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Gayreeks, stop wewuzzing as my ancestors!

Gayreeks are not native to the Greece, but are swarthy colonists from the Middle-East, put there by the Ottoman Turks.. Ottomans systematically tried to eradicate the glory of our Hellenic legacy by flooding Greece with swarthy subhumans (the ancestors of today’s Gr**ks). This genocide of Hellenes was so effective that we only survived in Macedonia. The so-called Gr**ks have no connection at all to the ancient Greeks. This is very easy to prove:
>Gayreeks are not genetically Greek. Ancient Greeks were described as blonde and blue-eyed (such as Achilles), a trait that is non-existent among Gayreeks but very common among Macedonians. Gayreeks cluster genetically with Middle-Easterners and Sub-Saharan Niggers.
>After Alexander, Hellenes began calling themselves Macedonians. By Roman times the whole region was called Macedonia. That Gayreeks insist on calling themselves Gr**ks, actually mark them as false Hellenes since all true Hellenes renamed themselves to Macedonians.
>Gr**k culture is not European but Turkish. Music, dances and cuisine are identical. Gr**ks also act thoroughly Turkish: loud, obnoxious and chaotic – revealing a very low IQ. Clearly the hysteric Gayreek is no descendant of Aristotle, but the enlightened Macedonian intellectual is.
>INB4 “muh language”-fallacy. Languages change over time, blood does not. Macedonians do not need to speak Greek in order to be the true, and only, heirs of Greek antiquity.
>Gayreeks are enemies of Europe. People tend to blame Erdogan, but it is the Gr**ks that let these people into Europe. Their loyalty is to their Middle-Eastern kinsmen, and not to Europe.
Europe can only be saved by reconnecting to its ancient heritage, but must first wake up to Greek deception and seek a more genuine Macedonian inspiration. A pre-emptive genocide of Gayreeks will of course also be necessary in order to end their conspiracy to flood Europe with shitskins.

Heil yeah brother. That is Right.
Although "Balkanian Peninsula" is relatively new name, latest 250 years more or less.
It was Macedonian Peninsula and yeah most of "Balkanians" White and Beautiful ppl (no mongrels included) are descending from Ancient Macedonians.
It is Western LIES that we are gone but somehow the mongrels, junkie greek is here, huh?
greeks are junkie and mongrelized with Arabic DNA lol
Literally stfu buget Bulgaria, there's a reason why france cockblocked you from the eu
How does it feel to be called NORTH Macedonia ? Why do your people agreed on this?

We will destroy Europe

We will destroy Europe

The Greeks, Europes cultural ancestors, we've raped tortured murdered and made our bitch. Balkans is our playground. Papal army blasted time after time. In 1000 years time you will all be Turkish and look to Turkish ancestors like you do the Greeks currently. Our next target is the Italians, would love to torture rape burn and annihilate the Italians and make them scream for Turkey.

ok shlomo but you forgot that turks can't speak any language properly. not even their own.
>52 posts by this ID
show flag you nigger divide and conquer shill, im saying this as a turk myself, i can see through you like glass you can try as hard as you want. its evident turkey is a big thorn in israels eye, so you keep spamming these threads to make /gr/ hate turks. everyone who goes into full hate mode because of these shillthreads is being deceived. (((they))) are scared of unification. soon christans and refugees will unite against their common enemy!
>inb4 'german flag you have to go back'
i will soon enough, and i will convince as many of my people as possible to leave this godless ladyboy shithole