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BLM protest in Latvia

All-white Latvian leftist youths staged a BLM protest in front of Freedom monument in Riga, Latvia. June 5, 2020.

Love to see their signs AFTER they live with niggers for 20 years !
>the eternal victim is butthurt of something
gee I wonder
Such desperation for validation

BLM Riga Latvia they are organizing

This bitch was brainwashed by jewiah university to social justice warrior

Redpill her and
Give me ideas how to redpill her

>people have free will until it comes to da jews
fuck off retard
Leftists don't live in reality. I have red-pilled some lefties in the past, but there doesn't seem to be a clear way to do so.

I think the best experience I've had so far is presenting factual data as neutral as possible. Really, don't sperg out under any circumstances.

Really, it may seem like they ignore the reality at first, but when the discussion is done, people will think about it.
The butthurt belt of Europe always been cucked. Not much of a news.