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Welcome to /ie/ - Ireland! Rules: 1. The default languages for discussions in /ie/ - Ireland are Irish and English. 2. You can ask here people from Ireland anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful. 3. Remember all global rules apply to /ie/, and general respect and courtesy is in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others. If you are not familiar with history and culture of Ireland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ireland

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Something big is being planned in Ireland. Bus loads of “Uk...

Something big is being planned in Ireland. Bus loads of “Ukrainian” skittles being dumped in small towns all over Ireland. All military aged men, no women or children in sight. https://twitter.com/cacgodeo/status/1593673272062779393?s=46&t=O1vpzD2Xj4J1v3LvWBXkow

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Why are we never talking about the Irish? I hate these little rascals and the disproportionate power they yield so much bros.

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>literally hated by everyone, everywhere, since written hist...

>literally hated by everyone, everywhere, since written history began Why is this? What are they not telling us about them? Did the Irish actually deserve what has happened to them?

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Irish women regularly assaulted by Refugees

https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/yl49iz/if_anyone_ever_wondered_why_women_might_not_feel/ Sadly this is a common occurrence in modern Ireland. Groups of young Refugee men wait outside the pubs at closing time to prey upon vulnerable, drunk white girls. The Refugees don't drink or enter the pubs themselves. They are there for one thing and one thing only.

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Irish Zoomer Jailed 3.5 Years 4 Killing Dude in SELF DEFENSE

>be 17 with birds nest hair style >wake in middle of night to sound of front door being smashed in >just you and mam in the house >it's some סlder lad you know, in his 20's >he's drunk, he's angry, he's shouting that you smashed up his car >scuffle ensues >you end up in the kitchen where you pick up a kitchen knife and stab the fucker once in the chest >he dies >3 years later a jury of your peers says you used "grossly excessive force" >sentences you to 3.5 years in prison not bussin. fr fr, no cap. on god.

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And it so begins.

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Irish Poojeeta tries to go woke on twitter

Irish Poojeeta tries to go woke on twitter

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Brits out, Nigerians in!

Brits out, Nigerians in!

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Another night of violence in Northern Ireland

Politicians appeal for calm after 27 police officers injured during riots North Ireland Disturbances have broken out on the streets in Newtownabbey, near Belfast, amid fears there may be another night of trouble ahead in Northern Ireland. Three cars were hijacked and set on fire in the loyalist O’Neill/Doagh Road area on Saturday evening. A large crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the unrest. ideo footage has emerged of cars being burned out and a police van being targeted. Earlier the Police Service of Northern Ireland said two boys, aged 13 and 14, are among eight people arrested in connection with riots in a loyalist area of Belfast. Three men aged 25, 21 and 18 years old and a 19-year-old female have been charged with riot. “It’s a tragedy that any child, because let’s bear in mind a 13-year-old is a young child, I think it’s a tragedy that any child in Northern Ireland is sitting in a custody suite this morning, and facing criminal investigation, possibility of bei...

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What's /ie/'s opinion on the Irish?

I'm a half Irish mutt and I acknowledge I have lower IQ because of it. Apparently Jews hate us, yet I hear the Irish are similar to Jews because they have infiltrated powerful financial positions in the West. But whenever I see criticism of Irish here, those people doing the criticising are accused of being Jews. Also I heard Karl Marx hates the Irish calling them genetic trash. So what's the deal with Irish? Any other redpills on them aside from IQ? Irish IQ https://www.irishtimes.com/news/irish-placed-low-on-academic-s-iq-table-1.1289495 https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/average-iq-by-country

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A United Ireland would be richer and better off

A majority in Northern Ireland want a referendum on a United Ireland. Ireland is the richest country in Europe. What speaks against Irish unification? Germany also united with Eastern Germany in 1990. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/union-in-crisis-as-poll-reveals-voters-want-referendum-on-scottish-independence-and-united-ireland-wwzpdlg7b

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What do you say Irish Poll, do we let them in

What do you say Irish Poll, do we let them in

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What went wrong with Ireland?

What went wrong with Ireland?

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The top 20% of men are having 80% of the sex with the top 90...

The top 20% of men are having 80% of the sex with the top 90% of women. For women, 90% are in the having sex category. For men, 20% are in the having sex category. Let's consider what it takes for a woman to be in the top 20%: >don't be fat Now consider what it takes for a man to be in the top 20%: >graduate degree or higher AND plans for further education >white collar, professional mid career and work life balance. (also not anything nerdy or STEM/autistic) >greater than 6'1" AND 100kg +, sub 15% bodyfat, workout regularly. >greater than 7 inch penis and regularly have sex in approved positions with only one woman >have a social life with dozens of close friends and high status contacts >full time career + business owner + investment income, savings, pension, MUST own property in white area, must own own car. >must be in the top 20% income AND upwardly mobile >must be under 35 and willing to date a woman less than two years younger and up to 15 years older. >must be white (no meds,...

