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Daily reminder this is what Islam wants for the west. Don't...

Daily reminder this is what Islam wants for the west. Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose

tfw no 9 yr old trad waifu
This is why modern Christianity is so pozzed, they are not allowed to marry a girl in her prime and it is why (((corporations))) push feminism so much

Stupid whores in the News

When will the asteroid arrive and wipe this " civilization " ?
>>bs here
Social media users are trying to cancel 21-year-old nude model Belle Delphine for publishing an explicit kidnapping-themed photo shoot – accusing her of glorifying and promoting rape and pedophilia.
The controversy started after Delphine uploaded a preview [NSFW] of her “perfect first date” photo shoot to Twitter on Tuesday, which included photographs of Delphine – dressed in a Lolita style – tied up in the back of a car with tape over her mouth and engaging in sexual intercourse with a man in a balaclava against a tree.

The photo shoot proved popular, gaining over 57,000 likes, but also sparked a wave of backlash from critics who accused Delphine of “romanticizing rape.”


the thing is, this was done to appeal to her female audience.
so... bdsm garbage will finally be wiped off the internet? lol
"nude model" she's a glorified prostitute. Geez.