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Greek bros wtf is happening

Greek bros wtf is happening

Chill bro he is just saying that the US is gonna betray us too.nothing ever happens

> russia

what happened to that "DIPLOMAT" from kike russia last time in turkey????? BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

fuck russia. fear mongering jew kikes. putins son in law is a BIG JEW

You all laughed when we bought the submarines. WHO IS LAUGHING NOW?

We need an academic name for white hatred

When someone spouts something racist against whites and they may be white or (((white))), there is no word that says "this is what you're doing and it is wrong". I propose the word misoeury. "Miso" is the Greek root for hatred (eg misogyny) and euro is obviously representative of those of European origin. The word means hatred of those of European origin. You have misoeurists spouting misoeury, or misoeurist messages. I pronounce it (MISS-oh-YOR-ee) and (MISS-oh-YOR-ist). Start calling people out for their hateful, divisive behavior on social media.

How about anti-goyimism
Whites are the only ones who understand academics.

You'll have to use the same word the animal uses.