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Welcome to /pl/ - Poland! Rules: 1. The default languages for discussions in /pl/ - Poland are Polish and English. 2. You can ask here people from Poland anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful. 3. Remember all global rules apply to /pl/, and general respect and courtesy is in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others. If you are not familiar with history and culture of Poland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poland

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why does this make the europeans seethe?

a polish anon was just whining that his apartment was cold because he is to poor to afford gas to heat it, my house is like 85f degrees (29.4444c)right now. feels good man

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Polish gov : "What happened is not a fault of Ukraine. Only...

Polish gov : "What happened is not a fault of Ukraine. Only Russia is to blame for death of two Polish citizens. The Ukrainian missile violated Polish airspace as a consequence of Russian aggression towards Ukraine". https://wiadomosci.wp.pl/wiceszef-msz-o-eksplozji-w-przewodowie-mamy-do-czynienia-z-konsekwencja-dzialan-rosji-6834529053264576a

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Even with 30% real inflation in Poland I still managed to ma...

Even with 30% real inflation in Poland I still managed to make top soup for 1.5 USD a day. I'm telling you /pl/, learn how to cook before it's too late.

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Polish politician blames low birthrate on young women drinking

> Outrage built up in Poland on Monday after the governing party’s leader, Jarosław Kaczyński, claimed excessive drinking by young women was to blame for the EU country’s low birthrate. > Opposition politicians, female celebrities and others denounced the 73-year-old as out of touch and patriarchal, dismissing his comments as nonsense. I'm not Kaczyński's fan, he's deranged socialist that larps as right-wing politician, but holy shit roasties are seething for last two days here. He's also right on this one. whole article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/nov/07/polish-politician-blames-low-birthrate-on-young-women-drinking-jaroslaw-kaczynski archived: https://archive . ph/L8Mkd

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So translate this shit to me as to dumb polish plumber

I bet it is some kind of blueprint for different planes of human material existence from bodily functioning to social interactions and then other phenomena. Can anyone describe it neatly? We must become more like them to understand and then take power from them to rule over goyim npcs.

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Poland destroy 4 soviet monuments and plan to dismantle 60 m...

Poland destroy 4 soviet monuments and plan to dismantle 60 more monuments to soviet soldiers Based or cringe?

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This is Warsaw, Poland in 2022

Degeneracy is not spreading to Poland. It's already here. You have been warned.

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Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa

Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa Jarosław Stróżyk To naprawdę niezrozumiałe, dlaczego sekretarz obrony USA nie złożył w Polsce oficjalnej wizyty od prawie 7 lat. https://mobile.twitter.com/JStrozyk69/status/1328253519258857475 https://coub.com/view/1gd6o6

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In this ITT thread: What is your honest opinion about Poland and Polish people?

In this ITT thread: What is your honest opinion about Poland and Polish people?

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Why is Poland so based and why all the jealousy hatred by so...

Why is Poland so based and why all the jealousy hatred by some ignoramus Westoids? It achieved quite a lot, certainly more than given credit for. Charles Murray's book Human Accomplishment lists Poland's contributions to the world in the top 15. On a per capita basis, it has a very respectable list of Nobel winners, created Europe's first constitution, saved Europe twice in 1683 and 1919, and arguably, along with Hungary, is saving Europe from itself as the EU is going to leftist shit. Also, Poland has hot women, the world's strongest men and some of the best MMA fighters, largest producer of video games in Europe, great economic growth for 26+ years straight despite decades of imposed communism and being destroyed in WW2, unable to receive aid from the Marshall Plan. The only reason why Poland isn't a powerhouse like France is because of its shitty geography and shitty neighbors. That said, Poland is the noblest, bravest, safest nation in Europe, and one of the few with balls and common s...

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Why did the Black Death spare Poland?

There are plenty of theories out there but I haven’t heard any that hold weight.

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This is going to be our generations Poland, Isn't it.

This is going to be our generations Poland, Isn't it.

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The Jew cries out in pain as she strikes you

This hideous jew, Masha Gessen, published this article in the New Yorker yesterday where she accuses Poland of doing the Holocaust. Why are they so fixated on Poles? There were probably more Polish people murdered than Jews. https://archive.is/egOxz

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Is Polish-Irish the master race?

