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How Fucked Are We?

This is in Dublin Ireland where I live, outside are 10 + kids playing football, all of them are brown of mudslime or indian descent - Earlier there was a group of Brazilians out there...not only as white Irish am I minority in Dublin but now where I live...

They do that here also. You see whole teams of browns playing sports on our fields, obviously newly landed. Meanwhile whites are encouraged to not have any racial or cultural bond like the browns are encouraged to have. Whites having only white teams is not "diverse", in other words it's considered racist.
A people that allow this to happen to them without raising so much a s a fist probably deserve to be lorded over by foreigners. The brutal truth. Survival of the fittest.
Time to go to work...in Minecraft

I hate this country

Im leaving, never coming back and any chance I get to fuck this place up I will take it. Fuck this BS, ethno state is ie myth, people are assholes. Im going to irealnd or Germany to fuck black girls and have a normal life. Iw had enough of this, wasting time and nerves in this shithole and people who dont deserve it.

Lol. Fuck off
You have no idea how good you have it.