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There are a lot of proves that ancient Egyptians were blacks, modern Egyptians are no related to them, they're descendents of greeks and Levant settlers, whites stole our civilization and we will do the same ti them.

No, they carved that face on the sphinx after they found it. It was far more weathered back then. Its like the ancient equivalent of spraypainting your brand over somebody elses artwork.
Imagine being triggered by a whole race 😂obsessed. Your pathetic and wouldn’t say this in public. To everyone being racist on this thread too. Black people clearly have you triggered lol sucks to suck. Keep being mad, I’m enjoying this while chilling now, and so are my friends. KEKE>>821951
Attaching modern Amerimutt brain-rotting racial political garbage to history that occurred thousands of years ago is some of the most low IQ shit.

Homosexuality in Acient Greece

Was it true? Or was it a cliche created by fags to seek validation?

Bump, interesting thread also sauce on the pic or gtfo.
While in Rome profligacy was always frowned upon, If Plato is to be believed, especially in phaedrus or apologia, the Greeks were very junkie. Profoundly junkie.
It was true. Homosexuality wasn’t seen as bad until Christianity. And really it’s not bad except the faggots who make a spectacle of themselves.