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New Hungarian Blm statue

Thank god Hungary is getting more liberal! I tought they are lost but turns out hu lied to us again. Next target: Poland.

Seen a black playing for Hungary and one for the Faroes the other day, broke my heart.
The only countries that can lay claim to the statue of liberty are the US and France. Wtf, these retards don't have their own symbolism???

Hungary is claimed by furries, you need to cope and yiff right now humies.


Obama wants to bomb the Philippines and Hungary now

"It’s not going to be finished just because Donald Trump was defeated, because you see examples of this in the Philippines, in Hungary and a variety of countries (...) so that contest is going to continue.”

Imagine the absolute soulless husk who subscribes to that mediocre propaganda jogger, you don't even have to just a look at the comment section tells you everything.
Fuck Obama
Muh obummer