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Nation of Appalachia

With the Balkanization and possible splitting of the US along racial and regional lines, does an Appalachian nation make sense?
>Already mostly ethnically homogeneous. Has it's own dialect, cuisine, religious traditions. Mostly descendants of the Scotch-Irish, German and English settlers.
>Mountainous, so more difficult for regular armies to invade.
>Globalists already consider it a backwoods full of dumb rednecks so they may leave us alone anyway.
>Could be a "Switzerland" of North America.
>Problem is no port.

We need a flag for the Republic/Nation of Appalachia.
In b4 CIA glownigger.

Based and country-roads-pilled. But we would need access to the ocean... maybe extend it to upstate NY, Vermont, NH and then Maine?
>ethnicly homogenous
Inbred cousin fuckers.
Rock soup and Possum
>Religious traditions
Seizures and speaking in tongues

Honestly, no one is asking you to stay. Nothing of value lost.
western maryland bros report in

Irish Poojeeta tries to go woke on twitter

Irish Poojeeta tries to go woke on twitter

>all shitskins;
>we live in a white country
>but its too white
>its need to be blacker
>it needs to cater to my culture/beliefs or I feel offended
why do these people get so much attention?
Jews talking through a shitskin mouth. That's what this always is.
>Leave India for some reason..
>Move to white country
>"How can I force them to make this country more like the one I left..?"