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Why are the Irish considered the niggers of Europe?

Why are the Irish considered the niggers of Europe? Their crime rate is very low and they don't go around killing and stealing like niggers. People always call the Irish niggers but never explain why?

They are drunk, womanizing, scheming and violent. Basically niggers and kikes worst attributes rolled into one.
t. Drunk
English propaganda - see evil Nazi's, Assad's chemical weapons, Iraqi WMD's etc,. It's all so tiresome.

13 year old Irish girl critically wounded defending 11 month old baby from machete gang in own home

A gang of "men" (no further description given for """some reason""") came into her HOUSE and attacked her and the baby. She saved the babies life by shielding the baby with her own body.
Let that sink in. REALLY think about it for a few minutes. A 13 year old girl had to use herself as a human shield to protect an 11 month old baby from a machete attack ... in IRELAND.


>A gang of "men"
refugees? wonder if they already know who did it but are trying to twist the wording to be PC
it'll be rebranded and you'll be deemed a nazi if you dont just accept it, same shit different day
>A gang of "men" (no further description given for """some reason""")

Not for some reason, anon. It's because when stupid plebs hear about minorities victimizing whites, they stupidly generalize the behavior of some bottom-dwellers of the minority group to the entire group. Then they get hot about it and hot, dumb plebs are dangerous.

History's taught us it doesn't take much encouragement to reduce shit-tier whites to the same senseless and reprehensible behavior for which they loath other races.

That's the reason racially charged facts are withheld at first and then massaged in after things cool down.

Kek at the irony of it.