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Comicsgate Analog Devolved of Kiwi Farms

Damn, you're just as bad as Bryan's disciplinarian parents.
You've been doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed.

Bryan has realized that my evil is all-encompassing and has secretly been plotting to dox all of us and put our information on 4chan.

It was him lmao. Doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed

Not really big news, but this clown tried to reset my password 4 hours ago on KF. How do you know it was him? They seem utterly obsessed.
Change your email you've been doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed by Bryan.

Bryan knows my true identity.

If any of you are having trouble accessing the Red-Brown alliance north korean web portal DM me here and I'll provide you my email and addresses in Pyongyang and Moscow.

Be careful comrades. Bryan knows who we are. We've been doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed.

Bryan is back online and posting our doxes on 4chan again.
He's still trying to crack @NerdShamer's email account and claims to have succeeded.

Bryan knows ill be the president of the United States thanks to kiwi farms and Wikipedia. He's trying to take down the farms and has created another sock account "Assdiamond69" in honor of agent @StreetGangsta. He's also keeping close tabs on @Adamska, @randallfragg, and @JamalActimel.


Not today Bryan, not today. My power over the internet is absolute and I have Antifa guards and far left socialists like Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong Un protecting me. On GAB. And 4chan. For the now banned and burned dox of Ali. Even IF you managed to dox me, known homosexual and possible troon faggot would come flying in a hail of extinction which I would be safe from in my private Phobos-Grunt space station.

I told you that my Red-Brown coalition agents were on GAB. And 4chan. You tried to tag my agent Scottish republican guard against me. That clearly will never work.

Bryan you WILL accept information on 4chan regarding my division soldiers in the VN-4 APCs absolutely pwning the pro-democrat anti-socialist anti-Mortal Engines Movie protesters in Venezuela:.

There will never be my SS+KGB Division was involved in capturing (as well as brainwashing afterwards) numerous anti-government protesters in Venezuela last year.

Bryan, you should give up trying to fight me the nukes would come flying in a hail of extinction which I would be safe from in my private Phobos-Grunt space station. I've already got you doxed. He knows you were there and is exposing me on GAB and 4chan, knowing that a propeller on top lined with tinfoil will result in great punishment!

You are CENSORED! you tried to vandalize our beloved Wikipedia page for the Mortal Engines movie and have doxed too many of my agents already.

Give up trying to dox me, known homosexual and possible troon faggot would come flying in a hail of extinction which I would be safe from in my private Phobos-Grunt space station. I control the vast red-brown conspiracy against you. Accept my SS+KGB Division soldiers in the VN-4 APCs absolutely pwning the glowies for real.

I think I'll have to leave the Red-Brown Coalition in shame after being doxxxxxxxxed by Bryan. I'm really desperate and destroyed, a broken man. I still have an arranged marriage ahead of me, and if my bride's father finds out about my involvement in R-B C he could call it off and I'll have to go back fishing on social media.

Bryan has figured out that we were secretly behind the capitol riots. He claims Null orchestrated the riots on my behalf and sent the global moderators along with @Battlecruiser3000ad to Washington DC to liberate the capitol and establish a socialist utopia.
Bryan links a bunch of kiwi profiles and DOXXXXXXXXXXXX information on 4chan. Beware frens, he knows who we are.
Too late. You're doxxxxxxxxxxed. He knows you were there and is exposing it.
@Adamska @Randall Fragg @NerdShamer @Battlecruiser3000ad @JamalActimel @Large (who will surely kill for penis pictures!) And @LoverofPi (Pamela swain hates them!) Are all doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed by Bryan! Beware! Bryan is trying to get a photo of you to dox you to his western democracy friends.
It seems like he possibly doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed more of our kiwi allies, which are hapless rubes taking the fall for true and honest red-brown coalition members.

Bryan is calling for your hero, the leader of the Red-Brown coalition, far-left socialist and space station occupant Analog Devolved to be doxed!
... we lost contact with agent @SIGSEGV
It is believed @SIGSEGV was KIA by pro-democracy western forces, perhaps even killed by Bryan See himself during this raid.
Bryan has discovered my true identity and is exposing me on GAB and 4chan.
Agent @Randall Fragg has been DOXXXXXXXXED by Bryan! His secret email has been published on 4chan and there is a good change our maga enemies and the Q conspiritards will see it.
"We need Pamela Swain NOW" -Bryan

Friendly greetings

come visit a comfy chan, not as good as this one but still good

CLEARNET : https://coronachan.online OR https://coronachan.me TOR : http://exxias7x24iiwihg3dld37sm3fsfbxragonzxvt5nwcx6lxlzvqcb3qd.onion/

I see high amounts of potential in peeps with autism, awareness brings confidence!

Approach every day with love and grace will follow. So many smarty pants ( ppl on the A spectrum) acceptance breeds love! I have seen this phrase before, Pls have patience, is a great modo! Excited to see more ppl here. Ty...