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Are you all aware of the death of the Celtic cultures curren...

Are you all aware of the death of the Celtic cultures currently happening as we speak? The majority of Irish, Welsh, Scottish, etc, the majority of people do not partake in tradition. I heard 10% of the population are born outside the country. I am deeply upset, by the death of our culture because the youth think it is cool to be american.
Éireann go bragh.

>How to save Highland scots.
England annexes the English speaking parts of Scotland (lowlands and uplands), and the remaining parts become a celtic independent country. This is because currently the English speaking parts of Scotland dominate Scottish politics resulting in anti-Gaelic laws.

>How to save Irish
Britain annexes Ireland for about a decade. During that period really emphasis what makes the Irish different from the English (good catholics, gaelic speaking etc.). This will result in a resparking of nationalism and conservatism in Ireland resulting in more Gaelic speakers and the reversle of liberal laws like Abortion rights and same sex marriage. Repeat every century for best results, bonus points for famines to further galvinise the Irish.

Don't really need to do anything, the percentage of welsh speakers and they're territory hasn't really changed since the 13th century, same with the Cornish.

Nothing needed, their geographical isolation is enough.
English people are hideous
Irish are a little better and a lot nicer
Being a plastic paddy i would love to see the Irish langauge be the first langauge of ireland
it's relatively a new thing, when i lived in the UK all of the welsh kids knew traditional dances and the traditional language, much like Americans used to learn line dancing and such in PE.
i thought it was pretty fucking cool that they did such things still.....if they've stopped in the last 10 ears or so then that's really really fucking sad.

When they accidentally tell the truth

Irish Central Bank warns that "not enough" migrants are coming to keep wages low
>Not enough
>Keep wages low
Did they think we wouldn't notice or do they just not care any more?

Somethings got to give
>Is the central bank is going broke or something?
>What happens if the central bank runs out of money?