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quads determine what city I move to

I am fed up with living in Canada. There is no future for me here. This election cements it. I'm so blackpilled I'm just going to live a hedonistic life.

I have a fulltime job as a remote software developer, so I can move literally to any city. As long as a Canadian can get a visa.

I was thinking someplace exotic like Prague, Thailand, Buenos Aires. But I don't really care that much. I will let kek decide my fate.

South africa senpai. go die for us.
Ya, fuck that I'm not going to Kharthoum or Baghdad.

Really enjoying these (You)'s, though

Fuck Canada


I felt silly today so I voted Trudeau to be a troll
i knew this would happen, here we are


day of rake is today, make no mistake
I can't believe Canadians are this dumb. Do they not realize how fucking pathetic the rest of the world views them? Brazil fucking doesn't respect you and they got caught with cocaine while heading to Japan.