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Hello, I bought flight tickets to Dubrovnik. So here are a f...

Hello, I bought flight tickets to Dubrovnik. So here are a few question for you.
> How screwd am I?
> What can you do in Dubrovnik and are there any good nightclubs?
> What areas of the city should be avoided?
> Is the food expensive there? What about drinks?
> Is the casino there good?
> Can I drink tap water?

Also ask me anything if you'd like

Recent Happening In Croatia

>Filip Zavadlav , 25.
>simple hardworking commercial mariner
>away for long periods
>His family was blackmailed by Narco dealers over debt his junkie brother had amassed
>Filip upon returning,hearing this gets rightfully pissed
>He took an AK looked for the dealers known to do their buissiness on scooters, shot about 38 bullets and killed 3 dealers on different locations around the city of Split
>Court and state of Croatia are deleting pages and comments of support to Filip across social media
>Main EU bureacrats observing the country outraged at this display of "backwards vigilantism"
>Police is already saying he will get about 50 years in jail

Zucc is very supportive of our governements attempts to censor any Social Media Support of Filip.
As are many Soros supported media portals such as Index.hr who have spent their time slandering this HERO and any public support as "backwards balkanism".


This is how local activism is done /hr/.
Protect your family,community and root out corruption wherever it may take root.

absolute chad
SLAV blood confirmed GIGA-BASED. A shame Serbs and Croats are divided, since they are genetically the same people.