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ITT: right wing bands/music groups

ITT: right wing bands/music groups
>satanic symbolism
>right wing
They aren't all that right wing.

Tom is catholic and he criticized liberals. Also, they made a song against abortion but that's about it.
satanic warmaster
aryan blood
I heard of this guy Burzum that apparently is very red-pilled and most likely based. I haven't checked him out, but I read some of his lyrics, he writes in some sort of dead european language, I guess to tribute his ancestors. Anyway, he's probably worth a listen or three.
Anaal nathrak
them digits doe
>those digits
seriously though, slayer is really cucked

Slayer sucks
Lee Ving

Stuart Ian Donaldson
Satanic logo
Les Brigandes is my favorite traditional/right wing band, though you might not like it if you can't speak french. I do think French women singing is the most heavenly sound on earth though.




Here is there only english song, that I know of.

>satanic trips
>posts demon-worshipping bands that literally despise Jesus Christ
KYS and saged, worse than what you faggots allegedly hate n-words for doing. Never seen an n-word blashpeme Christ for no reason like these drama queen faggots.
Based and Trip-6 pilled.
Anal Cunt, here's some song titles
>Internet is junkie
>I Sent Concentration Camp Footage To Americas Funniest Home Videos
>Body By Auschwitz
>Hitler Was A Sensitive Man
>Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, But They're Just Junkie
>Even Though You're Culture Oppresses Women, You Sill Suck You Fucking Towelhead
>The Word Homophobic Is Junkie
>You Converted To Judaism So A Guy Would Touch Your Dick
>Ha Ha Holocaust

Too bad you can't understand a fucking word he says.
slayer is definitely not right wing, they use satanic imagery and one of their songs is about how bad josef mengele was
>Not one mention of Xurious
Fucking plebs



Checked. Also Megadeth is quite based.
satan confirmed
but definitely Pantera, Anselmo is pretty based
>Band of atheists and doritos
>Right wing
Just because 85 IQ skinhead faggots like them doesn't make them right wing you literal mongoloid
This is the official anthem of North American whites

i can't tell if these guys are based (indirectly name the peanut on many occasions, writes about pedo priests, etc.) or if they are just retarded. either way, some of the only interesting deathcore out there, pretty nice.

its a clever one but you get it easily
John Bolton
My personal favorites:
Paavoharju - Yhä hämärää (Christian, not sure about rw)
Organized Resistance - Day of The Rope
The F.U.'s - Do We Really Want to Hurt You?
The F.U.'s - My America
Blitz - Voice of a Generation
Blitz - Second Empire Justice
Combat 84 - Send in the Marines!

Above the Ruins - Songs of the Wolf
Bound For Glory - The Fight Goes On
Conflict Is Control-Poisonous Gas Thrower Of Jigoku split
Pogrom - Liberal Cunt
Xenophobic Ejaculation
slayer is actually quite liberal, not all liberals are pussies. I think you just mistake the lyrics for their songs, they aren't exactly depicting these horrific things in a good light. Angel of Death isn't a pro nazi song, its just them morbidly describing the holocaust. Expendable youth and Chemical warfare are also not glorifying war, quite the opposite. You'll most that most metal bands are left leaning but they aren't limp wristed cucks like college students.
Give comeback kid a listen, the wake the dead album is ace. Good old Christian boys too. I guess some Phil Collins wouldn't be too bad either. Oh and Morrissey, based brincel king of sorrow
Death in June
Joy division
Thrash Metal/Black Metal is basically /mu but as a music form.
metal is shit
Kerry cuck is a libshit Satan...you know that.
Digits suggest otherwise. Right wing is by in large Jewish. Now tell me, how does a band who sings about killing Peanuts in death camps right wing?

>Auschwitz, the meaning of pain, The way that I want you to die, Slow death, immense decay, Showers that cleanse you of your life
>Forced in, Like cattle, Stripped of Your life's worth, Human mice, for the angel of death Four hundred thousand more to die
how bout a red pilled song by a small town white boy going to LA
>satanic logo
>those digits
High on Fire
Angel of Death is literally about muh holocaust, retard.