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Cathokikes are responsible for pushing Big Bang Cathokikes are responsible for pushing Evolution Cathokikes burns incense to the Queen of Heaven Cathokikes put white men, women, and children to death by fire for not repeating inane Cathokike babblings Cathokikes murdered 100s of thousands of white men by sending them to die in a shithole in the desert Cathokikes are responsible for Islam Cathokikes stole land of the common white man and turned him into a slave Cathokikes of the modern day are primarily Spics and SEAmonkeys

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Why is Canada accepting literal Indians into their country b...

Why is Canada accepting literal Indians into their country but not us? Peruvians deserve to be let in too.

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China: Two women were tied up after allegedly taking a take-...

China: Two women were tied up after allegedly taking a take-out meal without wearing masks, the action was taken by authorities enforcing Covid rules in China. Photo sauce: Daily Telegraph.

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Where's your evidence that having white people in positions...

Where's your evidence that having white people in positions of power currently occupied by individuals of Jewish origin would produce a better world?

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>Dates mostly Black Men >Unironically shocked when she finds...

>Dates mostly Black Men >Unironically shocked when she finds out most white guys would never seriously date a white woman who's been with a black man Are white women this delusional?

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Unvaxxed Canadians will be put on SSRIs

Looks like unvaxxed Canadians who refuse to get the covid vaccine will be prescribed SSRIs and other antipsychotics to alleviate their fear of getting a safe and effective vaccine.

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So China is saying that war with US is imminent which means we have to prepare. This board is actually where the greatest minds in the world come together, so what would likely happen if WW3 were to break out? >brown horde invaders would flee back to their homelands >beaners in america may flee as far as beyond the panama canal >jews would immediately all flee to israel >chinese sleeper cells would awaken throughout the west >blacks would begin selling other blacks for petty cash and drugs to slavery >russia may invade further west forcing whites to come to america >white ex-military who were fired en masse under obama regime would come out of retirement to fill the holes from the colored cowards who fled the country >america would be white again >commies would be hung from lamp post for ever allowing things to get so bad >huge technological advances in the west would happen >whites rise up as one and realize they're the pure line of Adam and true heirs of the covenant >jesus comes back to perform the re...

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Uh ho the red man is rising up

Better remind them that once Alberta brcome sovereign their treaties become meaningless. Their treaty is with the government of Canada which Albertan will no longer recognize the legitimacy

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Is there an autism epidemic

Or is it actually a mental retardation epidemic. I’m inclined to think we’re actually seeing spikes in mental retardation in children but it has been rebranded as autism by kikes because saying >vaccines cause autism Sounds sillier but also more palatable than people saying >vaccines cause mental retardation Which is a more serious and scarier claim. I don’t think it’s merely coincidental that all these “low functioning autistics” showed up the same time all the formally diagnosed mentally retarded children disappeared.

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https://twitter.com/hodgetwins/status/1593959888719417345 The College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada has sent out a message to all doctors in Ontario suggesting to put antivaxxers on psychiatric medication holy shit. Does this put Canada in the lead position for most zogged country? Any Canadians considering moving to the US? at least they have some states that are actually pretty good.

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>But the vast majority of open positions (90%) are seeing fe...

>But the vast majority of open positions (90%) are seeing few to no qualified applicants apply even as layoffs mount throughout the economy. Why are americans such a bunch of lazy cunts?

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Why do white women do this

Why do white women do this

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Iran protests webms thread >Iranian police getting gang raped by feminists protestors

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What do Americans do with these?

What do Americans do with these?

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Giorgia Meloni solves the immigration problem

mama also sticks it to those stinky surrender monkeys https://twitter.com/DylanLeClair_/status/1593793325659815936

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>Lazy goy! Put down your phone and get a soulless job and pa...

>Lazy goy! Put down your phone and get a soulless job and pay your taxes so you can help fund Israel and pavement apes! And of course the mindless boomer filth in the comment section just eats this shit up https://www.foxnews.com/media/mike-rowe-sounds-alarm-declining-work-ethic-reflection-hideous

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How is empathy not the answer to all problems?

