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Chinese send us supplies. They are actually helping us. Not...

Chinese send us supplies.
They are actually helping us. Not like burgers who are all promises.

Good, suck up moar to your Sino overlords, you deserve what you get for being retarded.
>waaaaa, why wont a county on the other side of the planet help me, when my fellow Europeans right down the fucking road wont!
In prison they say never take anything that's offered as free. Prepare to bend over.



The orcish Horde is currently besieging again the Greek border tonight.
They are making siege ladders and rams now.

Our borders are officially closed for them. Just tell them and they will leave.
Hey Greekozoid, tell me how I, a WHITE man, can tell which side is the Greek and which the Turk one in all this.
shoot to kill. It's the only way.