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The Irish Dominate the World

How the fuck did the Irish end up the majority demographic of every country that matters? >Ireland Irish >UK Irish >USA Irish >AUS Irish >CAN Irish >NZ Irish >Mexico Irish >Brazil Irish >Ancient Egypt Irish The number of Irish people outside of Ireland is many times higher than the number of Irish in Ireland. Not only are they enormous in number, they have a vast amount of power >Trump+20 something other USA presidents >Scomo >Trudeau >Amlo >Bojo >Scomo >Bolsonaro >Ardern...

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Irish Reunification

What is your opinion on Irish reunification?

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>Irish Court Says Subway Bread Is Too Sugary to Be Called 'B...

>Irish Court Says Subway Bread Is Too Sugary to Be Called 'Bread' Why are american companies trying to make the world fat? https://www.foodandwine.com/news/subway-bread-sugar-content-ireland-court-ruling

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Ireland is based /ie

The leprechauns don’t let these shitlords put all that crap in their food like we do ameribros

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How Fucked Are We?

This is in Dublin Ireland where I live, outside are 10 + kids playing football, all of them are brown of mudslime or indian descent - Earlier there was a group of Brazilians out there...not only as white Irish am I minority in Dublin but now where I live...

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I hate this country

Im leaving, never coming back and any chance I get to fuck this place up I will take it. Fuck this BS, ethno state is ie myth, people are assholes. Im going to irealnd or Germany to fuck black girls and have a normal life. Iw had enough of this, wasting time and nerves in this shithole and people who dont deserve it.

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As powerful EU army emerges, Ireland gets dire warning “to get out now”

When will Ireland leave the EU and join the British protectorate? The EU army is coming and there is no way Ireland can remain the green and treeless paradise it is now.

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Thot says if you identify as ''Irish-American'' and support Trump, you're not Irish

https://twitter.com/jackwexford/status/1298939922536189953 Don't support BLM? you're not Irish either. IRISH AMERICAN CARD REVOKED. As an actual level headed Irishman, I consider you ethnically Irish regardless of who you support.

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Greta Thunberg

She is Swedish, what do the Irish think of her? And the Swedish in general?

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United Ireland - who is actually opposing this?

The Irish are rich, so surely they want national control over their island back. The few nationalist English in NI would have 2 passports, so should be ok. And the English in England can finally implement English nationalism.

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Come Home

Irish Americans why dont you come home? there is plenty of room for all 33 million of you! come on home fags.

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irish lads beat pedophile simps who were "counter protesting...

irish lads beat pedophile simps who were "counter protesting" an anti-pedo protest in Dublin. https://twitter.com/fionapettit71/status/1281955041499381761?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

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Nation of Appalachia

With the Balkanization and possible splitting of the US along racial and regional lines, does an Appalachian nation make sense? >Already mostly ethnically homogeneous. Has it's own dialect, cuisine, religious traditions. Mostly descendants of the Scotch-Irish, German and English settlers. >Mountainous, so more difficult for regular armies to invade. >Globalists already consider it a backwoods full of dumb rednecks so they may leave us alone anyway. >Could be a "Switzerland" of North America. >Problem is no port. We need a flag for the Republic/Nation of Appalachia. In b4 CIA glownigger.

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“Irish and Italians were not considered white”

Ive seen this phrase thrown around by lefties a lot as an argument against white nationalism by saying that the concept of the “white race” is fluid and thus, has no meaning. But is it true? Were the Irish and Italians actually not considered white? Or is it just a hoax. For me, there seems to be no reason why Ireland, a country literally right next the Great Britain with people that look just like them would ever be considered “non white”.

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in light of recent news that 3/4 million hong kongese may be...

in light of recent news that 3/4 million hong kongese may be moving to ireland, i would like to be the first to welcome them and say "cead mile failte" this will be great for our economy, culture and GDP. thank you

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Irish Guy Makes BLM Take BM?

This is some Irish revenge for BLM bastard beating up a 5 year old child. Can anyone translate this from Irish to American for us? https://twitter.com/ArminiusThe/status/1274835721975664643

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GoFundMe for Irish boy stabbed 30 times for refusing to take the knee is removed

GoFundMe have deleted and caused the loss of over $6000 towards the white boy in critical care after 5 black migrants stabbed him 30 times. https://twitter.com/gearoidmurphy_/status/1269704509229617153 Stabbing video: https://twitter.com/SlapByy/status/1269452014171414529

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Black knife attacker in Ireland to get off with "ASSAULT" charge LMAO

https://www.thejournal.ie/teenager-cork-stabbing-released-from-hospital-5117121-Jun2020/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/veYvmonAhb8k/ Stabbing someone over and over again is a mere "Assault" if you are black, not attempted murder. They've already released the perp!! Anti-White establishment even took down a gofundme for the victim !!!! Presumably because it would have drawn inconvenient attention to what happened. Black brainlet even filmed it. The establishment don't want the video shared online, we all know why. It destroys the biggest lie in history - The lie of black victimisation. Colin Flaherty used to cover the crimes that MSM covered up and got banned off youtube every time he reached 50k subscribers. ------------------------------------------ I found this anti-White slander channel called 'NowThis news" , it only specifically covers news that slanders White people as a group. Despite the fact that White people commit far less crime, NowThis news covers "Karens"...

