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Announced officially just minutes ago. After pulling every trick and every corrupt connection they had in order to postpone their trial for 6 years, they're finally going to rot in jail.

>inb4 b-but what about all the p-people the l-left has k-killed
didn't happen. get fucked, nazi chud.

This man is kind of irrelevant in greek politics nowadays not to mention worldwide. Why do you make threads about him in gr ?
>med larping as a wignat gets pozzed
why should I care about any of those things when I am none of them
>elect commies
>give people kangaroo trials
You'll hang.

Why does Orthodoxy have such traction on /gr> ?

I'm a Greek American, 20YO who loves his faith, and I have been noticing more and more Orthodoxy threads, what is with this sudden interest?
Bless up

>Why does Orthodoxy have such traction on /gr/?

1. Hipsters.
2. Muh based kebap removal cliches, tzar Putin cliches.
3. There aren't any orthodogs near most /gr/ posters, so they assume our wizards might be less cucked than their local wizards (they aren't).

With the clergy, just like with the market in general, yours is more McDonalds, and ours is more mafia. Both are shit.
>Why does Orthodoxy have such traction on /gr> ?
/gr/tards love pretending to be morally superior to others.
christcuckery is all about pretending to be morally superior to others.
and orthodoxy in particular is all about pretending to be morally superior even to other kinds of christcucks.
It is just another fad. You will notice from the replies in this thread, /gr/tards are not interested in building an axiomatic framework from the ground up and implementing all the logical conclusions in their lives. They are merely interested in reverse engineering their desire based value system and aesthetic predisposition and choosing this ideology that is most in line. /gr/tards follow whatever is hip, they are exactly analogous to liberals in that their whole worldview is based with themselves in the center.