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We are coming for you, Hungary

Coca Cola giving the middle finger to Hungary. How is that possible? It's almost as if powerful corporations own this world.

>Coca-Cola has no plans to backtrack
lol I guess we know who has more power in this situation. Imagine not being able to tell a foreign corporation to fuck off.
Beautiful, powerful and inspiring.
Ban coke, it's poison anyway.

>This is the new Hungarian military uniform We Arstotzka nao...

>This is the new Hungarian military uniform
We Arstotzka nao. Papers, please.

It looks cheap. I'll take that woman tho.
Is it really that difficult to make a cool uniform these days? It’s like modern militaries are allergic to aesthetics.
Plain service dress uniforms (reminds me a bit of the USMC service uniforms), I guess they do
what they‘re supposed to do, to be functional.