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What made you finally give up on white women?

That is if you have

As a 34yr old dude whos divorced but custody and all that of my kids and didnt have to give the bitch anything cause she pretty much ran off to be a druggie, I was close. But a month ago I met a girl, only 27 who is very traditional. Upper middle class white suburbia family, shes a homebody that doesnt like to go out to bars but likes to go and do outdoor shit. Shes pretty perfect imo I hope to keep her around.
I'll never give up on them. They just need to be shown the right way with our fists.
Actually, to be honest, it was this thread. I really owe you one anon. In fact you could tell me who employs you to start these highly intelligent conversations, I'll write a very flattering review. Whatever they are paying you is not nearly enough. Until next thread, keep up the good work.

Why did white women vote for this?


He should have pistol whipped her and told her to stfu. That's like kidnapping a woman and killing her for no reason and you DON'T rape her. like what's the point? you might as well go the extra mile, you're already there.