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Cathokikes are responsible for pushing Big Bang
Cathokikes are responsible for pushing Evolution
Cathokikes burns incense to the Queen of Heaven
Cathokikes put white men, women, and children to death by fire for not repeating inane Cathokike babblings
Cathokikes murdered 100s of thousands of white men by sending them to die in a shithole in the desert
Cathokikes are responsible for Islam
Cathokikes stole land of the common white man and turned him into a slave
Cathokikes of the modern day are primarily Spics and SEAmonkeys

Catholikes have not been responsible for any of the things listed. The Catholic Church has always been opposed to violence, slavery, and colonialism. Catholic doctrine emphasizes the dignity and value of every person, regardless of race or culture, and the Church has repeatedly condemned racism and discrimination.

Why is Canada accepting literal Indians into their country b...

Why is Canada accepting literal Indians into their country but not us? Peruvians deserve to be let in too.

I saw a jogger on the diaper package on the sale flier
then i saw another jogger on the depends package and i lol'd
I was unaware you weren't allowed in.
Is Peruvian food good?
Because indians work for cheap and they don't stir the pot. They have no redeeming qualities, the government is just anti-canadian