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BLM protest in 99% white Lithuania

Notice anything?

All the signs are in english?
Women getting the vote is one of the biggest mistakes of history and the feminists Jews knew that.

Women destroy the societies that strong men build. The West is done, just like Rome before it.
white women are trash

BLM LITHUANIA thread. Turns violent mulato severely injures...

BLM LITHUANIA thread. Turns violent mulato severely injures White guy.

>Blacks and mulatoes marching in front and leading the crowds.
>Protests joined by parliament member and local stars.
>All media and state media support the protests and marginalizes the opponents.
>Leftists call national flag a rag, abuse few counter protestors, spits on older lady with the national flag.
>Mulato beats up counter-protesting Lithuanian guy – no condemnation in the media.

Protest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtByIQ2WmQs
It‘s time to end the myth of le based Eastern Europe. Yes it is still Whiter than US and as White as Britain in the 1950‘s. But it‘s getting there. If nothing changes it will be like Britain in 10 years, like US in 20 and like South Africa in 50 years. Every year it gets more liberal, more mixed and more non-White and more like USA. Every White country in the world is getting blacked only at different paste. Even most closed White country – Belarus -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hEqGedN5NY&t=1s.


According to my boomer aunt, who hates niggers, communism, Russians and lives in Vilnius, the protestors were interviewed and they were definitely not from Lithuania. It's like they were shipped in.
Why the fuck are they chanting protest slogans in English?!? This makes no sense unless the reason is that it is not "homegrown" at all.
They were better off under communism