If we start doing what's best for us all instead of being opportunists all of the problems we have would be gone overnight. You can't be preyed on when you have no vices, if anything these same people who are against you will become virtuous too. If you decide to be an actual good person and help other people then all of the exploitative tactics like immigration, degenerate media, junk food etc. would be gone because nobody will need them anymore. It's not even that much of work, when you focus on good things they spread and everything will start fixing by itself. Just like how people focus on negativity and immorality right now which only continues to spread. When you realize this is the right thing to do you won't feel it like a burden but instead you will understand it's the point of life. How can we blame anyone(including ourselves, of course) when we live in a world that's trying to make us mad? If you're a materialist you know all actions are caused by the environment and gen...

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>Israelis wait for all the palestinian refugees to leave thei...

>Israelis wait for all the palestinian refugees to leave their houses to go to mosque then go in and take their houses, when the palestinians come back the Israelis say they abandoned them so legally they belong to the Israelis.

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Observations after 3 years of browsing /int/

I have the impression that most of you know deep inside you don't hate people based on race, gender, sexualiy, etc., Most of you are good, kind, intelligent, cultured, with a big potential but the consuming anger sometimes clouds your judgement yes there a minority people in here and way more conditioned that the average user but they can also have be reachable i have known you for a while /int/ and i can tell most you aren't that monster, it is a facade. i can understand such despair --sauce of your ills-- is coming from the bad hand life has given to you. but is not the end. you life can be fulfilling even for you but you have to overcome that toxic mindset you're consuming day and out don't based your world view by some slide and cliches, and biased texts, they represent only a tiny picture of what life as a whole good luck, guys

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Miss Venezuela 2022 concluded 2 days ago Why are male chauv...

Miss Venezuela 2022 concluded 2 days ago Why are male chauvinist contests like this still tolerated?

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Trudeau national security advisor admitted on the stand that nobody in the convoy represented a national security threat to canada and met the legal threshold for declaring the emergency act. Their narrative just completely fell apart. They just admitted that they invoke emergency powers for political reason. No reasonable judge would let trudeau get away with it. Trudeau is done. When they hearing vonclude next week and het get btfo by the judge his government will fall apart. The last witness on the stand will be Trudeau he will get absolutely rekted

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FTX and Musk are to distract you

from Biden's inflated economy where 90% of Americans can't afford groceries anymore.

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>be American >provide your neighbor with free snow delivered...

>be American >provide your neighbor with free snow delivered by the shovelful >get shot society is really going to shit these days, isn't it?

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why are scandinavians obsessed with mexican food

''Norway and Sweden account for 40 percent of Europe's taco consumption''

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>Canada legalized medically assisted suicide >They call it MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying >mentally ill and people with sexual dysfunction like ED approved for the process >killing facilities have names like MAiDHouse to sound cute and friendly >there are cults forming of people who recruit the "MAiD-curious" online with "spiritual gurus" and doctors who help them choose suicide and set then up with appointments to kill them >any doctors and nurses who refuse to take part in MAiD will be fired, they need to sign LOYALTY OATHS >online forums and chat groups of people talking about how they want the government to kill them and it is the new social safety net >For now, he had a place to live, but he expected to be evicted by spring. He planned to apply for MAiD as soon as it opened up to the mentally ill, in March 2023. >“MAiD is going to give me dignity,” Tremblay said. “I need to go now, because I know it’s gonna get worse.” https://www.commonsense.news/p/sched...

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Indian here. How does it make you feel that I've immigrated...

Indian here. How does it make you feel that I've immigrated here and now am more successful than you can ever dream off? Suck my Indian balls. PS. I work as an immigration consultant targetting Indian families that wish to immigrate to Canada.

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San Francisco has launched a guaranteed income program for Trans people.

The absolute state of America

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A rocket hit killed two people in Poland on Tuesday . The West assumes that it was one or more Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles. The Ukrainian President, however, sees things differently. "I think it was a Russian missile - based on the confidence I have in the military reports," Zelenskyi said on Wednesday. That causes criticism. An unnamed diplomat from a NATO country raged in the Financial Times about the president's statement. "Now it's getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying our trust in them. No one blames them, and now they lie publicly. It's more destructive than the rocket," the newspaper quoted the diplomat as saying. And the US President also objected. "That's not the evidence," Joe Biden said Thursday when asked about his Ukrainian counterpart's claim. Hungary criticized the Ukrainian head of state's statements as irresponsible. "In such a situation, world leaders speak responsibly," said Gergely Gulyas, chief of staff to Hungaria...

