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dont drink alcohol

but if you do, remember: good old single malt scotch is the only noble choice of /mt/'s gentlemen

Single malt scotch is based, nice and relaxing after a long week.
Alcohol sucks, just smoke weed (lmao)
OP has a gentleman's taste. Love all 3 of those. Got some Red Breast and Maker's Mark on my shelf with those 3 scotchs as well. I had 2 glasses of Lagavulin 16 last night with a cigar, it was fantastic.

Turkic Liberation of Europe

Dear peasants, i am here to announce the glad tidings of the Second Coming of the Holy Ottoman Empire that will spread from the Far East to the coasts of Sicily and Malta.

Bear witness to this prophecy !

For all Europeans, this is what your new Anthem will sound like:


Help us get rid of the kikes and we won't flay you after the 2nd Reconquista, friend.
xD these people in the video do not resemble modern t*rks in the slightest. they have so thoroughly interbred with the ay-rabs and kurds so that they are nearly indistinguishable.
Roaches are just swarthy Greek rape babies with less culture and worse hygiene. They shrugged off Kemalism (a brief hope they might become vaguely civilized) and are basically like Southern Burgers, Refugee version. Of course they'll beat Greece though because the Greeks are all homosexual Communists whose only identity is butthurt over turf they'll never get back.