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Damn, I really am not that smart. There's so much I don't know that I thought I did

Show me a Black person that is supposedly “ugly.”

If you have one in mind, what you’re really revealing is a colonized version of what beauty means. In a world where beauty ideals adhere strictly to western standards of fair, thin, cis-het, and white people.

Black people, most of the time, will be thought of as “unattractive” because they are further from white ideals. This isn’t about personal physical, emotional, or sexual attraction, but the broader power structures that affect interpersonal relationships and social interactions.

Black people, particularly dark-skinned, Black women, are often relegated as unattractive without any interrogation of where that belief comes from. We are automatically assigned a place of physical inferiority without any hesitation. And the consequences of that are everywhere…

I dated a black girl once darker than Wesley Snipes. Loved her, even more than Blade 1 and Blade 2 combined.
Fucking retard, the same logic dictates they can't be beautiful either. Not only that, but if you used "non colonised" standards of beauty, there would still be a standard for ugly. Furthermore if joggers are so infatuated with white women, then they themselves are subject to the same predisposition towards beauty that humans are.
The midwit theory is too real

Black people have the same potential any other human being h...

Black people have the same potential any other human being has. Please stop being loudly ignorant.

Your cliches have created the rape capitals of the world.
Turns out, amateur manipulators and pamphlets do not beat 25k years of adaptive trait sedimentation. Or do it for one-two generations alone, until the primary biological tendency and dissonance wins over the propaganda, and you get nafri separatism.

You are a failed experiment.
why are their brains so small?
YES!! WE KNOW!! It doesn’t seem like the tolerant left does though, constantly babying and spoon feeding them.