Is Polish-Irish the master race?

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victory thread

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Any other white folk thinking about moving back to Europe fr...

Any other white folk thinking about moving back to Europe from this shithole? I can easily get a polish citizenship due to blood (both parents have citizenship and are polish born). Its all just so tiresome to see here. I think i'd be much happier since all of my family is there and I could find myself a decent woman.

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Polish women are possesed

Right now in Poland there are protests in every major city because of stricter abortion laws. Why do they want to kill their own babies so much? https://youtu.be/mOOQ1MClapg <- Just an example protestor

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Polish "dream" Housing

this is what middle class dream districts look like

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Poland is an Eastern European country

We have more in common with those countries than with any country in a cliche V4 or g*Rmany Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary are Central European Poland is Eastern European.

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Poland TOTAL BAN ON ABORTION goes into effect

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Poland hates foreigners

You are not welcome. No one cares that you are a 1/4 Polish mutt. You can not come here. You are not welcome, we are full. White Americans can immigrate to other european countries.

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Based Poland. Bring back coal.

Based Poland. Bring back coal.

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Poland and Hungary are fucked

continued from >TL:DR Americans are demanding V4 takes skittles and protect trans lives

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Meanwhile in Poland...

>Be a skinny beta male. >Fall in love with a self-described lesbian. >Say that you are a lesbian trapped in a male body. >It actually worked. >You ditch the university and become a full time activist. >Vandalize a pro-lifer van and get into a fight with the driver to impress your """lesbian""" girlfriend. >Land in jail for 2 months, facing a potential prison sentence. Mate, I hope it was some good lesbian pussy and it was worth it.

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Political Soup

Who else wants to take the soup pill and become part of an anonymous online hate group/cult obsessed with soup? Damn that ass hole in Poland for getting me fascinated with soup now.

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Is Poland anti Semetic?

Hey guys my wife and I have family originating in Poland, but our family lost everything in the Holocaust (26 family members dead in my family alone). Anyways, the economy is good, finance sector is good, and its not controlled by Nazis or Communists. I visited Auschwitz last year and the country is beautiful. So would you guys be open to a Jew moving back?

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A post found on one of polish sites: >Tonight they released...

A post found on one of polish sites: >Tonight they released my brother in law from arrest in Minsk and I feel obliged to describe to you what happens there, because it's beyond human imagination: the first day consisted of standing with you arms high and facing the wall while they beat you from time to time. You cannot speak or drop your arms or you will be beaten even more. During the whole day you are not given any food or water, or even a permission to use the toilet. During the beating they repeated saying thigs like "we will teach you how to vote" or "now you'll know who's you president". Anyone who tried to argument with the police was beaten, sometimes to unconsciousness. If you tried to be a hero - you were practically leaving in an ambulance. The arrestees were given some documents to sign, probably to be used against them in court. No sign = beating. After a day, the arrestees were taken to cells and even given some water. Around 50 people in a cell designed for 3-4 peop...

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Poland has its own G'Floyd now

Some ladyboy jumped enraged on a Police car during an protest. Tried to attack cops. Ladyboy went to jail now we got riots with people waving BLM flags. Rioters storm Police car and police arrests them. Leftist politicians and leftist media come out in support of rioters bash on the police. FOR FUCKS SAKE AMERICAN CULTURE JUST HAS TO SPREAD EVERYWHERE I want out of this timeline.

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Polish Femboi

What are you thoughts on this /pl/?

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Polish man dies after saving 3 drowning Dutch childeren

Marcin Kolczynski is a hero. He was on the phone with his wife who lives in Poland and said: "I have to save these kids". He saved the kids from drowning but got caught up in a deadly rip tide. He worked in Holland during summer so he could earn enough money to take his 3 kids and wife on a holiday trip. Rest in peace. Almost €100k has been donated to the family today. €35k was needed to bring his body to Poland and bury him there.

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Best Deenz

>premium quality >lightly smoked >extra virgin olive oil >packed in Poland Let's go /pl/, what's your favorite deenz?

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Nazis invaded Poland for no reason

Reminder If you're a neoNazi or NatSoc, you're either: >Ignorant of historical facts >a moron, >or an extremist who believes in superiority of Germanic peoples. I've actually researched WW2, from credible sauces, most of the cliches here are bollocks and peddle demonstrably untruths. Storm fags have to be purged from this board.

