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Adolf Hitler is the greatest man to be born after jesus chri...

Adolf Hitler is the greatest man to be born after jesus christ and there is literally nothing anyone can say to change that
the same guy who started another war and threw away the hope of a white europe? if he didnt start a two front war, he would have won and spread natsoc all over the world but he threw the chance.
not really
greatest man:
>had one testicle
>was trans
>was junkie
>was a drug addict
>was a pedophile
>had a micropenis
OK, bro
>shit artist
>shit writer
>shit leader
>shit commander
He was a total failure
I think you meant Napoleon
Maybe not the greatest since the Christ, but definitely the greatest man of the 20th Century.
>Doesn’t kill a single jew instead lets them live in luxurious summer camps
>Destroys all of europe in his conquest, exterminates entire populations of europeans in belarus, ukraine etc...
>Sends millions of young white german boys to their deaths
>WW2 allowed the soviet union to conquer all of eastern europe, made britain and france bankrupt allowing the africans to become independent and suck the world of its resources
>/his/ still somehow considers him the savior of the white race

Lol if the holocaust never happened according to you guys then hitler was the worst thing to ever happen to whites
>Jesus = ladyboy, jew, feminist, hippie peace and love. He is only considered a god for degenerates and burgers.
>Hitler = god, aryan, european. Hated by the degenerate world.
he was a zionist tool, nazis and kikes were bros, sorry to burst your bubble, even if what Hitler publicly stated was extremely agreeable
>hitler born after jesus
Are you retarded? Jesus was born in the year 0. Hitler was born in 1889. There are literally billions of people who were born between the two.
The absolute state of swede cucks, like holy shit go back to your shed.
It really amazes me how anybody can think otherwise. The man was a fucking legend. 99.9% of criticisms against him stem from a poor understanding of the situation Germany was in.

I highly recommend this channel to anybody who wants a better understanding of the war.

He wasn't that good at waging war and it got a lot of people on his side killed

Also Jesus was a faggot jew
While in the past Norman's role in the transferring of Czech gold to the Nazi regime in March 1939 was uncertain, careful investigation by historian David Blaazer into the Bank of England's internal memos has established that Norman knowingly authorized the transfer of Czech gold from Czechoslovakia's No. 2 account with the Bank for International Settlements to the No. 17 account, which Norman was aware was managed by the German Reichsbank. Within ten days the money had been transferred to other accounts. In the fall of 1939, two months after the outbreak of World War II, Norman again supported transfers of Czech gold to Hitler's Germany.
>There is an entire generation of zoomers raised by /his/ turning 18
Voting in 2030 is gonna be crayyyyyy
tried to genocide white europeans
allied with refugees/non whites/nip bug people over white europeans
went against christianity, replacing true christian morality with a nietzschean darwinist larp cringefest
forever bastardized conservatism and anti-semitism
gave the entire world a permanent satan-tier boogeyman




I would say he is definitely special but only because i got some information that im not gonna openly advertise so yeah.. he's basically Legend27
Does anybody cause as much seethe 100 years after death as him?
he had one testicle tho
He was a Rothschild. Comparing him to Christ is blasphemous.
>based swede
heil brother
>unironically supported basedbean farming as a proteine sauce instead of good old meat

heil hitler thanks for trying
Yes. We should canonize him and Nazism too. Turn it to religion and see the "does not compute" moment of SJWs, Jews and other faggots, when they realize that they must tolerate Nazis, because it is a religion.
no https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_100:_A_Ranking_of_the_Most_Influential_Persons_in_History
>adolf hitler
killed millions of whites and threw half of europe into communism

schizophrenic kike that got tortured to death by romans somewhere in the desert
Adolf hitler called christianity jewish poison . Its a comic book you neckbeard faggot
I would compare Hitler more to a Nebuchadnezzar figure if we're going with the Bible, but I appreciate the sentiment.
I respect him for bringing Germans to the ruin, they were asking for it for some time.
A bit of shame he had also give half of Europe to Stalin tho
He lost a war and killed himself
He was half jew.
i wouldnt say greatest but i would say most influential definitely.
We can surpass him... We can win.
Hitler Schicklgruber is the man who destroyed Europe and killed the greatest the European race had to offer. He also didn't genocide jews but actually treated them well while germans were starving and getting bombed while fighting in a two front war.
I don't disagree but does that mean a Leader comes every 2000 years? It's a bit disheartening.
Det räcker nu horunge, gå tillbaka till cuckförrådet
>muh one-balled Rotschild agent!
Sweden being stupid as always.
He was a literal stage clown next to Stalin
Epic thread
It's impressive how the current world lives behind his shadow. Everyone knows who he was, everyone knows what the swastika is. He was a man that will influence the world for thousands of years to come.The enlightened love him while the ignorant and dumb population will hate him.
Blessed thread
Based. Hitler was a good man.
im going to dump some stuff, since mods shoahd my thread. i apologize in advance, its about 10 posts

