called Sam Shimon Yusupov or סם יוסופוב while a creep named Yisrael David or ישראל דוד secretly films her. The picture attached is from that video. She never denied having sex with one guy; the rape happened when his friends broke in and he pinned her down. Look at the ugly face of the rat. They also claimed without evidence that she...

popularity: 72

Why are White men being pushed out of high powered positions?

This is a picture of the latest intern pool at Lazard asset management in London. The U.K. a county built by whites for whites and there is one white male to be seen. Feels black pilling to say the least. INB4 muh not a real job. These people will have power whether we like it or not. And non will sympathise with our cause how do we reverse this bros?

popularity: 126


We post pictures related to the horrifying and dark side of colonialism. I'll start. Pic related is from the late 1800s British Malay, where the British would take orphaned girls and force-feed them to turn them into fat concubines to sell on the black market.

popularity: 60

Cov19 predictive programming at 2012 London Olympics https:/...

Cov19 predictive programming at 2012 London Olympics https://youtu.be/ipFbfshjxkc Motherfuckers.

popularity: 64

Bizarre 90s UK pornography psyop

32 yo millennial here Anyone else find porno mags hidden in their local park when they were children I have a theory that was some kind of psyop during the mid to late 90s or it was planted by pedophiles/pedo networks I have heard many other British millennials report similar experiences British culture at the time was also highly sexualised and subversive as seen on Channel 4’s 4Later late night programming featuring erotic films and gonzo style documentaries about strippers and drug addicts My boomer parents seemed like they were asleep during this era and looking back now I find a lot of it uncanny Were be being intentionally mind fucked as children?

popularity: 97

This is Britain 75 years after they defeated the Nazis.

This is Britain 75 years after they defeated the Nazis.

popularity: 88

Britain is dead, for reals this time

Its actually Happening. British police breaking into homes to make sure people are practicing social distancing. Couldn't help but notice the little fag badge the female officer was wearing too. I've said before that the US is only 15 years behind Europe, scary shit. You lads better turn this shit around before its too late. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_28VEANiIO8

popularity: 99

British single mother sex workers in 'dire and desperate' need amid coronavirus lockdown

Some sex workers still see clients to make ends meet, while charities report rise in suicide attempts >Sex worker single mums in “dire and desperate” circumstances across the UK are continuing to see clients during the lockdown, potentially exposing themselves and others to coronavirus, according to charities and sex worker organisations. >“We are facing a massive crisis,” said Niki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes. “No one wants to be flouting the rules and putting themselves and others in danger, but those who are still working literally have no other choice.” >Some single mothers have resorted to letting unvetted men visit them in their homes they share with their children, potentially exposing their infants to danger and infection >Adams said that many others would not be working, but would be using sites such as Onlyfans and Tinder to keep their profiles active in the hope that potential customers could be persuaded to pay for phone or cam sex. >&#...

popularity: 63

What is wrong with the british

pic related in america is called Mac and cheese but in Britain it is called piddlywicks and chokers. Why?

popularity: 84

Why is British cuisine far superior to everything else?

Why is British cuisine far superior to everything else?

popularity: 109

Prepare for war

Bojo will pass away. Britain will declare war on China. There will be RAF airstrikes on Chinese land targets by May 21. Many Chinese will die. Australia and Britain will round Chinese up and send them to camps then back home. Canada will resist and be hated worldwide. To the end Canada will be traitorous. Trump knows this. It's why he has troops at the northern border.

popularity: 113

It's just a flu. Just wash your hands bro.

>A British mother of twin 6-year-old boys has died of the coronavirus although she had no underlying health problems and had taken “every precaution under the sun,” according to a report. >Caroline Saunby, 48, of New Marske, North Yorkshire, died Sunday, leaving behind her kids, Joseph and Elliot, her husband, Vic, parents Megan and Colin, and four siblings, according to the Northern Echo. >Saunby — described as a “germaphobe and obsessive hand-washer” — first began exhibiting symptoms on March 26, but thought her sore throat was due to tonsillitis. >The following day, her condition worsened and by Sunday, she developed difficulty breathing. >After collapsing at home, Saunby was put on a ventilator and rushed to a hospital, where she died. >“Caroline took every precaution under the sun,” Jarvis told the Northern Echo. “She was practicing social distancing, she was washing her hands, took hers and everyone’s safety seriously, was healthy — yet s...

popularity: 80

True cost of US healthcare shocks the British public

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kll-yYQwmuM People in Britain are horrified to discover how much healthcare costs in the United States. Thoughts?

popularity: 83

british chav HUMILIATES amerimutt in UK trolley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f173W_WX98&list=LL3LSQ3gK8xyVCZsODfsyd-w&index=2&t=0s video depicts the young WHITE chav mogging the brown amerimutt and the only rebutal the american has is ''i-i did 7 years in the military'' ''i- i- ive been here longer than you''

