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Leaving America

Any burgers here ever think of going back to your ancestral home?
>Both sets of grandparents emigrated from Greece to New England
>Grew up in a big Greek-American community
>Have family on on of the islands; visit regularly
>Have undeveloped plot of land that could be used for agriculture left for me
>Now live in commiefornia and hate the degeneracy

Is it worth it?

>Great great grandfather was a semi-famous literature company CEO in switzerland, has his own wikipedia page

cant speak swiss tho

so no
As soon as it’s convenient yes. Going to finish my physics degree then move to Denmark
Να πας kαι χέσε όσους σου λένε για την οιkονομία.
I'm moving for good in about 5-6 years. I still have obligations in this shit hole, which prevents me from hopping on a plane today.

Which country will be first to have serious problems?

I mean serious, serious problems Argentina/Greece/Ukraine style.

Is that really Germany’s fucking capital building? How disgusting
America is already in full blown decadence stage