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Atheists literally have no moral argument against people get...

Atheists literally have no moral argument against people getting penetrated by animals in their ass or mouth or cunt. Only the Bible prohibits bestiality. Can atheists convince a woman to not get fucked by her dog or fucked by a horse?
No and that's a good thing
Can you explain why that's wrong?
Anon-bible prohibits bestiality
Quote to me were the bible forbids beasties.
If you need an all powerful imaginary friend to scare you into morality then you were never a good person to begin with.
Coincidentally, I've only ever seen Mohammuds fuck an animal.
Or even the NOSE
>The only reason i don't fuck animals is my imaginary says not too, if the bible supported animal fucking i would
It is genuinely horrifying to know that religious people are all sociopaths whose only reason for not being murdering animal-fuckers is because an old book tells them not to.
>the only reason I don't bend over for Spot is because man in sky
And you think you are going to heaven?
Dude the girls that do that are atheists.
why would these satanists actively go against the reason they aren't Christian.
they don't want Christian morality.
they are literal demons.
>Can atheists convince a woman to not get fucked by her dog or fucked by a horse?
Can you?
the bible is the only thing stopping this dude from fucking animals
More Christians have fucked animals than atheists in history. That's why there are laws against it. It was necessary.
I see sex as basically a trust building and reproductive tool geared towards a particular process. Deviation from that process fucks things up. Fucking things up is bad. There's your moral argument.
Sometimes innovation in ideas and lifestyle bring big benefits, but in this case I believe it's been amply demonstrated that it just makes everything less sanitary and worse in general.
The fuck are you on about ? You do not need a faith in a deity to decry zoophilia. Here how it goes : a healthy society needs its members well adjusted. Such person would not need to fuck animals, as the latter shows some deep emotional deficiencies. Such person is defective and needs treatment.
Furthermore - causing unneeded distress to the animals is ought to be illegal used for the same reason. Sadists are bad for society health.

Nowhere in this reasoning a god is needed. The fuck are you on about ?
It’s just a cultural thing inherited from religion. We obviously kill and eat animals so having sex with them is pretty mild in comparison. But oh well, I’ve got no interest I fucking dogs and horses anyways so I don’t really care.
fuck off christ cuck you don't need to believe in a god to have morals
>the bible is the end all be all of things we think people should and shouldn't do
>that's why the law is just a copy of the bible repeated twice
Is this what keeps you up at night?
animals can't consent
>the only reason someone would have to think its degenerate for humans to fuck dogs is my 2000 yo book written by some desert joggers
the thread
I don't actually think that's wrong. It'd only be wrong if the animal was penetrated as it can't consent. It's obviously fucking disgusting though and I don't condone behavior like that, but morally, it isn't wrong. If the animal shags ya, it obviously wants to.
Isnt it unsafe?
In France there is a place called Saint Chamond, twenty kilometers from my native town. Up till 1875, they had a custom they tied a poor cat by its tail above a fire. And the string burnt, naturally. The poor cat would fall into the flames and then run away. And they would run after the burning cat, through the streets. I heard of all that when I was a child. It put me absolutely against mankind.

And when I started hearing of some movement in Germany, the National Socialist movement, “It’s inhuman!” “Inhuman?” I said, “Goodness me. I’m going to go in it. If it’s inhuman, I like it.”

“It’s inhuman!”

“Well, well, very good. I wouldn’t have touched if it was human. It’s inhuman? All right.”
The obvious response is an animal cannot give consent, consent is required for ethical sex
Most people will never understand why something is bad for them if your try to explain, or they wont care. Telling them an invisible guy is watching and will punish them, that works
"it spreads diseases"
"the animal can kill you"
"you'll ruin your body"
Woah, that was easy.
I don't know if I'm atheist, but idea that there is no destiny and things just happen, people becoming more retarded every few years without any action from above or outdoors is very fitting for this dumb world. In my opinion of course
OP cries after he faps.
>raping a woman is a less severe crime than killing and eating her
>killing and eating animals is ok
>raping them is a lesser crime than that (even assuming they can comprehend or care about "consent")
>Only the Bible prohibits bestiality
But not really
>Spend whole life getting fucked by animals
>Beg for forgiveness on death bed
>Go to heaven
Christianity doesn’t legislate morality, it only legislates faith. In a sense it has it backwards from most religions, in most your afterlife is determined by behavior and your quality of life is determined by faith (pray to gods and gods give you shit), in Christianity your afterlife is determined by your faith and your life is determined by your lifestyle (it is good you prayed to god but he still made you suffer because reasons).
>biologically humans were meant to only mate with other humans and anything else is deviant behaviour that needs to be treated like any other mental disorder

