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Daily reminder that socialists crave genocide

They literally want to put you and your family in camps where they will torture, humiliate and eventually murder you.

Please familiarize yourself with the signs and begin preparing before it is too late

This is not a joke or an exaggeration.
>socialists crave genocide
It's about (((their))) globalist agenda.


They want to run a prison planet of border-less, race-less, culture-less, gender-less, identity-less, dumbed-down, easily controlled, subdued cattle (which they call goyim). They make up 1.4% of the US population and 0.2% of the world's population, yet look at all they control from the world's finances to the media that brainwashes us.

In short, they use the entertainment and news media to encourage globalism and to discourage nationalism and traditional western values. They distort and lie about the past and present in that effort.

And while the elite globalism pushing jews are one thing, the elite can only exist because of the 'regular' jews. Jews are far more politically engaged and culturally aggressive than other peoples, it's why they are so 'successful'. There are basically no jews who just want to be left alone, the type of person that makes up the vast majority of other races. 99% of them are in a constant state of striving for dominance and ethnic self-promotion.

They get into everything, any institution, and steer it towards protecting and enabling the tribe. Many of them aren't even fully conscious of why they do it, it is just completely ingrained into their culture. So, there‘s the grand jew globalist conspiracy at the top, and the overall trend in behavior (that results in various smaller schemes) towards the bottom.

Understand what jews have done to the West.

Must reads:
>The truth about jews, the holocaust and the world wars
>The truth about jews and slavery
>Weimar Germany versus today (USA = Weimar 2.0)
>expelled for subversion 1,030 times
Full list with sauces: http://chuckmaultsby.net/id154.html
It all comes full circle.
If anyone interested I made a kind of QRD of this article in this post
and the following, putting some juicier parts into pics.
>You will not know you are in danger until it is too late.
Will you accept the mark of the beast OP??

> https://dailystormer.su/666-wapo-finally-admits-vaccine-passport-coming-to-america-will-determine-rights/

> 666: WaPo Finally Admits “Vaccine Passport” Coming to America, Will Determine Rights

> The mainstream media has finally decided to admit the obvious: the coronavirus vaccines are going to be linked to an electronic database that is linked to a QR code based “vaccine passport” that you will need to participate in society.

> Washington Post:

>”The Biden administration and private companies are working to develop a standard way of handling credentials — often referred to as “vaccine passports” — that would allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as businesses try to reopen.

>The effort has gained momentum amid President Biden’s pledge that the nation will start to regain normalcy this summer and with a growing number of companies — from cruise lines to sports teams — saying they will require proof of vaccination before opening their doors again.”

>Framing: private companies are requesting it.

>From the onset of the censorship regime, it was clear that the claim of “private companies can do whatever they want to anyone” would be used for more than censorship.

Are you ready for the Mark of the Beast goy??
All right, I'll dump some fragments from this article to counter this glowie and maybe attract a few dopamine-fried brains.
>yes goyim. it's the political name, not the race.
Anyone have the video of the rabbi talking about the first 2 things hiler did when in power?
I don't care what they want
You described late stage capitalism, you fucking anticom
genocide is a part of human nature. you can call it socialism or whatever you want, but it is going to happen eventually to any race. Actually its been happening constantly all throughout the world, mostly in Africa in recent times but we have just been ignoring it. It's finally our turn.. I've come to embrace it. By embracing I'm prepared for it. The sooner it happens the better.
Yeah, they need to go.
>aily reminder that socialists crave genocide

Indeed. Watch this to see what's in store.
How did those filthy reds get a Reichsrevolver?
>become friends with demsoc
>what do you really really want
>better progressive taxation on corporations, healthcare, and expanding of voting rights

>become friends with neo nazi
>what do you really want
>a gf
>no, I mean politically
>I want to ethnically cleanse everyone who doesnt look and think like me

many such cases
This is why i barely care about the atrocities committed against commies. They are deep down all a bunch of his pot's waiting to be released
Do not conflate Socialism with Communism OP.
If anyone's interested, I can post some German newsreels showing jewish-bolshevik atrocities against Russians, as well as some Soviet documents on how kikes kept genociding Russians even inside blockaded Leningrad.
All you need to know
Guess I'm a socialist then.
I also crave genocide and have the means to personally carry it out. All of the useful idiots and libshits want OTHER people with guns to carry out their genocide
in cambodia during the khmer rogue (which was a cia asset to fight the vietnamese, but i wont get into that) when they killed people en masse they would take them into a field and suffocate them with a plastic shopping bag. this was in order to save bullets, which they didn't have a lot of to begin with. i've heard that they used the same shopping bag to suffocate 30 or 40 people before it broke and they had to get a new one. that's the reality of year zero mentality, which all of these black lives matter retards have to the fullest extreme.

china killed more people than all of the people who died in world war 2 many times over. this was only in the late 1970s. how many times have you heard about it? probably not once.
>They literally want to put you and your family in camps where they will torture, humiliate and eventually murder you.
Oh yes I’m well aware. In fact it’s because of them that I suffer from misanthropic tendencies.
So what's the solution to the Jewish question?
Collectivism is slavery
Dude you are literally describing what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust. Communism rarely goes wrong, and many of these countries (i.e, China) that are communists have some of the best human rights. Conservatives are pretty much Nazis at this point, and I don't use the term lightly.
yes, good, kill me

then talk about how "hard" it was for you
This is what Nazis want retard
Are you talking about national socialists? Of course they do
communists crave genocide because communism is incompatible with a non-homogenous society. it's fun to remind people of that when they opine for both communism and diversity.
>This is not a joke or an exaggeration.
It can't be that bad.
Capitalists do that too Irish famine
And just hours ago, Tom Scott (an educational geography and linguistics YouTuber who at least somewhat sides with social justice) just released a video explaining the difference between low and high explosives.
Nothing every changes
Rarely good post. Extremely based. Thank you OP.
You are actually genuinely insane. You act like I want to eat babies because I think billionaires make too much money.
We’re in the middle of the next great leap forward. But but, it will be different this time!
Fuck off, boomer.