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Obama wants to bomb the Philippines and Hungary now

"It’s not going to be finished just because Donald Trump was defeated, because you see examples of this in the Philippines, in Hungary and a variety of countries (...) so that contest is going to continue.”

Imagine the absolute soulless husk who subscribes to that mediocre propaganda jogger, you don't even have to just a look at the comment section tells you everything.
Fuck Obama
Muh obummer

Moving to Hungary

My wife and I plan to escape this shithole, move to Hungary, and have 4+ kids. We're both white, traditional, catholic, redpilled on the JQ, hate shitskins, and I run an online business from home. I am in the process of getting dual citizenship, and learning the language.

Will magyarbros accept us? I'm ethnically Hungarian, but my wife is Anglo and fears she will be treated as an outsider.

Btw God doesn't like racism. I know that's gonna catch me a lot of flack but one can maintain a general charity to other ethnicities while still acknowledging how they're fucking things up. You are not Male first, you are not white first, you are not American first, you are supposed to be Catholic first. We literally wrote an encyclical back in the 12th century condemning it. Dont be a protestant cuck, follow Christ and His Church
>I run an online business from home.
can you teach me? I'm serious.
fuck off we are full