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How can we prove to the left that we aren't racist.

We are losing the culture war and the US keeps getting worse. Whatever strategy we are using right now is clearly not working. We need to change things up and convert the left and moderates to our side. But its impossible because of the impassable wall of racism that the left believes us as being.

How can we do more for minorities to prove to centrists and leftists that we aren't racist?

Dude, stop caring about the word "racist". Just ignore the accusation entirely. Everybody and their grandma are "racist" to a degree.

We need to get more people aware of how meaningless of an accusation it is. Like seriously, what is it even saying? That you are MEAN or RUDE to a person from a different culture? It's the modern day "witch" or "heretic" and the less you legitimize it the better.
>>its learned
sure is, most of these fags have all had negative experiences with blacks so yea they learned . Either their moms banged a black dude or a girl they liked ran off with one or they just got their asses kicked in HS by them, some may have been raped by negroids.
one way or another, they learned to hate blacks
Ethnocentrism is an evolved trait. It's genetic.

"Racism", if that means acknowledging the genetic differences between the races and prioritizing the interests of others based on their genetic relatedness to yourself, is HEALTHY.

Black Lives Matter Information Session

Hi, I'm a black female who is an activist and part of the BLM movement. I came here to speak openly about the organization and hopefully to shed light on what we stand for, possibly change a few hearts. I know this is an uncomfortable discussion for most white people but just acknowledge that discomfort as recognizing your privilege to not have experienced the same difficulties as black people. It is important to recognize your white privilege and how it has brought you to who you are today. It is imperative you listen to black voices at this time. Black Lives Matter!

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