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Yank Loses Eye to Based Englishman

>Jonathan and Ian Hockaday are US citizens who arrived in the UK on the 13th April for a family holidays. on the first night of their trip they attended an event at the Minworth Social Club. Mr Kelly engaged them in conversation and in particular was asking them questions about Donald Trump. The Prosecution’s case was that Mr Kelly’s motive was not to engage the brothers in political debate but to goad them. In fact it was Mr Kelly who became agitated and aggressive and initiated a fight with the brothers. Others intervened and as matters began to settle it was alleged by the Crown, and duly found to be so by the jury, that Mr Kelly ‘glassed’ Jonathan Hockaday with a stemmed pint glass causing extensive damage to Mr Hockaday’s left eye to the extent that the entire globe required removal. >It was a sensitive and difficult case. As part of the defence case witnesses were called that suggested that in fact it was the Americans who had been the aggressors and all Mr Kelly had done...

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Nigress complains about whites moving into parts of England

The lack of self awareness is off the charts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjNNf5YmBVA

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the absolute state of the UK

Britain is facing a food catastrophe, due to retarded benefit scrounging gammons formerly reliable east European farmhands no longer can come to England, those same lazy smackheads turn their nose at outdoor rural work meaning we will starve. hope Brexit Boris and his thick cunt little Englander get taken away by CoronaChan

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Went to england last month, how come curry/indian food is ev...

Went to england last month, how come curry/indian food is everywhere? Do brits really eat that stuff??

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UK POLICE Swamped with Calls Snitching on Walkers

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-52052830# >A police force has had a surge in calls from people reporting their neighbours for "going out for a second run". Spent most of the day looking out the window with a notepad reporting any one who I spot going for second walks. Anyone else doing this?

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British teen kills herself due to coronavirus lockdown

A British teen petrified of being isolated with the coronavirus has died following a suicide attempt, according to a report. Emily Owen, a 19-year-old waitress from King’s Lynn, about 100 miles north of London, died in a hospital Sunday after trying to take her own life due to fears of the “mental health impacts” of isolation amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the Sun reports. Days before she was found on March 18, Owen warned relatives she was unable to deal with “her world closing in, plans being canceled and being stuck inside” during the global pandemic, according to the report. Owen had been in critical condition since the suicide attempt and relatives later decided to remove her from life support, allowing doctors to prep her organs for donation, according to an online fundraiser posted by colleagues at the pub where she worked.

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>UK IS KILL UK IS KILL >HOSPITALS OVERWHELMED HOSPITALS OVERWHELMED >https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/british-doc-right-now-it-feels-were-heading-abyss >The hospital system is being pushed to its "breaking point" with an influx of virus patients, all as the economy crashes. >On March 16, we noted that the UK missed the "critical containment window" to suppress the epidemic curve. Now cases and deaths are surging. It was also said that hospital beds and ICU-level treatment were nearing full capacity, indicating that the hospital system is nearing the point of being overwhelmed, which would result in a jump of the mortality rate. >Britain has fewer intensive-care beds than most other European countries. Occupancy rates are high, and there's a daily struggle to discharge enough people to make space for new patients. Even when a bed is available, we do not have the nurses to staff it. A decade of cuts and underfunding has left us dangerously exposed. This is the perpetual winter of t...

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The British did nothing for us except divide our people and...

The British did nothing for us except divide our people and kill a bunch of innocent people. Why do people like them? Why were they allowed to get way with it? They did nothing for us.

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Central London right now, army deployed on horsies patrollin...

Central London right now, army deployed on horsies patrolling the streets

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London isn't even locked down yet (imminent though) and nigg...

London isn't even locked down yet (imminent though) and niggers are already smashing shops and looting. Imagine what it will be like in a few weeks. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8102491/Britain-enter-delay-phase-coronavirus-measures-eighth-death-confirmed.html What do we do? Also fuck the captch, 14 times wtf...

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Okay bongs, this is getting serious. My mother just got off the phone with my auntie, which told her to prep for at least 15 days, because the British Army is expected to go out onto the streets on Friday, this week, in order to prevent people from walking around the city freely, which could potentially spread the (((virus))). My auntie received her paycheck earlier along with the rest of the co-workers, so they can buy some stuff immediately. From what she said, her boss has a close relative in the British Army, which warned him about the situation. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DRILL. PREP FOR AT LEAST 15 DAYS. IT'S ALL GOING DOWN. GO OUT AND BUY CANNED FOOD AND BOTTLED WATER. THE PRESS CONFERENCE WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY AND WE WILL BE GIVEN 6 HOURS TO PREPARE. AFTER THIS, THE STREETS ARE CLOSED.

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Video from 1901 in England

They were us 119 years ago. https://youtu.be/5HbElEqm1TQ