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Iceland Right-wing Ethnostate

Iceland, with only about 350k people, having a population lower than Malta, even though this country looks tiny on a map, it is actually massive in terms of size compared to other European countries, being larger than Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg combined, with still 30,000 km more land of difference left, while having less than 2% of their total population. With favorable nationality laws requiring only 7 years of residence for non-Nordic people to become citizens, with a reduction to 4 years if you are Nordic, you can easily immigrate there and become a citizen.

Now, what is there to stop a movement of right-wing people moving to Iceland and becoming citizens, founding their party and turning Iceland into a permanent right-wing state? It would be specially easy to do that if you are from a Nordic country, and a movement like that would only need about 100k people to move in order to get more than 50% of the vote, even less if you want to count for that fact that a lot of Icelanders would vote for our party. It would have a lot of importance to have a state to safeguard European peoples, with our own laws, and it would be of strategic importance due to it's proximity to the Arctic. By implementing a non-interventionist foreign policy, similar to Switzerland or Singapore, we could do anything we wanted and rely on our sovereignty, and there would be no excuse for supposed oppression of non-Europeans, because it is a native European country. Why didn't any Europeans think of this before, specially Nordic Europeans? What is there to stop them?

>>What is there to stop them??
for some reasons nordics are prone to liberalism and self defeating ideologies / cuckery
i cant stop fucking cooming fuck you op
yes lets destroy another ethnic safehaven with some immigration wetdream LARP
honestly this absolute retardation doesnt even make my piss boil anymore, its just tragically comedic and straight up dumb, but go ahead, rape your bloodline because of some shitty wet dream


Iceland randomly tests 10% of the population, 50% of people have been infected

>Iceland has tested one-tenth of its population for coronavirus at random and found that half of people have the disease without realising.

>They also discovered that 1,600 people have been infected with Covid-19 since the start of the outbreak. Of these cases, there were only seven deaths, indicating a fatality rate of just 0.004 per cent, which is significantly lower than other countries, including the UK.


So if 50% of the population of Iceland (364,000 people / 2 = 182,000 people) has been infected with the coronavirus and there's been just 7 deaths so far, that would make the actual fatality rate 0.0000384%

>But we need to, like, flatten the curve bro!

Iceland has 1600 confirmed cases, but 50% of the population has been infected but were largely immune. This would mean the real infection rate is 113 times the number of confirmed cases. Let's apply this to the U.K. where there's 78,000 confirmed cases and 10,000 deaths. The real infection rate could then be 8.8 million people. With 10,000 deaths, the actual fatality rate would be 0.0013%.

Let's say our hospitals are overwhelmed, and the sick are left untreated, and people die who could have been saved. Let's be wildly pessimistic and say 10 times more people die as a result (in reality, doctors don't know to treat this virus and 70% of those being put on ventilators die). The fatality rate would be 0.013%. A "severe seasonal flu" is estimated to have a fatality rate of 0.1%.

Do you see the problem here? We don't lock down the country for a severe flu season.

Where were you when you realized that this pandemic was the biggest case of mass hysteria in the history of the world?

>Iceland 364,000 people
dat sample data
Randomized test from Germany https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/germany/
>They also discovered that 1,600 people have been infected with Covid-19 since the start of the outbreak.
>An estimated 50 per cent of those infected with the virus, the company found, do not show any symptoms [at the time of testing]
Threadly reminder that Just the Floomers are hopelessly and humiliatingly innumerate AND illiterate.