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Norway or Finland?

Hello my great friends of /no/

I will be moving away from my country. As i believe it has gone to hell. I don't feel safe in my own country anymore.
My dad grew up in the cities and he was born 64 he told me everything used to be so nice. I heard alot of storys from him.
And he has told me Sweden is a sinking ship. Which is why I'm making the decision to move away from my home country.
I had a great life growing up in this country and I'm still growing I'm finishing high school soon. But i just dont feel safe anymore.
And the other reason why I'm moving is i don't want to form a family in sweden because i want my kids to grow up feeling safe
in the enviorment they live in. I don't want my daughter to feel like she's gonna get raped everytime
she steps outside the house. I want my family to be safe! fuck sweden.

Right now i have been thinking about Norway and Finland the most as i love them the most of the Nordic countries

So I'm reaching out to you /no/ for advices what country should i move to? Norway or Finland.

I love both i see the Nordic countries as my family.

I'm a huge fan of the finnish millitary i wanted to join my countries millitary but i don't feel like serving a country that dosen't respect me.

Also I love cold and winter, A big fan of snowmobiles and hunting, I wanna live up north which country should i choose /no/ Should i choose Norway or Finland? I

Uh, beware of NAV and Barnevernet. I've seen so many of my friends families broken up, I decided to move here.
If you avoid Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa There are lots of cities in the south with 0 niggers and a lot of swedish speakers.
Fuck off, we're full

Biggest protest in Norway in years...

It is quite a while since we have seen such a big demonstration here in Norway, even though it´s not legal for more than 50 people to gather. Thousands are protesting in Oslo and other cities, for an american crininal.....

>from vikings to this
What are they even protesting? The small colonial trading outposts Norway established in Africa?
What have Norwegians done to blacks?
Do something in minecraft or stop complaining

We already have 150 threads per day about this