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Meanwhile in Budapest, Hungary

"Hey, oni-chan! Did you know, that despite gypsies only making up 9% of the population, they commit two-thirds of the crimes? But that is huge overrepresentation! Indeed it is huge, oni-chan!"

Based. Gypsies are a cancer and they all should be burned.
based hungarians

Teacher posts without even mentioning race >gets a police in...

Teacher posts without even mentioning race
>gets a police investigation
High end university lecturer says white lives don’t matter
>gets promoted

Bros am scared. I want off this ride now. How’s Hungary this time of the year?

Germans make me vomit and shit at the same time

I am A blood-line Israelite derived from a wanderer that went to build the civilization created in Greece.

It seems that the first blue eyed person was likely Cain.

Noah was the sole survivor of this gene because of the flood.
Noah created three Caucasian races:
the hamites, semites and aryans/indos

The people with this gene, and the scattered Israelite's that went to wander and spread the gene among the Pre-Adam hunter and gatherers that populated the Earth.

Blue Eyes are the sign of the chosen people.

>Be Kaiba
>Fighting against the evil pharoah in Yu-Gi-Oh series
>misunderstood good-guy
>main monster is the blue eyes ultimate dragon
>this is a fusion monster
>created by three BLUE eyes WHITE dragons
>This symbolizes the three Caucasian tribes created by Noah
>Yu-gi-oh is anime propaganda about the Aryan race overcoming evil from the ancient Egyptian times
She's right, ya know. I grew up poor because of shitty parents. I'm white, worked my ass off in a shitty black dominated school, got my degree, got a job and now make $100,000 a year.
I don't wear $200 nigger shoes, I don't listen to music on $300 nigger headphones.