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Is this how italians really live?

Is this how italians really live?

fuck these italian pizza joggers, they should give us back south tyrol
"free, beautiful and rebels.
In Ostia schools, support Blocco Studentesco.
Blocco Studentesco night every saturday from 21 (9 PM)
Idrovolante (means seaplane but it's probably a proper name) "

basically this chick is supporting the young sector of the movement CasaPound, a neo fascist party in Italy

Why are modern Italians so brown?

Put them next to Indians and I literally can't tell the difference.

i'ts like you faggots don't know what it's like to have a tan
one of the lines of that ator in the miniseries of Roma was litterly "i know i look like a gaul"
Refugee rape babies