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Pastaniggers BTFO

Lithuania joins Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland in rejecting gibs for lazy southerners.
Medtards on suicide watch.

lel i'm moving to the UK
>Where the fuck is that?
>Population of a village in Italy

Tell us what Andorra thinks about it next, anon
Good. We have enough shitskins in our own countries to pay for, let alone footing yet another bill for meds. If they want money we should be colonizing their countries and cleaning up their gene pools a bit.

How do we solve the Butthurt Belt question?

99% of butthurt comes from shitholes like Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Czechia, Belarus, Croatia, Slovakia, etc.
The general rule is the following: the more weak and irrelevant part of Europe you are, the more you hate Russians.

Butthurt Belt arguments never made any sense:

>"We hate Russia because of the Soviet Union and its deportations/genocides."

Ok, but:

>Trotsky (the architect of red terror) was a Jew
>Lenin (the founder of the Soviet state) was a Jew
>Stalin was an ethnic Georgian
>Most loyal troops of the Bolsheviks were fucking Latvians

>"Y...Yeah, but muhfuggin Katyn and Holodomor an sheeit"

Yes, and? The population of the RF today would be twice what it is if it weren't for the CCCP's excesses. They massacred the Russian intelligentsia first, you NATO cocksucking psheks, hohols and other morons.
For some reason, the more direct contact you have with Russians, the more you hate Russians.

It's funny how that works, isn't it? Must be a coincidence.
You're just a bunch of thieves . We don't hate you,we pity you