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Beard or Clean shaven?

Should we go Greek or Roman, /gr/?

The ancient Greeks regarded the beard as a badge or sign of virility. A smooth face was regarded as a sign of effeminacy.

Kneel before your Kaiser citizens of the Reich!
Clean Shaven if you have desirable facial features, beard if you do not and wish to produce a sort of faux masculinity.
Should I be clean shaven if I want pp and not vagene? :3


Mediterranean Master Race


Simple, ego-less lifestyle.

Made Europa Great.

Never wanted to be White in the first place.

Invented junkie sex, still not junkie.

Never bothered with Nordcucks or their women, mostly stole anatolian and persian wifus.

European women come to our countries during the summer for semen donations.

Still hated to this day by the Aryans cause we ain't white.

we must distance ourselves from whites as much as possible

the invader cockroaches have no place in Mediterranean area

Let the Raid Started !