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Poland VS Ukraine

Where should I move /pl/?

>1 post by this ID
>300 posts thread by butthurt Poles arguing with Germans that they are not poor

Pottery. Jew laughs at you all, dumbfucks. This is why we work 40h a week on Kosher plantation in exchange for chikenfeed.
Ukraine is more based and redpilled
Urine/poo. Difficult choice

Why Did Hitler Invade Poland?

If it was the Jews that were against him, he tried to get them to leave Germany (Haavara Agreement), etc. Why did he invade Poland if his concern was just Germany?

I can't figure it out

Why did Hitler invade Belgium?
I was just thinking about this today. Why not just come up with the final solutions and make it the final solution.

The Jews know how to get the whites so fired up we start attacking ourselves as well as the Jews, when the Jews are the rooot cause.
because poles were killing ethnic Germans after they were gifted the land post WW1