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God exists. >Big Bang theory >Some random matter floating in...

God exists.
>Big Bang theory
>Some random matter floating in space or lackthereof combines and shit and boom
>Universe exists
Where did this matter come from?
Philosophy right?
The greatest minds of humanity have been pondering the meaning of existence since civilization has existed.
No answers, they just move from one school of thought to another, in hopes of gaining an understanding of life, the universe, everything.
But you'll never get to the right answer, when it's already staring you in the face, but you're looking for some other answer.
Ultimately, if you don't accept the existence of God any answer you do come up with will ring hollow.
Check mate atheists, Odin cum drinkers, communists, science bitches and philosophy fags.
You just got BTFOed.
Cлaвa Бoгy!

God is the universe. He didn’t create shit. He’s the universe and he’s been around forever
I enjoy the delicious nihilism that it all means nothing and probably only happened by any insanely random chance.
How cute, it thinks it's the first person to formulate the teleological argument

If Germans are Christian why do they eat pork?

The scriptures teach to not eat swine yet all of a sudden this guy Paul comes along who never even met Jesus and says all food is clean and now the Germans today eat massive frankfurter sausages and pork despite supposedly following Christianity.

It’s called covenant theology
Mosaic covenant: some food is unclean
Covenant of faith or Christ covenant: no food is unclean
The pigs the demons were banished into were driven off a cliff into the sea anyway, retard goat-raping boy fucker
The Jews and Refugees are right about pork.