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Trump said if he gets in he'll push for total war with the cartels, if this happens it'll mean troops on the ground in at least: Mexico Columbia And military operations (drone strikes, air strikes, special forces raids etc.) and potentially boots on the ground in: El Salvador Nicaragua Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Costa Rica And potentially many other places, including places further afield, like Peru. Prepare for a columbian style ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombian_conflict ) drug war on the streets of the US complete with car bombs and massacares if this happens. https://justthenews.com/videos/former-president-trump-we-will-wage-war-upon-cartels?utm_source=sf&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=twjs

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When will white people wake up?

When will white people wake up?

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What’s the reason white men don’t like democracy anymore?

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Chairman Xi of China buck breaks Justin Trudeau in front of...

Chairman Xi of China buck breaks Justin Trudeau in front of the world. What are the political ramifications of this? https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1592900274447753216

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>Youths beat up homeless veteran Why are vets treated so bad...

>Youths beat up homeless veteran Why are vets treated so badly in America? https://files.catbox.moe/214rhw.mp4

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/int/ approved series?

Already existing /int/ approved movies lists. Series without plot irrelevant junkie couple or le smart black guy showing up whitey like on Jewflix . So probably anything before 2005. International/other language series with English subtitles available. My suggestions: Twin Peaks Chernobyl (western revisionist but kino) Dark (on Netflix but not junkie) Deutschland 83 Babylon Berlin( Weimar degen on show, but kino) What else you got for some comfy watching?

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why do JEWS hate white people so much?

they hate blacks and Asians people too why don't they leave and go to Israel?

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Bars and Nightclubs to Reduce Ladies Nights due to Low Profits

Less and less Men are attending these venues and owners are losing money. Not just in the USA but also in Europe and Canada. While the places are packed with women. The profits are very low. Is this the end of the club scene?

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America needs walkable cities NOW

America needs walkable cities NOW

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Do Americans honestly believe it is perfectly OK for civilia...

Do Americans honestly believe it is perfectly OK for civilians to walk the city streets openly carrying military-grade machine guns?

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They are launching the psyop rocket tonight to conincide with Trump's 2024 announcement. (((NASA))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21X5lGlDOfg NASASpaceFlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvaz66nMEls Spaceflight Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INf9LwaEGKU

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How To Evade The Upcoming US Draft - Discussion

What are valid and effective ways for young American men (older too, if they raise the age requirements) to get out of the Selective Service draft? I for one will masturbate in front of a police station and plead guilty the moment I get my charges filed against me. I'll have to explain to people why I'm a sex offender but it's better than fighting for the Jews.

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75% DROP IN BIRTHS FOR 2022 >97% of Australia has had 1 dose >96% of Australia has had 2 doses >73% of Australia has had 3 doses >61% of Australia has had 4 doses I wonder what this could mean?

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Learn some proper arguments against Junkie Marriage

This Matt Welsh guy really didn't perform well, when he argued against junkie marriage on joe rogan. Unfortunately it's like this in my country as well. Conservatives just don't have the necessary intellectual skills to debate for their beliefs. Here are things Matt should have said. >why are you against same sex marriage? Because marriage is between a man and a woman. Always has been. Always will be. It's the oldest social institution in our culture. 2 Clans join together. 2 Families join together. 2 people join together and create new life, who binds these people and their communities together. It's an economic unit. A household. >what if people get married and don't want children I believe in traditional marriage. Divorce used to be difficult. As a traditionalist I believe it shouldn't be easy to just get out of a marriage. But we would have special exceptions for people that would allow them an easy divorce, if their partner turned out to be infertile for example. The Cathol...

