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I'm thinking about joining the Greek Orthodox Church (Ecumenical Patriarchate)

What are the arguments against doing so?

You can post general criticisms of Orthodox Christianity, but I am more interested in a critical appraisal of the EP of Constantinople. A lot of people say ROCOR or Antioch is better, that Bartholomew is pushing Orthodoxy in a Vatican II-esque direction, etc.

> What are the arguments against doing so?
They're heretics
Bartholomew is making the EP doctrines regarding its patriarch so that he's literally the successor of Peter. It's just Catholicism now.
>What are the arguments against doing so?

you will fight among beta males

alpha Greek males don't care about Byzantium, only the betas ...

Good Luck taking Constantinople from Turks

p.s. our modern land is the ancient land and we are just fine with an exceptional of EU that we will destroy it in the future.

just say that EU is already DONE !

Killing me softly

Most of the agricultural production in Greece is subsidized. For example they subsidized heavily olive oil production because almost everybody had at least a few olive trees. They also subsidies heavily grain production because farmers in the plain of Larissa were able to blackmail the government by closing down the nearby high way. There is no economic logic behind subsidies. Vegetable producers were not subsidized.

All farmers were almost tax free.

In 2014 Greece taxed heavily most farmers.

Almost all agricultural production is done by illegal immigrants. There no other workers around.

When you employee illegal immigrants, you cannot include them on your accounting books (expenses). If you cannot include in your accounting books your biggest expense for a business with heavy manual work intensity like vegetable production, then you pay way way more income tax.

Most of the vegetable producers are tax evading openly. I discussed with one, I discussed with another, and another, etc... all were tax evading openly.

40% of vegetables in Greece are sold in the black market. Thus a vegetable producer is capable of hiding almost all his profit.

You can imagine. In Greece even coffee places were tax evading massively and openly. They didn't issue a single receipt. One tax agent could walk down the street and notice that.

There is no RULE OF LAW and no LAISSEZ FAIRE in Greece.

I am a vegetable producer since 2014. I do not tax evade and I can't tax evade, because I am not politically connected, I want to have a sound political voice and I don't want to be purged.

Not only I face unfair competition by tax evading vegetable producers, but also all my income is confiscated by the heavy taxation of the Greek state.

Very soon I will commit suicide as a political protest.

(I am posting a real photo of myself expecting to hear KYS. I don't mind. Feel free to express yourself)

Pls dont commit suicide. I can imagine, that it is hard for you and I am sorry you hear that you are struggling. I know that I sound like a reddit faggot, but maybe think about going to a psychologist. Their was a time, when I was really down too and I saw no way out, but I managed to better myself and I can gurantee you, that you can do it too.
Oh no. Not the people who were welfare niggers for like 40 years. Don't tax them!!!111!111!
Αν θες δε και καλά να αυτοκτονήσεις, τράβα και σκότωσε πρώτα πέντε έξι Αλγερινούς στην Αθήνα.