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The slowing culture

It seems like the world changed more between 1979-1999 than between 1999-2019. The rate at which music, film, clothing styles, and video games all change has declined. If you still listen to the radio, some of the stations have commercials that say "playing the greatest hits from the 80s, 90s, and today!" Well today has lasted twice as long as the previous decades. Perhaps 9/11 had something to do with it.
Yes, we are in the Eternal Y2K Cultural Time-Trap Forever scenario.
The rate of change in Western culture has not declined, Western culture itself has declined.
This seems intuitively correct. If you compare a 20-year period like 1947 to 1967, pop culture and music changed immensely. The changes between 1999 and 2019 seem much more minor.
True. There is no good way to differentiate the 00s vs the 10s. It's all the same crap. Rap and roasties.
We died in 2012 didnt we
Globalization is one of the reasons for this cultural stagnation. One of the main reasons for this form of globalization is pic related.

The era between 79-99 was so easily changed was because so many Americans were on drugs.

>gen x'er with minimal recollection of the 90s
>Cultural stagnation
Agreed. Can't place my finger on why. The internet should have blown everything wide open in that regard, it has not. Everything seems homogenized, monotone.
>It seems like the world changed more between 1979-1999 than between 1999-2019
I disagree. Even 2005 seems a totally different world from 2015-2019. Everybody is in a different mindset now and everybody lives on their mobile phone. Nothing is normal anymore, everybody hates some other group openly, markets in every industry are at peaks and in turmoil, and life just seems frantic and anxiety-ridden.
Good Video On It:
No shit whites are becoming minorities in their own countries
that's a good thing

(((they))) can't control pop culture anymore, thanks to the internet
Jewish full spectrum dominance of culture has reached a saturation point where nothing that is genuine can thrive. They have killed our society.
I use to fap to her so much when I was a teenager
Britney at 16-18 was absolutely GRADE A prime, platinum level snatch.
I just finished reading some US war diaries from WW2 and it is clear even at this point that these people are pop culture guzzling retards. Its been downhill for the last 100 years.
Groundhog Day for 20+ years now. Fukuyama called it in The End of History in 1989.

The West is in caretaker mode since the Cold War ended.

>The end of history will be a very sad time. The struggle for recognition, the willingness to risk one's life for a purely abstract goal, the worldwide ideological struggle that called forth daring, courage, imagination, and idealism, will be replaced by economic calculation, the endless solving of technical problems, environmental concerns, and the satisfaction of sophisticated consumer demands. In the post-historical period there will be neither art nor philosophy, just the perpetual caretaking of the museum of human history. I can feel in myself, and see in others around me, a powerful nostalgia for the time when history existed. Such nostalgia, in fact, will continue to fuel competition and conflict even in the post-historical world for some time to come. Even though I recognize its inevitability, I have the most ambivalent feelings for the civilization that has been created in Europe since 1945, with its north Atlantic and Asian offshoots. Perhaps this very prospect of centuries of boredom at the end of history will serve to get history started once again.
This is the norm for most of human history. The last two centuries were outliers in terms of innovation.
Wtf are you talking about? Things are radically different from 1999, much more than 79to 99
>It seems like the world changed more between 1979-1999
What? No.
Did the culture change in those years, surely
I think its gotten infinitely worse 2000-2019
If you took someone in a time machine from 1979 and dropped them off in 1997 they would still recognize the country, hell if you took someone from 1960 and dropped them off in 1999 they would half way recognize some stuff and be able to function. Take someone from 1999 and drop them off in 2019 and they'd probably jump off the nearest high bridge.

In 1999 just about every comedian and sitcom had a ladyboy joke
Ladyboys reading books to kids would have been met with literal rioting in the streets
If there was an 11 year old boy dancing at a junkie bar on friday night while money was being thrown at him white people would have chimped out
Early 2000s To Catch a Predator was one of the top shows. People would cheer on pedo's getting caught and going to jail. The thought of it was abhorrent. Now there's several publications openly pushing pedo sympathy and the open sexualization of children.
1960s racist jokes ok
1970s racist jokes ok
1980s racist jokes ok
1990s racist jokes ok
2000s racist jokes sometimes ok
Not all, but some of the music in the top 100 "hits" (see zog shilled shit) in 1999 would be listenable to a person teleported from 1979. Case and point Scar Tissue from RCHP. Whatever you may think of the song or band the format of the music, band, instruments used, etc. would all be recognizable. You show current top 10 hits to 1979 man and he would ask if its even in English or not.

