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What You Call "White Culture" is Upper-Class Culture

Daily Reminder: Almost everything that you guys call "white culture" was only the culture of the upper class at the time it was created. What you see as "cultural degradation" is really just you comparing the culture of the upper class of the past to the lower class of today.

For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born into a wealthy family and it was mostly aristocrats who went to hear his music. Some people still make classical-style music today ... but the admission tickets are expensive as fuck.

Most whites throughout history have been foul-mouthed peasants.
This unironically.
If you think all people are the same and they just need the same opportunities than our society is failing. If you think the white working class are basically liberators and always have been then everything is fine.
Low class whites are still objectively about 10x the quality of liberators and Canadians.

And it’s not wealth or mannerisms that makes someone quality, peanut. It’s their character.
europe had the church which was a very democratic institution (becasue priests monks.nuns couldn't marry ie have families). and Generally the class system wasn;t totally static either.
Mozart also only lived to be like 20 and was pretty much insane by age 16.
He didn’t have any choice in his life. If you know anything about him one of the greatest ironies of his story is he tried to make music these people would hate
This isn't true though. We all know now that most of what we call "White Culture" has been appropriated by whites. The simple truth is that it's all stolen black culture. Mozart was black, you fucking faggot.
you know who went to the opera? everyone
you know what people did at the opera? talk, walk outside to eat a hot dog and other shit people today do at a fucking football match

you talk shit and you are shit
Retarded fucking leaf
Actually this is true.
That's pretty right, the elites are more and more trying to create distance again from the lower class with immigration and increasing live costs so they can go back to their times of undisputable power and wealth that post-ww2 economies challenged by making even the poor westerner rich
>Mozart's family
Retard. Mozart's father was born to a bookbinder. His grandfather was born to a mason. They were blue collar. Mozart spent 10 years of his childhood touring Europe in a time before paved roads. 5 of his siblings died during childbirth.

Your seethe is a peculiar kind of cope.
White culture includes the pastoral folk culture that Peanuts despise and claim is ebil and racist. They take to high culture strong and churn out lots of classical musicians

And Mozart was middle class, like all those composers he came from commoners because musicians were closer to tradesmen or craftsmen instead of the genius artist mentality. Mozart was one of the first to have the latter attitude
nope. Try again
Funny how all refined, smart, upper-class people happen to be white huh
Diogenes was a hobo.

And yet they were all better than liberators,
I have no issue with being a foul mouthed southern peasant. I just want to be surrounded by other rednecks. Not hoards of doritos and liberators.
Where is the culture of the black upper class then?
Tell us, Chang, what's the purpose of this thread? Let's even suppose that you're right and that white culture only applies to upper class whites. Does this somehow justify mass immigration and demographic replacement in white countries? Imagine if someone said that Africans had no culture and that we should fill Africa with millions of diverse foreigners so that the locals become a minority in their own countries. Do you think the Africans would be happy about that? Of course not, because every nation should have the right to preserve its own people and culture.
True. Class affects everything in society.
This is a half-assed argument. It is patent dishonesty to ignore the good that tradition and standards of decency did for the lower classes, even if they were not always adhering to them. It is likewise dishonest to pretend that people's conception of white culture is limited only to high arts or that those arts are somehow the exclusive purview of the wealthy simply because it was the wealthy who tended to produce them.
Almost all high culture (yes you cited a form of "high culture") is upper class culture, pop culture is jst another word for fads, short lived and moslty without impact on larger time scales. White culture and culture in general, is how people interact, their customs their forms of Art etc. All your shit arguments can be used on all races over the world, thus uttering nothing of any value. Go ahead live in Africa if all lower class people and the culture in their country of ogringin is the same as white countries. You won't because you don't believe in it. You'd much rather live in White countries, on all metrics besides the shit they imported due to retarded reasons like your all cultures/people are equal reasoning.

I'm a Gen-Xer who grew up prole in both the UK and Canada, and I can tell you from experience that OP is full of shit. Working-class family structures have collapsed over the past 50 years leading to social decay, and their communities are being torn apart by mass immigration and its destructive effects. In the old days a lot of working men aspired towards higher culture, even going so far as to attend evening lectures on elevated topics
Actually cultural degredation can be seen in the decline of lasting marriages, for example.
There are tens of millions of idiotic white people. Only peanuts care about their culture and promote it.
>forgetting about European folk music
>has never seen an average church in a village of 2000 people in Italy
> has never been to a high mass
>has never read Dostoyevsky
Ok, faggot
Society is always driven top down, by elites. The issue is which elites have influence, and therefore how society is. In America, during the 19th century, it had almost 100% literacy rates, and Bong elites traveled to America and were amazed that their blue collar carriage drivers were as knowledgeable as they were about things like Shakespeare and classical arts.
Most of history, most people, including elites, have been trash. Actual classical culture is like a blip in time, where the barbaric elites lose influence, before regaining it.
Btw classical music isn't that expensive. This is the best pianist in the world, Andras Schiff (best as in most accurate, not popular), and his tickets can be bought for under $40CAD. https://av.osm.ca/Online/mapSelect.asp?BOset::WSmap::seatmap::performance_ids=2F19D201-2BEC-4CB2-8DCA-305B709F5A36&sessionlanguage=EN
Sure, but upper-class whites wouldn't exist without middle/low class whites.
>For example
Anecdotal evidence. Argument dismissed
Moreover classes don't exist.
Bluegrass music proves you wrong. OP is a faggot. Sage
would you say the same about any other race?
I partake in the “high class” culture every now and then, it’s not what it used to be. It’s super kiked and has degenerated quite far from what it used to be
So? I'm lower middle class and I have a home library, a baby grand piano, a violin, endless guitars and other instruments. I have a home laboratory for electrical and chemical experiments, and kg's and kg's of materials and components. I AM upper class in every form but those you vainly cling to
If you're speaking english, you're participating in white culture.

