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Time to settle this on /it/: who is superior? Italian-Americans or Irish-Americans?

Whoever has more support at the end of this thread will be the superior hyphenated-Americans

Dumbass probably just finish Rocky before posting
Vinnie Paz? BASED.

We have hit the 300 posts mark and the debate is hereby over...

What counts as white?

Let's settle this, guys. You talk about "white pride", but noone even knows how to define whiteness. Do Italians count as white? Do Greeks? If not, are you admitting that the cultural heritage of classical antiquity was thus non-white?

Almost no one is pure white. If you get a DNA test, you likely have some non-white ancestors. At one point does one cease being white?

im white and sexy boys
Everyone can have their own opinion about who is white. It doesn't change the fact that

If you plot the genetics of every human on Earth, one dot for each person, you will see distinct clusters of dots. These we call the races. To define the races, you might draw circles around the clusters. But no matter what you draw on the graph, it doesn't change the reality that there are distinct clusters, meaning that there are distinct races.

So the answer to your question is that the white race certainly includes the very center of the cluster, which is Europe minus the Mediterraneans, plus Western Russia. As you move outward from there, each person can have their own opinion about where they draw the line.

For me, I only include the aforementioned group as white.
Nevermind that first line, it was left over by mistake during my creation of the post.

How do you delete a post on this godforsaken chan?