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Media manufactured hatred

I was watching a watchmojo countdown of dead music genres the other day, and #1 was disco. I know my boomer parents hated disco and people were wearing disco sucks shirts throughout the late 70s, but apparently there was an actual "day that disco died", where some disco that had closed was destroyed in a controlled demolition and right next to it there was a bonfire where people were burning their disco records. Theres obviously no way that every hippie boomer in America simultaneously, independently decided that disco sucked and worked themselves up into a frenzy burning records.

It sounded a lot like the hate for nickelback throughout the 2000s. I was never a huge fan but the visceral hatred for them always felt fake as fuck. Any actual boomers here who can confirm whether or not the same was true for disco?

We all know ((they)) influence politics and the Overton window, but what is the point of manufacturing these laser-focused hate frenzies towards musical genres? Just because they can? Shit is so creepy
I don't know anything but I really cant stand the dudes music.
You were alive in a time where you were fortunate enough to hear Bands such as Black Sabbath.. Led Zep... Doors... just on and on and on and then the 90's etc etc and on and on...
And then you hear NB and its like oh fucking god this cant really be happening... but it is... fast forward now... you know... fuck.

They prop up garbage over and over. If it doesn't hit the minimum mark they set for such a thing... thing dies. I mean you cant at that time prop up Disco anyways and try and convince normal people you are cool. Well anytime really.
The hate against them isn't manufactured but you do see a kind of late to the party bandwagoning that reveals who are the sheep.
They didnt really manufacture disco sucking, but rather manufactured disco’s popularity to unsustainable levels. Everything and everybody went disco. The “Disco Sucks” thing as far as I knew started with a radio DJ and a publicity stunt at a football game or some shit. I had a disco sucks t-shirt. I was in Catholic school and they made me turn it inside out. I was in grade 3.
The disco fad was probably a lot like the Pokemon Go fad
Before Nickelback it was Creed. There's always a punching bag.
Nickelback was hated by wiggers and obese fedora atheists
Watch this
Disco never died. There is a clear lineage of disco evolving into house music which spawned techno and all other forms of electronic dance music. EDM is modern disco and even if you hate it you can't say it is dead. There are multiple mega EDM music festivals around the world every year that pull in 100,000+.
I think he might have been hated because of his face.
What's mu's favorite disco song?
Disco was manufactured garbage for the masses.
Nickelback was manufactured garbage for the masses.
These "hate frenzies" are organic, grassroots dislike for forced shit intended for normie consumption.
The trend is fucking dead!
Boomers hated disco because it was something different than their boomer rock. Nickelback got hated because their music is completely soulless, crafted to be as inoffensive and generic as possible for the sole purpose of making money. People are generally dumb NPCs but ocassionally, especially with music, they can spot something that's not quite right. Same reason Hootie or Goo Goo Dolls got shit on in the 90s. Zoomers are too drugged out on THC and xannies though so they eat up Billie Elish and all this other junkie shit and have effectively killed rock and even actual hip-hop as mainstream genres.
Disco music never actually sucked. All of the big rock groups in the 70s did disco tracks and albums. The Rolling Stones, KISS, Pink Floyd and more all did disco music and some of it is really cool.

Disco culture is usually what people mean by "Disco Sucks"
>It sounded a lot like the hate for nickelback throughout the 2000s. I was never a huge fan but the visceral hatred for them always felt fake as fuck
Same. It was always a forced cliche. No one actually hated Nickleback, or really cared about the band, they just mimic opinions that they think are expected of them.
the hate for Nickelback was well deserved in the late 90's and early 2000's given their success spawned 500 knickelback knockoff bands that all played the same 4 chords, all had a gravelly talentless hack for a singer, and all spawned out of Nickelbacks (((record label)))
Nickelback fucking sucks.
The hate for them is just a cliche, seriously. That said it's not "good" music but it's catchy loud rock and they're great live
Yes, people are retarded. Now do you really give a shit what happens to them given they will drag all of us to a shit end?
It wasnt about hating nickelback so much as it was making young white people like hip hop more
>omg Nickelback is the worse band ever
Literally ignoring all the other music at the time.
Also Dimebag didnt hate them who the fuck are we to judge?
>but apparently there was an actual "day that disco died", where some disco that had closed was destroyed in a controlled demolition and right next to it there was a bonfire where people were burning their disco records.
Wrong. It was a rock radio station promotion and they burned and smashed disco albums in a sports stadium. Station was in Chicago if I remember right. Disco wasn't really a thing until the early 80s, and yes, most hated it. It was that generation's version of kike pushed shit like Miley Cyrus and lil' niglets.
>but apparently there was an actual "day that disco died"
Of course. Boomers were perfectly fine consuming old product, Shlomo didn't like that.
I think they like to channel hatred or discontent into things that provoke conflict and division. Like you may have a bunch of people who sort of don’t like something, and (((they))) say why don’t you get together and show these people how much they shit you? Obviously a few agent provocateurs will be in the mob and will turn a mellow beer drinking day out into something offensive and hateful, so a natural tit for tat conflict begins from something no one cared that much about in the first place
I liked that one movie this guy was in.
Nickleback does fucking suck you retard. /mu/ should really not talk about music.
Disco was overplayed and obnoxious
Nickelback ruined my day at the pool at Mandalay Bay when they started doing their sound check while I was napping. Their concert wasn’t for like 7 hours...
The Jews at Goldstien records pulled the plug on Disco because it wasn't meeting subversion quotas.
Sure there was partying up and drug use but it didn't have the raw power of niggers glorifying criminality over a repetitive hypnotic backing track.
Nothing wrong with classic disco.


