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For those who missed it last night

Irish boy shanked over and over by laughing blacks while Irish girl tries to defend
Some claim he was mugged, but some guy on twitter also got this email
anyone who shares this should be punished for promoting the offensive N word on the top left.
White people are so docile, like an animal being led to slaughter.
anyone got link to his donation page?
Name of the monkey who stabbed the Irish lad: Stephen Yamslaw

Info: 17 Highfield Park, Carrigrohane, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, P31 Y466, Ireland

Instagram: https://instagram.com/stephenyamslaw?igshid=6ajfuxrl68l6

vsco: https://vsco.co/stephenyamslxw

Ballincollig local police contant info: https://www.garda.ie/en/Contact-Us/Station-Directory/Ballincollig.html

Video links:


Don't let this injustice stand.
>while Irish girl tries to defend
She pats him on the shoulder to console him as he holds back his tears, doing nothing but accepting his fate of being probed by niggers with a metallic object all while the stray negro films and berates him.
Ireland, we realize some of your population is pozzed like ours, but show the nigger what a nigger really is. If the British couldn't make you guys heel these guys should be child's play for yall.
The IRA was controlled opposition faggot pussies. Those nogs should be found and beaten to within an inch of their lives, but they won't. If a black person is attacked by a white, it's international news. If a black person attacks a white, everyone laughs and says the white deserves it. Why don't people realize YOU CANNOT be neutral?
I bet the white girl touched herself later that night to the thought of those bvlls ravaging her pussy
Whites people dont do shit ever.
I will continue to fuck your GFs/ wives
I will rob your mother
I will kill the rest of you
Keep typing on your keyboard
I will keep taking actions irl
All white people will be killed and you won't do Jack shit until there is a knife in your gut. And then all you will do is cry. Fucking pussies.
Why was he hanging around nigs? Was he a retarded zoomer wigger? If he was with his Irish bois, they wouldn't have let this happen.
It was funny watching the coal burner try to protect him as he bled to death lol.
albanians sure wouldnt have this, as a person born in england to albanian parents, my late dad was a part of some mad albanian gang and i know so many guys that would fuck these niggers up

im still white af ie and orthodox christian, i would say, albania is truly one of the most based places with the only real men you'll ever see compared to these sissy white british boys, of which more than 80% of them are absolute pussies and shouldnt be called men.
shouldnt you post his gofundme which is probably at like $600 ?
Is he still alive ?
This is a good thing, we should all hope these attacks continue and get recorded.
Why would I give a fuck about some Irish potato subhuman and that future coalburner?
Guy will get let off because if the nigger is convicted, it will be a blow go the BLM movement here. The judge or jury won't won't to racist for putting a criminal in jail he's black remember lads.
That girl is probably flicking her bean right now thinking about this!
learn boxing all of u.
If these fuckign creatures come at u, you should be able to throw out 3 fast ones that break their heads 3 tiems quick before u go down, maybe even just take them all down.
pretty funny that it doesnt even make the news lol
>check every single major Irish news article about the stabbing
>not a single one mentions race

The Irish are even more cucked than us. Yikes.
You Irish Anons need to get the memo to Cooner Mick Greg
>Oirish fag got stabbed
So the situation overall has improved in Ireland.
And the kikes cheer
Faggot just laid there, get your ass up and fight boi.

Nothing of value was lost. Ireland is a degenerate country of drinkers that hasn't accomplished anything without their masters the English.
Poor lad. did he dieded? Was the nigger lynched?
>Irish girl tries to defend
She might as well participated in my opinion. A traitor is far worse than any opponent. Her actions help facilitate the disharmony within our people by this fake ass tokenism of "my x friend" to keep us from attacking group level problems.

Fuck her and her pet niggers.
poor Irish boy, hope he gets better soon
Donate to Adam Noonan on Go fund me

I donated 300 already. Do your part for your countryman in need. Show his family we are with him. And beat any niggers you find.
As long as we sell {BRAND} products
Always carry a weapon, be it a knife or a blunt weapon.
Do not walk around alone, walk in numbers.
Retaliate against lone niggers, do not boast, do not leave evidence, do not tell anyone. Always retaliate harsher than was struck against your people.
And for fucks sake someone infiltrate IRA already to uncuck those faggot cucks, so you can take advantage of its organization.
and the media and politicians tried to hide it. Don't forget that
Seeing a lot of based and redpilled comments today. Even from pro BLM tards. When shit like this happens close to home, a lot people reveal their true opinions. This has even made a friend of mine do a 180 over his support of the poor black victims in America
with all the nigging going on why would anybody be walking around without a gun?
is he dead?
Emasculated cuck deserved it.

I hope they gangraped his roastie gf (just kidding she would've liked it)
Don't start your car tomorrow, darkies.
that shit is mexican cartel tier
Lmao imagine thinking the Irish are responsible for slavery.
Truly English/American tier education: only Jews killed in Holocaust, only blacks effected by colonial terror.
Reduce reduce reduce until everything is black and white, and you need to kill all the white to make it right!
Here is one of the messages that I got
Did he dieded?