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What are the best countries in the world

I personally think it's, in this order:

1. Netherlands
2. Denmark
3. Switzerland

No one really comes close, beautiful land, mildly cold climate, beautiful, chill and well cultured people, and, quite obviously, high quality of life. But more than that, maybe the highest quality of people in the world, which is the most important factor. What is the secret behind their success? I think it's the land, such beautiful land inspired them to take a good care of it.

Politics suck but you can get some nice farmland and just leave society for an indefinate time.
>All politically leftist and full of brown shit.
Come on, Rossiya. I know they have gibs, but have some dignity
I lived in the Netherlands for two years. It sucks. Rains every fucking day. Cold as fuck. Winter time there is basically no sun for six months if you work an office job. Terrible food. Everyone is (((direct))) which means they are fucking assholes 100% of the time. And everyone is 6'5", even the women, so trying to fuck anyone naturally when you aren't 7ft tall is impossible.

Yes, Netherlands!

Yes, Netherlands!
> The laughing stock of the world

Look at this tool.
Local football hooligans are against the riots, threatening counteraction if shops are plundered or damaged
Ichfrage euch:WolltihrdentotalenBurgerkrieg?