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>Christianity is a beta semitic religion
>Paganism is just a reconstruction, we lost almost everything we knew, therefore is just a larp let's be honest
>Other Aryan religions (Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism) are too alien for the European soul nowadays

I'd like to be pagan but I just can't. Feels like a big larp.
I'm seriously considering converting to Islam. It's a semitic religion, but still closer to the Aryan spirit than Christianity because of it's Warrior nature. Even Evola respected it.
Jihad is based, doesn't tolerate any degeneracy, beheads it's enemies.
Give me one (1) reason not to

>Give me one (1) reason not to
You'll be burning in hell along with the kikes.
Don't be a refugee. It's not for you. Take it from me, I went to a refugee prayer meeting and it's just a bunch of heads-shoulders-knees-and-toes, and then the people in the mosque go out and continue being sinful until the next refugee thing.
Be a Baptist. I went to a Southern Baptist-affiliated Church as a LARP in the beginning, just to be trad, but those people are my fucking people. I'm smarter than them, yes, and I probably make more money. But those folks have Hope, capital H. Go join a Baptist church. They sing songs they like, and they do a lot of barbecues, and they love guns, and they (quietly) fucking hate coal-burning.
All praise belongs to Allah. He is guiding you, dont turn your back at the blessing He is giving you, accept Islam and pray as the prophets of Allah prayed, He will fortify you faith and give you peace of mind and soul.

Keep worshipping Him so He can protect your Iman (faith), as the last Jihad against the Jews and their loyal goyim lapdogs is not far from now.


What’s pols thoughts on paganism?

very cringe i must say
>1 post by this ID

Cliche-tier bullshit that appeals to retarded teenagers and neet adults that think the internet is real life and that if they post their Thor thread over and over again it means people are becoming pagan or something. The ultimate in appeal for slacktivist retards of the same breed who get mad when politicians like Viktor Orban or Trump have to compromise to get a bit of what they want instead of sperging out and acting like a tyrant. Their ideal leader is literally the bad guy from all jewywood movies, their existence is entirely material- they are incapable of understanding spiritualism and simply make shit up as it suits them.

The worst part is that it means I have to hide more threads.
I'dbe a Pagan m, for the sake of race, if I wasnt a Christian, but I am a Christian so Paganism just looks like my downsie cousin. I love him and he's fun and kind, but it's always a little weird when he tries to correct me.