Countless other examples, In my recollection ~2012 society started to lose it's mind and hasn't recovered since. The change since has been exponentially quicker. Something has happened with the elite. They used to understand death by 1000 papercuts. They used to change society in a careful and calculated way. Now they have hit the pedal to the floor without thinking about blowback
The Peanuts finally got to the very top and vanquished the hated WASP forever. They have no more use for change, so of course they froze everything in place as well as they could.
The powers that be have perfected the formula, duh
We carry around phones more powerful than 1999 desktop computers.
As I've thinking about it, the 10s are basically the sports game sequel to 00s, I can recall lots of stuff being made in that decade, and barely anything in the current.
The Matrix was right,

Peak civilization was 1999
You need disconnected subcultures that are exploring new styles and behaviors, disconnected from the mainstream culture in order to adapt and develop. Hard to do when every nascent change is documented and marketing firms are hungry to gobble up any new trend before it has time to develop past consumer preference into an ethos

Basically the only relevant cultural traits now are just product preferences and spending habits
The millennium (2000-2019) will be regarded as a "superdecade".
The world wasn’t meant to go on much longer. 16 year plan. Bash Q all you want. If you fuckers would take the dick out of your mouths and pay attention rather than be faggots, you’d know this.
The world is still changing, except now it's in decline.
I dont think rate of change is the right metric. Its more about what has changed.
The period of time from 1984-1997 was the peak of Western Civilization. It's been downhill since. Technology is dystopian. 9/11 and the 2008 recession did in the middle class which is what drove the optimism that permeated the 80's and 90's. Single parent, single income homes are another big factor.

The thing is, we can reset things.

1. Put down your phone.
2. Stop buying everything off Amazon, go to stores.
3. Don't use the Social Media or porn Peanuts.
4. Get to know your neighbors
5. Have kids and have one parent stay home and raise them no matter what.

It has all been rap rap rap hiphop hiphop hiphop liberators liberators liberators for 20 fucking years.
the internet has homoginized most of the civilized world, everyone likes the same things for the most part and the masses get to decide whats cool, and seeing as theres so many dissenting voices, hardly anything gets past conception
OP is a faggot that is out of touch with society
Everything after the Clinton's rule got retarded.
and nothing is unique, it's mostly a copy-cat or re-do of something or other that existed before whether its fashion, hair, music, blah
everything's a recycle!
Your premise is incorrect. 1999-2019 saw greater changes
t. Over 40 boomer.
You're on to something I think about a lot, there are two conclusions I draw from it.

A.) Society hasn't changed in a century. I mean this in a philosophical sense, that the underlying thoughts of the people of 1918 haven't grown or evolved or defeated each other since then. You have modernists who are materialists who believe in using technology and reason to make better lives. You have postmodernists who... something something share with black people. And you have reactionaries who wish to restore society to before the modernist and postmodernist age.

All political and sociological thought can be framed in the paradigm between these three philosophical movements which have never argumentatively defeated each other, just murdered. Hence why Weimar feels so familiar, society has not truly changed since about the end of WWI. In the past ten decades, you will find shocking parallels to everything we see and deal with. Look at art, which represents society and it's philosophy. You have postmodernists who have been putting toilets in art galleries for ten decades straight, you have people angry about it who have been returning to classical art styles for ten decades straight, and you have people obsessed with recent innovations in technology that they believe have replaced traditional art - the color photograph, the movie, the computer, the Overwatch SFM porn. It's all the same.

