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/gr/ - Greece

We will destroy Europe

We will destroy Europe

The Greeks, Europes cultural ancestors, we've raped tortured murdered and made our bitch. Balkans is our playground. Papal army blasted time after time. In 1000 years time you will all be Turkish and look to Turkish ancestors like you do the Greeks currently. Our next target is the Italians, would love to torture rape burn and annihilate the Italians and make them scream for Turkey.
Oh look, a kike cliche flag trying to stir shit.
Wait till Russia hears about it
USA wiII support Turkish expansion as Iong as you aIIow them to keep occupying ur country
Roaches are a resilient pest.
Not before we do Mr.Turkroach
Shlomo, looking to get kicked out of anudda nation?
roach genocide best day of my life
>1st balkan war
>italo turkish war
how can you destroy something which already ruined itself?
Sure thing, ahmed ibn berlini
!YAWN! When are you faggots going to destroy the infidels hive of isreal?

I fear Islam as much as I fear a backed up toilet, you faggots lived next door to your swarn enemy for all this time and they forced you out, you are weak, preying on the foolishness of the generous, when the tide turns on you it will be swift.

>>Imagine being this inbred that you attack only the countries that AREN'T hostile to you.

>>imagine not seeing the outcome of this strategy.

>fight goyim fight!
Shut up jew.
Dude, Turkey doesn't even have necessary fertility rate.
>it's another episode of a kike pretending to be from another country while hiding behind some cliche flag
cool story schlomo
all you will get is eternal hell.
lol who cares about the EU

Nice bait. Why do shitskins always just destroy? Chaotic evil fucks need to be removed.
Keep trying.
Why dont you go back to sucking greek and armenian cock?
You will lose the race war.
Yeah whatever, also I will order a portion of fries and a can of coca-cola with my menu, come on chop chop you slave
Member you used to be Friends with Germany
Looks like gr has a roach infestation
Ur funneh, I'll deport u last
Look at this map.
Your people are some of the most inbred shit heads on the planet.
haven’t you jews done enough damage don’t you think it’s time to a break
Start trying?
no, turk, you'll lose. know why? cause once your
army stops off in africa, that's where they'll remain.
servicing BBC night and day is a turks fate.
I would love to see Turkey end up in civil war and see Erdogans corpse being draged down the street like the dog he is.
Ok Dimitri Memeflagidis.
No one believes in the Turkish empire any more except erdomidget ... you're just another bunch of sunnis now. The Salafis hollow you out from the right, globohomo from the left.

Welcome to oblivion with the rest of us.
Talk is cheap.
I can’t wait for European armies to march through Constantinople and destroy turn your mosques into churches. You’re race is the only race I despise if it wasn’t for a Greek 100 years ago you’d all be dead
Reminder both Ataturk and his father were Greek and born in Greece
Aww, another turk with an inferiority complex.
How cute.
And you wonder why fascists are coming back in Europe?
The more you people push, the harder youll be stomped in the end. I'm a leftist, but I think its obvious that youre doing it to yourself, and youll have yourself to blame in the end.
Now give me my doner kebab sandwich.
>Turkey with EU flag
Nowadays i cant tell if its a troll or a geniuine turk, but fun shit m8, Good luck in your crusade
Alhamdulillah! We shall carry the Sacred Quran on the tops of our swords and on the heads of our penises to the infidels in Europe! We Refugees, Turks and Berbers should unite against the infidels and their Jewish masters! The Balkans and Eastern Europe for Turkey, France, England and Spain for Berbero-Refugees!
>no nuclear weapons
Good fucking luck Abdul
How about being globally boycotted + domestically sabotaged. This is culture war, anon, and your culture is fucking underage.
Stop responding to them, not ONE of them showed their flag. Spineless coward, I have my theory. They're retarded tankies that try to shit up this board (for free) or other paid agents.
Not one of them live in turkey, that's why their won't show their flag. They'd be found out, but silence is as incriminating.
Now they won't reply, and you should too. I made them my bitches.
You will suck, shitskin savages
ok shlomo but you forgot that turks can't speak any language properly. not even their own.
>52 posts by this ID
show flag you nigger divide and conquer shill, im saying this as a turk myself, i can see through you like glass you can try as hard as you want. its evident turkey is a big thorn in israels eye, so you keep spamming these threads to make /gr/ hate turks. everyone who goes into full hate mode because of these shillthreads is being deceived. (((they))) are scared of unification. soon christans and refugees will unite against their common enemy!
>inb4 'german flag you have to go back'
i will soon enough, and i will convince as many of my people as possible to leave this godless ladyboy shithole