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Is Nietzsche worth studying?

I heard a lot of his quotes, was he and his thoughts any good?
No ones worth studying except yourself anon
you can't type or read good so you probably wouldn't get much out of reading him
This is a question you yourself can only answer.
A good part of what he said had already been said by Russians
to study neetszsche you have to study philosophers before him, neetszche is the last boss
don't waste your time studying philosophy, you have a gender studies midterm next week that needs to be prepared for
Thus Spoke Zarathustra is based.
MPhil here. No. Study Thomas Acquinas.

Nietzsche is funny when he criticizes women and military folks, but modernism is dead. Philosophy since Kierkegaard is total boredom.
You can start directly with Nietzsche, maybe Human, too human.
There's 2 volumes, and it's all aphorisms (small texts, sometimes just one sentence).
It's beginner's friendly, and it gives you a good start to jump on more deep stuff later.
Junkie Science is good, then move on up to Schopenhauer
Read the Antichrist
Nietzsche is for people who know nothing about philosophy but love to flaunt around their "knowledge" of philosophy.
don't get lost in the pessimism or you will probably turn into a marxist faggot who wants to destroy humanity.
philosophy should bring people to the light, not further into darkness.

don't be that guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnJmA9_dkP0
My female friend who's in her 50's put it one of the funniest ways I've ever heard. Nietzsche thought if women didn't exist, men would be able to fly. Also, you can't read Nitszche without first reading his predecessors, and so on with them. Western philosophy you have to start with the Greeks.

I'd recommend instead something like the Tao Te Ching, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, something like that. There is a version of a Taoist book on meditation called "The Secret of the Golden Flower" which is available online and us annotated. It's a fantastic book. It goes into the symbolism and actual pragmatic meaning of things from all different world religions/philosophies, from Sufism to Hinduism, to Christianity, to Kabbalah.
He wasn't bad. Nobody has all the answers.
Yes but its important to also not let yourself just become a NPC who thinks hes deep for studying some philosopher. Take bits and pieces of what you agree with and shape them to your own world views. Steiner is better though.
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He was a fucking simp
Nietzsche and Might is Right mixed in with Hermeticism and Hinduism is GOAT.

green pill xoxo
Watch this 4 minute video explaining the genealogy of morals and decide for yourself:
>Nietzsche worth studying
Only if you enjoy having sex while thinking of your mother.
Sure, if you are into some brain twisting philosophy.
Just look at this stache and tell me he didn't know what's what
Only if you are particularly stupid and weak. He was a worthless faggot who wrote about how to try to not be a worthless faggot. Some worthless faggots have found that helpful, most just find it depressing. If you aren't a worthless faggot, you will merely find it contemptible.
Philosophy is very intriguing to me, check out cliche analysis on YouTube he is very philosophical
"Eh, those Blond brutes!"
His ideas are distinctly German. I wouldn't build a life around them. They also are kind of classic incel.
I dunno I read the first quarter of thus spoke zarathustra and then put it down realizing I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. I dont need to hear his convoluted stories and reasons for why he thinks x, y, and a. Just flat out tell me you think x, y, and z, in bullet form, and I maybe I can learn something. Aristotle is the philosopher I've read that was succinct enough for me to understand
nah, you can get a gist of his insights everywhere.
Nietzsche is a brainlet tier cuck. Still, familiarize yourself with his works to know parts of the school of thought that ultimately produced clownworld.
Philosophy is worthless.

Read Thus Spoke Zarasthura.

If you are interested in some lectures that go in depth into his work on YouTube look for Rick Roderick’s lectures.
Yes, I really enjoyed him. I really don’t get why some people hate him; he just seemed like an honest guy thinking out loud.
The only philosopher worth reading is Wittgenstein.
I'd recommend Codreanu, just on the basis he acted on what he preached till the very end.
He's extremely insightful and probably more relevant to the modern age than anyone else from his era. His weakness is primarily his style- it honestly seems like everything he wrote was a first draft, and towards the end of his life he contradicts himself more and more (probably due to everything being a first draft). For example, he writes of Jesus with the upmost respect in The Antichrist, but throughout the entire work, he criticizes those same qualities in other groups. Maybe it has to do with authenticity, but he never really goes there.

