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How much time will pass before n*rds, g*rms, fr*nchs and j*ws condemn greeks for opposing to Kalergi plan?
Greeks voted for that Tsipras faggot.
Calling them bulls is like calling Sweden Denmark
It's going to happen any minute now. Our government hates it when borders are being enforced
All Turks are fucking subhuman stinking roaches
who cares? anyone who's afraid of being called racist deserves to die
Based thread we are currently all stocking app for corona and as such I have found a reason to arm myself.
Based med bulls
>ywn be a med
Feels bad man
Bump. Good luck Greeks.
We, the sons of Spartans, are the most based and redpilled Med-BVLLS in the whole mediterranean sea.
They wont pass, the army said they will open fire if they make a breakthrough, doubt the shitskins will actually bother a second time after that.
Not long, because they are snow niggers and they only know how to serve jewish cock
fuck off with this general. you're wasting space that could be used for more pressing matters, like the world-ending pandemic.
Sorry are these identitareans or skittles?
Reminder that meds are as dark as middle easterners.
They're just going to let them march through to the Western capitals
now its the good time to remove kebab
Based. Meds and Slavs must unite against the eternal (((western europeans)))
Kikes are already condemning it
Nords, Germans, and French are applauding you.
Keep it up. If things get serious in Greece before they get serious in America, I will steal a boat and run guns for you.
bros i live about 20km from the borders

I am armed with a G3A3 with 120 live ammo.If i see anyone trying to brake into my backyard i have the right to defend my self
Greekbros, you can't let them in. It will be the end of you. Remember, freedom or death. There's no freedom in being invaded by gorrillions of filthy degenerate sandniggers. All t*rks are dirty roaches and I hope our countries shall ally together against them.
You have 100% of my support
If Greek police doesn't beat these Greek raycists into submission, European army will. White genocide has advanced so far that they can be pretty brazen about it. They can start using extreme violence to enforce the replacement of whites, and nobody has the power to do anything about it.

I do wonder if white genocide will be called a myth even after the last white dies.
quality yogurt stronk
Remember guys if you have Twitter : spam #IstandwithGreece
Fuck (((Erdogan)))
Fuck Turcroaches
Give back Constantinople.
Look at this shit. This looks horrifying. I want to engage in a battle with my greekbros against the fucking roaches. I really hope Russia will support you my friends, Turkey must fuck off once and for all.
Shots fired
Heavy reinforcements coming get ready for slaughter
quee the Vietnam helicopter song and vlaxika
Total number of soldiers in the border is now around 600, with 400 more going there now, pic related.

First time we have defended our border since I don't even know when...I never thought i'd live to see this. They even used actual bullets (shot in the air)...Unbelievable
>D&C brought to you by shlomo memeflagenstein
All whites support the actions of Greekbros
They brought their tools:
Hunt those niggers down