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Hungarian subhumans lash out at Koreans


Disgusting behavior from these low IQ mongolians towards Korean tourists minding their own business.

lel this happens everywhere. You don't think white people get called gaijin or whatever by drunk nips/gooks too when they're visiting?
Tourists are only 2 steps away from becoming migrants. Accept no foreigners, ever, onto your soil.
Fuck all Asian subhumans

Why have Gypsies always been so discriminated and abused in...

Why have Gypsies always been so discriminated and abused in Hungary and Romania? Why do you treat them this way? How did the racism get this bad?

Is it true that Gypsies descend from Pajeets?
Gypsies are literally the worst people I've ever met.

When I first moved to Ukraine, everyone left me alone. Everyone has a sense of privacy. Even the homeless do not bother you because locals would beat their ass.

There is one (1) group of people here that do not respect any of a normal person's boundaries: the gypsies. It's worse, from what I've heard, in Russia, especially Moscow. Every horror story of Moscow's metro starts and ends with the gypsies.

My personal experience was walking to a McDonalds. A child no older than 8 starts holding out a bag asking for money. "Please, one Hryvna!". She follows me for 3 blocks, at times stopping in front of me and pressing against me to impede my movement. She continued to do this until I yelled at her.

I had never encountered anything like that anywhere I've traveled to. The owners of that child had trained her to essentially commit sexual assault in order to get people to pay her to go away. Not even in China are the beggars so egregious.
>Exclude a group from jobs, trade, education and civil life
but they arent excluded from anything