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Norway is rising. In 3 years we will overtake the Finnish po...

Norway is rising.
In 3 years we will overtake the Finnish population.
In 13 years we will overtake the Danish population.
...and then Norway will be the strongest Nordic nation BY FAR
One day in the distant future Norway will rule everything AND THAT'S A FACT

We will soon get 4 of these beauties
Obviously you don't know that welfare state is going to struggle with this "boom" and the economic growth is not following the population growth. as of now expect more taxes and benefits to disappear with or without Covid. Even oil cant keep artificially supporting our bloat.
norse chaliphate is rising
Refugee Norway then?
Good, I always wanted to bashed some snowniggers heads.
Your "country" will fade into irrelevancy once the oil runs out. Have fun selling fish again Asgeir Finnbjornson.
Based, if that rising population is due to white births and not jogger immigration.
Separate, segregate. Nationalism is for us all.
Just like the rainbow, colors need to be separate.
Norway does best by keeping a low profile and not inserting itself into every world issue. You have oil wealth and a government that does well speculating on markets. What you don't have is what you actually need if you were to expand. So it will never happen unless Norway becomes the center of the Northern nations. Don't go South. Go West and East
Which is better historically, the Danes or the Swedes? The Swedish have a pretty impressive military history but the Danes were really good at whipping drunken Norwegian bums.
Norge-sama I kneel!
Ta medisinen din bror.
Stop talking about Norway. It's awful there. Very cold. Mostly just snow and rock. There are snowmen and they eat your children and pets. No one should talk about it or even think about it. Definitely don't go there. Let's all forget about Norway.
Finlands prime minister with some young skittles

good for you Tyrone, we know blacks have a lot of kids so it's not like it surprises us
still, I wish you wouldn't use the term 'nordic', it's so passé
You mean joggers and sandniggers, yeah.
Wonderful. I wish you all the best. Please get rid of your non-whites as soon as possible.
lol nei dude vi er sakte men sikkert på vei ned med resten av europa
You know who's responsible for the growth right?
Hint: They are not white.
I look forward to doing my part for the Norgo-Danish Kingdom.

Just keep it hyggeligt :)
Norway is, and has always been the nordic:s little bitch that Denmark and Sweden are taking turn raping.
13 years a slave lmao
Norway’s jogger and sand jogger population will increase.
I am ready. Maybe I'm able to get into a job interview for the first time. It' is very common in my country that people rarely get a job, even a cleaning job. There are usually 300-700 unemployed applicants for 1 job position. We have the worst youth unemployment rate when comparing to other Nordic countries. kek
gib white giant gf
No one cares about a bunch of morose herring eaters.
Yeah, its rising. But not with native norwegians.
What do yo have besides oil? I admit Norway seems to be the best run western country but so far you've been too small to merit a lot of attention from subversives.
Det skal i fanme ikke. I kan komme og besøge lige så tosset i vil, men i skal skride hjem igen
Aren’t you guys all the same or something lol
>being proud of shitskins coming to your country faster than others
Nordmand, I...
Rearry? Norway!
can you guys please stay white in the process? take my flag as a cautionary tale/"you have no idea how bad things really are"
Problem is it will be refugee kek
why Norwegians are so based than other Scandinavian cuckoos?
We'll pillage Scandinavia anytime.
Norway is like Sweden, but even stronger.
Sure but does it matter when you can’t call men dressing up as women mentally ill?
You´re a traiterous niggerloving kike. You have no roots to any country, and least to Norway. Die lonely and sad you schizophrenic kike.
Well done Norway, well done Norway
Naw, you’ll get blacked soon.
I like the confidence Norbro, good luck!
> Tens of times larger than Switzerland
> Only half the population

Alla javla norrman har liten kuk lmao
fuck off red sweden.
Both the Orkney and Shetland Islands have said they will apply to become part of Norway if Scotland becomes independent.
Would Norwegians welcome these islanders and their territory?