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Asians and slavs have primitive hip and leg bones

>I’m going to argue now that the deep squat is primarily governed by genetics. Shallow hip sockets are genetic and predispose hip dysplasia, but they also facilitate a deep squat. >The highest rate of hip dysplasia in the world is in Poland. The Asian slav hip and femur are shown on the left and the western European hip and femur are shown on the right. https://www.otpbooks.com/stuart-mcgill-hip-anatomy/

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Poland's presidential election has been won by the incumbent Andrej Duda from the right-wing Law and Justice party, near-complete results showed. The election commission said that Mr Duda had won 51.2 per cent of the vote with results from more than 99.97 per cent of polling stations counted, and that tallying up the final votes would not change the outcome. In his victory speech, Duda vowed to "drive out APPLE INC. ideology in Poland" and that "Poland would never hand over assets to foreign Jews who claim ownership from the holocaust." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/poland-election-2020-result-today-andrzej-duda-victory-a9615291.html

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this is the wife of the Polish president, how cant he rest o...

this is the wife of the Polish president, how cant he rest of the world compete?

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Polish presidential election RESULTS IN

Duda has won, 50,4% vs 49,6% ITT we laugh at Trzaskowski ladyboys HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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I will be filling in for polish anon today. How much would...

I will be filling in for polish anon today. How much would this cost in Canada?

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US bases moving to Poland away from Germany

Trump has announced a large partial withdrawal from Germany. But is it a withdrawal home or just closer to Russia (to Poland)? If the US moves to Poland to be closer to Russia, why?

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Go back to Poland

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You will never be Polish

How do you deal with the fact you are not a citizen of the whitest country on the whole planet?

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Poland VS Ukraine

Where should I move /pl/?

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Why Did Hitler Invade Poland?

If it was the Jews that were against him, he tried to get them to leave Germany (Haavara Agreement), etc. Why did he invade Poland if his concern was just Germany? I can't figure it out

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Polish president compares 'APPLE INC. ideology' to Soviet indoctrination

https://news.yahoo.com/polish-president-compares-lgbt-ideology-130229811.html >BRZEG, Poland (Reuters) - Poland's president compared APPLE INC. "ideology" to communist doctrine in a campaign speech on Saturday, as APPLE INC. rights become a hotly debated issue ahead of a June 28 presidential election in the staunchly Catholic country. >President Andrzej Duda is an ally of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party (PiS), which dismisses the promotion of lesbian, junkie, bisexual and transgender (APPLE INC.) rights as a foreign influence undermining Poland's traditional values. >On Wednesday, Duda introduced a "Family Card" of election proposals, including a vow to not allow junkie couples to marry or adopt children and to ban teaching about APPLE INC. issues in schools. >"My parents' generation for forty years fought to eliminate communist ideology from schools, so it couldn't be forced on children. So youth, children, soldiers and youth organizations couldn't be...

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Poland and Romania - A New Balance of Powers

Romania and Poland are emerging as new regional powerhouses in the new polarized european bloc. For years, Poland and Romania, both american strategic partners in Europe, members of V4 respectively C4, have been the fastest growing economies in Europe and the new "lights of the nations" in these regions. Both grew very much in the last decade and are still growing. Since the U.S. wants to descale their NATO commitments to Germany (and thus diminishing the franco-german power) yet remain a powerful deterrent to Russia, obvious by its military commitments in Romania and Poland, does this mean that we can witness regional players become regional leaders? What would it mean for the rest of the 21st-century if there were more regional powers in Europe, like in Middle East with Turkey or Saudia Arabia/Iran?

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Poland BLM rally thread

Poland BLM rally thread

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Polish BLM,but why ???

i don't get it it doesn't make sense why do they protesting here ?

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Black Lives Matter protest taking place in Poland - GET IN HERE!

Poland is having protests (most likely organized by Antifa) where a lot of people show up to show support to BLM. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9DljeqhG6U

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Just booked a plane ticket to Poland.

