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G7 to UNITE against Brazil



Macron calls a G7 summit to punish Brazil for the Amazon burning, called it a big 'international crisis'.

The Amazon Rainforest is BRAZILIAN. We're going to burn it down to the last tree stalk if we want. If you french frogs don't like it, piss off and go reforest your own shithole.

Macron is talking tall. We are the country of the future. A seven nation army won't keep us down.


Honestly I woud like brazil to be a fucking rainforest with no people, those people cant do anything but build ugly cities, kill each other and shit all over the rivers
Macron has gifted the entire amazonian rainforest to the liberators of france.
Sort of agree with france on this one
When the Amazon does 20% of the Co2 to Oxygen conversion on EARTH
Yall liberators need to out that shit out. Or call on help from other nations, because you can't get up from bribing favala gangs for one more big Brazilian butt lap dance, long enough to put out some fires.

were the statistics wrong, bros? are white men really the mo...

were the statistics wrong, bros? are white men really the most desired men?

honestly, when they make videos like this, they do it because marketing research firms have done internal studies that proof this is what people want. they don't just do it for no reason.

I mean white female/black male is the most common pairing now in media and commercials. Maybe this is what people really want. We can't force people to like white men.

This is why capitalism is a cancer thats killing the west.
Prioritizing markets over citizens, no morality in their practices.
So many fellow white people in here. Love the shill threads.
Kys liberator, don't use that flag to post your stupid shit. And the answer is yes, but peanuts are pushing their anti white male propaganda so hard, that they are making woman feel attracted to literal subhumans, descendants of slaves.