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Should whites follow the example of Rome or Greece?

Should whites follow the example of Rome or Greece?

We already are
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The problem is we already ARE following in Rome's footsteps.
Greece and Rome would probably look at you and tell you to fuck off and make your own empire.

Would you die for Greece?

Imagine that some day, Turks decide to invade Greece. It can happen. They are already in Cyprus, and they are getting increasingly crazier.

Would you be willing to fight to keep Turkroaches away from the cradle of our civilization?

I would. Greece is my mother land, where the Athenians trained, the Spartans were raised, and where greatness was born. It is truly the cradle of civilization. While Tyrone was stealing food from animals and building houses with cow shit and mud, the Greeks were constructing buildings with architechture that impresses and inspires even today. While Tyrone was running from Cheetahs, and throwing rocks and making pointy sticks, the Greeks were training the greatest Army in the world (during the time), creating Greek fire, and forging weapons and developing military strategy and tactics.
Yes anon. If Greece called me and asked if I would serve and fight if they flew me out and gave me a rifle, I would. I think many would. even non Greeks to be honest. Cause you're actually fighting for Greece and it's history, rather than oil and israel
If you're European, you're European.

Greek, Albanian, even Portuguese.

Minus Turkey, gypsies, and migrants/refugees/blacks.
I'd die for Deutschland.