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Are Italians and Spanish white?

Nope, but neither are americans according to that infograph
why should it import such a title if the word "white" indicates specific contexts? for example, a Turk is white when compared with a Somali. The word "white" does not describe peoples

You will never be an Italian. Describe how this statement m...

You will never be an Italian.
Describe how this statement make you feel.

No one wants to be an Italian you faggot.
I have never seen a more stupid post in my life, being Italian does not mean being part of brown or dark pride, nobody has ever said what an Italian should look like; however, consider that most will have brown hair and if you get engaged to a super dark girl I assume that your children will have black and non-brown hair. I don't even discuss the "issue" of eye color, 30% of Italians have light eyes
and for the record many Nordics have dark hair, if your father had engaged to a Nordic woman with black hair your situation would not have been different and an Italian blonde (one in 20 has blonde hair) would have been more Italian than you anyway