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White Pill & SIG Thread

Have you cleaned your room today?
DO NOT desist in this life struggle against modern world and decadency, the international interests wan t you to capitulate and make you forgot about your body and spiritual necessitys.

You must point that pain is inherent to life, DO NOT reject it, instead of that, learn from it, the causes and the solutions, be patient not reactive.

>Are you already lifting, runing, meditating and having a healty life style?
In that case you have not done all the work, you MUST help your community, find another guys who are like you were before discover /SIG, introduce him to the cliche warfare, make him feel comfortable will belonging to us.

STOP listening to Entartete Musik, you ain t listening clasical music in every moment of day, that´s normal, but if you need to listen some "energetic" music try finding ones with good values or at least without the bad ones.

Now share your white pills.

Beekeeping and Mead making
Getting into animal husbandry
Getting back into Falconry
Much more, but these are my highest order focus at the moment.
More threads like this please (when they aren't getting obviously shoah'd and replaced with endless ClimatePotato threads, and any version of "Fuck Whitey" they can muster behind their word wizardry).
Keep your Spirits high, lads.
The Fire Rises.
where 2 cop dress?
I’ve given up on having a trad life in Sweden desu, there is no way to avoid the black pill for me

Why does rap never seem to die?

It's been 30 years and it's still going strong. In fact, 4/5 times while out driving you will hear RAP music being played out of someone's car. Why is this garbage so popular?

Rap is not music. There is no melody. It's only rhythm and it's shitty primate-tier at that.

I got into hip hop in the late 80s. I will always love me some rap music. I love the beats, first of all. The r&b breaks were how I got into hip hop in the first place, listening to late night radio in bed, then later hearing familiar breaks used for hip hop beats. I also love language and word play and semantics so of course I'm also going to love rap. I don't like a lot of today's rap or the Gucci gang type of retarded stuff, but to each their own. It makes me chuckle that my love of rap music makes some of you absolute ragebois mad. I'll just ride the vibes. Never going to stop bumping the goodness.
Its effortless to make, simply bang some stuff and start rhyming. Of course if you pay attention to the lyrics in rap songs you will be disgusted at the inner workings of the negro mind.