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Thank god they waited until America was 56% white

Thank god they waited until America was 56% white

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Apocalypse in the online art world. PIXIV, most important japanese site for sharing drawings and providing a way to sustain/sell art, just banned lolis, incest, bestiality rape and guro content. This is probably mostly due to western card companies being against it, same thing that happened with R18 basically. (some say that aifags went too much overboard too) This is the start of the sanitazion of internet, enjoy your normie safe spaces, old internet is dead.

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These fuckers aren't actually going to drag NATO into WW3 ov...

These fuckers aren't actually going to drag NATO into WW3 over a missfired missile....right?

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Guy builds rocket and records curvature of the earth

The flat tards final cope is that unless you can build a rocket and view the curve of the earth you will never be able to prove them wrong. Well this team of WHITE MEN did it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QsEPEhq5yk >inb4 muh fisheye lens (pro tip: flat tards barely understand what this is, and how if you're looking directly at a flat line with a fisheye lens it would appear straight) It's over, well poisoning jews lose

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Eurocucks are seething

>Eurocuck: Americans live in McMansions made of cardboard Meanwhile pic related is the average Eurocuck's house

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American elections are blatantly fraudulent but no one will do anything about it

You know it, I know it, we all know it, no one will ever lift a finger to stop the jewish fraudlies elections. Whites can enjoy being fired for their jobs for being White, broke, on the street, dead, their children raped and brainwashed. It's over. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11428521/Democrat-Katie-Hobbs-Arizona-governor-defeating-Trump-backed-Kari-Lake-flipping-state.html

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Reminder that "scene" was the last stand of white culture.

Reminder that "scene" was the last stand of white culture.

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1 in 6 HR depts told not to hire white men

Why do 5 out of 6 businesses have a racism problem?

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Iran votes to kill 14-15K arrested protestors

Anyone think this will work? Will they go through with it or sentence them to death and then reduce it to prison? One comparison would be Tienanmen square, which quickly squelched protests. Then again, Iran is a different country and they've been protesting for years now. If you look at the wikipedia page for 'Green Revolution' it links to 4 other big protests within the last 10 years. There's also an issue of it being predominantly women while Tienanmen was led by men. Sauce: https://www.newsweek.com/iran-protesters-refuse-back-down-15000-face-execution-1758578

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Canada Has Assisted Suicide?

What the fuck is this shit??? https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/1591955898112643072?s=20&t=dnBbUbaAO1AHx3PRX7XpiA

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America webm thread

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white sisters of /int/, how do we get our men back? everywhe...

white sisters of /int/, how do we get our men back? everywhere i go i see handsome cute white guys with anorexic asian girls or even refugee girls instead of white women instead of beautiful white women, what the fuck do white men even want? im thick white and went to college.

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Canada Kikes are Trying to Bring Back Mask Mandates: COME VOTE IN THIS POLL


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The pkk lesbian who took apart in the creeper attack yesterday got catched. She is a communist lesbian PKK retarted woman. Also cameras have take pics of the other woman who had the bombs on Both are junkie-kurds from syria What dose /int/ think of that? Long live Saddam Husein, he was the only one who knew how to deal with the jew v0.2

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"We need an American Taliban. The Taliban is on our side." - Andrew Tate [VIDEO]

>twitter.com/aatankkwadi/status/1589539633167470594 Says the West should follow the Taliban's example in establishing a theocracy and outlawing usury, premarital sex, adultery, divorce rights for women, women going to college, women having careers, pornography, obscenities, gender studies and social media with death penalty (e.g. stoning) as the punishment for the first few things.

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White man blows black childs head off with shotgun

He said the C word https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/courts/2022/10/27/charges-dropped-against-alleged-shooter-of-13-year-old-columbus-boy/69596196007/

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Gut Feeling America Will Collapse Suddenly

We all know America is: 1) Getting browner 2) Getting poorer 3) Getting dumber 4) Getting more socialist However, mainstream (on the alt-media side) commentators are thinking that actually the Fed is collapsing the world economy in order to get wealth and industry back into America, and will impose the first round of WEF austerity bullshit in Asia and Europe and keep America as a productive factory until the transition is stable. I agree that this seems to be the plan, but I've been having nightsweats and panic attacks over an increasing sense that America will suddenly collapse in just a few years, maybe sooner. Here is why America is doomed: 1) Demographics: 60% of white people are above childbearing age, another 25% have 5 years left and are unlikely to have many kids. Basically, the white female breeding population is gone. It's locked in, bros. 2) Liberalism and weed have fucked white culture in blue areas, and meth and weed have fucked it in red areas. There are conservative bastions, but more...

