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Norwegian Krone(NOK)


Don't really care, but still slightly smug. I had an ex who worked for DNV and wouldn't shut up about how great Norway was. You were a shitty little fishing village before Americans discovered oil there.

tl;dr get fucked
Having an oil export economy in a time of crashing oil prices is not good.
Does this mean I can now travel to Norway and fuck some tight blonde pussy on the cheap?

Why do women have no honor?

In Norway 80% of medical students are women and as many other countries today, we are in an economic crises. Yesterday, some military personnel got asked if they could work free in the crises (mostly male), they said yes. Medical students, however got offered part time jobs without pay to help in crises and they got furious (mostly female). This is after the government has paid for their education which cost millions of dollars and given them life insurance for life, and they are secured high pay jobs for the rest of their lives. The poor males fight for their country without question and do not need money or status in return. Rich, privileged women, however, do not lift a finger without getting money for it.

Why do women lack honor?


Because woman are irrational, hysterical and childlike. It’s our fault for allowing them to be elevates above there status.
Can you imagine the future mental problems... they’ll have to marry someone poorer and dumber then a doctor
>Why do women lack honor?
From an evolutionary standpoint women simply weren't the ones running around hunting mammoths. Their breeding strategy was to get knocked up by Chad Thundercock and be alive long enough to have the baby. Chad Thundercock simply dumps his seed and then probably dies shortly after while fighting some wild animal. All of your questions stem from this shit