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Moving to Hungary

My wife and I plan to escape this shithole, move to Hungary, and have 4+ kids. We're both white, traditional, catholic, redpilled on the JQ, hate shitskins, and I run an online business from home. I am in the process of getting dual citizenship, and learning the language.

Will magyarbros accept us? I'm ethnically Hungarian, but my wife is Anglo and fears she will be treated as an outsider.
Yeah, God forbid you might wanna stay and fight for your shit. So how many niggers you bringing with you? Or do those come later? I mean can you cope with the lack of diversity in Easter European countries?
Check how many russians infested Hungary before moving there.
Imagine being a nationalist but hating your country and fleeing to a new one.

Right wingers everybody
> hungary
> white
> escaping a shithole

man I have some bad news. I don't know where you got your idea of what Hungary is like, but you need a reality check. go visit first. It's a poor nation full of immigrants, prostitution is one of the highest among any nation other than Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and similar. most people are NOT white, homeless gypsies everywhere, drugs, crime, and they love being BLACKED. there are lots of interracial porn companies that are headquartered in Hungary.
I as a Slovenian with little old Hungarian blood say no.
Of course they won't accept you. You hear about a country that's still white and your first instinct is to go there and mutt it up.
hungarians are turkish slant eyes....

How would a single white male who's secular but loves watching brown people get removed be treated? I really don't give a shit about all this morality nonsense, I just don't care. All I want to do is work out, play vidya and see all the shit people fucking die horribly. Am I good Hungary bros?
>NOOO DONT IMMIGRATE TO MY COUNTRY! Why dont you fix up your country instead??
>Btw Im leaving this shithole cause its getting uncomfortable
What's that movie where the girl marries an Iranian and he pleads for her to go to Iran? She's kind of hesitant but ultimately decides to go along with it. When she gets there she realizes she is no longer an American and will never be treated as such. They force the hijab on her, strip her of any former rights, and then he starts to beat her and treat her just like an Iranian wife.

I would bet my brokerage account on that.
>I'm ethnically Hungarian
How ethnically are we talking about? First gen diaspora, full blooded? Or second plus gen and mutters?

>but my wife is Anglo and fears she will be treated as an outsider.
And rightfully so. Anglos show no respect for Poles
I really get annoyed by these nazi larpers for no reason. If I would punch her in her wermacht teeth how would she react, I wonder?
Don't come anywhere near our settlements, eternal anglo
Imagine leaving a shithole for another shithole. Only ameritards people!
Catholic? come on man.
No faggot. You stay where you are. Made your bed, now bleed in it when nogs and antifa kikes come to your home
>a mutt
>learning a language


>We're both white, traditional, catholic, redpilled
Catholics aren't redpilled whatsoever. You're a disgrace to white people and true Christians the world over for buying into that Jewish scheme.
>Be the US
>Sell half of Europe to Stalin
>Go from ~80% white in the 60s to ~50% white just 5 decades later
>Create such degeneracy Weimar would blush
>Sponsor nigger music and jewish movies worldwide
>Fuck up the Middle East so towelheads flee to Europe
>Run away to countries you've previously sold to the communists
It's not some white paradise in here. You'll hate it here. And we'll hate you for being a pathetic coward. You'll never fully intergrate, there will always be things you won't just understand. If lots of you westcucks come here how long do you think it'll become shit in here?
>Ever speaking hungarian
You fucks can't even speak english correctly. Your and You're come to mind immediatelly.
Please, for the love of god, don't move there. You only bring the curse of multiculturalism along.

If I was in charge, I'd proclaim Serbia a SERB ethnostate, not (((white))) homeland. That's such a bullshit concept. Those wypipo that would try to move into Eastern Europe would literally be grandsons and granddaughters of imperialists who butchered our people 70 years ago.
You can come here and you can live good with a good enough job if you know the language, but just remember that you and your kids will always be considered an outsider, no matter how much time you spend here. Im not saying we will hate you (there will be some who will, naturally), but its just that you will never really truly become one of us. But the future kids of your kids will be a different story. Either way, we rather have you than the sandnigger migrants.
But will you get enough to eat there?
You have no clue how isolated you will be without knowing the local language.
Get in early and buy real estate.
As long as you aren't a liberal you are warmly welcomed here.
Cowardly faggot. You're no different from those rapefugees from the middle east.
Stay and fight for your home. Or run to every safe space in the world until there are none left.
Something else you need to understand. Nobody in Europe gives a fuck if you are white or not. Europe is not about some retarded arbitrary whiteness definition. It is about nations, heritage, blood, and ground. Where is your family from? For how many generations have you been living there wherever you are from? You are Hungarian, French, Italian, Pole, German, whatever, not white.
Good move, bro, go for it, make sure you learn the language first, Hungarians don't speak english, unlike Baltic guys...
Arm pic with a timestamp or get the fuck out you mutt.
>and I run an online business from home
So you're unemployed?
Respect the people, culture and religion.
No western shit allowed.
Come on hust the fuck up you stupid fuck i just want to coom on nekolul twitch dont give a shit abiut your opinion you sick fuck fucking bot
>move to Hungary
All the Hungarians I've met told me they would never go back to Hungary
Maybe talk to some Hungarians first?
Fuck off we are full full
When the shit hits the fan America is going to be the best place to be in. You are leaving the protection of the world's biggest economy and most powerful military in the world. Not to mention hundreds of millions of armed citizens, most of them white Christians.
There is no way you learn the language. Otherwise you're welcome. All you have to do is shut the fuck up. We don't like foreigners KNOWING IT BETTER. If you are black, you better stay away.
I would say go to Poland. It will be much easier for you and your wife and give you the benefits you desire. Budapest is dangerous. You will never truly learn Hungarian. Younger Poles will know English. Good luck. Poland is booming now. You can move to a smaller city, enjoy modern western conveniences, indoor all white water parks, great opera theaters, etc.
Stay out. We dont nees more backwards skittles.
Go to Montana or Idaho
>hate shitskins
>move to hungary
Ethnic Hungarian here
Why wont you stay and fight for your country?
You do realize all of you will be treated differently because you're immigrants right?
I understand it's a pretty based country, but you'll be just like the immigrants coming here, a drain on the economy, someone who holds no value of the country, just another person bringing more of your "American world view".
Stay and fight, and you can leave when we get shit figured out. Until then you will be looked down upon for wanting to dip out before shit gets harder.
You're just as bad as the mexicans
>hate shitskins
not very catholic of you, anon...
Stop fleeing you fucking cowards.
start learning the language with this sentence: baszd meg az anyád nigger korcs
Escape niggers

Meet the gypsies
Btw God doesn't like racism. I know that's gonna catch me a lot of flack but one can maintain a general charity to other ethnicities while still acknowledging how they're fucking things up. You are not Male first, you are not white first, you are not American first, you are supposed to be Catholic first. We literally wrote an encyclical back in the 12th century condemning it. Dont be a protestant cuck, follow Christ and His Church
>I run an online business from home.
can you teach me? I'm serious.
fuck off we are full