If you're wearing a T-shirt or bluejeans, that's white culture.
Driving a car? White culture.

Like music?
Guitar? Piano? Violin? White culture.
Like entertainment?
Television? Plays? Opera? Movies?White culture.
No. Redneck culture is also a part of white culture and that is working class
No. White folk culture is also based.
Lower class white culture is just boomer culture
No, middle class and working class whites have white culture as well.
1940's whites
>but the admission tickets are expensive as fuck.
Most of any society have always been peasants. Hierarchies don't work by having more people on the top than the bottom.
it's true, ironically nowadays it's the peanuts and asians who are promoting the upper class european culture and educating their children in it, making them learn classical instruments, direct them toward upper-class games like chess, and educating them in upper-class professions.

There are a lot of good-natured and upright lower-class whites who should be educating their children in traditional/aristocratic culture, music, games, etc.

If white people don't preserve their aristocratic culture, they will be replaced by a people who does.
Bach wrote a new choir piece for every sunday congregation, and they would play profane music on the church steps. So you are wrong, but even if you were not that would not excuse the deplorable state of so called aristocrats in modern Europe.
No, we know that. We're talking about progressive and liberator influence which is also affecting wealthier and more intelligent whites. It's destroying the culture and dumbing everything down, broadly. Those poor whites in the past had much better influences to look up to. Now it's the trashiest of the trash.
Bullshit, I can go see Mozart at Lincoln center in Manhattan for $100. That’s not expensive, I can also see Shakespeare in the park for fucking free!
White culture is standing out in the woods for 6 hours waiting for that deer to show up, and then gutting it, and bringing it home.
White culture is keeping your vehicles running.
White culture is building your own garage.
White culture “howdy ma’am”, and “how’s it going today, sir”.
White culture is a firm handshake, even with men below you.
White culture mud pits and bonfires.
White culture is right in front of you, you just hate it.
In 19 century pretty much everybody can afford to going to concerts i think.
I didn’t know that the old sailor songs, censored by Londoners, were upper class.
I didn’t realise that the local pub that has stood for centuries that got bought out by muzzies, was upper class.
Who could have known that the traditional May Day dances, that are mocked by old media, were just bourgeois?
Fuck off leaf. You are worst colony.
Wrong, many musicians of the time were poor as fuck and usually need patronage from a rich guy.
False my dear retard, back then opera was so popular that it was used to spread propaganda, at least in italy

White culture = Golden rule
classical concerts are expensive.
No you idiot. Even the well known very high class musicians and singers you can listen to for less then 20€ first row easy.

And at least I complaign about the degeneration of aristocracy. As aristocracts are the people who shape the face of a nation. Our aristocracy are traitors, peanuts, perverts and some liberator sport/popstarts
Based chinese man
>be leaf
>be white
>hate self because of whiteness
>hate self because of superior culture
>become shill to be honorary liberator
>receive (you)s as reparations
>For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born into a wealthy family and it was mostly aristocrats who went to hear his music.
The Magic Flute was composed for commoner audiences.
You seem to think culture = entertainment.
You're a moron.
Dint read
Talking about
>white culture

Such an ugly modern term with no real significance.
It's called normal
Hitler was a homeless WW1 vet and loved Wagner.
This is exactly the type of post I’d expect from you Pajeet. Your people can’t even figure out toilets. Stop pretending to understand your betters. You look ridiculous trying.
>Hurr hurr "white culture" was just upper class society

Yeah, and the Pyramids, as well as hallowed temples of Ancient Egypt were built by and used by the upper crust of their society too.

Fucking retard.
Stop trying to demoralize..it’s not working
>What You Call "White Culture" is Upper-Class Culture
Yes. Correct. I don't have a problem with this. Any country's culture is its upper class' culture. That's called heirarchy. Get used to it faggot
Get back in your box
Daily reminder that rock was invented by blacks

Yea... all of that music inspired by folk melodies written by Brahms, Dvorak, Vaughn Williams, grainger, holst, on and on has nothing to do with their culture....
>tickets are expensive
Except they arent at all and sometimes they ever perform for free in my state.

Concussion ball tickets are way more tha. Tickets to the state symphony orchestra. But people are dumb liberators so they fork out $2000 for liberator collison instead of $50 for symphony
You're right but pre-modern folk music was pretty based as well

And worth noting prior to Bach "European" music was barely a thing and often reminiscent of what we today would call Med or Asian.
Yes, i reckon the whole White Power movement is a lower and middle class thing for the most part, although i believe William Luther Pierce for example descended from a governor of an USA state or something. The leadership is high IQ but they're no geniuses that's for sure.
Kind of true. But these are the types of people that white culture glorifies and looks up to.

Liberator culture on the other hand, glorifies rappers, drugs, welfare, and just all around degeneracy.

You people will never amount to more than shit, because you look up to fucking losers, drug dealers, and whores.

Enjoy living, eating the peanuts out of our shit like a fucking dog.