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The top 20% of men are having 80% of the sex with the top 90...

The top 20% of men are having 80% of the sex with the top 90% of women.

For women, 90% are in the having sex category.

For men, 20% are in the having sex category.

Let's consider what it takes for a woman to be in the top 20%:
>don't be fat

Now consider what it takes for a man to be in the top 20%:
>graduate degree or higher AND plans for further education
>white collar, professional mid career and work life balance. (also not anything nerdy or STEM/autistic)
>greater than 6'1" AND 100kg +, sub 15% bodyfat, workout regularly.
>greater than 7 inch penis and regularly have sex in approved positions with only one woman
>have a social life with dozens of close friends and high status contacts
>full time career + business owner + investment income, savings, pension, MUST own property in white area, must own own car.
>must be in the top 20% income AND upwardly mobile
>must be under 35 and willing to date a woman less than two years younger and up to 15 years older.
>must be white (no meds, irish, eastern euro, russian, middle eastern, jewish)
>must not complain about previous black boyfriends and or children from previous relationships
>must speak more than one language
>must have visited at least 30 different countries before 30
>must do housework without being asked
>must be well spoken and have palatable opinions
>must have 25,000 + social media followers
>must have 1000 + social media photos
>must not find women under the age of 25 attractive
>must not want a serious relationship until the women is over 30

What else am I missing?

Is there a problem with this?

>They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.

lol that means im in the top 20? damn
That's Tobias

The Irish Dominate the World

How the fuck did the Irish end up the majority demographic of every country that matters?
>Ancient Egypt

The number of Irish people outside of Ireland is many times higher than the number of Irish in Ireland. Not only are they enormous in number, they have a vast amount of power
>Trump+20 something other USA presidents

Tribe of Dan. Fucking kikes.
If you're of Irish descent why are you not supporting the motherland by supporting the national party of Ireland RIGHT FUCKING NOW?