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Southern Europe bashing the Netherlands

How about FUCK YOU Italy and all you other southern garlic countries. It’s not our problem you completely fail at managing your national budget. You should have listened earlier and cut your expenses during Economic prosperity like the Northern countries. We are not paying you a single dime. How can u even be upset by our response you poorly organized leeches.

>be Italy
>pay into the EU for decades
>never get anything in return
>ask for help once
What is it Italy paying 7 billion a year to the EU for again?
but they are still going to help our countries, the thing is that our politicians don't want to make cuts on public spendings so they want your countries to give it without any conditions
which is really shameful desu, I hope they didn't help us so my retarded commie country falls apart but you guys are going to save our asses with your taxes, again
>Increasingly irrelevant northern European countries pretend like they don't need their captive market to compete.

Europe is increasingly serving less of a purpose in the global markets. China is doing everything the Europeans did but better. Instead of tending to their economic backyard, the Nazi countries think they can face the US and China alone. When Italy, Spain and France say fuck you, you will rethink this.

Netherlands stole our medical shipment!

>To the question, whether the information that Netherlands has commandeered an Estonian medical shipment, is true, Kiik [Minister of Health of Estonia] responded - yes.

>"It is true that a medical shipment did not arrive from Netherlands to Estonia. We are still figuring out the details between the parties. I have been told from PERH [largest hospital in North Estonia], that the money has been returned, but the fact is that it was an export block within the EU, which we believe to be a very bad tone. We have talked about this with the foreign minister and our colleagues. We are in every video conference with ministers. It is understandable that export blocks happen to countries outside of the EU, but within the Union, where we have the free movement of goods, and we cannot block goods to other countries, it is simply fracturing the European Union", said Kiik


First Germany steal italia medical helps, then our chloroquine stock """disappear"""" then we supposedly stole UK medical shipment. Just get to show how hypocrite the UE is. I hope it'll burn to the ground.
The weak should fear the strong
Francet tried to pull this shit with us and we threatened them.