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Jesus Christ was crucified two days ago, today he was seen rising from his tomb in Jerusalem
>inb4 sauce

Christbros.. i think we won

I hate you Christians. You are the sole reason (((they))) have complete control of everything right now. Satanists are in control because Christian stupidity propped them up.

The Holocaust was pointless

Imagine killing thousands of poor-ass Eastern Euro Jewish cobblers, tailors, watchmakers and bazaar dwellers and giving the American Corporate Ashkenazi Jews, who have, notably, repeatedly refused to help Euro Jews, a reason to victimize themselves and create a steel wall of ideology that makes them nigh impossible to criticize in the US despite their drastic overrepresentation in banking, law, academia and stock market.
>inb4 dindu happen
That just means deep down below you know it was wrong and you're trying to cope, lmao. A few million Jews didn't just disappear into nowhere. They used to be everywhere in pre-WW2 Poland and barely any remained.
pic related

it didn't happen but it should have. fucking stupid pole retard.
any jew (OP and others ITT) claiming the holocaust actually happened are being deceitful & flat out lying. there have been thousands upon thousands of threads proving it did not in fact happen as we've been told, and the death tolls are greatly and extremely exaggerated for the benefit of the jew (OP and other 'duh holobunga happun'ers ITT).