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New Irish Flag

This will be the Irish flag after we unify the island. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

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This is what the national states would look like in an optim...

This is what the national states would look like in an optimal United European Empire. The smaller, more irrelevant countries such as Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal etc. had to be annexed for the greater good. If you disagree with this map you hate Europe.

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Get in here. Africans looking for more Irishmen to kill

This is gonna turn into a full fledged racial war.

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Another Black on white assault in Ireland "for slavery"

He even says it in the video clip Thats two already over the weekend.This is being surpressed by our media. Ireland had many more slaves taken to work in the colonies than africa, only we weren't brought up with a victim complex. https://twitter.com/dementeddivil/status/1268673939670216705?s=20

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For those who missed it last night

Irish boy shanked over and over by laughing blacks while Irish girl tries to defend https://twitter.com/CoileainCuan/status/1269413938648752130

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Leader of the Irish Nationalist Party


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Blacks lynching white teens in Ireland

Whilst the Irish were virtue signalling over the death of an African American, their teenage boys have been getting lynched by racist African thugs. Spread this shit to anyone who isn't already lost. https://twitter.com/CoileainCuan/status/1269413938648752130 https://twitter.com/CoileainCuan/status/1269416081803882497 https://twitter.com/jdndnnenendn/status/1269457880459235330 I had to really search and all I could find in terms of a MSM response was this: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/teen-hospitalised-following-stabbing-during-cork-assault-1003815.html Share these videos, redpill your friends, download the sauce before they're taken down. Do NOT let them bury this.

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Irish boy stabbed over and over by laughing blacks while Iri...

Irish boy stabbed over and over by laughing blacks while Irish girl tries to defend https://twitter.com/CoileainCuan/status/1269413938648752130 Literally simultaneously, Eire is marching en masse for BLM.

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BLM murders white kid in Cork, Ireland

https://streamable.com/wpqtse https://streamable.com/abypfl

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BLM murders white kid in Cork, Ireland

https://streamable.com/wpqtse backup: https://streamable.com/abypfl

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Say hello to Ireland

Your new homeland: educated white Americans. You want to live peacefully, don't you? Or will you fight in a fractured race war, family's life at risk?

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Irrelevant town in Ireland (Londonderry) holds George Floyd protest


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Racial tension erupting in Ireland, due to America

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Irishmen are the opposite of Jews and Celts are the Ubermensch

>The British government has been dominated by Jews at least since 1815 and as far back as 1688 >Irishmen have consistently rejected assimilating to British (Jewish) culture and principles, sticking to White Ubermensch tradition and evoking the wrath of the AnGolem and his master >Jews in the British government were the most vocal in their anti-Irish sentiment >Jews in the British government were the main architects of the Potato Famine >Britain was responsible for the creation of a Jewish colonist state in Israel >Britain was responsible for defending a creeper apartheid regime in Northern Ireland >Jews in Israel fought to colonize a piece of land they had no historical connection to >Irishmen in Northern Ireland fought to decolonize a piece of land they had historical connection to G*rmanics and AnGolems are Untermensch. Celtic master race report it....

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Do people believe in Gender Theory in Ireland?

A lot of people believe it here

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Are you all aware of the death of the Celtic cultures curren...

Are you all aware of the death of the Celtic cultures currently happening as we speak? The majority of Irish, Welsh, Scottish, etc, the majority of people do not partake in tradition. I heard 10% of the population are born outside the country. I am deeply upset, by the death of our culture because the youth think it is cool to be american. Éireann go bragh.

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Nazism in Ireland

Is it true the Irish almost supported Hitler? What do you think about it?

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Where are the Irish on this compass?


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How many refugees are there in Eire?

Are there lots of them?

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How did Eire react to Chernobyl?

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Berlin and the Irish

You didn't occupy it with the British, did you?

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Do they even speak about it in Ireland?

It's everywhere in the USA

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what was Ireland doing?

you guys, always late

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How is the Corona going in Eire?

How is the Coronavirus situation there?

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And of course no Irish

Why? They should have more power in Europe

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How are you coping with the Irish Quarantine?

