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Why do modern Christians and Jews hate Gnosticism so much?...

Why do modern Christians and Jews hate Gnosticism so much?

They more I study it the more truth I find in it (which is very fitting).
Because it exposes them as the devil worshipping faggots they are. The god of Abraham is unironically an evil demon.
You forgot to change flag. Gnosticism is a fanfiction adaption of Christianity, and is therefore heretic drivel.
Are you jew?
They used Christianity and the roman empire to stamp our the true teachings of christ. that's the biggest sign catholics are controlled opposition, notwithstanding the censorship of the Bible. These teachings are found in valentinian gnosticism, neoplatonism, and hermeticism, and later on alchemy and depth psychology.

This is an opinion somewhat widely known in these circles.

Then retrofitted it into kabbalah to hate gentiles, or rather materialised something transcendent. Like they turned the heavenly kingdom into a plot of land called Israel.

In my own experiences it seems to be valid.
They do to the pharmaceutical industry and science what they did with theology and mysticism millenia ago.
Jews are a materialistic and sensuous people. Western philosophy was on a trajectory where it dealt with a hidden secret in nature. Kikes struggle with anything transcendent. Otto weininger spoke of this in detail. They take psychedelics, meet God, then call it chemicals in the brain or hallucinations. We are now a bag of chemicals that have drugs thrown into it as "medicine"
Slave race

https://www.bitchute.com/video/lAecVyiFTD0x/ via bitslide
Hermetics and gnosticism are for deeper understanding of the word.
In short because it's to pagany.
Even though gnosticism is their ancestor.
The nag hammadi texts affirm this.
Christians and Jews hate everyone but themselves/eachother.
Actually, I'm not even sure if "Gnosticism" is the word I'm looking for. I just think that the idea that divinity is within us all rings very true. Not in the Mormon sense that we all are gods-in-waiting, but in the sense that God is in humanity itself. The "God" that maintains this world cannot be a good one, while acts of unquestioning generosity, altruism and love are all that's good.
If God is anywhere, it must be in those acts.
hello shillfag.
Have you taken the Hadrian pill anon?
There are only 14 million Jews left on earth
Ancient neo-Platonists also hated them.
I guess the answer should be obvious, Gnosticism appeals to sad souls, to a specific temperament. It's chaotic, self-centered and entirely pointless.

Your pathetic mystical tradition also hates them.
Where can you study it reliably?
Gnostic texts came a century later than actual Christianity. It's fanfiction. Just because something is compelling and palatable doesn't mean it's true. The first lie ever told was "you shall be as gods", kabbalah/gnosticism/pantheism/etc is just a continuation of that.
>when your holy book is someone else’s holy book but everything in it is wrong
Gee, why won’t people take them seriously?
Modern Christians hate zionisn skippy. Deal with the truth.
>jews hate gnosticism
>jews are actually in the bottom of the jesuits and the bogomils, later on with cathars as well
>jews are promoting gnosticism to christians and zionims to jews

fuck off rabbi, gnosticism leads to globohomo, christianity is what stops both zionism and gnosticism
Gnosis is like opening your christmas gifts early
Please send a mossad death squad that doesn't do too much of a sloppy job to nuke brussels, thank you :(
>Why do modern Christians and Jews hate Gnosticism so much?
LARP, residue of church trying to keep its money flowing

But gnosticism is WAY too wide of a view to be honest, the only way you place all gnosticism under one flag is "shit that takes income out of the churches". There are, however, retarded gnostic views and non-retarded ones.
The media promotes gnosticism fucktard, mostly in the form of jrpgs

