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Manlets, What's Their Secret

Best Actor: Tom Cruise - 5'7 3/4
Best Podcaster: Joe Rogan - 5'7
Most Powerful Man: Putin - 5'7
Most Powerful Men In History: Hitler - 5'9, Stalin - 5'6, Napoleón - 5'7
Biggest Dick in Porn: Mandigo - 9"
Most Influential Christian: Paul - Not Impressive Physically

Being in the middle is always the best. Chads must maintain their Chadness. Betas must constantly strive to reach at least the middle. But the middle is simply comfortable. They realize that they have enough to get by and be successful, even if they weren't blessed in every way possible.

That's the secret. Not being a faggot that cares about height and the perception of others.
>Biggest Dick in Porn: Mandigo - 9"
You just had to put your signature on it, didn't you.
Same ball size as tall person + smaller height = higher power levels of testosterone.


I’m confused. Everyone here calls Christianity a kike religion and all of this shit. But there really isn’t any other alternative for me. Paganism is cryptoatheism, no one actually believes in these gods. I even tried to sign up for the local dodekatheists here and left after realizing how larpy and cringe the whole situation was.
Atheism is horrible and just leads to nihilism. Agnosticism is the same shit as atheism. (+all the atheists and agnostics breed degeneracy and support junkie shit)
I am currently studying all religions but I’m just stuck in this eternal dilemma. What’s /his/ opinion on this?

also theosophy is a discord ladyboy religion
Have you tried thinking for yourself for once? Why do you have to follow what some other faggot says?
If you'd like to live a religious life, I'd recommend one whose culture and symbolism you're fluent in and appeals to you aesthetically. It sounds like that is probably Christianity. For me, that's Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.