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Pan Slavic union thread. Calling upon all slavs to unite and...

Pan Slavic union thread.
Calling upon all slavs to unite and pray for union of all slavs.
Especially inviting Poles and Croats who are pro west oriented to get smacked in the face for sucking eu dick. Pan Slavic consciousness needs to be awaken. Fictional people such as monteniggers, bosnishits and macedcuckians are also invited to get smacked for dividing themselves and weakining slavic consciousness. Ask away

>Wants Slavs to unite
>Does it by offending everybody and thus antagonizing them
>Then says "why does everybody hate me, what did I do?"
Classic Serbian

Great but how about we get our land back and then we can talk.
Just don't take skittles and immigrants from middle East and North Africa! I'm an Indian and don't take indians too! Keep the country peaceful from these Africans and Refugees who will ræpe your wômēn and gìrls! Not Even descendants of Africans and Refugees should be allowed! If they really want to take immigrants take wômēn and gìrls only! Pls



>tourism made up 200% of gdp
>only industry other than jerking off fake veterans from munich battalion
>people got indebt to refubish former cesspools and anything with four walls into overpriced apartments
>leeched gullible english zoomers high on N2O for 100 euros a night 3 months a year and then vegetated the rest of the year instead of working like decent human being
>voted for corrupt mafia then wondered why their sons and daughters immigrate to Ireland instead of working for 300 Euros 24/7 for bald Dinaroid redneck with beer gut and JNA and Ustaše tattoos (top irony)

Can't wait for September for this UDBA/CIA created shithole to finally collapse. Hahaha didn't manage to last mere 30 years. Venezuela scenario incoming, can't wait to hunt down rancid HDZ chetniks from Hercegovina.

Where in Croatia are the cutest girls? I wouldn't mind spending some tourismbux to test the two inch cliche.
This is what happens when you base your whole economy on tourism and not on industry and farming
No one cares about your nazi shithole, ustasha scum