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Is Poland anti Semetic?

Hey guys my wife and I have family originating in Poland, but our family lost everything in the Holocaust (26 family members dead in my family alone). Anyways, the economy is good, finance sector is good, and its not controlled by Nazis or Communists. I visited Auschwitz last year and the country is beautiful. So would you guys be open to a Jew moving back?

>Hey guys my wife and I have family originating in Poland
fuck off jew. you do not want to go there. only death awaits you
Why the fuck do you want to move from a kike infested land to a kike ridden land. Don't you have your own land these days, Isreal? What is wrong with you and your people anyways!

A post found on one of polish sites: >Tonight they released...

A post found on one of polish sites:

>Tonight they released my brother in law from arrest in Minsk and I feel obliged to describe to you what happens there, because it's beyond human imagination: the first day consisted of standing with you arms high and facing the wall while they beat you from time to time. You cannot speak or drop your arms or you will be beaten even more. During the whole day you are not given any food or water, or even a permission to use the toilet. During the beating they repeated saying thigs like "we will teach you how to vote" or "now you'll know who's you president". Anyone who tried to argument with the police was beaten, sometimes to unconsciousness. If you tried to be a hero - you were practically leaving in an ambulance. The arrestees were given some documents to sign, probably to be used against them in court. No sign = beating. After a day, the arrestees were taken to cells and even given some water. Around 50 people in a cell designed for 3-4 people, so they still had to stand up. Lots of people were unable to walk by then, so they were transported directly to the hospital. Some people were so traumatized they couldn't recognize their own family upon release. Women and girls got similar treatment, they were getting undressed, getting beaten, threatened with rape and getting called "polish whores".

This is the picture of Belarussian "based authoritarian government" you admire so much. Spread the info.

I’m glad White Russia crack down on the commie scum.
Just avoid globohomo protest and be fine!
Yes, that is based. I want dictatorship, I want violence, I want the killing of junkies and jews, I want the killing of any social liberals. You're right, this isn't what I want. This is nothing compared to what I want.