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heres your religion bro

You can't be both.
You'll understand when you're older. Or not. Doesn't really matter either way.
>surrounded by niggers
>"admitting" to sins that never happened
im a christian and i love the religion but the church is the biggest nigger loving trash i've seen in my life
like jesus once said
"you don't need to be in a house to worship god, god is everywhere"
it's fucking disgusting how they turned a religion not just into a political vehicle after pope janush

On his 19th birthday, Rodionov was beheaded on the outskirts...

On his 19th birthday, Rodionov was beheaded on the outskirts of the Chechen village Bamut. According to his killers, who later extorted money from his mother in exchange for knowledge of the location of his corpse, they beheaded him after he refused to renounce his Christian faith or remove the silver cross he wore around his neck.


Have mercy on us, Holy Martyr.
Based true Christian.
one of those rare cases I can't reconcile my deep sympathy and reverence to the actual martyrdom in face of mudslimes with the fact that the guy was a servicemen in a region that doesn't belong to that country (in other words, he was a conqueror, not a protector of his country and home)

so yeah. I'm kinda mixed but tilting towards sympathy.
I spit on other russian soldiers' graves though. each. one. of. them.