Follow your lust and reject the holy spirit, heathen.
Believing is ok.
Knowing is not.
first of all Define what a Christian is in the first place. If i go down a road i could meet 100s of people who will identify themselves as such doesnt mean they are tho. So set the measurement first
Because Christians live in a Bubble that teaches them that they go to heaven, so Gnosticism upsets that since you have to actually put in effort to get Gnosis here and now, or you will reincarnate.
Because its fanfiction
Gnostics are self-absorbed faggots too smart to accept the faith required of a believer and too stupid to develop ideas themselves, so they seek "secret knowledge" so they can validate their notions of superiority over the masses without their secret knowledge. It appeals to a very specific subset of people, and these people are the vainest denominator of autist. Christians who actually hate them know that they're apostates and ecumenical forerunners trying to destroy the true faith of Orthodox Christianity by merging all religions into a universal new one. Jews pretend to hate them, but Jews are all apostates and psychopaths also trying to destroy the true faith of Orthodox Christianity, so it's kind of a veneer to keep up the illusion that modern Talmudic Judaism has anything in common with actual Ancient Judaism, which is just Christianity, because Christianity fulfilled Ancient Judaism and is therefore much older than Talmudic Judaism, whether you date its beginning from Christ and the Apostles or from Abraham.
Irenaeus btfo gnosticism with Adversus Haereses in 180 AD you fucking midwit. Stop trying to appear more intelligent than you are. Jesus Christ is King. A fucking half serpent half lion lesser god didn't create shit. Just another knockoff of the truth like Talmudic Babylonian Judaism.
How can NT God be other god when all Jesus saying is based on OT and all the prophecies about him is in OT
The answer lies in Zoroastria
And the book of the secrets of Enoch
The supreme being is satan
You will know them by their fruits
There’s 2 kinds of gnostics I know:

-pretentious pompous cunts.

Even Carl Jung, who was the most erudite and intelligent Gnostic, I can name was still an edgy degenerate fuck and all his followers are that and so much worse.
if you have that question you dont have study to much or you a retard.
why does that look like a 70s prog rock album cover
For the same reason refugees hate sufis. It is about control, not self enlightenment and esoteric knowledge. Not dancing and ingesting hallucinogens.
it's because it's mostly Platonism and a sprinkle of kikery, whereas into Christianity and Judaism you get full kikery with a hint of borrowed Platonism

This doesn't even make sense, pick a side jogger
Then OP realizes its all about mushrooms.
jews actually use the Left Hand Path (illuminism) to entice gentiles to become shabos goy
Gnosticism was also invented by jews.
The Hebrew perspective is that God made a physical world, and that we have always had physical bodies, said it was very good, until we screwed up with sin, and would one day be resurrected into physical bodies and be on a physical new earth that will be perfect. There is nothing inherently bad about a physical world or physical bodies. We just tainted them with our sin, that will one day be purged.
Gnosticism teaches that the physical world and physical bodies are inherently bad and that you're suppose to desire to be in a disincorporated state forever. It's inconsistent with the original plan of God which has always been to have a physical world with mankind as His image bearers ruling it in physical bodies.
So we hate it because it is a teaching against God's design (that His creation was very good and will one day be perfected), and frankly, you have to understand that the teachings of Gnosticism originate from beings that were NOT physical, but purely spiritual in nature (though sometimes assume physical form to interact with us)... that is angels, in particular the angels that taught humans gnosticism, are fallen angels, demons.
So yes, of course people who believe in the God of the Bible, are going to hate Gnosticism, a pagan worldview given by Satan and other demons.
short answer: it's a shitty rip off of the real article.
Like catholics, "orthodox," refugees, and every other cheap fakes to come along since the real deal came along.
If you're Jewish, you might as well accept Jesus, since he's the Messiah you've been waiting for. Because the next guy coming along to claim that title is going to be the antichrist.
I thought Jews promoted gnotisicm. The freemason's certainly promote gnostic ideas and there are plenty of jewish freemasons.
what the fuck is that? Please enlightenme in a few sentences because i'm a lazy fuck.
lol why do you think? they LITERALLY WORSHIP THE DEMIURGE. they refuse to believe that an evil god made the world and that's why it's so imperfect and filled with so much god damn pain. even without humans at all, there is STILL more terror in the animal getting eaten than there is happiness in the animal eating it. it's not an even exchange, it's not balanced at all. life is eating itself, and they clap for it like the trained seals they are. maybe there's just too many fucking hylics at this point
Fuck kikes
Its literaly jewish. Gnosticism is one of the original jew psyop. All the proeminent figures and spreader were jews, starting with Mary the jew. Its a shitty lié and a basis for many faggy satanic occult group of shabbos goy like freemasonry