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Who was the Irish Codreanu?

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Irish people

Do you like Hitman?!

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Irish Dream

Enough of the American one! Beer and freckles for everybody!

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Depression in Ireland

How bad is it guys? I am not doing well here

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Did the Irish play that year?

It was 1936

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Speaks for itself

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Irish-Swiss relations

Really unusual question but I want to know

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Irish Painter, I think

Anyone know the name?

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What was the role of Irish volunteers?

In the USA civil war, of course

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Ireland and Joker

Did you guys like it?

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Was this made in Ireland?

Not even sure why but I remember it that way

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The greatest Irish creation after the color green?

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Is the Witcher popular in Ireland?

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Why did Charlie Chaplin visit Ireland?

He was hated there, or I remember wrong?

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Are there many blonde people in Ireland?

Like above

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Christianity and the conquest of Ireland

Was it a good thing that it spread so well? How were the Pagans like?

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What do the Irish think about Baltic nations?

Good? Bad? Don't care?

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The 50s in Ireland

How were they like?

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Communism in Ireland

How popular is it exactly?

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What was the cultural effect of GoT on Ireland?

Kinda wanna know

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How many asians in Ireland?

You never see them in movies or stuff like that

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Series on the Saints of Ireland

What about Saint Brigid? Never hear much about her

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And what about him?

Will he one day be considered too politically uncorrect in Ireland? Sometimes I ask myself this question. Red hair too

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Was it really worth it? So many have died

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When they accidentally tell the truth

Irish Central Bank warns that "not enough" migrants are coming to keep wages low >Not enough >Keep wages low Did they think we wouldn't notice or do they just not care any more? https://m.independent.ie/business/jobs/not-enough-migrants-arriving-to-keep-pay-down-central-bank-38356212.html

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Quit drinking. Take the sober-pill Anons, and take control o...

Quit drinking. Take the sober-pill Anons, and take control of your lives. It ruins cultures, just look at Ireland or Russia. It's a disgusting addiction that finally needs to leave this earth once and for all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK7l55ZOVIc

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God damn I love being Irish

How does it feel knowing you'll never be Irish? We are a small but mighty Nation of people who stood up against the British while other countries accepted their fate. Many of us immigrated to the US and other countries and assimilated, worked hard and contributed in so many ways. Many Irish hold top positions in Media, Politics and the Arts. Our music, literature and art is loved throughout the world. Our national sports: Irish Football and Hurling are amongst the best created. God damn I love being Irish.

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11 year old Irish girl pours liquid on Lithuanian cleaner in bigoted hate attack

The cleaners husband came to his wives defense and “I asked them to leave and they said ‘you Polish* bastard, do you want some juice too?’ https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/man-avoids-jail-for-slapping-11-year-old-girl-in-shopping-centre-after-severe-provocation-950402.html What the fuck is the Irish's problem?

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Typical Irish elementary. Say something nice /ie/

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What is your opinion of my country, Ireland?

What is your opinion of my country, Ireland?

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This guy just killed 39 illegal UK immigrants

Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/ ? >Revealed: Northern Irish driver, 25, had only just picked up refrigerated container from Essex port before THIRTY-NINE bodies were found inside. Now he is under suspicion for mass murder https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7605019/The-truck-driver-arrested-39-bodies-refrigerated-lorry.html

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Northern Ireland Troubles

Who was in the wrong here?

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13 year old Irish girl critically wounded defending 11 month old baby from machete gang in own home

A gang of "men" (no further description given for """some reason""") came into her HOUSE and attacked her and the baby. She saved the babies life by shielding the baby with her own body. Let that sink in. REALLY think about it for a few minutes. A 13 year old girl had to use herself as a human shield to protect an 11 month old baby from a machete attack ... in IRELAND. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/northern-ireland-co-fermanagh-psni-lisnaskea-machete-attack-teenager-a9206621.html

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Why are the Irish considered the niggers of Europe?

Why are the Irish considered the niggers of Europe? Their crime rate is very low and they don't go around killing and stealing like niggers. People always call the Irish niggers but never explain why?

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The Irish? Why did we originally treatnthem like the lesser...

The Irish? Why did we originally treatnthem like the lesser whites (such Slavs & Mediterraneans) when they are Northern Europeans and somewhat Westernized? Don't say it's because most of them are Catholic, because there are French and German Catholics and we don't treat them as lesser whites. If you're Irish, how do you feel about your past history of being treated similar to lesser whites such as Slavs or Meds?

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By 2030, petrol and diesel cars will be phased out in Irelan...

By 2030, petrol and diesel cars will be phased out in Ireland. They will still be legal to drive but no new ones will be able to be manufactured and driven in the Rebublic. They were smart about it. Instead of immediately phasing them out and being understood as tyrants to the public at large, they are boiling the frog.