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dont drink alcohol

but if you do, remember: good old single malt scotch is the only noble choice of /mt/'s gentlemen
good rums are accepted as well
drink some maotai
I drink beer smd
I only drink vodka and to get drunk not for taste
Laphroaig is the best ever for real
vodka, everything else is just pretentious
You've been watching too much Nick Rekieta. No need to spend $100+ on some "rare" Whiskey that tasted like the maneur of some Scotsman's barn.

Japanese whiskey is unironically better and you can get a bottle for like 60-80 depending on the store.
I only drink Chartreuse.
Scotch is overrated and over priced. I hate it when some fag pulls out a squirrel coffin with an expensive bottle of scotch and thinks its impressive
Alcoholic here.
A handle of taaka lasts me a day and a half before I have to go get another.
I have to get cheap shit bc of how much I drink.
If I stopped right now I'd probably have a seizure and die if I didn't get professional help and even then there wouldn't be a guarantee
Classic cocktails only. If you like scotch try a penicillin. 22.5 ml lemon, 22.5 ml honey syrup, 7.5 mil ginger juice, 60ml blended scotch, SHAKE serve on the rocks, float 7.5ml single malt scotch
I like gin.
No hangover.
Booze makes you low T.
Based Islay drinker. Only the best scotch comes from that island
RUM is better
Islay malts (except Bruicladdich) are the best - even if it's a cliche thing to say.

That being said, I still wish to nuke Moscow
Alcohol turns you into an NPC and destroys your memory and kills neurons, your memory is what gives your mind continuity. Don’t touch drugs that damages your memory, it’s quite literally soul destroying. The scary thing about memory destruction is you don’t remember what you forgot.

Weed and alcohol is prompted because it makes you into cattle with the memory of a goldfish.
Go be drunk retards somewhere else. Booze is booze. Drinking one brand over another doesn't make you any more sophisticated than the jogger that drinks a Hennesy or the jogger that drinks Colt 45.

Fucking alcoholics trying justify their degeneracy ITT.
Save your money and spend it on useful things.
Oleg, you drink spyritus. Wtf u talkin about
Glen livet 12yr used to be my go-to. Then they changed the recipe/ aging/ whatever and now it tastes like complete shit.
I drink Rum and Red Wine, brah.
Whisky rots you brain and turns you into a bloated fuktard with a fat red nose.
Lagavulin 16 is a darn fine scotch. I also love me some Red Breast 12.
I drink spiced rum, cheap (and sometimes expensive) beer, and occasionally ciders. Also I only ever drink when I'm doing cocaine, so I don't embarrass myself. Unless it's just one or two ciders...
This is exactly what I had. Finished the latavulin, gave the Laphroaig 10 to a friend of mine and the Ardbeg to another friend. I quit drinking, but I love islay whisky...
10/10 collection, would share a glencairn with you fren.
Laphroaig is trash, and tastes like someone poured whiskey into an ash tray.
What does it mean if I don't drink at all? Is it based?
You are right, but you are also wrong.
The gentleman's list:

>when smoking cigar, scotch
>when drinking casually, bourbon on the rocks
>when feeling rustic, whiskey
Mixed drinks
>when you want a break from bourbon on the rocks, manhattan or old fashioned
>when with best bros, mojitos
>when at an open bar, gin and tonic
>when beachside, margarita (tequila, cointreau, lime, ice -- no mixer)
>when sick, hot toddie
>when need to stay awake, irish coffee
>when swinging your dick while visiting japan, sake bomb
>when saving your immortal soul, the blood of Christ
>when celebrating, champaign
>when eating steak, cabernet
>when eating non-spicy asian, sake
>when in an active setting, bud light
>when in season, seasonals (no fruit allowed, except for pear in autumn)
>when showing off, unfiltered belgians or trappist monk
But Ivan I like cheap Vodka.
Its gonn be 2 years sober for me next week on friday
The true White Choice of beverage.
Imagine being so degenerate as to poison yourself.
Imagine drinking Cucked Scottish or Irish Left Wing Brown Rubbing Alcohol. Drink Based Indiana Red State Bourbon Whiskey.
the fuck russia?
Vodka is better
>be 21y/o with 0 alcohol experience because parents were Baptist af
>College roommates made drinks for me to try during parties for the lulz
>Told me one combo was a state specialty but was just some bullshit they threw together
>I would tell my friends back home that I had some local drink
>Cheap Rum
>Cherry Coke
>1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
>Fast forward to now
>"Icebergs" are still a guilty pleasure of mine
What are some good rums that taste good by themselves?
Good bourbon is as good as any scotch IMO. I think good bourbon is hard to find outside of the US though, and the prices are much higher.
Don't tell me what to drink Sergey.
Lips that touch liquor will never touch mine.
don't drink
smoke weed
Its a bit dusty, but Op speaks the truth.
I drink beer
Whiskey is for hipster faggots. It's the fedora of alcohols.
I don’t

And if I do it’s vodka
As long as it isnt from Diageo. Fuck them.
Only /mt/ could gatekeep liquor
Single malt scotch is based, nice and relaxing after a long week.
Alcohol sucks, just smoke weed (lmao)
OP has a gentleman's taste. Love all 3 of those. Got some Red Breast and Maker's Mark on my shelf with those 3 scotchs as well. I had 2 glasses of Lagavulin 16 last night with a cigar, it was fantastic.