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Let's summarize the situation in Italy

> Der Spiegel cartoon in pic
- Italians would like to vote and elect a fascist, anti-EU and anti-democratic government, disrespectful of human rights and EU rules
- The president of the Italian republic is pro-EU, practically responding to the orders of Merkel and Macron
- M5S + PD could vote in parliament to remove Salvini and make a government by leaving the seats of the League to the PD, especially the Ministry of the Interior so as to be able to restart rescues in the Mediterranean
- The president of the republic could form a technical government with PD + M5S + other left-wing parties. In this way the elections and the birth of a new fascist government and hostile to the EU rules would be avoided
- The Italian people could turn against the decisions of Mattarella and EU, so it would be better to prepare an EU army to quell their protests and restore democracy, before it is too late
- The EU could create a temporary military occupation in the Italian territory, in order to deliver the country to the right politicians who avoid the exit of Italy from the €, the creation of the Minibots and the suppression of the human rights of migrants who flee from Africa
> We must prevent Salvini from reaching full powers by any means, otherwise the wealthy countries of the EU will be the first to pay the consequences. Just think of the economic damage that will inflict us, of human rights violations and the threats we will receive from other peoples who will follow the bad example of Italy
If we let the Italians do what they want, other countries will follow their example and the EU should not allow this
> We cannot allow it /it/ otherwise what for now is just a joke on this board will become a reality and no one will be able to restore order in Europe
- 70 years of peace
- the free exchange of goods
- the free passage of people between Community borders
- multiculturalism
- the EU central bank and the €
- education and ERASMUS
> This will all end

>wanting to stop it
No Italy. You must be the first to do it. Like the old times.

Iron Guard - Fascisti - Falangist gang
>- 70 years of peace
This is such a bullshit argument.
Look at these pathetic EU missions they undertake when they send a few hundret international soldiers in some halfassed brigrade to kosovo or to mali.
They have to beg each other for a few hundret soldiers and then they wanna tell me iif it wasn't for the EU there would be war in europe.
tutti sti tedeschi che parlano, che nazione di merda è la Germania? forse è anche peggio degli Stati Uniti

Quick rundown about what is happening in italy

Refugee Salafist here, arrived in Italy in 2016 before the crackdown on the immigration of Salvini from the Red Sea. Long journey in egypt and then in libya, saved by the open arms ship and taken to sicily, pozzallo. Housed in a hotel for about 3 years, I now live with other people in accommodation provided by the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference). We do not lack anything, home, money, clothes and good food but if we are not careful things will get worse and worse

>If the European Union really wants to bring the dream of multiculturalism to Europe, it must crush the Salvini + Meloni government in the bud. These two together would apply naval and border blocks demonstrating to other European countries that borders can be defended. France, Germany and the other democratic countries should try a blow, even military, to the Italian state to prevent these two fascists from governing Italy

Salvini also intends to proceed with the MiniBots together with Claudio Borghi and Paolo Savona. It would be a disgrace for the European union, you have to stop them. Do whatever is necessary, raise the SPREAD, close the ATMs, set up a technical government. Here unfortunately we immigrants cannot vote, not even our children born here, they should wait up to 18 years just to apply for citizenship

>If you let the Italians vote, the EU dream is over

Furthermore, Italy needs charismatic figures such as Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar to bring Italians to embrace the beauties of NWO and multiculturalism and you European comrades should cheer for a government entrusted to the men of Partito Democratico

WTF I love Italy now!
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