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Why is Christianity in Russia dying?

>The number of atheists in Russia has doubled from 7% to 14% in just four years, with less than half of those under the age of 25 declaring themselves to be Orthodox Christian, compared to 66% for the population as a whole.

>That’s according to a new poll from WCIOM, which revealed that faith in a Christian God is dropping with each generation.

>On the contrary, Islam has held steady, remaining at around 6% of the entire population. Unlike Christianity, the popularity of the Refugee faith is far more prevalent in the young than the old, with under 25s having double (12%) the proportion of believers compared the country as a whole.
Aren't Russians highly nationalist? Why would any sane nationalist practice some pozzed hippy religion by worshipping some faggy Jew?
low birth rates and degenerate culture due to communism
Christianity in its modern form is degenerated and weak everywhere. It's basically just a tool for secular dictatorships and democracies to keep easily radicalized populations from revolting.
ruskies are subhuman and so is cuckstianity
Because orthodox church are corrupt snake oil salesmen.
Because Russians were never a faithful nation. How do you think it was possible for them to become godless commies in a few years? They switch to whatever faith is endorsed by the current ruler. And Putin has shown PLENTY appreciation for Islam. In fact the only time he looks like a weak faggot is when Islamist are bullying him in his own country.
Excessive depravity wrought on by "lies" which led not only to total government control (and the genocides that followed, which they themselves should have known), but a blind worship of "science", despite having absolutely 0 discipline in studying anything naturalistic.

It would not surprise me at all if they demand to see the return of the Soviet Union for being "progressive".
The Bolsheviks banned the Russian Orthodox Church, which certainly didn't help the religion
Who cares if it is. Fuck Russia bunch of boscovich Jew running goys I hope they implode.
Hard to imagine Christianity surviving in white areas at this point, there’s no way to just flip a switch and undo this
Birth rates
cuz russia is actually embracing diversity as much as the west.

the sheer number of sand-joggers they are importing, moscow is no longer recognizable
Christianity is dying in Russia, like everywhere, because they have turned from the Word of God.

They seek to be popular, not loyal.
Russian Christanity was always associated with the state and the status quo in Tsarist times, and this association was brought back heavily during the Putin era as a symbol of state legitimacy. Late-era Putinism is in a legitimacy crisis, urgo its State religion is also in a crisis.
Their patriarch is a glownigger.
Orthodox church is dead since 1917, bolsheviks killed millions of faithful and later cheka/nkvd/kgb subverted the rest.
Same goes for catholics btw, (((second vatican))) was a judeo-mason psyop
priests are kgb agents since stalin
>Why is the cucked religion that bends the knee dying?
Why be a Christian when you can be a Refugee and get away with murder.
simple, there is no god...
>with less than half of those under the age of 25 declaring themselves to be Orthodox Christian, compared to 66% for the population as a whole.
Lol what bullshit numbers are these, a Russian was on here a few days ago linking the stats and it was in the single digits of people who actually believed christcuckery
How can you say it is "dying" when it survived nearly a century of being literally illegal in an atheist communist state? I'd say the fact even 66% of the population reverted to Christianity after the collapse of the kike controlled USSR is a testament to its resilience - this of course doesn't fit in with the ladyboy demoralisation intentions of this thread. Kys. Dilate.
Because abarahamism has no future when everyone is literate.
>any other tiny ethnic group
>not historically Refugee / Tengri (proto refugee)
>confusing ethnic russia with other "russian" republics
I swear to God this board...
Christianity everywhere is dying, just like the Bible said would happen at the end. There is no logical reason for this, its been around for 2000 years now and has been a staple of the west the whole time, we are 50 years into removing christ from western life and just look already at how far we have fallen, it's going to get much much worse before it starts getting better.
Most likely not the same people. Russia is a "melting pot" and has a lot of Refugees, and those have a higher birthrate.
Maybe people in Russia are finally realising that organized religion is a literal scam.
They're just letting more refugees in is all.
For the same reason it is collapsing everywhere else. It is simply not believable.
it's because orthodoxy is still pre-literate as a religion. Services are three hours long with no books (catholicism) or pamphlets or fucking screens with words on them (protestantism), you can't sit down, and most russians don't understand the words that are being said unless they are already familiar with them (song in a really strange way in an old-fashioned version of russian). It's literally impossible to become orthodox if you aren't raised in it, and most people aren't because of communism
>Islam more popular with youth
That what happens when you import Refugees. It's not more popular. Russia just got more braindead people now.
the soviets all but got rid of it 100 years ago dude this isn't news
It isn't though.

