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why is mexico and south america so violent? even shitskins i...

why is mexico and south america so violent? even shitskins in the middle east aren't as violent

This level of violence only occurs in Mexico and Central America
Spics aren't human.
Because the US citizens are drug abusers, that huge market brings a lot of money, and as a trader you have to keep fear to control the money

Canada lost 700,000 jobs last month

Canada lost the US-equivalent of 700K US-equivalent jobs last month, the worst loss since the financial crisis. The US at its height of the GFC only lost 700K jobs in December 2008.

>On top of that, December 4th, the Bank of Canada governer Poloz stated that Canada's economy is "strong" despite knowing what was to come (aka a confidence game, a con-- all of Canada and it's government is a fraud).

>2 days later, on the 6th, the catastrophic jobs report came out, crashing the Canadian currency aptly named the "Loonie".

>At the same time, Trudeau, Castro's Cucked Son, announced Canada will expand the budget deficit from $20B to $50B+ to please Greta. Also Climate Skittles are a thing in Canada now, with unlimited migration planned.

>Less than 3 hours later the Governer of the Bank of Canada resigned.

What's next?

>canada is collapsing got memed into reality
thank you anon, very cool.
based zionist Trudeau.
Quickly bring in more chinese and pajeets