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North Italian men dressed as the devil attack black immigran...

North Italian men dressed as the devil attack black immigrants


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based and redpilled
Krampus basati


According to this movie, the Italians killed JFK, wtfff, the wops were that powerful?

The shortness of memory here is astonishing. This movie went into production right after Trump declassified the JFK docs naming the jews. That was also the literal week that Q came on the scene.
i like how (((Hollywood))) keep making movies about italian/irish mafia but never mention the jewish mafia that was x10000 more powerful even at the time when the italian/irish mafia was at its peak,they were literally controlling NY and they still do now.A mob making movies about how other mobs they controlled were bad n shit..literally rewriting history and using italians as scapegoat to cover up their crimes
Jackie wasn't Italian