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Homosexuality in Acient Greece

Was it true? Or was it a cliche created by fags to seek validation?
As an empire or nation collapses, people turn to degeneracy. This includes being a fag, pedo or ladyboy. In the long run, a collapse comes and wipes the degenerates out. Only normal people remain.
So yes, you will find massive faggotry even in Germany, but it was Weimar Germany. Before that, fags and people who exploit children were frowned upon.
Why would it be a cliche? Can you read a book, jogger?
In Ancient Greece and the Roman empire homosexual relationships were an accepted and common practice. In this hyper-masculine society the male form was revered for its physical perfection while women’s virtue was jealously guarded to ensure the legitimacy of children. In Greece romantic and sometimes sexual relationships between older and younger men was seen as an initiation rite. The Romans modeled themselves after Greece in most things but had strong feelings that a roman citizen should always play the dominant, never submissive role in a homosexual relationship. Prominent citizens sought out enslaved men, prostitutes, and entertainers to fulfill their sexual desires. Enslaved boys would sometimes be castrated in an attempt to keep them docile and immature for the pleasure of their dominant male lover. Though uncommon, marriages between men were not unheard of in ancient Rome. They included many of the traditional elements of a wedding including a dowry and the man acting as the bride would wear a veil. Here are the stories of 8 Emperors of Rome whose preference for the masculine form was particularly renown.
Julius Caesar (100 - 44 BC)
Tiberius (42 BC - 37 AD)
Nero (37 - 68 AD)
Galba (3BC-69AD)
Domitian (51-96 AD)
Hadrian (76 – 138 AD)
Elagabalus (204 - 222 AD)
Constans (323 - 350 AD)
Fags in the 19th century made it all up by mistranslating loads of stuff. There probably was small dark ages, where degeneracy was rampant though.
>>Among the Greeks, the extraordinarily gifted people who were the real creators of our civilization, homosexuality appears to have been an alien corruption. It was unknown in the Homeric epics, although in later times perverts, who are incapable of understanding masculine friendship and always seek any pretext to justify themselves, tried to read homosexual implications into the comradeship of Achilles and Patroclus. The aetiological myths all suggest a foreign origin: one states that the vice was invented by Laius in Thebes (where there was a pre-Greek Semitic element), and another claims that it originated in Crete (where the Mycenean Greeks ruled a native population of undetermined ethnic origin) — and we know that centuries later, as Aristotle (gr., II, 10, 9 = 1271a) remarked with astonishment, on that island homosexuality was permitted by law, perhaps as a means of avoiding overpopulation.

>>At Athens, homosexuality appears to have been rare before the demoralizing Peloponnesian War, and certainly did not receive any kind of general sanction until long thereafter. It was forbidden by one of Solon’s laws, which was still enforced as late as 346 B.C., when one of the most prominent Athenian politicians, Timarchus, was prosecuted under that law and was probably convicted, although one account says that he committed suicide before the jury brought in its verdict. Plato has himself been suspected, not without reason, of homosexuality, but it is noteworthy that when he elaborated a model constitution for a city-state, he absolutely forbade (Leg., VIII, 8 = 841d) sexual relations between males.
Only by degenerate elites, same with late Roman Republic/Empire
None of these were "Junkie" and especially not the Greeks. That's just fag myth built by a few junkie "historians", anone who tried to object to their work was called a bigot.

The truth is that the city/states of ancient Greece had amongst the strictest laws against homosexuality in the ancient world. Of course, it existed, as in every nation and every age, in private homesteads and amongst certain members of the community. The point is what the official state did about it and how society treated them.

The word homos/homosexual/homoerotic etc. is nowhere to be found in the ancient writings, whether historical or philosophical. The word that ancient greeks used for homosexuals was “kinaidos”, a very offensive word which means “those who bring shame” or “causer of shame” or “he who will bring the curse of Aido, the deity who punishes moral transgressors, the companion of nemesis, the deiry of revenge.

Let's take a look at the laws


The Laws:

“If an Athenian shall have Etairese (same sex companionship) He shall not be permitted to …

1.Become one of the nine archons

2.Not to discharge the office of priest.

3.Nor to act as an advocate of the state.

4.Nor shall he hold any office whatsoever, at home or abroad, whether filled by lot of byelection: he shall not be sent as a herald.

5.He shall not take part in debate, nor be present in public sacrifices

6.And he shall not enter within the limits of the place that has been purified for the assembling of the people. If any man who has been convicted of illegal sexual activities contrary to this prohibitions, he shall be put to death.

SAUCE: Aeschines “ Kata Timarchou”, 21.

