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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Italy, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italy

Italian-American General

What's it like being an eyetalian american? Do you consider yourself part of italian culture? Does your family speak italian?

I'm half-Italian and the stereotypes are pretty much true. A cousin of my father's ran the numbers racket in a big city for a number of years until he was ultimately killed in the early 90's. My dad's side of the family always go on about Sicily even though most of them have never even been to Italy. Some of them are also retarded enough to believe cities like New York were better when they were ran by the Italian mob because they believe they had some sort of code of ethics. The truth is they were killers, pimps, and drug pushers the same as everyone in organized crime.
Pic related is Italian? Dude looks like me but I’m bangladeshi lol

Nord "classicists" think we are literally black

Why are nords so autistic about italy, why can't they limit themselves to blackwash their own history?


On a serious note: joggers can never find out that Hitler was a jogger. Imagine the fallout. Imagine the kvetching.
you realize southern italians are black right? they have african blood in them, there are black italians that live in southern italy, whats not clicking?