There wow holy moly there you have your atheist answer.
>sex is the act of procreation
>sex provides short term pleasure to incentivize procreation among mammals
>we are intelligent creatures
>we can understand that seeking sexual pleasure is an animalistic impulse
>a normal human should be strong enough mentally not to waste time on sex
>different species can't interbreed
>sex with animals is disgusting to most because it's evolutionary futile
>a person who gas sex with animals either: a. has some mental malfunction or b. is too far gone into coomerism
>either way such a defective human should be removed
>we don't need an ancient hebrew book to justify natural things
Why does god prohibit something? Either he has a reason for it or it's an arbitrary whim.

God doesn't solve the problem of subjective morality, it just kicks the can down the road.
Why should i care if someone wants to get fucked by some gorilla cock?
*Little did OP know that his dog wasn't just barking, but also giving consent.

>op is faggot
>Atheists literally have no moral argument
Not an atheist myself, but in my conversations with them on the topic, they seem united in the view that sex with non-human animals is wrong because such animals are unable to consent. Therefore, I assume that once science is able to produce a dog or horse with enough intelligence to consent (note that hybrid pig-human brains have already been created in the lab, but terminated before viability for ethical reasons), atheists will immediately commence fucking every dog and horse that can utter a "yes."
Animals, like children, can't give consent
>The only reason I don't fuck animals is because the Bible tells me not to
>moral argument
there are no absolute morals or values
we all use moral relativism and cognition to provide a personal framework no matter what retarded jogger book you think is magical, jogger.

(You) don't have a moral argument either.
No one does.
What you want is a different kind of argument as to why those things are "negative", "harmful", "offensive", or whatever adjective you want to use.

>thinks he can argue a jogger into being a non-jogger
You are too ignorant and uneducated to bother with.
OP is a massive faggot
>Only the Bible
God you people are so insufferable.
>Can atheists convince a woman to not get fucked by her dog or fucked by a horse?

I feel like I'm losing braincells by browsing /his/
threads like these make me not feel as bad watching spirituality die throughout the world
>imagine inadvertently admitting the only issue you see with fucking animals is that some ancient jews who thought the sky was tangible fabric told you so in muh bibble
There is no god, animal fuckers get the rope.
"Only the Bible" that's just straight up wrong. The hittite laws also prohibited it (except with horses, though someone who had sex with a horse could not become a priest or be in the presence of a priest)

Also the ancient Greeks had prohibition against beasteality.
>atheist's have no morality
>Only the Bible...
and thats the only book youve claimed to have read and probably havent even read it
no, there is no argument against that other than it’s disgusting. why the fuck do you care about shit which rarely happens? why do you care if people want to fuck sheep?
Can christkikes? Except for saying: Muh jew desert demon jahwe does not like it that much!!!!
so you dont get fucked by horses because the bible says not to? if you didnt have the bible would you be sticking your dick in dogs? that says a lot about you cat fucker
>Needing to be reasoned out of fucking animals
Yeah... That's a problem with atheists... Okay
If you actually followed our Lord, you wouldn't spend your days thinking about
>fucked by her dog or fucked by a horse
Fix yourself first.
Raping animals is wrong because rape is wrong. Now explain what's morally wrong with masturbation.
Atheists have the moral high ground over Christians because it's because we don't need a book to tell us that bestiality is wrong we feel this by heart. Only Christians/religious people need a book to tell them it's wrong because otherwise they would just go around fucking animals.
Its not immoral, its just gross. The majority of people don't like it so they ban it.
I don't need a book to tell me to not want to fuck animals