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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Poland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poland

Is Poland shit?

I swear I see no one on here that says anything good about Poland even the Polish themselves on here don't say much that is positive about it.

Poland is Mexico of europe, well today is more mexico of europe ukraine, but i still like to call poland mexico of europe
>Is Poland shit?
A little bit
to answer quickly, perhaps, but I like the Polish people

Polish people in the UK

Most of them can't speak a word of English yet somehow are given a pass for that. Yet when an Refugee or African doesn't know English he's accused of "not assimilating" and "not taking part in British society"

Why the double standard?

>most of them

They assimilate a lot better than refugee do. Would you rather we have more refugees than slavs?
Poles, Refugees and Africans do all the actual work in this country, they belong here more than the natives.
You can keep them