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Schizophrenia Is Awareness

Folklore from Ireland, Greece, Iceland, tells us that schizophrenia is a form of awareness. Hearing voices, seeing apparitions, these are seeing and hearing spirits, something our ancestors would have experienced easily.

The role this plays in politics is that schizophrenic awareness allows you decode who is your friend and who is your enemy, it also allows you to take unorthodox actions in order to secure the well being of your people.


I am not suggesting those with schizophrenic awareness are schizophrenic in a clinical sense, I am saying clinical schizophrenia is based upon a fraud.

My brother is schizophrenic.

I've consumed a great deal of esoteric and religious philosophy and cannot make a case that his madness is anything more than madness.

I won't deny the possibility that retards can talk to God, but schizophrenics are lost in their own delusions.
you're right
Yes, all of the ancients were aware that it was a way of seeing just a little past the veil, but there are different levels of it, only high levels see past the veil, low levels mistake their instincts for reality, like one I met that thought I wanted to literally kill him, I was literally just trying to be the guy's friend, he is fucking off his rocker, paranoid, but the others, who see other things, they might just be seeing past the veil, or it's just a higher level or delusion, the Pathos putting it's self before the Logo's if you would.

17 year old boy beheaded, head left in sports bag in burnt out car

A 17 year old boy was kidnapped and beheaded in Dublin Ireland. His head was found in a sports bag in a burnt out car. He was last seen on Sunday.
His killers filmed themselves dismembering him and planned to deliver his head as a warning.

This is an unprecedented escalation in what level criminal gangs in Ireland are willing to stoop down to as the competition for being the most brutal continues to spiral with many young people copying or being from London and English gangs.

Keane was known to be involved in the drugs trade and was last seen wearing a Hugo Boss tracksuit, Hugo Boss trainers, a Canada Goose jacket and a Gucci Baseball cap.

I am worried about the future of my country and not just from the foreign races inhabiting this Island but from the low IQ drug lords whom are natives also.

Gonna turn into Mexico, boy.
You just got MUSLIMed, motherfucker.
>17 year old boy beheaded, head left in sports bag in burnt out car

17 year rookie drug dealer beheaded, head left in sports bag in burnt out car

/title fixed