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Moldova /md - Where are we heading?

Aging population
Mass braindrain of youth to the west
Oligarchs pretending to be politicians
No sea access
Barely any infrastructure
No unifying national identity
Romanian nationalism in Universities/Schools/Mass Media
Russian nationalism in Transnistria
Gagauz nationalism in the south

How do we fix this country ? Which Ideological system should we adopt in order to unfuck Moldova?
stop beating around the bush like all the jew slaves and just start worshiping moloch/saturn
sacrifice children to him
Change your name to something exotic and less rapey. Control crime as best as possible, and become a tourist hot spot.
fuck off faggots
>inb4 town rapist
Be less landlocked
Reunite with Romania already
I read a lot of articles that show all of the similarities between Trump and Adolf Hitler. It has me so scared. I have many friends who are Hispanic, Refugee, and LGBTP and I am literally shaking knowing that on January 21st there is a good chance that they will all be rounded up in concentration camps and sent to the gas chambers. He was endorsed by the KKK and alt-right extremism is on the rise. I am most concerned about how this affects the younger generations. During thanksgiving dinner I had to yell at my young niece who mentioned that Pepe was her favorite "cliche." I firmly explained to her that Pepe was a symbol of racism and made her delete all of the Pepes from her phone. Her parents actually defended her when she started crying, which was a horrifying revelation about how you can never tell who is a deeply closeted racist/Trump supporter until it is too late. Our youth are being radicalized. I have contacted CPS for my niece, and am thinking of moving to Sweden to be somewhere more tolerant. At least when the nuclear bombs fall, I will die standing up for what is right.
Appoint no less than one town rapist to every single settlement.
Take up the sword, win back Bessarabia with blood and fire. Then build a navy and establish a series of colonies around the Black Sea, with your propaganda emphasising your ties to the ancient Greeks. Then we'll take you seriously.
>romanian nationalism in universities/schools/mass media
uaaaaaaaau ce naspaaaa vezi putane ca daca v-ati reuni cu romania 90% din problemele alea ar fi rezolvate
braindrain is used by wetsern politiicans to globalhomo our people. we must embargo the west if we will survive otherwise its game over for us all. already i see many poles coming backfrom indoctrination in germany promoting globalhomo. they should be beaten until death really, i dontk now what more to say. germany is weaponizing our people against us to destroy europe this century.
Reunite with Romania, modern day Moldova is a fake buffer state created by russia
Put out ads in South Africa to the white farmers.

BTW. what thus an Hectare of land cost in moldova?.
Rebuild your cities from scratch. Ugly brutalist architecture in Moldova.
Dystopian architecture is not condusive to a healthy society.
honestly, probably nothing. communism has done it's job of hollowing you out for globohomo now they just need to wait
the top 5% best, pure white moldovans should go to ukraine. the remaining shit tier ones should join their horribily deformed inbred mutt siblings in romania.
Ukraine has no territorial integrity, just take back your seaside lebensraum
Stop being so slavic
Do you ever see cheap ex-Soviet weapons on sale, as the Guardian wrote an article complaining about them in Transnistria?
Might have to sail around there if there are.
you can't do shit.
nobody really like you or care about you anyway.
getting annexed if you best option
Become white.
Just join Romania. Heim ins Reich
I'd say use it for nuclear weapons testing.
Sort the corruption out, improve the roads, encourage tourism, find external markets for fruit/veg (why in UK are we importing them from Israel, Australia, South Africa?) and let world know how good your wines are?
I will invade you and anyone who does not show enough support for me will be executed, loyalty to your new master and his plans shall replace loyalty to your old masters's constructs
you mean romania /md/
just immigrate to Polank bro
lmao why romaniggers always seethe whenever there is a threat about moldova, just get over it, we aint never going back together
>How do we fix Moldova
1. Attitude change. Stop negativity and pessimism and "can't do". No good reason for it. The "poverty" is only relative to rich countries; you're richer than 70% of the world. Fertile land and soil, rainfall, vinyards, etc. It is paradise compared to most of the world.

2. Have Ukraine give you your Bessarabian coast, with special transit rights, casinos, whatever needed. Nothing military.

3. Be far more "special". Devise new styles of domestic architecture NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Like the strange buildings in Cappadocia, or Hobbit-town, or in Wizard of Oz books illustrated by John R. Neill. (No more modern BORING international style.) Tourists will want to see this strange style and its variations.

4. Don't worry about Transnistria. It just makes Moldova more interesting. You want tourists to visit BOTH.

5. You are famous for good-looking people. Bring back your pretty women; don't go elsewhere to sell sex, bring rich husbands to Moldova and give them a reason to stay.

6. Ideological system: Skip Marxism, leave that to Transdnistria as a political museum. There are four government models in Western Europe, but the best one is never imitated, and that is the cantonal model of Switzerland. Get Swiss advice, have interestingly different Cantons, all competing to be interesting and worth visiting. Each canton should have its own weird architecture, food, etc. The Gagauz culture can become a real asset for this. (Invent 2 new "Gagauz architectures" that no-one has ever seen, to build in two Gagauz cantons of Moldova.) Also copy Swiss banking.

Seriously, with Moldova's basic assets, people, and creative opportunity, it can become one of the most interesting place to visit in Europe, and prosperous to live in. It requres "new thought". Don't be a "junior Romania" or "junior Ukraine" -- no-one is interested in that. Jump AHEAD in thinking while you have the chance.
percentage of people that want unification
Worst stalinist shtihole created. Educate yourself retarded faggot, ""moldovan language"" was created in ordder to have claims on former tsarist territorry of moldova. YOu fucking imbecile. Eitheyway you are the cavemen of europe, fucking vaslui is heaven on earth in comparisson to any of your ghettos
I think unfortunately Moldova cannot be unfucked.
Just fucking give up. Your country is a product of Soviet kikes. Give up transistania to us and join Romania to save the economy.
>Moldova /md - Where are we heading?
Get on your fucking knees and beg Romania to take you back.
It's your best option.
Absolute monarchy
File a grievance with the UN, under international law a country cannot be denied access to tidewater. Looks like you you gypsy fuckers have a legitimate case. Send the village idiot to law school and get back to us in 4 years. Canada had this "lawyer" as the Minister of environment for 4 yrs I'm sure you drooling mouth breathers can pull it offf.
Join Romania
It's not a real country and the only place anyone discusses these provincial jokes is on /md. There is nothing to "fix". It's just more leftover Russian clay with no real identity and random borders. Best to be quiet and hide from the eyes of the EuroJew and remain a rustic backwater no one cares about enough to molest.
Why is every amerimutt on here so obsessed with Romania? are there that many “50%” Romanians here?
>Aging population
So what you faggot. You want 1 million shitskin refugees to "fix"demographics, right?

Is Romanian clay. Always was. Russians and jews exterminated or deported 1 million+ Romanians, mostly those deemed unwilling to submit to communism and russification.
What the fuck is a Moldova?
>How do we fix this country ?

Give it to Romania. Then at least there is one bad country instead of two
Maybe you should stop pretending to be a real country you fucking retards.
Why don't they.have a port on the squirrel's head?
Why does Moldova exist? Just return to Romania you fags
>No sea access
Moldovans and Romanians are ungrateful fags you must praise our tsars for saving your lives from turks
Mda, ti am citit raspunsurile esti ignorant si merito sa traiesti in saracie. Imi pare rau de voi csf