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Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa

Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa
Jarosław Stróżyk
To naprawdę niezrozumiałe, dlaczego sekretarz obrony USA nie złożył w Polsce oficjalnej wizyty od prawie 7 lat.

Tak polski kontrwywiad wojskowy obciąga kutasa
Patrycjusz Wyżga
O ministrze @Kaminski_M_ mówi były szef @AWgovPL płk Grzegorz Małecki.
Tak polski kontrwywiad wojskowy obciąga kutasa
Oświadczenie Prokuratury Krajowej w sprawie fałszywych oskarżeń Prezesa NIK o bezprawne gromadzenie dowodów w jego sprawie.
Tak polski kontrwywiad wojskowy obciąga kutasa
Ponad 660 tys. zł dla uniewinnionego Marokańczyka . Nie należał do Państwa Islamskiego

Why is Poland so based and why all the jealousy hatred by so...

Why is Poland so based and why all the jealousy hatred by some ignoramus Westoids? It achieved quite a lot, certainly more than given credit for. Charles Murray's book Human Accomplishment lists Poland's contributions to the world in the top 15. On a per capita basis, it has a very respectable list of Nobel winners, created Europe's first constitution, saved Europe twice in 1683 and 1919, and arguably, along with Hungary, is saving Europe from itself as the EU is going to leftist shit. Also, Poland has hot women, the world's strongest men and some of the best MMA fighters, largest producer of video games in Europe, great economic growth for 26+ years straight despite decades of imposed communism and being destroyed in WW2, unable to receive aid from the Marshall Plan. The only reason why Poland isn't a powerhouse like France is because of its shitty geography and shitty neighbors. That said, Poland is the noblest, bravest, safest nation in Europe, and one of the few with balls and common sense.

Say something nice about Poland. No shit posts.

>le based polan!!!!!
>jew PM apologizing for le six gorillion on every goddamn occasion
>millions of ukrainitards and jogger migrants
GTFO shill
(((right wing)))
PiSrael are either jews or judeophiles. No wonder they love to deepthroat USraeli/EU/Vatican's cock.