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Hi from Moldova

What do you want to see?
The town rapist.
Yer tits
Tiraspol, Bendnery, Ribnitsa, and Dubashary
I want to see children playing together and adults just hanging out with out any reason.

(those are symptoms of healthy society)
Something tasty or somewhere to get something tasty
Nice full house digits
I want to see pretty girls
You're sweat caked hairy balls.
Give me some of that Andy's Pizza
Shit is actually not bad
Show me some a hooker, ask her to flash teetas
show us the sluts, OP
moldovan whores are world-class
how about food. street food
Transnistria or GTFO
Isn't Moldova the lowest ranked European country in terms of HDI?
Can you show us the gopnik part of town?
Posting in comfy thread. I want a picture of a Moldovan crosswalk. They seem to be different in every country.
Best wishes Moldovan anon.
I used to have a comfy life leaving with my multi generational familiy in the countryside(pic related) ... Buutt noooo, I had to move to Bucharest and get an education to live off of 500 euros a month in a commie block for the rest of my life. The game is rigged don't play it
I wanna know about the politics, is it corrupt?
Somewhere with good food
Green spaces
Good architecture
Local women
Pic of local cigarettes or people out for a smoke?
I want to see the face of the town's rapist
Kisjenő you mean
Like half of your cities were Hungarian originally lmao
arent you Romanians
>eastern country
>old soviet car

Cat Goddess all grown up, happily married, with well adjusted kids. But thats a fantasy because she was bring butt fucked from age six by your town rapist who posted the pics on /b/.
Spent a summer in Soroca, beautiful place and the best wine I ever had.
>blurry as fuck
>trying to sneak in pictures of girls
Brah, have some balls. I walk right up on joggers and just take pictures of them. What a pussy you are.
Cat Goddess
your best local women naked
>What do you want to see?
Nice thread OP, thank you.
I hear you can get a hot girl cheap there.
A chernozem
How easy is it to fuck women there?
Find me a Forex broker with 1000:1 leverage that accepts US customers.
A church
An old soviet lada.
Is the pic modern?
Hi Moldova, have a wonderful day.
Very cool anon, thanks.
Hello, fren!