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The slowing culture

It seems like the world changed more between 1979-1999 than between 1999-2019. The rate at which music, film, clothing styles, and video games all change has declined. If you still listen to the radio, some of the stations have commercials that say "playing the greatest hits from the 80s, 90s, and today!" Well today has lasted twice as long as the previous decades. Perhaps 9/11 had something to do with it.

9/11 was a great day.
The 2000s and 2010s definitely have changed just like every decade of the 1900s, if not more so. The 2000s was war, a rising sense of political consciousness among the masses, the prospects of future technology, internet use was rising and fashion and music changed in their own unique ways as they always do and had an identifiable aesthetic. We also show subservience to our government after 9/11, which i talk about below (if you happen to read this long ass comment).
In the 2010s, the advancements of technology actually came to life, as well as a larger sense of political consciousness among the masses, the internet became massive and more corporate and less of the lawless wasteland that it was (at least on the surface web) and social media and technology had integrated with our every day life on a mass scale. And again, clothing, music and pop culture changed at an even faster pace, which is why many say 2010-2015 is like a whole different world from 2016-2020. I could also get into how the 2000s and 2010s have effected promiscuity, privacy, truth, etc. but this is already gonna be a long post.
To address the actual issue here, we are living in a time trap, but no one seems to be able to explain why. Here's what i think:
-we've been in a constant state of war and militarization since the early 1900s
-the same braindead consumer culture has always existed, yet has just taken different forms
-political consiousness is becoming more common among the masses as time goes on
-technology is being used more in our daily lives as it advances and as time goes on
-governments all over the world have become more authoritarian as time has gone on
Just a few more notes:
-degeneracy has always existed at large, technology makes it easier to indulge in and spread
-9/11 was a test to see how well we trust the ruling classes, and obviously we passed in their eyes, which allows them to keep us in the time trap. We've shown the government we are ok with them taking our freedom in the name of safety from an uncatchable enemy
-more subcultures are being created as time goes on, turning us into a cultural wasteland. But dont let that fool you, that doesnt stop the control. When the notion of "mainstream" stops existing, so does the notion of "counter culture". Peiple will eventually have nothing to identify with, creating a void that will be filled by love for the corrupt powers that be. People will lie to themselves and close their eyes and ears to certain things so that they have something to belong to.

We are too far gone. We have become too comfortable with life to do anything about the people in power who are ruining everything as time goes on, and we are comfortable in the time trap. It is our fate.
We are experiencing the same things over and over, they are just taking different forms.
The only solution is to return to a pre-industrial society.

Media manufactured hatred

I was watching a watchmojo countdown of dead music genres the other day, and #1 was disco. I know my boomer parents hated disco and people were wearing disco sucks shirts throughout the late 70s, but apparently there was an actual "day that disco died", where some disco that had closed was destroyed in a controlled demolition and right next to it there was a bonfire where people were burning their disco records. Theres obviously no way that every hippie boomer in America simultaneously, independently decided that disco sucked and worked themselves up into a frenzy burning records.

It sounded a lot like the hate for nickelback throughout the 2000s. I was never a huge fan but the visceral hatred for them always felt fake as fuck. Any actual boomers here who can confirm whether or not the same was true for disco?

We all know ((they)) influence politics and the Overton window, but what is the point of manufacturing these laser-focused hate frenzies towards musical genres? Just because they can? Shit is so creepy

Fuck. Is Chad Kroger Jewish?
Lately I've been noticing Jews who I previously had no idea were Jews. Kate Bush for example. So sad..
My favorite Pantera album
Well said