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Why do people doubt Italians are white? https://www.youtub...

Why do people doubt Italians are white?


Rome looks so beautiful in that video.
Sicilians tend to have about a quarter North African ancestry, that is why they are not White.

Rest of Italy is White, though.

Varg is indeed right here, however he holds the retarded belief that all Europeans who aren't Blond and Blue-eyed aren't White. This is why people don't take him seriously.
>implying all or even most Italians are that dark
>implying anyone gives a fuck about your D&C rhetoric
Tired of this bullshit. You'll play this silly purity spiralling game until you have no allies left to speak of

A terrible morning in Italy - Totally blackpilled edition

>be me, wake up at 6.30 am and discover a terrible truth
Salvini is practically no longer the Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister

>During the government period the 5 stars hindered him several times, especially against immigration and economic proposal. He therefore decided to create a government crisis that is now about to throw him out. He hoped he could bring the Italians to the vote but the 5-star movement has plotted an alliance with the democratic party to govern and apparently is succeeding to do it

Now the President of the Republic can choose a globalist government (PD + 5SM) or hold elections. In the event of elections, Salvini would win big, but our president is a cuckold democrat who will entrust the government to the dems
- open ports
- ius soli
- hate speech laws
- about 800k liberators in ~3 years
- sale off Italy to the EU
- tax increase and austerity

Anons is it still worth living?

Let this happen anon... More you go against the people, more the people will get angry and stand with Salvini and populism... Italy is getting wrecked because of M5S and PD, only from ashes will reborn a new order, not before, sadly...
Maybe next time you won't raise VAT to 25% to fund early retirements and subsidies. Fucking communist.
salvini fucked up big time

what made he think that 5s wouldnt work with pd? And knowing that they're sinking in the polls?

Hopefully their coalition is a disaster, but both parties will work hard to not lose more votes