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Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni spewing anti-White propaganda

>Look at this poor, starving African child! This is because nasty White people are exploiting him!

OP is a disingenious faggot. She is making the arguement thar if you want to help starving African you dont have toblet the immigrate you just stop the financial expliotation
>trusting white women at all
OP being the retarded non white he is. If you actually watched the speech she says that she wants Europeans to stop interfering with third world immigrants and to also stop allowing them into the EU.


these are members of the italian nobility

these are members of the italian nobility

What is a grug-looking dude doing behind them?
They unironically look like they have hourly rates.
The more things change the more they remain the same

Only about 5% of italians descend from the original romans