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Why don't Italians rebuild this shit? Taking pride in one's...

Why don't Italians rebuild this shit?
Taking pride in one's culture means you don't separate your ancient accomplishments and leave them idle.
It means you actively integrate it into your country and culture, it's a living piece of your people's history.
Rebuilding old roman stuff would increase nationalism.
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could literally fix this up with a few bags of concrete
Didn't it get split in an earthquake? Maybe it's foundations are no longer good.
My parents come from Italy and being the first generation raised in the US, I have to say, Protestant work ethic is a real thing.

To answer your questions, anon. Italians are too lazy to do any of that, they’re happy with their cigarettes.
Espressos and living with their parents until they’re 30.

T. All the millennial Italian men I know from going there every summer.
1. Its a good and priceless souvenir of what an undefeated empire can leave behind, and the techniques are old and no one wants to work hard
2. Italians have a lot more to fix in their country than monuments. Have you seen inside it? Its impossible to build without razing the interior which would probably collapse everything
3. Italians love the fuck out of Italy, no need to raise nat. since it hasnt been low ever
4. The fuck are you sticking your nose in with your cardboard walls and globohomo glass skyscrapers, burger
>1. Its a good and priceless souvenir of what an undefeated empire can leave behind, and the techniques are old and no one wants to work hard
>2. Italians have a lot more to fix in their country than monuments. Have you seen inside it? Its impossible to build without razing the interior which would probably collapse everything
>3. Italians love the fuck out of Italy, no need to raise nat. since it hasnt been low ever
>4. The fuck are you sticking your nose in with your cardboard walls and globohomo glass skyscrapers, burger
You know what would happen.
A homosexual architect would put a big inverted glass triangle on it and call it art.
And he would masturbate to the fact alone that he and only he was allowed to modify the fucking coliseum.
I hope in my heart that he would be assassinated by a hero, were such a thing to happen.
It's already integrated into Italian culture, and the fact that it shows it's age it's what make it an historical monument.
Might as well straighten up the tower of Pisa then, and brits could rebuild Stonehenge.
Learn how to appreciate history and culture you stupid cunt.
are you retarded?
this will open up discussions on "since we gonna restore it, lets add modern flare!"
this shit will be pozzed into soulless trash, and flatten up after.
why is there christian vandalism on it?
>Why don't Italians rebuild this shit?
Seriously tho, they need to tear that down and rebuild it. There are far better methods of building these days and they make it larger. If you see it irl it isn't near as impressive as Cowboy Stadium. Looks like some fly over high school bowl that has been abandoned.
Should we pull a Saddam?
Mussolini probably would have started rebuilding shit.
Fuck this thread made me realize how fucking stupid americans are. Holy shit
It's no longer structurally sound iirc
They are

Lol, you think like an American. Rebuilding it would make it look fake. Not everyone is into having fake reconstructions of history as a substitute for culture.

They are usually rebuilt if they're in danger of collapsing. And if they are restored, the new part is usually clearly marked as such, in lighter colour, to give a clear idea of which is the authentic part and which is just a restored addition.
they threw jews to the lions, but the lions would get sick, so they stopped using it
Because rebuilding it would mean replacing far too much of the original structure. They might aswell just build a new one in that case
UN Enemy State Clause
>uai don talians build diz sheit?
I apologize for my compatriots who don't understand or appreciate ancient architecture. Please nuke us!
They should tear that shit down and put a weed dispensary right there.

Honestly if I'm going to travel somewhere might as well make it worth visiting.
Because it stood on his own for almost 2000 years.
It doesn't need to be restored.
Sure, it's not as magnificent as it used to be, but it's still standing.
It's the immortal heritage of a begone era.
That's all that matters.

Americans don't get it because they have no culture and no ancestry, outside their 1/54th mutt genes from European immigrants.
Why don't you restore the Alamo?
That's right.
Yeah sure. Why don't we fuck something that it's literally up there since 2000 years.
Plus, we already used some of its material to build palaces in Rome.
I hope nobody touch it anymore.
You answered your own fucking question:
They don't rebuild it because
>Rebuilding old roman stuff would increase nationalism.

