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Rejecting rapefuges is illegal now

>Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have violated EU law in 2015. That is what the European court has decided.

>These countries refused to implement a decision by the other EU states to take in over 160000 refuges.

The EU has to be destroyed.


Why can't they just grow a pair and leave like the britbongs did
>The EU has to be destroyed.
It seems to be doing a good job of that by itself.
No intervention necessary.
Can someone please tell me who voted to bring them in in the first place?

It was the EU not the people right I get that, but who as in which countries?

Genuinely want to know.

Poland closed border for russian Il-76 with humanitarian aid...

Poland closed border for russian Il-76 with humanitarian aid for Italy.
What is that?
Now it takes 4 times more time to get to Italy (1 refueling).
16 planes flied already

well, why should poland put itself in danger? russia and italy have business between themselves. its not for russia to abuse poland.
no one wants your commie masks
> Some people remember how Ivan started it's invasion of Afghanistan with fake flights

Sorry, Ivan. Fool me once....