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>poorest eu member state
>government made of commies and crypto-commies
>all politicians under investigations or soon to be investigated
>army smuggles weapons to black market
>army commander tries to buy 50 years old fighter jets from israel knowing they're not compatible with NATO and USA will stop the deal
>happens, literally gets buttmad and throws paper planes in parliament
>police force corrupt to the core
>sons of army generals kill people while dui and walk away scott free
>people get arrested because wearing t-shirts with marijuana motif
>old people get jailed because selling homemade cheese with no fiscal counter
>can't start a business without bribing 5000 agencies and inspections and waiting 10 years
>president takes a photo of herself in front of the white house like some common chinese tourist
>mayors go to ireland to work in warehouse
>criminals take cover in bosnia and hercegovina because of double passports
>bosnia and hercegovina gets funding for their shit and debt written off while croatians don't get anything
>pedophiles in catholic church make children pull porsches on first communion
>entire country indebt but getting new memorial to the homeland worth $35 million
>got 100000 new war veterans 30 years after the war
>no money for workers but government buys themselves new carpark

Only Tsar bomb at full capacity of 100 Megatons can fix this literal shithole. Sorry to neighbouring states for eventual damage but in the long run it's worth it.

>permanently ban ALL current politicians from ever practicing politics again
>Sulla style proscriptions of mafia and corrupt tycoons - seizure of all assets including family assets and summary execution
>revision of veterans list, all real veterans get 100% increase in benefits, all fake veterans must pay back all money given plus interest, if they can't seizure of assets follows
>revision of privatization, everything that was stolen gets nationalized (if owned by foreigners, they get compensation; if owned by local criminals, they get jack shit) and reprivatized only properly this time
>abolish county system and replace with region system - instead of 21 counties, you have Slavonia, Istria, Dalmatia and Central Croatia + Zagreb
>at least 2/3s of public employees get sacked; based on merit, automate and digitalize as much as possible
>reduce size of Sabor from 153 to 51
>mandatory term limits
>simplification and loophole closing in judicial system; set maximum duration of any given case at 1 month, for every day past that the judge and both sides lawyers get fined 1000 kn
>draconic increase in penalties in criminal law - pre meditated murder, human trafficing, hard drug dealing and org crime get death by firing squad
>ban gambling, seize all assets of various betting parlors and slot machine clubs
>abolish pension system, pay out current pensioners from the fund and from now on everyone is responsible for his own pension
>niggers and refugees are prohibited from entering the country as "public safety risks", borders defended with lethal force
stop spamming this exact same thread every day who the fuck cares
no it wont collapse it needs to be in much deeper shit and if you want that keep voting for the same 2 retard parties like an american would
adeze ezdepe
Seethe more poorfag. This country is heaven if you know how to get money. So cry more you commie, i'll enjoy living here on the coast every day


WTF is happening over there? Who came to power after the coup? Whites? Fascists? Americans? Croatians?

Can anyone explain this to me, I'm completely lost.

She was from his party , and i think election are gonna be held soon again
all that lithium. cant let those idigios have it.
What race is that