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I'm a rock musician and allow me to say something about the current state of it

Rock has been dead. That should be evident by the fact that shitrock geezers AC/DC were #1 last year. But rocks demise is due to the culture and cycles we live in: copyrights, trademarks and patents. They are one of the most oppressive systems around today. And no one ever talks about it. There are only 12 notes we can use to make music. 12. Those 12 notes can be repeated higher or lower in tone (octaves) but that doesn’t change anything. With 12 notes, there is a finite number of combinations to create songs. When you consider music theory and what makes a “good” song, there are even less combinations. Point being, all the good songs have been made by rock bands. To keep up the ruse, you have to change genres and pretend that “new” music is being created, when in reality it’s the same music with different lipstick. Or you get a drug addiction like Billy eyelash marking video game and fart noises while whispering into a mic. As long as Jews control the copyright, tradem...

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Is culture war PTSD the next big illness for America?

Is culture war PTSD the next big illness for America?

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Canadian Govt is trying to euthanize my brother

popularity: 76

Canada is Collapsing

>Kids’ Advil packs on sale for nearly $300 on Amazon A pack of children’s Advil is currently on sale for nearly $300 on Amazon in Canada as a shortage of kids’ pain medications, surge of respiratory illnesses and mounting pediatric patient volumes compound in Ontario. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/kids-advil-packs-on-sale-for-nearly-300-on-amazon-as-pressure-mounts-at-pediatric-hospitals-1.6150582

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canadian doctors are literally telling all of their patients...

canadian doctors are literally telling all of their patients to kill themselves lmao, imagine you try to go to a hospital to get help and you get Dr /b/

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I am glad that Americans have finally learned from our super...

I am glad that Americans have finally learned from our superior culture.

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22 year old zoomer here

Will I really live my prime years in this shithole inflation plagued society? Am I really going to have to live through the fall of America and the west?

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Japan is a rock music nation. Korea is a hip hop nation.

Modern Japan formed around white culture, Korea around black culture, and this is why Japan is superior. But rock is dying and Japan is making an effort to bring it back to its full glory. And no, esoteric metal is not the future of white music; it's too strange to have mass appeal. If white culture is to survive, then rock must make a comeback. https://www.yahoo.com/news/japanese-music-stars-form-band-100330968.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtDhGuEGgyc&ab_channel=KINGRECORDS

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what is being put in the food and water that americans consu...

what is being put in the food and water that americans consume to make them like this?

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The province of Saskatchewan which is the most conservative province of Canada is passing as law that they say "Amend the constitution of Saskatchewan" There is only one problem with it. The Constitution of Saskatchewan does not exist. What they are saying is they are unilaterally amending the Constitution of Canada specifically the part purporting to Saskatchewan to give themselves more power. By doing that they are basically claiming to take control of the natural resource AKA oil to be able to ignore the federal laws passed by Trudeau. This is literally sovereign citizen bullshit except its a whole province sperging and claiming that everything on Saskatchewan territory belong exclusively to Saskatchewan >tl.dr Its the equivalent of a state in the US saying they will now ignore the US constitution and act under a new constitution that they choose. Closest thing to secession without actually seceding. The ball is now in Trudeau court...

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What inflation? I feed my family with soup. It costs me penn...

What inflation? I feed my family with soup. It costs me pennies to eat healthy. Bloody Americans and their "food insecurity".

