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Poland demands Germany pay £777 BILLION in compensation

>It is estimated more than six million Poles perished during the 1939 to 1945 German occupation. This amounted to 21 per cent of pre-war population, meaning Poland suffered the most war-related deaths per capita of any country during the worst ever conflict.
>Cultural artefacts were either demolished or stolen while almost two thirds of the country's industry and more than three quarters of its infrastructure lay in ruins.
>And unlike other countries which suffered the horrors of Nazism, reparations have only been paid to Polish families affected by the Holocaust and other atrocities.

at this point it would be better to pay and boost our Polish white society, there's still potential for us, but you Germans are already done, so instead of paying off your faggy agenda why not finally redeem yourselves as destroyers of the white race and pay what's due?

no gibs , we broke
FFS. Both Poland and Germany is under attack. Our nations are dying and we're getting replaced.
Shouldn't we fight against (((them))) instead of behaving like liberators?
Ok we´ll pay you for your tough luck Poland. But first go to Putin and let him pay you 7.777 billion for doing more damage.
Once you got payed by Russia, we pay you.

Also your citizen must pay German taxes for wörking here, you wont get funded by the EU (Germany in extension) anymore and you will pay road taxes for your trucks going into/through Germany.

I´d rather shut up and take history like your woman take Germans. With much appreciation that it could have been much worse.
>Seriously though, why do so many female Polish qt3.14 get themselve an average German guy? I also know some male Poles and they are attractive, cute and not so...intimidated as many Germans are. Though they all have German ancestry in some way and tend to come from the western side of Poland while the woman come from the eastern side... Is that the reason?

Poland 15 year old boy stands defiand against fag parade

Poland will save Europe once again.
The question is, what are YOU doing to help /pl/ack?

>eu threatens to stop gibs
>"okay so we have fags now but at least they're WHITE! POLAND STRONK"
screencap this. or don't, i don't even care anymore

Why did they arrest him?