Okay. In simple terms. He sounds like Scott stapp.
This is so junkie. Disco is not dead, it branched into Rap and House music.
People had a visceral reaction to nickleback the same way straight men have a visceral reaction to a fag pinching their ass. Their gayness was unprecedented. Even the boy bands of the 90s couldn’t approach the unadulterated faggotry of nickleback.
They have some good song. I think they get more hate then they deserve, I mean I’d rather listen to them the nigger mumble rap or junkie boy pop music.
Nickleback hatred was from people realizing the Jews had finally taken over the music industry and destroyed independent radio stations across the country. That shit sucked and was played on a continuous loop every 20 minutes, but because the Clintons changed some laws- all the radio stations belonged to one of two companies who said play what we tell you goy.
when jews hate something, they cliche it
NB started as a Christian band. They were successful. Jews don't like Christians whose espouse Christian values. They torpedoed them. Mystery solved. Now go back to debating what to do about the roastie problem.
wonder if disco sucked because it was ultimately nigger music and it was not illegal to hate niggers back then?
Disco died out quickly due to the emergence of Country-Western music. Disco, unironically, was one of the best genres of music ever. It was truly black and white people making good music. The biggest problem with it is it went the way of outright debauchery, and I think it's accurate to say the Country-Western brought about a resurgence of music that didn't promote that type of degeneracy. In other words, whites pulled out of the genre because the lifestyle it promoted was destroying lives.

This is how we ended up with hip-hop clubs, and country-western bars. That schism continued until the late 90s/2000s when crossovers started happening, again. Examples are dumb rednecks doing country "rap" and groups like Outkast sampling country twangs and riffs from country music.

The industry was weaponized against us all, and occasionally it creates rifts between us (racism), and at other times, it "brings us together" (miscegenation). It's always on their terms, though. That's how (((they))) control us.

Good Disco:

Bad Disco:

Good Country-Western:
Anything by George and Tammy

Bad Country-Western:
Anything by David Allen Coe.
I don't listen to music with lyrics, you don't have to either. Never have another shitty song stuck in your head, never have someone else's over-inflated relationship drama in your head, never have another manufactured thought put in your head.

Music is a tool of shamans and religious enlightenment. It puts you in a meditative state and open to suggestion. It can make you feel the emotions of the composer, it can send shivers up and down your spine. It is a powerful tool and you're just letting the kike in to fuck with your head with suggestive lyrics in a chanting, sing song, literally brainwashing way.

It's not easy to quit and your brain will crave songs you used to love but give it time and you will start having entire movies play in your head to any song you wish, created entirely by you, any time you want.

When you hear a pop-song and it seems "catchy" or "good" what you're feeling is effective brainwashing. It primes you to feel something, you associate that strong emotion with the artist and give them cash for merch and shows.
Also it was because of this one Boomer who was a sportscaster he hated disco and he eventually lost his job because he would not play Disco because of this he went to a big soccer game and decide to burn all his shit with about a thousand other people causing the largest burning in a soccer match so far in reality she didn't kill disco but gave it enough bad publicity and because of that that nobody wanted to be associated with it a Neo Boomer ended Disco
It is manufactured hate, in a way, because their "music" is manufactured and bland sounding.
Nickelback hate is very performative. It's sort of like how people say they hated the Transformers movies, but every single release was profitable. People will say they hate something to fit in if they think that's the socially correct thing to say/do.

All that being said, Nickelback is pretty bad music, but there's nothing uniquely bad about it. They're not any worse than any other generic post-grunge band of that era, they just happened to be one of the most popular ones at the time. Anybody who acts like Nickelback is uniquely deserving of hate in a way beyond your typical corporate rock is probably trying to look cool themselves.

only listen to stuff like this
>It sounded a lot like the hate for nickelback throughout the 2000s. I was never a huge fan but the visceral hatred for them always felt fake as fuck

really? nickelback was like the worst music ever to be popular though. it really wasn't a fake sentiment
>the hate for nickleback seems manufactured

I have never, in all my years, met another person who noticed this. It was like hatred for the band was memed into existence.
Is it time to make release the new set election PMV (Political Music Videos ), Nickelback edition ???
Millenial/GenX here. Grunge/Alternative music was big in the 1990s and early 2000s. The assault on nickleback was post-9/11. The Jews did this so they could usher in their rap music extravaganza to encourage coal-burning while America was at war. This has consistently happened since WW2. White man feels all Patriotic and goes and bleeds for Israel fighting their enemies. Comes home to see his women fucking niggers and engaged in horrendous degeneracy. Doesn't recognize the country he left.
>Because nickleback was played ad nauseum on every radio station and their music is pleb trash
Everybody Wang Chung tonight.
>media manufacture schlock music
Funny thing about disco, it's still here just even more hedonistic and of worse quality.
Fuck. Is Chad Kroger Jewish?
Lately I've been noticing Jews who I previously had no idea were Jews. Kate Bush for example. So sad..
My favorite Pantera album
Well said