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Welcome to /hr/ - Croatia! Rules: 1. The default languages for discussions in /hr/ - Croatia are Croatian and English. 2. You can ask here people from Croatia anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful. 3. Remember all global rules apply to /hr/, and general respect and courtesy is in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others. If you are not familiar with history and culture of Croatia, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatia

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Pan Slavic union thread. Calling upon all slavs to unite and...

Pan Slavic union thread. Calling upon all slavs to unite and pray for union of all slavs. Especially inviting Poles and Croats who are pro west oriented to get smacked in the face for sucking eu dick. Pan Slavic consciousness needs to be awaken. Fictional people such as monteniggers, bosnishits and macedcuckians are also invited to get smacked for dividing themselves and weakining slavic consciousness. Ask away

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NO TOURISM THIS YEAR STABLEBOIS >tourism made up 200% of gdp >only industry other than jerking off fake veterans from munich battalion >people got indebt to refubish former cesspools and anything with four walls into overpriced apartments >leeched gullible english zoomers high on N2O for 100 euros a night 3 months a year and then vegetated the rest of the year instead of working like decent human being >voted for corrupt mafia then wondered why their sons and daughters immigrate to Ireland instead of working for 300 Euros 24/7 for bald Dinaroid redneck with beer gut and JNA and Ustaše tattoos (top irony) Can't wait for September for this UDBA/CIA created shithole to finally collapse. Hahaha didn't manage to last mere 30 years. Venezuela scenario incoming, can't wait to hunt down rancid HDZ chetniks from Hercegovina....

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Time to move to Croatia /hr/?

Time to move to Croatia /hr/?

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What does /hr/ think of Croatia?

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Earthquake in Croatia capital

What is going on anons? What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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What's /hr/'s opinion on Croatia?

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Hello, I bought flight tickets to Dubrovnik. So here are a f...

Hello, I bought flight tickets to Dubrovnik. So here are a few question for you. > How screwd am I? > What can you do in Dubrovnik and are there any good nightclubs? > What areas of the city should be avoided? > Is the food expensive there? What about drinks? > Is the casino there good? > Can I drink tap water?

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Recent Happening In Croatia

>Filip Zavadlav , 25. >simple hardworking commercial mariner >away for long periods >His family was blackmailed by Narco dealers over debt his junkie brother had amassed >Filip upon returning,hearing this gets rightfully pissed >He took an AK looked for the dealers known to do their buissiness on scooters, shot about 38 bullets and killed 3 dealers on different locations around the city of Split >Court and state of Croatia are deleting pages and comments of support to Filip across social media >Main EU bureacrats observing the country outraged at this display of "backwards vigilantism" >Police is already saying he will get about 50 years in jail Zucc is very supportive of our governements attempts to censor any Social Media Support of Filip. As are many Soros supported media portals such as Index.hr who have spent their time slandering this HERO and any public support as "backwards balkanism". https://www.total-croatia-news.com/politics/40741-triple-murder-split This is how local activism i...

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Shooting in Split, Croatia

3 guys dead in Split gunnman still at large

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>poorest eu member state >government made of commies and crypto-commies >all politicians under investigations or soon to be investigated >army smuggles weapons to black market >army commander tries to buy 50 years old fighter jets from israel knowing they're not compatible with NATO and USA will stop the deal >happens, literally gets buttmad and throws paper planes in parliament >police force corrupt to the core >sons of army generals kill people while dui and walk away scott free >people get arrested because wearing t-shirts with marijuana motif >old people get jailed because selling homemade cheese with no fiscal counter >can't start a business without bribing 5000 agencies and inspections and waiting 10 years >president takes a photo of herself in front of the white house like some common chinese tourist >mayors go to ireland to work in warehouse >criminals take cover in bosnia and hercegovina because of double passports >bosnia and hercegovina gets funding for their shit and debt written off while...

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WTF is happening over there? Who came to power after the coup? Whites? Fascists? Americans? Croatians? Can anyone explain this to me, I'm completely lost.

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Welcome to croatia, where 17 million HRK plainly disappears...

Welcome to croatia, where 17 million HRK plainly disappears from city budget, a guy gets killed, and NOTHING happens welcome to croatia, where telecom company can issue you a check on 0.2 HRK (0.03 USD) and if you forget to pay it, same company can take property from you forcefully welcome to croatia, where son from local politican (ivan dakic) drives 200 km/h on a road where speed restriction is 50 km/h and films it, and again NOTHING happens welcome to croatia, where the most powerful political organisation (HDZ) literally blackmails entire families into joining and voting for them like literal mafia someone please BURN this pathetic country to the ground, it would have been better if serbia won

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Hey anons! What do you think about Croatia?

Hey anons! What do you think about Croatia?

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Croatia = best country

This is why Croatia is one of the best countries in Europe if not in the world: >white & European >money and high purchasing power >birthplace of famous inventor >work force so glorious that we bless other countries with our workers >junkie rights >already spend 100 of millions of dollars on importing Polish technology to more easily compete with Western Europe >people ride bikes to work >strong and predictable economy >importing cars from Portugal >invented the necktie so you can look like a gentleman and not like a chino faggot >almost every family has a car and a PC with internet >low unemployment >strategical partnership with Argentina until 2050 >implementing unemployment plan from Greece >exporting to Serbia and Bosnia >army uses homemade tanks >industry based on exports and not on imports >people wear modern clothes >most people have smartphones >people ride bikes to work in their trendy clothing while navigating on their smartphones...

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WW2 Veteran ancestors

Did you grandpas or someone from your family fight in WW2? On which side? In which battles did they take part? Are you pride for them? I'll start: My granddad was croatian and fought along with the Germans against commies and peanuts, in the beginning in Russia and later against partisans in yugoslawia after the war he escaped with his sister to Uruguay and some years later he settled here in Argentina He died when I was young and I regret that I dont know more about his war time but I'm happy that he fought for the Right Side against the evil, even if they lost and he had to leave his fatherland

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Fuck (((tourism)))

Croatia is becoming country where locals can not afford one week vacation in their own country DO NOT COME HERE

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Euroweek is about to start in Croatia, should I be worried?...

Euroweek is about to start in Croatia, should I be worried? My two younger sisters are being forced to attend by their school.....

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>A town in Croatia now has 187cm (6'2) average height

Tallest in the world. How will Dutchlets recover? To be fair, some town in Bosnia and Montenegro probably has 190+, but they are too 3rd world to participate in the competition.

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>The Balkans are based https://www.breitbart.com/news/croatia-hosts-its-first-transgender-march/

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Did you notice more and more women have no shame? >pic rela...

Did you notice more and more women have no shame? >pic related, Croatian Minister for EU relations