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Hungary's birth rate increased 9%+ in the last year

Due to Viktor Orban's pro-native European family initiatives.

>Hungarian empire is the future
This is wonderful and I wish to emulate it, but may I ask why someone who wears that memeflag would post this?

Do Commies like trad marriage and high birth rates now?

HUNGARY NO! Hungary’s far-right leader Viktor Orban immedia...


Hungary’s far-right leader Viktor Orban immediately moves to strip away trans rights after being granted absolute power

>On Monday, the Hungarian parliament agreed to extend Orban’s already strong powers by granting him the right to rule by decree indefinitely, meaning he no longer needs to consult other lawmakers before making decisions.

>by the evening his deputy Zsolt Semjén had introduced a new bill which, if passed, will replace “gender” with “birth sex” in all legal documents issued in the country.

>The effect of this is that Hungarian citizens will be unable to change their gender legally, a significant rollback of rights in the eastern European country.


God bless Hungary, and God bless Viktor Orban.
>oh wait
Based Hungarian!