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Total collapse of America

People don't see what really is coming. when President Nixon abandoned gold standard in 1971, it was replaced by Petroleum. and the system was very successful as world economy was exponentially growing at that time. so the recent system since 1971 can be referred to as "Petroleum Standard" (I searched this on google and this word is seen very rare despite it being obviously true, i guess you-know-who censored it) Now as american manufacturing business totally gone, nobody makes anything anymore in the states. so the federal government started printing money to fund Iraq war in 2003, to save thier private school asses in Wall street in 2009, to trade war with Chinese in 2018, to treat Covid in 2020, and feed the Americans, and keep push the stock market upward. They all became debt. now the debt interest is almost exceeding the defense budget or social security budget. the defense and social security, the first and second largest expenditure in american budget are both fixed or unrebatable, a...

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How does int feel about nurses? Before the pandemic I didn't have much of a thought to spare for them but afterwards I've realised how over hype and childish they are. Not to mention here is Bongland nursing seems to be one of the jobs a woman goes into when she has no other options

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$2BN of clients' money is MISSING from collapsed crypto exchange FTX: Founder Sam Bankman-Fried denies secretly transferring $10BN to trading company run by his girlfriend https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11419415/At-1-billion-client-funds-missing-failed-crypto-firm-FTX-sources.html

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Worst immigrant group you have experienced?

Don't worry bros, I'm kinda on your side. I'm a whiten middle eastern guy that was born and raised in America. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of these people are getting visas and flooding the western countries. They will gladly do uber eats or clean your toliets because the annual salary of their countries is probably $500. I just read their subreddits and they are already renting out people's sheds. WTF is wrong with you people (boomers mostly), do you have any shame? UK is already fucked with one of them as their PM and he openly said hes gonna flood the country. BUT PLEASE DO COME TO USA, GO TO CANADA...

popularity: 73


A massive happening is looming for the Biden administration. ------- April 25, 2019: Biden announces his presidential campaign. 13 days later, Sam Bankman-Fried, son of Barbara Fried ( Stanford Professor and co-founder of political fundraising organization "Mind-the-Gap), launches #FTX crypto exchange. The exchange is magically an overnight success. SBF becomes biggest donor to Biden. Election day, FTX implodes completely. ----- Gabe Bankman-Fried, brother to Sam (also a former Jane Street trader), is founder of “Guarding Against Pandemics” He was a Legislative Correspondent for the US House of Representatives and an advisor to large political donors in the Democrat party. SBF's aunt, Linda Fried, is a WEF member on the Global Agenda Council on Aging. SBF's father, Joseph Bankman, is a Stanford professor who has lobbied on behalf of Hedge Fund managers before Congress (film records exist of this). FTX' Head of Ventures & Commercial, Amy Wu, started with the Clinton Fo...

popularity: 97

Why do Indian Women hate Indian Men?

Do you see more Men dating outside or Women? I see that Indian women are quick to open up for any Black, white or East Asian Men expect their own Men and they also hate them the most! Is it because they're rebelling or are just Hoes? I'm just trying to understand how these people are more colonized than Latinas and they don't even look like Latinas. Just a few questions. Going to go get Timmes now

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>Black man notices the religious affiliation of all of the FTX criminals >Gets fired from his cushy Coindesk job for noticing They're waking up. They're finally seeing who is shitting on race relations in America. They're finally seeing who holds the whip.

popularity: 92

Surovikin just outsmarted the entire NATO intelligence apparatus

The Kherson saga was supposed to go two ways in the NATO playbook: A)Russia tries to hold it until the ground gets frozen and then the AFU blows up the Kakhovka dam and cuts off the Russians and start a major offensive on the now solid ground.The cut off and undersupplied 40k Russians army would get destroyed eventually. B)Russia tries to pull out but it descend into chaos as the ukrainians immediately launch their offensive and overrun the Russians and start bombarding the crossing points with himars and later artillery when they get into range.Russia would have lost the majority of their Kherson army and it would have been one of the most humiliating defeats in the world history and would have led to Russia eventually losing the war. Instead what they got is Russia pulling out safely from this death trap and denying the AFU/NATO the chance to destroy the Russian army here. Surovikin wanted NATO/AFU to think that the pullout is fake and is just a setup to lure the AFU into ambush positions, and it worked. A...

popularity: 119

As a biologist I want to say that

The american concept of a "white race" doesn't exist as a biological reality. Americans are parasiting europeans with the concept of "white".

popularity: 124

This terrifies the zoomer

This cryptic language will never be understood by anyone younger than a millennial. The (((government))) has removed it from all forms of literature.

popularity: 56

Is Argentina the next Venezuela?

popularity: 91

How can 34 millions of Americans starve in their "first worl...

