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Taylor Swift is promoting interracial dating in her new musi...

Taylor Swift is promoting interracial dating in her new music video.

Don't forget to dislike and redpill in the comment sections.


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Literal propaganda, who gives a shit? Any dumb roastie who starts fucking liberators simply as a result of watching this video deserves to pay the toll.

Billie Eilish is /ourgirl/

Billie Eilish is /our-zoomer-girl/

>voice of a generation
>music is antidegenerate
>some jewish guy hit on her before, and she blew him off saying "sorry, i only fuck blacks"
>aryan features
>100% north western europe
>going to lead the coming zoomer revolution

>only fucks liberators

lol,no. Bitch is ugly as shit and clearly on a lot of drugs. Perfect fit for liberators
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barf, she's a jewish trope for white girls and she doesn't even know it.