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Homosexuality in Acient Greece

Was it true? Or was it a cliche created by fags to seek validation?

Bump, interesting thread also sauce on the pic or gtfo.
While in Rome profligacy was always frowned upon, If Plato is to be believed, especially in phaedrus or apologia, the Greeks were very junkie. Profoundly junkie.
It was true. Homosexuality wasn’t seen as bad until Christianity. And really it’s not bad except the faggots who make a spectacle of themselves.

Why Greeks dont go back to their old gods ?

Why Greeks dont go back to their old gods ?

>Why Greeks dont go back to their old gods?
There gods were named after planets and emotions, thinking there was an essence behind them. They did not have the foresight to pin it all on one creator, thinking the job to immense. Eventually, they realized planets just followed the same path every year and did not do anything else. Minotaurs and Pegasus only sounds plausible to a few generations at max before the notion the older generations were making things up to explain their world.
Because we know epilepic seizures aren'the demonic posession thanks to actual science. Not plebbit science. Faggot. All religions are cults by definition and we should be beyond that now.
What a stupid premis for a thread.