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Are indians a necessity rather than a luxury for West civilization??

Try surviving without us for a week

If poojeets disappeared overnight that would mean sudden availability of jobs for white CS graduates. I see no downsides to the flushing of poos.
>Try surviving without us for a week

internet in the 90s worked much better without you
Every single major company that has hired on street shitters has been tanking in quality. Microsoft has been forced to shit out windows 11 five minutes after windows 11 was released because of how bad the poojeets fucked up.

Ice-age Civilization

>spend your life searching for a lost ancient civilization and linking all the evidence
>get called a white supremacist

Why does this happen?


Ironically got told to watch this by my Maori friend. He's more racist than I ever will be!
Anyone got the name of that free Mason book that talks about the pyramids.