How can 34 millions of Americans starve in their "first world country" when soup exists? They prefer death over learning how to cook? https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america

popularity: 106

Why Weed Is Bad

1)It restores pruned neurons which is like rubbing a magnet over a hard drive but it’s your brain. It makes people lock into certain ideas and become epistemically fixed in false impressions 2)Puff and pass circles in college replace the genuine process of building social relationships. The effect of weed is to trigger chemical dumps that usually take weeks of proving loyalty and shared experiences. The net effect is weed is a weapon that has been used to create the normie braindead liberal uniculture that dominates the urban professional class. People become cognitively and socially-emotionally incapable of independent thought. >muh not me It’s a weapon dumbass it depend where and how it’s used and on whom >waaa don’t critique muh beautiful green heroine they might take it away from me Maybe you still have based opinions but weed is the most degenerate satanic shit, more satanic than acid because it’s so insidious Most stoners are unaware of neural “fixing” that h...

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Americans WILL defend this

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>be American >go for a walk >cop thinks you have a gun in yo...

>be American >go for a walk >cop thinks you have a gun in your pocket so they stop you >show them you don't have a gun >they arrest you anyways. https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/1589290371577937922

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No white people in Los Angeles

Took my morning walk and didn’t see a single white person

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What the video doesn't show

While all of you racists were celebrating a black man being gunned down by a racist white cop, consider the following: >White woman in black area, not suspicious? >Sauces say she was looking for drugs, where the media labels it "running errands." > She accosts this gentleman who is a known anti-violence activist > because of white privilege, she thinks all blacks are drug dealers and pulls a knife trying to rob him. >being a physically superior black king, he disarms her and gets into a fight for her life. >in comes white police officer full of white rage >Mag dumps into black king (two or three shots would have been enough this was obviously hatred) >black man demonized. When is this gonna stop guys? When will we defund the police and revoke them from being able to carry anything with a magazine capacity over 5 rounds? Why are white cops disproportionately murdering our black men?!...

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Why is Q saving Israel for last?

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>The most popular game of 2022 is the one where you destroy...

>The most popular game of 2022 is the one where you destroy white culture by killing the native European Gods. And they say that white genocide is not real....

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Are Latinas taking over white america?

Are Latinas taking over white america?

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These are American politicians in 2022

These are American politicians in 2022

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Canada's completely fucked. Half the grocery stores in the c...

Canada's completely fucked. Half the grocery stores in the country have been crippled by ransomware. Empire Group is attempting to hide it to preserve their share prices. Potentially millions of people effected.

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Trains ruining Leftypol

>OG infinity Leftypol >Pretty decent, even started to actually make decent cliches, have decent wider online presence, even got some ecelebs on board like Jimmy Dore and Richard Wolff >Ladyboy third worldist takes over board >Bans literally everyone who they disagree with >Bans anyone who puts Marxism ahead of Idpol >Bans anyone who is critical of Assad, Iran, Russia, Turkey etc. >Bans people for supporting literal Communist orgs like the PKK >Board dies. >Years later >Nu-Leftypol >Decent for a while >Ladyboy third worldist mods get into power >Now ban anyone for making jokes, using any leftypol cliches, not supporting Putin/Russia, not supporting APPLE INC. Idpol ahead of Socialism, anyone critical of anything to do with current Idpol even when it's clearly a Neoliberal project. >People literally getting banned for posting Porky cliches (literally Leftypol's most infamous and successful cliche) >Board starts dying again. Why in fuck do Ladyboys literally have to be such unhinged, thin skinned contr...

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If you wanted to start a new life in Western Europe, to whic...

If you wanted to start a new life in Western Europe, to which country would you go?

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Black punches referee in Japan high school basketball


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>destroys america

>destroys america

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>75% of Americans dissatisfied with direction of country >e...

>75% of Americans dissatisfied with direction of country >everyone voted Democrat What happened