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Refugee confronts Norwegian who burned Qu'ran


How many christian churches have been burned by Refugees in norway?
refugees in non refugee countries are pure cancer
Holy shit, I wouldn't have been able to hold myself from punching this sandnigger's cocksucking mouth.
Srsly, 5s into the video and he goes from acting all tough to crying like a pussy about what a victim he is. Fucking disgusting. Islamoshits have no right to act like victims when their retarded beliefs are the cause for hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.

Not all refugees are creepers but all creepers are refugees.

Norway is rising. In 3 years we will overtake the Finnish po...

Norway is rising.
In 3 years we will overtake the Finnish population.
In 13 years we will overtake the Danish population.
...and then Norway will be the strongest Nordic nation BY FAR
One day in the distant future Norway will rule everything AND THAT'S A FACT


fuck off red sweden.
Both the Orkney and Shetland Islands have said they will apply to become part of Norway if Scotland becomes independent.
Would Norwegians welcome these islanders and their territory?
Just don't take skittles and immigrants from middle East and North Africa! I'm an Indian and don't take indians too! Keep the country peaceful from these Africans and Refugees who will ræpe your wômēn and gìrls! Not Even descendants of Africans and Refugees should be allowed! If they really want to take immigrants take wômēn and gìrls only!