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Lets talk about South Sudan

The man are an average height of 6'4.
Keep in mind they live in African shitholes where they don't have food.
Once they get proper nutrition they'll probably be 6'8 on average. The average height of the Netherlands, the country of the uberchads of the white race are only 6'1 on average and they have proper first world nutrition.

What happens when white women find out about these black gods? They'll be travelling in droves to Africa to get a taste of superior African seed.
Why is it that the black man is so much more physically capable than the white man? What can we do about it?

Women are more atttacted to the stocky West African type (from Senegal to Gulf of Africa) rather than the thin lanklet East African type (Nilothic, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya)
In high school English class I had to read a book (nonfiction, I forget the name) about a Dinka kid in South Sudan whose entire village was killed/enslaved by Refugees from North Sudan and he had to go on the run and fled the country. It happened mostly in 1983 - 1993 but these Dinka tribals were still using iron spears and maybe had one real rifle per village, and they absolutely got btfo by Refugees with AK47s and jet aircraft. There was also an incredible amount of rape and slavery, the Refugees would enslave Dinka's and rape them into compliance to work their fields or as house slaves, both men and women. Also despite both being oppressed by Refugees the Dinka and other nearby black tribes did not unite but still hated each other over retarded tribal feuds and killed/raped skittles from other tribes that tresspassed on *their* territory.

I think my English teacher thought the book would make us sympathize with non-whites or hate colonialism or something, but the only thing I got from it was that Dinka's (and Africans in general) are retarded tribals and Refugees are evil yet far more cunning/intelligent/advanced than them. Considering the average Refugee is like 5' 5" I think higher relative intelligence matters FAR more than MUH HEIGHT for determining objective superiority.

Refugee immigrant in Netherlands films young Dutch boy naked at gunpoint


Had enough diversity yet?

How about you dutch cucks show you have some fucking balls?
>A faggot got lured by a Refugee for a robbery

Yeesh I did not know /nl/ cared so much about junkies
Guaran-fuckin-teed if he had gone out swinging and yelling that Mohammed is sucking dick in Hell, that his people would be claiming that he deserved to die for being insensitive. Guaranteed. Also I can't fucking wait for the pendulum to come swinging back like the wrath of God. We're going to live to see some unbelievable shit, stay frosty out there anons.