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Letter to White Nationalists

Open Letter from an extreme right winger, to all white nationalists and all neo nazis. /// (1 - the past) Your behavior is full of embarrassing tells. By LARPing and nerding out about the past, you admit you are too weak to control the present. By trying to create a "brotherhood" of men of the same ethnic background, you admit you don't have what it takes to succeed as a lone wolf, even in a decaying society with very little competition. By complaining about deception in the history books and in the press, you admit you are a weak willed midwit and you cannot hope to profit from the endless psychological warfare that this life demands. The Orwellian totalitarian state which rules over you, understands how the game is played. You, on the other hand, refuse to even read the rule book. You continue to blather as if there's such a thing as "good" and "evil" even after being shown countless times that those terms have no predictive value, even after Nietzsche told you direct...

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What's /lit/ answer to Nietzsche?

And this is not only addressed to Christians. Most of you worship jewish beliefs unknowingly

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Is Nietzsche worth studying?

I heard a lot of his quotes, was he and his thoughts any good?

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>Calls Trump out on his kikery (no wall, supporting zionist...

>Calls Trump out on his kikery (no wall, supporting zionist wars) >Doesn't fall for the epic LOGOS E. Michael Jones Catholic cliche because he's actually read Nietzche >Not a conservatishit libertarian retard, went through that stage like 10 years ago with Ron Paul and saw through it >Cares about the environment >Redpilled on capitalism being the cause of a lot of our problems >Redpilled on women (if they give him any shit, he will give them an open hand slap) >Advocates for an ethnostate in mainstream media >Has a healthy accurate non-paranoid non-edgy view of the Peanuts