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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Norway, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norway

Norway is rising. In 3 years we will overtake the Finnish po...

Norway is rising.
In 3 years we will overtake the Finnish population.
In 13 years we will overtake the Danish population.
...and then Norway will be the strongest Nordic nation BY FAR
One day in the distant future Norway will rule everything AND THAT'S A FACT


Alla javla norrman har liten kuk lmao
fuck off red sweden.
Both the Orkney and Shetland Islands have said they will apply to become part of Norway if Scotland becomes independent.
Would Norwegians welcome these islanders and their territory?

What's Norway actually like?

Nobody can actually list what they like about Norway without mentioning the benefits.
>"Oh man as a millennial internet cosmopolitan with liberal tendencies, I sure love this place..."
>that's boring
>and expensive
>with horrible weather
>with 20 hours of darkness in winter
>where everything is expensive
>with high taxes
>and janteloven
>that's very socially insular
>where I'll never fit in
>..."it's so great that everyone is middle class and we don't have to worry about healthcare"
Seems to me like all the praise is coming from Bernout reddit types just fantasizing about their lives being exactly the same, but without financial trouble or debt.

Can any Norwegian bros tell me what it's really like? It seems like a nice place if you just want to be left alone and enjoy nature. Seems like it's full of white natives who dislike foreigners and are secretly very protective of their culture and keep outsiders at arms length. Sounds a bit like Utah if I'm honest (which is a good thing).

Low population density, beautiful landscape, and just in general it's a very wealthy country with some of the highest quality of life globally for its people. If I had to choose another country to live in Norway would be probably top 3 choices, possibly number 1.
Cold, that's enough
It's a country for Norwegians. They do not want you there. You are American. Live in America.