Nick Fisher praises it for the bulk of Athenian laws it cites - https://www.jstor.org/stable/23041568?seq=1
true and quintessentially white.
kikes and other semitic shitskins hate it because it makes europe stronger.
it was real, but not comparable to today
it was okay for a man to fuck boys or younger men, but it was shameful to be the bottom
this happened between masters and apprentices, officers and soldiers etc
in NO WAY did they advocate for homosexuals to marry and have families
It is true, teachers would often have sexual relations with their students
it was actually seem as perfectly normal and acceptable
Homosexuality was a big part of the culture of ancient greece
Affectionate regard for boys of good character was permissible,
but embracing them was held to be disgraceful,
on the ground that the affection was for the body and not for the mind.
Any man against whom complaint was made of any disgraceful embracing was deprived of all civic rights for life.
(Ancient Customs of the Spartans, 7. 237 - c.)

Should someone spend some time to read the ancients he will learn that Athens had the strictest laws pertaining
to homosexuality of any democracy that has ever existed. In non-democratic Sparta,
In non-democratic Sparta, as well as in democratic Crete and the rest of democratic Hellas,
there were similar prohibitions with similar punishments as that meted out in Athens.

Pederasty needs a fair pretext for approaching the young and beautiful,
so it pretends friendship and virtue. It covers itself with the sand of the wrestling-floor,
it takes cold baths, it plays the highbrow and publicly proclaims that it is a philosopher and disciplined
on the outside - because of the law. (Dialogue on Love, 752 - a.)

I maintain... that our citizens must not be worse than fowls and many other animals which are produced in large broods,
and which live chaste and celibate lives without sexual intercourse until they arrive at the age for breeding;
and when they reach this age they pair off, as instinct moves them,
male with female and female with male; and thereafter they live in a way that is holy and just,
remaining constant to their first contracts of love: surely our citizens should at least be better than these animals.
(Laws, VIII. 840 d - e.)

The teachers of the boys shall open the school-rooms not earlier than sunrise, and they shall close them before sunset.
Less prominent than what judeo-media wants you to think, they push it to promote/"validate" junkies and more importantly to demoralize straight whites by attacking our past and roots

Some degeneracy obviously happened, Christianity eventually helped to keep it down
I get it, you like taking it in the ass. I do too.
This is not political.
complete globohomo slander. in 50 years they will be saying america was mostly junkie homos
6 out of 7 people in Ancient Greece were slaves.
The entire story of history of civilization except for the past 300 years was based on slavery.
Jogger just go to a library. Dont askstupid questions
A cliche and only the rich did butt sex.
Complete Jewish propaganda like today.
It wasn't full blown homosexuality in the way we have it in the west, just a fraction of the population basically saying "traps aren't junkie bro".
Modern day fags don't get that they would either be enslaved or more likely killed in Ancient Greece. Homosexuality may have been permitted in certain city states, but effeminacy and weakness was always looked down upon. If you were a girly faggot, you were almost always a slave and you were even less of a person than the other slaves, a disposable fuck-hole and an object of contempt.
It was true, but it seems to be different from modern homosexuality. Their homosexuality seemed to be dominance and admiration of the masculine body, instead of 'I was traumatised now I take it up the ass'
Is that a femboy on the left?
Most accusations of faggotry are from the 1900s where a pervert selectively reads “good friend” as homo ass fucker, so any major figure who had a good buddy was turned junkie by some degenerate trying to play out his fanfic fantasy
No it’s fake. it was a common insult to say someone took in up the ass back then people pretend to take it seriously now to push the fag shit. Also the Greeks had a practice of military apprenticeship and that gets conflated to be fag shit too.
Not just homos but also pedos.
Made up by kikes.
Societies become advanced
then they become degenerate from all the surplus of progress
then they fall by being eaten by outsiders because their degeneracy made them weaker
Greece is a prime example
also the english empire, the roman empire, germany and currently the US
Its extremely over played. There was different opinions on it in the ancient world depending on the place and time. It was even illegal in Athens at a time.
it will be very overblown
narcissists 2000 years from now will say everyone in the year 2021 was a ladyboy and everyone loved ladyboys, and it was very common to have relationships with ladyboys

Greeks are fags from birth, plus Turkish admixture makes them faggots on steroids.
there was a certain level of pederasty among the ruling class in most greek cities and in rome but it was exceptionally uncommon among the middle and lower classes. it was frowned upon by a large number of the ruling class in the late republic. cicero in particular hated it.