His greatest flaw is that he doesn't 'show his work', though. He makes these assumptions (which I mostly agree with, for the record) but never says why he believe it, or proves it to be true which was disappointing.

Overall, worth reading
you should read both Thus Spoke Zarathustra and one other work. His philosophy is remarkably consistent throughout his life, most differences are going to be minor refinements over time. Read slowly and deeply, reread everything for maximum gain. Shit's dense but dense in a worthwhile way, not just bullshit dense like most philosophy
Nietzche is a gifted character assassin.
However, the way he expresses his own thoughts is overly flowery and dramatic.

Beyond Good and Evil is a good read.
A lot of his aphorisms are very funny.
Purely a personal point of view. Only so much can be attained by memorization, and philosophy is all about memorization. At some point, the individual has to choose between group think and their individual feelings and experiences. Philosophy is weak when it does not fit the need for immediate response in a competitive world. Only morality and the biological algorithms in ones genes can give one a sense of purpose.

Faith can help a person to avoid making mistakes that others have made before, but experience in the modern world is the best teacher.

Philosophy is mostly for constipated academic Hoo-hahs who probably got wedgied by bullies when they were young and are still trying to find dignity in the experience.
He's like trying to read Fukuyama, Joyce or Faulkner. Or one of King's countless chewing-gum-for-the-eyes door book stop novels.
It can be done, but it's like peeling an onion: you have to peel away layers. Life's too short to try and understand their artistic, schizophrenic BS.
Human philosophy is nothing but vanity
Yes. Like with any philosopher, it's up to you what you take away from him, though.
>I heard a lot of his quotes, was he and his thoughts any good?

>Waiting for other people to tell you what to learn
>Not going to make it to the Übermensch

Just read it and you will know! Start with "Thus Spake Zarathustra"
>'God is dead'
>died horribly

Read Genealogy of Morals and you'll know that it was indeed the King of the Jews who is responsible for the clusterfuck the West is in right now, and why.
>Existence in itself is worthless
>Therefore life has no intristic value
>I should give meaning to my life
>Life has value only if we create value to it
life amongst the last men is no life at all.
Nietzsche was interesting though I wouldn't go as far as saying he was one of the greatest philosophers ever as a lot of retarded bootlickers here who have only ever read one book say. Nietzsche's thought influenced people from all over the political spectrum though there are some very big cracks in his thought that were exposed by people who came after him, specifically Chesterton and Belloc.
Worth the read I'd say though don't be a retard and after reading one of his books say "this is the greatest thinker to ever live". One should always temper one thought by reading criticisms of it.
"I am an edgy intellectual!"
It's been literally thousands of years and why can't we confirm that God exists beyond a reasonable doubt.

"God is dead" memers need to fuck off, if there is a God, we're the ones who left Him and He's not the one who left us so the million dollar question is to ask if He is even there in the first place and we're not just wasting our time praying, fasting, reading scriptures etc.
>forgetting doesn't exist
>we only know some things don't come to mind when we want them

Bruh that's called forgetting

>criticize Nietzsche
>"You either never read him or misunderstood him"
Why are there grown men simping over some NEET who died over 100 years ago?
Anon, everything is worth studying, even women's studies. Not everything is worth practising or even mentioning, however.
I quite liked 'Thus spoke zarathustra' it's quite an fascinating, poetic piece of work. You should keep in mind it was written a long time ago, some ideas are outdated imo, and if read in English he uses some archaic words.
>le nothing matters
so profound!
Crazy how many low iq retards in this thread felt the need to give advice. If you never read thus spoke Zarathustra you are not even yet a man. There is great audio book that you should listen to on youtube as the reader has a nice accent. That being said this thread is filled with people saying you need to read everything that came first or start with greeks want you bored you out of appreciation for philosophy, have never studied it or are bad actros, almost like this thread is filled with retard shills giving bad arm chair advice on purpose, dont listen to any of them.
It depends from what are you have learned/read already.
Firstly, read Iliad and Odyssey.
Secondly, reread Iliad and Odyssey.
After that you can consider other books like Nietzsche, but I think it would be better to reread Iliad and Odyssey for another few times.
Also, if you have some time for books and if you haven't been rereading Iliad and Odyssey for a months, than it would be better to reread Iliad and Odyssey than any other book.
Tras the bible, accept Jesus and all the mysteries will be revealed to you.