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Alabama passes "Heartbeat bill" without exceptions for rape or incest

>The law Georgia Gov. Kemp signed this May does include an exception in cases of rape and incest. As the law is written, it requires that the pregnancy is at 20 weeks or less and an official police report must be filed alleging the rape and/or incest.

The same is currently true for Alabama but the state's House has passed a bill without an exception for rape and incest. The Senate is currently weighing an amendment from Democrats asking for an exemption in cases of rape and incest. A vote on the measure is expected Tuesday.

>the state's House has passed a bill without an exception for rape and incest.


What were they thinking!?

>without exceptions
Thank God!
This will go to the Supreme court.

Why the fuck would you outlaw it for incest or rape? Are Republicans trying to lose 2020?
20 weeks is plenty of time to arrange an abortion if that is your plan. PLENTY The thought of killing a fetus at 5 months is sickening