the same goes for pederasty in feudal japan, only a very small percentage of the population practiced it and now it's just used as an excuse for degeneracy
Homosexuality was never tolerated in any society unless it was on the decline.
Greeks and the Japanese and many other ancient cultures did practice pederasty but sexual relationships had to end as soon as the younger male reached maturity. Anyone who says modern homosexuality was accepted by the Romans or Greeks is lying. In fact a lot of the famous claims of emperors or kings being junkie tends to coincide with those rulers being inept or incompetent despots and it’s likely a form of propaganda made by their opponents to disparage them and label them as unacceptably perverted.
Imagine we swapped ancient historians for our MSM. They would be going on daily about how Trump is engaged in degenerate sexual acts like fucking adult men and having sex with animals. And in 2000 years the media would then retcon that to say our society was very open and tolerant to deviant sexuality because “look, our very own historians are claiming that those practices were rampant in the upper echelons of society!”
>are pagans faggots
If you need to ask you're retarded
The sex rules were a bit different. It didn't matter that much if you fucked boys or girls. BUt it did matter who was the dominant partner. So, if you fuck twinks and don't touch their dicks, you are alpha male. But if you are being fucked, you are a faggot that nobody wants to stay near.
It's not comparable. In Sparta f.e. homosexuality was basically non-existent. In Thebes and other places it limited itself to one partner only. Ancient homosexuality was about bonding, in places that didn't have male bonding institutions like the Spartan syssitia.
Modern homosexuality is about perversion and cumming, that's why it's ridden with STDs and pedophilia.
I'm not for homosexuality in any form, but you can't be a faggot nowadays and say "I'm just like the ancients"; you're not and you'll never be.
The infamous Greek homosexuals or pederasts were mostly the rich degenerates in that society. Pretty much the same as today.
Very real
You can look up the titles for boy lovers.
The gayreeks had an entire sophisticated system for labeling their queer boys, so did the romans
it was grooming homo pedophilia
is the "greek kiss" (tonguing anus) anything to do with this?
Mostly a cliche.
wtf happened to all greek posters on this board?
It happens everytime. When a nation is in its peak people become degenerates causing the empire to collapse
>Who do you think writes the school text books?
It's slander against greeks, romans, and whoever white civilisation does the kikes try to cliche it on. Faggotry is a thing only jews are into in high percentages. Every mentally undamaged person, without indoctrination, instinctually knows that faggotry is bad, and repulsed by it, because instinctually knows that faggotry spreads diseases.
Ancient Greece was extremely junkie.
Read plato.
Of course it's a cliche.
>Was it true?
Just look at how many pedo scandals we have today among the elites and you'll have your answers.
In regards to fag acceptance, just consider that accusations of homosexuality were the number one choice for slander both in Rome and Greece, so that should tell you something about how accepted it was.
And before someone comes with the "it's only effeminate to get fucked, not to fuck" excuse, just think about whether you'd actually believe a guy telling you this he doesn't get fucked. You fucking wouldn't and you'd laugh at him for trying this excuse. Same for the ancients.
The latter.
Just look up the people who wrote books about antiquity.
Most of them are upperclass faggots from uk.
Junkies use history as a smoke screen to protect themselves from people who can see what discusting creatures they.
Well many things were accepted back then, that doesn't mean the majority of people engaged in such activities. Condemnation of homosexuality started primarily after Abrahamic religions started to take over the world. Persia was quite liberal as well. That being said, comparing homosexuals during antiquity to homosexuals today is like comparing Vikings to modern day swedish people.
>cliche created by fags to seek validation?
None of us are historians, take this to >>>>/hist
Homosexuality was punished by death for MOST of both Ancient Greece and Rome's histories.

The fact that it occurred towards the end of both's lifecycles should tell you something.
>Was it true?
no. mainly because ancient greece didn't exist, since the world itself is only 1500 years old.
portugalbro do you know the name of this one Portugese catholic trad girl on twitter? some anon posted a pic of her a few months ago
Homosexuality is based and high testosterone.
Ironically they considered women inferior than men so defined love between men is more superior
Artist is Sabudenego who typically draws "bad end" material.
Extremely hot picture. Fuck you
Greeks invented sex. Romans added women to it.
When i was in greece on vacation i was hit on by around 60 different men that wanted to have sex.

They talked about it being spartan warrior way
Might be might not be, there's lots of conflicting accounts thanks to jewish attempts to distort history. Even if it was true, who cares? People look up to ancient Greece for its philosophy and scientific advancements. Not because some greeks bummed boys on the side. You can appreciate the good qualities of a society without agreeing with everything they did.
It all depends on the sauces and interpretation. Historians talks to much with too little evidence. Just go back to the bronze age, you will be perplexed by the amount of artefects they use to construct that large narrative.
I have been reading greek texts especially reports of wars, philosophy and theather.
This kind of behaivior was present. It was not accepted as good thing. They would mock people.
There is parte when they are talking about the mith of soul mate. They comtemplate the existence of same sex soul mates for some people. Or when they talks how the practice of wrestling naked was seen as inapropriateded and made fun of, and during their life time became commom place.
>cliche created by fags
By kikes*
I'm sure partially was true, as most philosophers were pederast, but I'm also sure it is hugely exaggerated. It's impossible to build a working society around homosexuality and child abuse.
Bump, interesting thread also sauce on the pic or gtfo.
While in Rome profligacy was always frowned upon, If Plato is to be believed, especially in phaedrus or apologia, the Greeks were very junkie. Profoundly junkie.
It was true. Homosexuality wasn’t seen as bad until Christianity. And really it’s not bad except the faggots who make a spectacle of themselves.