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>64.3 percent of young Italian adults aged 18 to 34 still li...

>64.3 percent of young Italian adults aged 18 to 34 still live with their parents
Italy what the fuck?`

vid related: https://youtu.be/V82M2RRp96Q

cant beat mama's cooking
Fuck off.
Let Italians be Italians. They got some things right and this is def one of them. I plan on doing the same thing for my own kids. I don't care if they stay at home up until 30. Ideally I would want to have a big enough house so that they can get married and take it over while I take a room for myself and my wife. Just like we used to do.
This is end-game feminism. Giving women rights naturally resulted in just about every single issue plaquing the west. It's absurd how you can link almost every negative aspect of our society to women's suffrage.

Italy: Gang organised beatings against Africans


Cool, feel free to beat them.
>persone di colore
I assume this is PC-terminology borrowed from the Americans?