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Why do atheist harass Christians online /his/? https://twit...

Why do atheist harass Christians online /his/?


>Why do atheist harass Christians online /his/?
they never grew out of the edgy teenager phase
it's pure naivete to think all that our civilization needs is a political solution
its also naive to think atheists can have objective morals... all you fools have is your opinions and thats it.
For me it goes back and forth, when I hear friends doing the low level attacks on Christianity/religion I get real tired of it and defend Christianity/spirituality/religion as a valid guide though life.

But then sometimes I just feel like ranting on Christians here on /his/ because of how god damn unsightly they are, they're either in the idiot class or the esoteric/self-masturbatory/schizoid class, both insufferable.
It really bothers me how so many people can take pride in the cowardice that is "eternal life", not pressing on and making their will to power manifest in this life, instead pining for some grand reward that will be given to those who live their earthly lives as slaves.
Christianity is literally just a slave cope, and you taking pride in it makes me very butthurt sometimes.
what an absurd poll. fuck atheists and christians alike. nobody has any fucking clue. faith in anything is retarded, as is faith in Nothing.

When did /his/ overcome religion?

When did /his/ realize that every form of religion is garbage and a hindrance to personal development?

I'm glad my father redpilled me on (((kiketianity))) from a young age, I almost felt for this jewish cult.
It doesn't. It gives you an answer for what happens after death so you no longer fear it as well as a moral foundation.

See: Platonism.
I can smell the neckbeard fedora faggotry in your words OP.