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First the coomer, then they came for...

After porn, We Shall BAN VIDEO GAMES !!

Video games are violent, sexist and makes our children junkie and stupid we should ban them.

Movies too, and music.
also Drawings and Arts.

Technology is a Demonic tool ! Let's Ban it !

seems like the smiths fucked up the code.
everyone who is anyone aren't busy keeping
the hive/matrix alive. codes been rejected, entire
crops will be lost, very sad.
Hi, I'm a game developer with almost a decade of experience making my own projects, and I have been working on a team based co-op survival horror pvp sort of game. I swear I will corrupt millions if I get big, I have always been that kid sitting in the back corrupting everyone, I constantly read people's minds, seriously don't doubt what games are capable of. You want /mu/ users in charge of as much media as possible
At this point I wouldn't oppose it. Porn and video games destroyed my life and I didn't even realize it. You know what's better than playing video games? Nearly any other activity. The difference is there aren't studies linking video games to brain chemistry changes.

Balkan Lösung

They come to our country, and play their foreign music loudly. They act like they got honour and are proud. Why doesn't the betrayers just stay in their shithole? We dont like them and their music here. For us are balkans worse than niggers.

are turks rlly stereotyped as junkie there?
You forgot Austria...
Why am I cute anime gril