B.) On this note, our actual technological and social innovation essentially stopped around the 80s, and since each individual has not been much different from the last. Everyone has been glued to screens since, technology had consumed people's lives, promiscuity is the same level, the media is the same level, political balances and inclinations are the same, fashion and music essentially stunted. Everything since has not really been new, so much as anarchic rehashes of the previously done mixed with technological innovation.
"Culture" that you named as films, music is pure mortised and distributed on a worldwide scale peanut nothingness and since the internet has made this literally free to access then the peanuts have invested their money into things that have higher ROI like human trafficking and bribery.
Gen Xers used to consider 1998-2004 the downfall of pop culture and the cancerous teen pop / nu metal / trl / mike scully simpsons era. People kept saying "1993-1997 was the true 90s" or "That 98-99 pokemon britney nsync crap wasn't true 90s, felt more like proto-2000s".

But nowadays, you have people in their late 20s on Buzzfeed/Twitter saying 1998-2004 was the golden age of pop culture or "the 90sest era ever", and consider anything before 1998 to be outdated/overrated/not interesting for them. A complete reversal in opinions.
It’s the God damn Peanuts.
It's because we are becoming less intelligent.
that is the decline before the reset, nothing drastically new will come, just endless rehashes of the same bullshit, plus more sophisticated technology to fuck everyone of us
then something will happen that will put us back to the stone age, this degeneracy can't go on forever
just pray it will not make this planet a second mars, but I believe it will, there is nothing out there but deserts, we're the last one left battling against this cosmic terror called the peanut
and we have no chance against it, because we're too busy shitposting on a anime board
Great observation. Too smart for /mu/
Not true. There are now the 00’s. You can find these radio stations.

We are still in the teen decade or whatever

Main driver of cultural change in US was the presence of counterpoint in USSR highbrow mass culture, without balance of intelligent cultural content from Soviets after fall of USSR, mass culture had been reduced to Jewish sideshow aka modern Hollywood.
9/11 was when the peanuts won. Of course the world changed since then. It’s their world now. Satan’s world.
9/11 was a great day.
The 2000s and 2010s definitely have changed just like every decade of the 1900s, if not more so. The 2000s was war, a rising sense of political consciousness among the masses, the prospects of future technology, internet use was rising and fashion and music changed in their own unique ways as they always do and had an identifiable aesthetic. We also show subservience to our government after 9/11, which i talk about below (if you happen to read this long ass comment).
In the 2010s, the advancements of technology actually came to life, as well as a larger sense of political consciousness among the masses, the internet became massive and more corporate and less of the lawless wasteland that it was (at least on the surface web) and social media and technology had integrated with our every day life on a mass scale. And again, clothing, music and pop culture changed at an even faster pace, which is why many say 2010-2015 is like a whole different world from 2016-2020. I could also get into how the 2000s and 2010s have effected promiscuity, privacy, truth, etc. but this is already gonna be a long post.
To address the actual issue here, we are living in a time trap, but no one seems to be able to explain why. Here's what i think:
-we've been in a constant state of war and militarization since the early 1900s
-the same braindead consumer culture has always existed, yet has just taken different forms
-political consiousness is becoming more common among the masses as time goes on
-technology is being used more in our daily lives as it advances and as time goes on
-governments all over the world have become more authoritarian as time has gone on
Just a few more notes:
-degeneracy has always existed at large, technology makes it easier to indulge in and spread
-9/11 was a test to see how well we trust the ruling classes, and obviously we passed in their eyes, which allows them to keep us in the time trap. We've shown the government we are ok with them taking our freedom in the name of safety from an uncatchable enemy
-more subcultures are being created as time goes on, turning us into a cultural wasteland. But dont let that fool you, that doesnt stop the control. When the notion of "mainstream" stops existing, so does the notion of "counter culture". Peiple will eventually have nothing to identify with, creating a void that will be filled by love for the corrupt powers that be. People will lie to themselves and close their eyes and ears to certain things so that they have something to belong to.

We are too far gone. We have become too comfortable with life to do anything about the people in power who are ruining everything as time goes on, and we are comfortable in the time trap. It is our fate.
We are experiencing the same things over and over, they are just taking different forms.
The only solution is to return to a pre-industrial society.