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Polish elections WON! Far-right party Konfederacja got into parliament

7% of Poles, 20% of Poles between 18-29 years old voted for Konfederacja.

>What is Konfederacja
Polish far-right party composed of Polish nationalists, free marketers and monarchists.
In a few years, when more young people will have the right to vote, the Konfederacja will be able to take power in Poland.

Are they going to make a coalition with your big party?
I bet their voters are all doctors and lawyers. Totally not a populist party that gets votes from drunkards, junkies and racist bigots who never got an education.
>free marketers and monarchists

Lesson one if you are attacked by a rapist. Don't try and fi...

Lesson one if you are attacked by a rapist. Don't try and fight him. Just give him what he wants and when he leaves, call the cops. No matter what feminists say, women are not as physically strong as men and you're not going to be able to overpower your attacker. You will just end up like this unfortunate lady.


Hopefully this will wake up some Polish people to the horrors of multiculturalism back home, and help Konfederacja, the ultra right-wing party in Poland, gain a bit more support.