Big part of our population is/was "culturally orthodox" - people who don't even believe in God, but still adopts christianity as identity

Orthodox church was nearly eliminated during commie rule, most traditions lost, clergy killed etc. ROC overseen explosive growth after USSR crumbled, but much of it was nominal. Many russians have no idea that christianity is and don't have any church to attend or priest to speak to in their neighborhood (thousands churches were demolished by commies). Cities of hundred thousand people can contain one-two churches.

Our church people explain reported shift as rejection of the church by deeply non-christians who claimed being christian. Church became more active and more visible, causing ire of post-soviet degenerates.

More important numbers are church attendance and eucharist partaking ratio. They are growing very slowly, like 1% in several years.

We need like 50-100 more years to heal our fucked up society. Imagine West after 70 years nonstop of BLM joggers rule. It is Russia now.
Yes kids with weak fathers want strong ideologies and rigid systems to feel a part of something
>The number of atheists in Russia has doubled from 7% to 14% in just four years,
theres zero ways to know this for sure
fuck evil propaganda
american jogger culture seeping in there
Because of their refugee, caucus cousins.
you might have missed it, but USSR introduced secular ideology and worked for decades to increase atheists ratio. They got a legit reason not to promote Christianity too much - multiple provinces with Refugee majorities.
>faith in a Christian God is dropping with each generation
>each generation
Hedonism is prevalent in the young when the parents are strict but not removed from society.
These kids get a taste of sin and that convinces them that it is the way to go since it “feels good.”
Refugees breed more. Natural selection makes no exceptions.
What new protestants searched for and failed to find in Orthodoxy? I can't even imagine going to non-trad church.
Funny thing is - the history never stops. So a pagan nation will 100% emerge and go with war on jews
good fuck Christianity
Religion is the most stupid thing ever created by mankind.
In 100 years nobody will believe in this shit
Christianity is dying off in general.
When communist subversion tactics back fire and arrive at the place from whence they came.
Because polytheism is unsustainable and monotheism is the Truth. Yes, christianism is polytheist.

Just reminding you that "atheism" is polytheist too.
The Atheists you foster will herd you into camps just as readily as the Churchians will. The problem isn't their religion, it's your peoples' unwillingness to cease allowing "it" to use you as a weapon against the rest of us that gets you murdered. If you seek to deceive and abuse, you get abused deceptively in return.
Why are people religious? I've never felt a single moment of spirituality in my entire life so it makes no sense to me why anyone would want to be ordered around by a book.
Because its weak, unfortunately
I don't like its pacifist teachings
No surprise. Just another religion that shames men for wanting to be warriors. I'm not even for Islam but at least they praise men's warrior spirit.
Because khabib nahmorgumedov is so cool. Everyone in russia wants to be a muzzy now. And islam is pretty based
Xtians can't hide the truth and kill opponents anymore.
Its not dying. They just want to try something old again
They are once again becoming based.
>corrupt and junkie religion which sucks Jewish cock constantly losing favor with people who need something strong and good to look up to
russia was invaded and taken over by bolshevik jews during the russian so called revolution, whose aims were to purge russia of white christians. they have killed over 100 million since the beginning of the 20th centrut
Some of the newer converts tend to larp about how it's so good being Orthodox when they ignore or are unaware of big issues taking place, especially with unity in doctrine and jurisdiction. The Russian Orthodox is only one player, although an influential one, that must fix this ruptured situation.
>religion based on dead jew who became a zombie
No idea.
One of life's many mysteries!
Because old people are dying and young ones aren't stupid enough to believe in a Jewish god.