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the orthodox church are cringe schismatics who need to come back into communion with rome

and that's the tea ya'll
But the Pope was the one who schismed
why? just let them be. nobody needs a superficial meeting unless there is some third party that needs to be addressed. What are they going to meet in Austria and build a Unity Church?
not currently. the current fagpope needs to go first. we dont want orthodox churches to be plagued with liberalism
As a Catholic I disagree.
The Orthodox church is our lifeboat if the Cathodic Church becomes too woke or kike-loving.
I don't know if I should be Catholic or Orthodox. I agree more with Orthodoxy, but Catholicism is much more organized and standardized. Ethnocentrism is the biggest issue for me, although I belong to an Orthodox ethnicity.
All christianity is awful. A cuckold philosophy put upon the golem masses by your yid masters.
The pope is a communist globalist kike puppet. Organized religion has been completely subverted.
true, its time to restore the great church and dunk on the heathens together
There's not justification for the Pope to claim his extent of power besides geopolitics, in a better timeline, bishops/metropolitans whatever would assemble every once in a while to discuss and reach conclusions in doctrine, not some faggot protector deciding shit on whim.
desu this is by far the best Christian FUD, kike, you are learning
in order for the church to truly be corrupt, it must have made heresy dogma, which has not happened. The orthodox are not paragons of virtue either, if they are conservative it's because they are not where the action is. I have nothing against the othodox, but they have something against Catholics. I used to wonder why, but I know why. It's because they are schismatics.
the pope, thus the catholics you moron
Stop talking like a faggot
Fuck off catholic fag.The pope is a snake
At least they don't molest children as much as Catholics do
The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is the only way to go to heaven.
Poland tried to do that with Union of Brest but it failed. Sad!
>all these cringe laypeople talking about the proper church hierarchy and muh church fathers
I mean you're all very cute and it is sweet that you've found tradlarping hobby, but you people should go out more.
Daily reminder:
Orthodox and Catholics are not Christians
>you need to unite with faggot enablers and creeper apologists
kek, get fucked kike
Both catholics and orthodox are cringe and need to come back to Christ
>Junkie pope: "I'm gonna, I'm gonna SCHIIIIIISMMMMMM"

>Junkie cathcucks 1000 years later:
>Oy vey goyim stop being dirty schismatics
Caths started the schism. But im not eastern orthodox anyways.

they are a bunch of (((russian kgb protestants)))

fuck the (((eastern godless bloc)))
With the curent pope all Catholics dream of converting to Orthodox Christianity.
Jogger, you vatikanites are the ones who:

1) reject the word of The Christ
2) substitute your own
3) claim to be the exclusive broker on earth for God
4) call the words of the vatikan INFALLIBLE
5) reject other Christian faiths, even though they are closer to Christ’s teachings
6) claim to be “CATHOLIC” ie UNIVERSAL, and ONLY church of Christ on Earth
7) promote faggotism
8) recruit faggots
9) practice faggotism
10) practice pederasty
11) forbade Priests from having wives and children, thus promotimf faggotism inside “the church”
13) declared themselves “first amongst equals” - proving they desired hierarchy over brotherly equality
14) were the CAUSE of the schism

15) will forever continue to burn in the next lives for what they have, and continue to, perpetuate.

Did I miss anything there boys?
1. The Pope was one of 5 Patriarchs of the Church. He is the only one who disagreed.

2. The Pope who led to Schism was the SON OF THE GERMAN EMPEROR'S COUSIN.

By him causing the Schism he gave ALL Western religious power to the German Emperor.

It was a classic political power grab. All the other Patriarchs were in Alexandria, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Antioch. They survive today as Orthodox Christians.

Catholicism led to Lutheranism then every other heresy and silly new "Christian lite" faith that exists today. Orthodoxy is still the same.

Seethe but begum.
>cringe schismatics
what serious person talks like this about historical matters of this magnitude?

troll elsewhere
>the orthodox church are cringe schismatics
Prove it you JOGGER
I would like communion again but I deeply distrust the Roman Church and Roman theology. (I am a member of RCC).
I think the heavy reliance on Scholasticism and the political influence women have had is bad.
> unironically using tea and y'all
fucking neck yourself you degenerate faggot worshipper
>calls someone cringe
>"aNd tHaT's ThE tEa"
>need to come back
ugh..ok bub
All of them are devils in robes and gold.
The Catholic Church is globohomo that needs to submit to Orthodoxy and be restructured from a globalist church to a nationalist one.
No you retard look at these two and then look at the pope.
Which two give you the likeable wise grandpa vibe and which one gives you the creepy satanic jew puppet vibe?

Orthodoxy is based if you are a Christian.
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>the orthodox church are cringe schismatics who need to come back into communion with rome
fuck off jogger
Die, westoid
Why is it that catholics have nothing better to do than shit on protestants and orthodox? Do something meaningful with your time than argue on the internet.
Pope schiszmed from orthodoxy because of the philioque heresy. Catholics need to come back to Orthodoxy.
Catholics and Orthodox will go to hell. The only way to salvation is Calvinism.
orthodox were the only real roman christians who used the vulgate and created it in the first place
current """roman""" catholics are just using the ancient roman name and have absolutely 100% nothing to do with rome or ancient rome or anything latin related to rome
fucking disgusting I spit on them for trying to tarnish the roman name
pope is a jogger lover and a pedo
Protestantism is a heresy formulated by Jews, the one true church is Orthodoxy.
Fuck Rome. They are idolatrous pagans.
Fuck off pedos.