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Letter to White Nationalists

Open Letter from an extreme right winger, to all white nationalists and all neo nazis.

/// (1 - the past)

Your behavior is full of embarrassing tells.

By LARPing and nerding out about the past, you admit you are too weak to control the present.

By trying to create a "brotherhood" of men of the same ethnic background, you admit you don't have what it takes to succeed as a lone wolf, even in a decaying society with very little competition.

By complaining about deception in the history books and in the press, you admit you are a weak willed midwit and you cannot hope to profit from the endless psychological warfare that this life demands.

The Orwellian totalitarian state which rules over you, understands how the game is played. You, on the other hand, refuse to even read the rule book.

You continue to blather as if there's such a thing as "good" and "evil" even after being shown countless times that those terms have no predictive value, even after Nietzsche told you directly, that's how slaves think-- masters only see "strong" and "weak". Stop trying to be "the good guys" and take down "the bad guys". There will always be people with values incompatible with yours, you can waste your whole life tilting at windmills.

You continue to boast about how good your genes are, but your ideals attract almost zero percent of beautiful women. This alone is enough to reveal the futility of your cause. By the way, your Asian neighbors make 50% more money than you. The interracial couple down the street has a better sex life than you because nature revels in polarity and opposites.

>even after Nietzsche told you directly, that's how slaves think-- masters only see "strong" and "weak".
>Face it, you fucks. You're fanboys, riding on the coattails of the true greats, the mighty men, who due to sheer force of will, made a mark on the ages which no one can erase.
What did he mean by this?

>Become a multimillionaire with influence, and you will gladly be welcomed into the ranks of the elite.
This is the thing that I absolutely disdain about right wingers, all about money, sell your family if you have the opportunity.
>Open Letter from an extreme right winger, to all white nationalists and all neo nazis.
What a waste.
Expected a tactical criticism and real discussion.
Got some boomer midwit promoting generic cuckservatism.
Well, this is what sage is for.
I agree. We should all sit in a basement without social contact. Don't debate past philosophy, re-invent the wheel to show you're a real man. It's the only way to be strong. You go ahead. I'll see how you're doing from time to time and I might throw some chicken tendies down your chute. Don't miss the bucket when taking a shit again.

What's /lit/ answer to Nietzsche?

And this is not only addressed to Christians.
Most of you worship jewish beliefs unknowingly

Nietzsche was an absolute galaxy brain and he was totally right about Christians!
Out of all jews, Christians are the worst!
He's not wrong. The only correct antisemites are anti-Christians. This is where Nietzsche was the truest of antisemites, and this is where he ridiculed the modern-day antisemite, who doesn't recognize that their Christian morality is a construct of Judaism to subvert goyim.

Perfect case example is that Amy Barrett that Trump is supposedly going to pick for SCOTUS: a devout Catholic who adopted niglets to raise with her white biological children in her home with her white husband. Or E. Michael Jones, a devout Catholic who, as if there is an invisible dog fence from his Christian indoctrination, cannot and will not endorse the notion of race.

Prior to Christianity, the non-cucked Western pagan world was antithetical to this: Romans knew they were superior to those around them, as did the Greeks, and other strong and great races. The strength of "the Christian West" really only existed until technological innovation made it next to impossible to contain trade secrets, which gave the Western world with their prime seat at the table.
If you actually read Nietzsche you realize he insane and his voice pops into your head just like this.