The concept of Chosen people:
So what are the Chosen people? Originally it were the descendent of Abraham>Isaac>Jacob by blood. With Christ however everyone who believes in and follows him is heir to the promise of given to Abraham.
However the meaning of "chosen" I believe is widely misrepresented. For example the "Chosen people cant do wrong, everything they do is the will of God and totally ok and anyone opposing them will be cursed" is just some pilpul probably coming from the Talmud. Chosen means chosen to spread the word of God across the world. Chosen to display the glory of God through your own deeds and letting them know your father through you. Chosen to lead as a good example.
>9There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil, first for the Jew, then for the Greek; 10but glory, honor, and peace for everyone who does good, first for the Jew, then for the Greek. 11For God does not show favoritism.
Meant to be that good example we are the first to be rewarded, so that other people see the mercy and generousity of God, but we are also the first to be punished when doing wrong, so the others see what misbehavior leads to and because it would be Hypocritical to tolerate with your own people what they do while punishing other

Also you need to consider that modern Kikes are not the Israelites/Judeans of the bible which were whites
Based, bless this thread. Shills tongue my anus.
Jesus would condemn him for his violence. Christians understood this for hundreds of years before the Catholic Church was invented.
He truly was my brother. Anybody that watches Eva Braun's private home films can see he was a wonderful man
it's true
more people know him to be correct than when he was alive in his own time
How exactly was Jesus great? He started one of the most moronic cults in history
Hadrian was way more based and BTFO the jews way harder
Saying anyone is greater than Christ isn't saying much.
Here's the thing about Hitler, he was way too compassionate.
NatSocs will say shit like;
>Hitler wasn't as bad as people say he was, he didn't do the holocaust and he actually helped 30,000 Jews move out to Palestine with the Havaraa Agreement!
Do you see what's wrong here?
Also, he lost.
If you don't believe that you're the one ultimately responsible for your own destiny, then you're a faggot loser who does nothing but complain.
Then you have the fact Hitler wasn't pro-Aryan at all, he wasn't a White nationalist, he was a German nationalist who slaughtered any White person who stood in his way.

I'm not saying that Hitler was the worst person in the world, but you need to grow up at some point and realize that idolizing a loser (and coping about how it wasn't his fault) will not get White people anywhere.
Abandon junkie cults of personality.
No he is bad he hated east wanted to kill deprt and enslave us so fuck off
thats a lie. he just wanted to murder people and made up an excuse. that's why he failed and didn't survive a thousand year nation. do the math dumbaz
He's no Genghis Khan.
Based. WW2 is the story about humanity against it's savior.
>t. coping subhuman nazi.
Who's the greatest man born varies by the perspective of time and the problems each age poses. It seems to you to be that way, because you have found to be able to find peace in the political philosophy he gave and the examples he set.
Jesus is an irrelevant person. The scriptures that are valueable in Christianity existed before him and aren't tied to a specific religion anyway. They're parabolas that can be found across vast and far stretched parts of Eurasia in different forms, but with similar patterns, which lets us conclude that prehistoric humans found that these stories had sufficient value to be passed on through storytelling and memorization. They're a mirror to the rawest, collective and thus individual subconscious of humanity. God is just a poisonous construct that was put on top of a collection of these scriptures to infuse them with the authority of the absolute, while they never were meant to be seen that way, but as a set of impulses for inspiration to think about fundamental truths to human existence.

Ignore Jesus, he was a schizophrenic narcissist who probably had hallucinations and could only spark the formation of a Jewish sect, because Jews at the time believed in the possibility of Yahwe sending messiases and were thus looking for these.

There are dozens if not hundreds of mentally troubled like him who had a followership. The only reason he became successful was because he was on the more, but not most, successful side of Jewish sectarians and the Romans made the mistake of making him a martyr and allowed the romanicisation and mythologisation of the person of Jesus Christ as a prophet.

Forget him.
That's probably mostly true to be honest. No one is more adored and hated than him.
Jesus was not great
Jesus probably wasnt even a real man as described in the Gospels
There are many men before and after the supposed time of Christ who were great