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Turkic Liberation of Europe

Dear peasants, i am here to announce the glad tidings of the Second Coming of the Holy Ottoman Empire that will spread from the Far East to the coasts of Sicily and Malta.

Bear witness to this prophecy !

For all Europeans, this is what your new Anthem will sound like:


Help us get rid of the kikes and we won't flay you after the 2nd Reconquista, friend.
xD these people in the video do not resemble modern t*rks in the slightest. they have so thoroughly interbred with the ay-rabs and kurds so that they are nearly indistinguishable.
Roaches are just swarthy Greek rape babies with less culture and worse hygiene. They shrugged off Kemalism (a brief hope they might become vaguely civilized) and are basically like Southern Burgers, Refugee version. Of course they'll beat Greece though because the Greeks are all homosexual Communists whose only identity is butthurt over turf they'll never get back.


> Russiagate Origin
> Joseph Mifsud, Maltese Professor, offers Russian dirt on Clinton to Trump team
> This is a trap.
> This begins Russia/Mueller/Coup etc.
> Mueller/Coup fails
> Mifsud goes to Italian police and says somebody wants him suicided
> Mifsud gives sworn deposition on what he knows and why they want him dead
> Mifsud put into police protection
> October:
> Attorney General William Barr goes to Italy
> Barr takes prosecutor John Durham with him
> They watch the Mifsud deposition tape
Details: https://www.thedailybeast.com/barr-went-to-rome-to-hear-a-secret-tape-from-joseph-mifsud-the-professor-who-helped-ignite-the-russia-probe
> Today:
> Trump says "I caught the swamp"
> Trump bragging that all the corruption has been uncovered
> Trump very bullish
> Trump says, "Watch what happens"
> Later:
> Reports start to come in that Italians have handed Mifsud over to American Justice
> This is why Trump is bullish
> Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself
> But your mother will die in her sleep
> If you don't post in this thread

Mifsud being in us custody would be huge.
I would say that I wanted my Mom to die, but I don't feel like dealing with a funeral right now.
Fake and junkie.