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>Netherlands : Politician Willie Dille who was gangraped and...

>Netherlands : Politician Willie Dille who was gangraped and threatened further for "fighting Islam"- commits suicide


who's suicide list ?
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Very nice I hate women

1 in 6 couples in Holland is interracial


Interracial breading grounds arent in USA but in the middle of europe, in little blonde Holland
>most of these couples consist of a Dutch woman and a Moroccan or Turkish man.


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Dutch women are the worst females I ever met. Even sheboons are better. And their men are the biggest pussies and degenerates I ever saw. Brits are close second n
>Nearly 659 thousand of the 4.2 million couples in the Netherlands are mixed race couples
>German-Dutch comes in second place with 154 thousand and Belgian-Dutch in third with 44 thousand.

Yes, German-Dutch is a mixed race relationship.