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Independence could cost Scotland's economy £11bn a year, forecast suggests


>Scotland’s economy would shrink by at least £11bn a year if it became independent, more than doubling the damaging impacts of Brexit, a team of economists has forecast.

The report from the London School of Economics and City University of Hong Kong found that quitting the UK’s common market would hit the Scottish economy two to three times as hard as leaving the EU, just counting the impact on trade alone (https://cep.lse.ac.uk/_new/publications/abstract.asp?index=7714).

Suggesting that the worst economic effects would take several decades to take hold, the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance said the impacts on its trade with both the UK and the EU would shrink Scotland’s economy in the long run by between 6.3% and 8.7%.

The authors stressed their analysis only covered the impacts of increasing trading costs, and excluded other economic or fiscal issues post-independence, such as cuts or increases in inward investment, changes in immigration, currency changes or tax changes.
Money isn’t everything.
Just print more we all live in a free money utopia these days.
Getting away from the jogger-loving English would be worth it.
“Scottish independence is quite possibly the stupidest political movement in the advanced world today, especially in the context of Brexit. If Scotland were an independent country it would be Europe’s oldest and sickest demographic, and among its most indebted countries. Scotland could never meet EU membership criteria and several existing EU countries would veto its application. The oil is gone from the North Sea, and every bank in Scotland has already made it abundantly clear that if Scotland moves to divorce they will decamp. The only thing keeping Scotland from devolving into a 3rd (4th?) world nation is transfer $$ from London. I cannot think of a more effective means of national self-destruction.”
Don't care, still leaving
Freedom isn't free.
Fook the scotch
Not true. We'll have access to the world largest single market again, the EU.

Fuck yerself ya English cunts
i hope they do it i want scottish-english dual citizenship so i can get an EU passport + free UBI
Give me the money printer and that can change quite easily.

Scotland is quite obviously better off in a union with it's geographic neighbors instead of playing this foolish age old game of courting our cousins across the sea to fulfill our dreams of hurting our big brothers across the land.

Fuck renting military bases around the world, we'll own the clay.

t.Norman slave
fuck Scotland let them leave and die they already a third world nation with all them drub addicts
Look who wrote the report though:

London (obvious vested interest in keeping the Celtic cash cow close at hand to prop up the English treasure)

The Chinese (scared of the competition an independent Scotland would bring to China).

If it were the university of Edinborough saying it then it might be worthy of consideration but be honest, if you were English and you had The university of Berlin and the university of Wuhan saying "Britain should really rejoin the EU and sign up for the Euro too" would you trust them?
Scotland? Isn’t that like part of England or something?
Well it's obvious that independence would be a very bad move for them, but their William Wallace bullshit is very strong. If I were a sensible Scot I'd be in despair at how many of my countrymen wanted to torpedo us.

Then again, I'm a Brexiteer and my fellow Brits said the same thing about me. Difference is though the UK is strong. Scotland is not.
>11bn a year
>implying Scotland earns over 11bn
Tf? What are they selling up there? 24 carat haggis? I was in Fort William last year and couldn't even find a twirl in the local sweet shop, fucking shithole backwards dump full of foul talking ginger hobbits.
This time for really real, right, Scots?
Battered mars bars will not be a popular export.
Yeah, and the UK used to pay 300bilion every year at the EU... ooospy daisy, that what a lie and idiots vote for the Brexit, enjoy your shit hole bongos.
LSE is one of the scummiest institutions on earth. Everything it claims should be immediately disregarded.
Better poor than slaves of the jew
>or £1900 per person
I think Scots would accept that
>a team of economists has forecast.
a team of socialists has forecast.
Shetland and Orkney are always welcome back under the Norwegian crown. Fuck Scotland
Cope harder bong. We will leave anyway like you did to the EU.

We will find a way to get a special permission from the EU, so we join EU quickly. Adopt the euro as the main currency to spite the pound.

>muh spain
Spain promises they would not oppose future independent Scotland joining EU.
I love the romantic ideal of Scottish independence, but holy shit is it a shithole. Glaweigians are degenerate, short, blue haired drug addicts. And Highlanders are tall, degenerate, poor methheads. The rest are alcoholics. Edinburgh are half communist. It's a fucking shithole. There are great Scots in Scotland, but they're no more than 30% and surrounded by either inbred idiots, or the worst degenerate mutts.
Scotland lost the war at fucking Culloden. Then the diaspora really happened.
Scotland is in the UK, it's in America and Canada. But it's not in Scotland anymore.
The idea of that piece of shitty land having some claim to independence because of history, some drunk hippies, and some gender studies professors jacking off over a the Gaelic version of college-aged hebrew school. Holy shit, call the confederates.
Scotland existed in the past. Now it's brogue and drunken failure.
It is the UK, and should petition the UK for more support and attention. Maybe ask the UK to stop importing pakis and gypsies, so that Scots can move South and find a real job.
Holy shit this situation.
Scotland does not
They would probably end up as a backward EU member with no sway. Scotland is far too integrated into the rest of the UK for independence to be anything but a disaster. There is literally zero border infrastructure and it would have to be build and organised from scratch, it would be absolute chaos. Brexit has caused enough problems with movement of goods and people.
We NEED Scotland to leave so that we become a right wing country again.
>heavily subsidised so they can have free university and healthcare
>Scottish free trade agreements.
based scots.
Why do people care the cost when saving their people
Better start hoarding more sheep
>more than doubling the damaging impacts of Brexit
LMAO, Scotland needs England more than England needs the entire EU. Turns out the Anglo carries the whole world on his back.
that didn't stop brexit
Typical imperialist bullshit, the Canadian government do the same with Quebec separatist : on one side they fight tooth and nails and on the other side they tell us we are worthless. If we would be worthless, they would not be fighting and spending a shitload of money to keep us in this so called federation. Same thing with the Scottish. I hope they separate themselves from cancer that is united kingdom (and generally the anglosphere).
Is that including all the lost gibs from UK taxpayers normally put into circulation? They forgot aswell that the public sector in scotland is massive in proportion to their private sector. That's alot of wages paid by central goverment.
t. sponsord forecast by england
>EU: "If you leave, your GDP will go down!"
>UK: "It's about more than muh green line goes up!"
>UK: "If you leave, your GDP will go down!"
>Scotland: "It's about more than muh green line goes up!"