One day, ALL of antiquity will be remembered.
they aren't even roman or greek anymore
Lol, a burguer talking about culture...
The meds that built the colleseum aren't the same meds who live in Italy now. The engineering needed for such a restoration project doesn't exist in Europe at all anymore, and (((building codes))) don't allow for new stuff that isn't cheap glass, concrete, and I-beam bauhaus monstrosities.
have you seen how they rebuild old shit jogger?
italians =/= romans
Do we get to start feeding christcucks to the lions again?
The coolest shit that I saw when I visited the colosseum is that, just like a modern stadium, they have the different seating sections marked around the perimeter of the stadium.

If you go to a modern stadium, you'll have a seat in section 120. In the colosseum, you sit in section XLVI.

The Romans were fucking based.
It appears many have moved in already to point out that you are a retard
>Have priceless ancient edifice
>Tack on a load of shitty modern concrete and turn it into a theme park pastiche of itself

Do Americans really?
Italians aren’t really the same as the romans. It’s more like Italy is the grandson and inherited some of Rome’s property as a result.
You are the kind of person who puts a rail in a military rifle antique, basically white thrash jogger
We don't trust our engineers and architects, they would do a really shitty job
If you like this idea check out Knossos in Crete, they rebuilt some of their ruins
Italians should link with their history and rejuvenate that structure. It's theirs, the shouldn't look at it as foreign.
No such a thing exists. Stopped reading here. Morning ruined by this retarded slide thread.
I thought about it a few times but then there would be mafia behind it making deals to place blocks out of sand. Also they used a volcanic concrete which is much more resistant than normal concrete. No thanks.
I knew it was a retarded burger post even before opening this thread
Asking italians to repair shit? That's totally unseen Anon. If you go to Rome everything is a ruin, if you visites the ancient thermal baths, mosaics and pieces of art are left there to be eroded by time and weather. Italians can't take care of stuff.
Italians aren't Roman descendants, no one is.
North Italians - Germans who adopted Latin languages
South Italians - Refugees, Greeks and Normans who adopted Latin languages
Iberians - Visigoths and Moors who adopted Latin languages
Frenchmen - Germans who adopted Latin languages
Romanians - Slavs who adopted Latin languages
Anyone claiming to be descended from Rome is a larper.
Cannot express how much I hate you. God please strike down this mutt
Yes and make it a fucking shopping mall like you yanks would have it?
It's better to leave that untouched than to put glass panels everywhere on it and put some fast food in it. People don't know how to build such things anymore, they don't know how to build beautiful things (except for a few). You can't expect the modern man to take care of such things without destroying it.
>Why don't Italians rebuild this shit?
Their economy is dogshit, and most importantly, the Colosseum was built by the now extinct Mediterranean people, not Italians. Culture changes with its people. North America and Brazil are perfect examples of this.
As to answering your question, all meds except us are lazy niggerinos
Italians and spanish work ethics is lazy and now we have to pay spanish and italians for them to go on pensions at 55-60 while we work until 70.
fuck them and fuck the german EU.
Nordic ruling class designed that

read news not just /it/
Roma delenda est. There are no Romans left.
>Justinian himself was slightly more conservative still, for he was not a Greek or easterner by birth, but a Latin-speaking Illyrian. [...] Not only was he the last Latin-speaking emperor, he was also the last who framed his policies with a view to Latin rather than Greek interests. [...] Consequently it was his ambition (to quote his own words) to reconquer ‘the countries possessed by the ancient Romans, to the limits of the two oceans’. He aimed at reviving the Roman Empire in the fullness of its splendour.
>His dream was that the whole Empire should be liberated from barbarians. He found it a disgrace that Italy should be ruled, even in his name, by Ostrogothic kings, and he determined to reconquer the lost provinces by force of Roman arms. But there were no armies which were truly Roman. If the West had fallen to the barbarians, the East had allowed the barbarians to infiltrate into the imperial government itself. [...] So far as the Italians were concerned, the war was fought between two armies that were equally foreign and equally barbarian, and it was hardly surprising that they referred to the imperialist government not as ‘Roman’ but as ‘Greek’. In a general sense there were no Romans left.
>Justinian’s dream was therefore unrealistic. It was also dangerous. [...] It would thus be true to say that Justinian had not in any way improved the position of Italy. He had made it worse.
>Justinian’s heroic attempt to re-unite the Roman world in one Empire and one Church, simply served to show that the Roman world had disappeared. It had not been destroyed by any particular invasion; it had not ceased to exist at any particular moment; it had simply faded away. Of that there was no dispute. For who, in the sixth century, were the Romans?