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London is literally a warzone Lmao

London is literally a warzone
As it should be
I was in a tesco in a "nice" area of south kensington today and two black teenagers skipped the queue in front of the security guard to get in and then said "what you gonna do" and then walked in, grabbed some stuff, and showed the security guard what they were stealing as they walked out laughing

north london, east london, it's unimaginably worse than that
it's just problems of 3rd world refugee country move on
Darkies don't look human.
england burns and not a single white person minds
do they live in poor areas? like i dont know any sob story someone could give to excuse such violence
>imagine being dutch
>imagine being 25% middle eastern
>15% asian
>imaine the future
That area is next to the biggest jew colony in London.
Isn't it ironic don't you think?
Pulling up wagwan whats goody
Im a 22 bully straight leather gloves i dont rock with woolly

I guess England is alot like america in the sense that the cities are absolute shitholes but the rural countryside and small villages are all 98+% White and are beautiful and peaceful.
The 13% are at it again.
Funny thing is joggers make up 13% of the population of London and commit 57% of all violent crime. 13/50 is universal, I bet we would see the same if we could have statistics on Paris and Berlin. I have no idea how people would want this in their country.
masonopart and masonoparcell islamate.sadiq 2nd round.cheers
It's just joggers killing each other.
Why do English blacks look so dumb, even compared to American blacks?
Is this our punishment for not allying with Hitler lads?

It feels like it..
I used to live around that area and it is packed to the rafters with blacks and pakis. You are literally on a foreign country, but the streets reek of fried chicken.
Does anyone have a guess why Sadiq Khan get's reelected everytime?
Why the fucking shit is jogger gang violence in the spotlight in a paki majority city?
So much for that british education making joggers into civilized humans.
How are African immigrants vs black Caribbean’s.
I feel Africans are better
Oh look it's all joggers

Imagine my fucking shock
Most of the “road men” act tough but if you are even a little bit confident in your own abilities and meet their aggression, they reveal what they are: mouthy teenagers.

I rarely have problems with these animals because they don’t really scare me and if a situation does arise, I’m not afraid to give one a slap.

A black man recently tried to mug me at night and I feigned fear. I asked him to please let me go and I watched him become more confident and aggressive. I then flipped the script and engaged. A fight ensued and I knocked him out. I even managed to take a picture.

I rumbled through his pocket. Took some coins and went on my way. Pic related.

It feels good not to live in fear. Life is too short.
If only we could find anything that links these people...there has to be a pattern...maybe something they have in common...
>Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck
What the fuck are these names holy shit
lel, that joggers name is "Ojay".
This is your country on jews
Hitler was right
There is nothing more worthwhile in life than being a gangster. Its the most alpha, noble thing you could do. Protecting your neighborhood and making sure others dont serve on your block. Stop hating normie
All part and parcel of living in a big city.
The Ngubu-tier first names paired with stuff like "Hamilton" and "Nelson" is killing me.
lmao the white hero
9 joggers, By God such forces in awesome number have never before been arrayed against us. We must levy the population, raise an army a million strong!
I'm on that map...
From a once great Roman city to absolute shithole, sad times.
No one to blame but ourselves. That's it.
>London is literally a warzone

That's just the equivalent of the German-Polish border incidents during August 1939 with regards to the dimensions of what's to come.
need to stop letting joggers name their kids. they can't read and we're left with these jogger names that even joggers don't like, that's why you mostly hear them once
Always has been.
New Remtrex release when?
New Casisdead when?
New Shxdow release when?
Who are these? Mayor candidates?
>popular opinion
England deserves absolutely every bad thing that happens to them, honestly much worse
Joggers complain “black lives matter”
Black lives don’t even matter to joggers lmao
Why should I give a shit about them?
Murder your own people for all I care jogger
A lot more are dead then this lol
So what? They axed for it when they let those nogs in.
this is clearly white peoples' fault
jesus christ. god is dead.
and i fear its on us.
nothing like myrtle avenue nyc
Do American jogger turf wars happen?
>ay bruv dis jogger init he from anuddah block?
>ay bruv lemme chef im' up right quick
Around blacks, never relax
I feel like there is some sort of correlation, but not sure what it is
Wow this thread is racist as fuck
Fuck you all
I was talking to a liberal British girl from London. She said she got mugged 4 times but she was pro skittles invading Germany. She did not see the irony.
the london homicide rate per 100,000 is 1.4
Worst in the North they learnt how to use firearms unlike the goliwogs in London
Oh come on... As if other European large cities are not...