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Where are the real men

>Be me, 28 year old female, working in a secure job (life long) in the it department
>I have my own flat, car and no loans. Inherited some money from grand dad
>I bought a flat with an extra room with plans of becomming pregnant
>Always been Christian and I am still a virgin
>I have kissed 3 men in my life and two have felt my breast from the outside of the jumper
>I have not been on any cock carusell
>I am healthy 71 kg and 171 cm and walk 2 km every day to work
My problem
>Every man I meet lacks being a man
>Some men have children and that is out of the question for me.
>They do not make decisions
>They always try to impress with money (which I don’t care about)
>They seem to think that if you give a woman an expensive gift then she will love you
>They do not understand that a woman enjoys watching a man eat and get complimented on the food. I hate when I am making dinner for a man to get to know him and he starts doing dishes etc
>They do not understand that women like that someone else is having control so we can bitch about their decisions
>We get insecure when a man answers a question with what do you think?
>Men seems to dress up so much it becomes junkie
>They seem to be so insecure that they cant make decisions without “female approval”
>All I want is to start a family and I need a man who will be the father and the leader

Am I doing something wrong?

I am the same size as you and I'm a guy that works out... so unless you're a gymcel, you're just fat. Get down to 115 pounds and then men will flock to you. Problem solved.
You're a fucking weirdo and I will sleep easy knowing that you will never reproduce and that you will die a wageslave.
Yeah, I don't care. Show tits or GTFO

The most Schizo theories you have heard.

Inspired by the OP from

1) Pyramids were built by napoleon in 19th century

2) satan is the true god of indo-europeans predating christianity and judaism. he was degraded to an archangel by jews who tricked us into worshipping our enemies (yahweh, angels and other fillth)

3) nukes are fake. chain reaction is not proven

4) holocaust is fake (baa)

5) whole history is staged and faked. ancient greece and rome never existed at all. ancient era happened in 1700 year

Any video links/reading material/youtube videos/podcasts discussing such subjects are welcome.

I am not a robot

Modern day Jews are the surviving descendants of Neanderthal. In times before recorded history we (Cro-Magnon) attempted to wipe them out, but were unsuccessful. This is the origin of the belief that they are God's chosen people, and why they so strongly resent the rest of us.
the jews did the holocaust as a blood sacrifice to baal
there are still niggers who believe the holocaust is real.

also op is a kike and the whole point of the thread is to push his nigger tier lolocaust lies.

there is 0 phisical evidence the showers were really gas chambers.

the next holocaust will not be fake because, why not do it they are just going to lie and say it happened anyway.