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White = Life on easy mode?

Is being born white living life ln easy mode? Imagine if you were brown or black with black hair and brown/black eyes, you would look like 95% of the worlds population, nothing unique about you.
Just google sexy or handsome man, all white guys, same goes for women, google sexy or beautiful woman.

>Is being born white living life ln easy mode?

In some ways its easy. Being smart helps to avoid a lot of the situations that blacks and lower IQ races fall into. But at the same time there is no safety net for us. Nobody is willing to help whites in any way. Its assumed that we never need help with tasks and can be totally independent. This is just the challenge of the white life that we have to face, specifically as men. but once you jump over that hurdle you are a true man and have proven your worth.

So to sum it up, All white men are just on a higher level of their own, and they have to compete hard with each other for their place in society. but it works out
Why are all the supposed ideal white men portrayed in overt homoerotic style?

Seems sus
I think being white would have been a benefit in the west up till maybe the 70's. Since then, society at large has had this idea that being black is a detriment, that sociologically, everyone has been trained to give them extra help... Add in all the govt mandated shit like quotas and affirmative action, and the argument that its EASIER to be black than white wouldnt be hard to agree with.
I mean look at the UK. The people who are living the shittiest lives are poor whites. Why? cause they dont qualify for any govt programs... So a poor black person will get fast tracked to university and get an allotted employment spot held at some corporation, while the poor white kid gets no govt support, is penalized if he even makes through highschool when he tries to apply to university... and while all that shit is happening, a solid 70% of society(which includes a lot of self-hating whites) will berate him because they still think he's living some privileged life.

Its fucking ridiculous, and the stats bear it out... In america, there is no "racist" law against blacks. There are against whites(affirmative action, title IX). This entire concept of systemic racism targeting blacks is fucking retarded.

Jordan Peterson is Redskull

Captain America's villain.


comics have been bleeding money for 10+ years now
how in the fuck are they still alive? is the movie money that good?

>Mirrors Edge Catalyst
>Wolfenstein 2
>Wolfenstein young lesbians
>Mafia 3
>Watch Dogs 2
>Mass Effect Andromeda
>[email protected] "NOT THE FUCKING OVERDRIVE ONE"
>Revolution 60
>Depression quest
>Life is strange 2
>Pillars of Eternity 2
>Dishonored 2
>Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider
>Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
>River City Girls
>Drawn to Death
>Agents of Mayhem
>Bless Online
>Hyper Universe
>Telltale Games- the whole company
>Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
>Dead Rising 4
>Bleeding Edge
>2064: Read Only Memories
>Sam & Max Remastered
>Medal of honor VR
>Crash 4

>REmake 3

>Borderlands 3
>hyper light drifter
>reading comics as an adult
It would have been funnier if the villain was Red Lobster.