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Holocaust thread

According to Holocaust Denial On Trial (hdot.org) the two crematorium ovens on the left were capable of completely incinerating 340 bodies every day. That's 170 per muffle per day, or a body every 8 minutes or so in each muffle.

The Auschwitz crematoria are made from bricks and were fired with coke. Modern crematoria, which are made from superior materials (i.e. better thermal insulators) and use better fuels take from 2-3 hours to fully cremate a human body.

So how did hdot.org arrive at this fantastical figure for the Crema I ovens? There's a letter called the "Bischoff letter" in which some guy just assumes that each muffle could burn a body in 15 minutes or so. In their own words
> Bischoff arrived at his figures by assuming that each of the 52 muffles could cremate four bodies an hour, which by definition required multiple cremations at one time
>by assuming
Sauce: https://www.hdot.org/debunking-denial/ab3-german-documents-ovens/

The nazis were so incredibly evil, according to hdot.prg, that their pure evilness allowed them to suspend the laws of thermodynamics.

If the magical Auschwitz crematoria were not magical and functioned the same way that all other crematoria in the world functioned at that time, then each muffle could do 12 bodies per muffle each day max. That's only 24 bodies per day for Crema I.

Not 340 bodies per day. Only 24.

Why are Australians always the best in debating and calling someone out on their faults and lies?
Concentration camp guard on trial, says he did not know about Jew extermination:
>with following links
Nobody knew anything about the holocaust. I wonder why that is.

Catholics going full Taliban



If you knew the whole counsel of God all at once you would be praising this heroic act, as they are the children of the prophets before them.
As for Francis, I believe St. Francis predicted that Jesus would send a destroyer, and I suppose this is necessary so that as the harlot is condemned the Bride can be made ready in white.

We've all seen Judas holding the money bags pretending to care about the poor a thousand times before

Endure this trial with patience and pray there are still a few Bishops left who know the real Christ and can soon act.
Maybe the pope should go for a swim in the Tiber to bless the others too