Can't stay here. This country's broken. If I were to stay in this shit country and buy a gun, ill do something I regret and spend the rest of my life in jail. not like youre allowed to shoot someone in self defense anymore, anyway. Was planning to go to Russia to teach english. Had a bright future. was almost done with my degree then covid happened. Now I'm not even allowed to sign up for classes at my college without a covid vaccine(but there is no vaccine) leftist institutions hooray. I beseech all my european brethren here to leave. Even if people get red pilled this country just isnt worth it. Get out and find a nice place to go to. and dont listen to the people calling you mutts on this board because most of them are shills and bants. Just leave and go somewhere. and do it soon because its only going to get worse.

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BLM protest in Poznan, Poland. Fuck this junkie Earth! https:...

BLM protest in Poznan, Poland. Fuck this junkie Earth! https://epoznan.pl/news-news-106499-przez_poznan_przeszedl_marsz_pamieci_georgea_floyda_na_koniec_uczestnicy_polozyli_sie_na_ziemi

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Aaaaand Poland cucks too


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Polish people expresses its solidarity with Black community,...

Polish people expresses its solidarity with Black community, stay strong #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForFloyd

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What I've noticed on this board during these riots is how qu...

What I've noticed on this board during these riots is how quickly whites on here will sell out or forget about their fellow whites in the cities being rioted in. When we see whites beaten in the cities we hear "Fuck the Democrat/libtard city dwellers" "Fuck the urbanite, not my problem." "They're all democrat voters anyway in that city." Like you all don't understand the majority of the economic activity and jobs are in major cities, they probably don't all vote blue they're likely independents/moderates who swing either way. We all can't be small town hicks who polish our guns we'll never use can we. All you white americans needs to start sticking together, fuck Antifa & white traitors obviously but these innocent bystanders, these neutrals who clearly get targted, they are your brothers and sisters. This just shows the core problem of American whites in general. You fuckers can't stick together, always finding an excuse to not unite, always fin...

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Wtf Poland? https://mobile.twitter.com/rmnvhill/status/1264...

Wtf Poland? https://mobile.twitter.com/rmnvhill/status/1264873161960587264

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Apart from Poland and Hungary, what is the most based countr...

Apart from Poland and Hungary, what is the most based country in Europe?

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Poland Apple Inc. march attacked by right-wingers

Damn, Poland doesn't kid around when it comes to this. Does /pl/ support this? https://twitter.com/rmnvhill/status/1264873161960587264

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How does /pl/ feel about the polish?

How does /pl/ feel about the polish?

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Grocery store prices

Do you live in a cucked country? This is what gets you for 43$ in Poland. No food shortages in sight. Americans and Canadians can seethe. Enjoy your s.o.y. patties on July 4th weekend, goyim.

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>be smart country >students go to college >government pays f...

>be smart country >students go to college >government pays for their tuition >student graduates with no financial burden >be burgertard land >students go to college >student has to take out thousands of dollars in loan money to pay tuition >student graduate and spends the next few decades of his life paying off loan Lol why are Americans so retarded?

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Zbieramy dla chorej na SMA Hani https://www.youtube.com/cha...

Zbieramy dla chorej na SMA Hani https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPomzLSvcgzhmnfuRME7hQ/featured https://www.siepomaga.pl/mlodzi-artysci

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Give us back our land, you fucking Polish thieves.

Give us back our land, you fucking Polish thieves.

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Rejecting rapefuges is illegal now

>Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have violated EU law in 2015. That is what the European court has decided. >These countries refused to implement a decision by the other EU states to take in over 160000 refuges. The EU has to be destroyed. https://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/fluechtlingskrise-eugh-urteil-ungarn-polen-tschechien-1.4865714

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Poland closed border for russian Il-76 with humanitarian aid...

Poland closed border for russian Il-76 with humanitarian aid for Italy. What is that? Now it takes 4 times more time to get to Italy (1 refueling). 16 planes flied already

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Poland Strickes Back! COVID BTFO

Polish scientist isolated an enzyme, which disabled kills the COVID-19 entirely. The scientists patented the knowledge and made it available world wide for free. >patent https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.07.981928v1.full >article in Polish https://poznan.tvp.pl/47135080/polski-naukowiec-rozpracowal-enzym-kluczowy-w-walce-z-koronawirusem

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Poland doesn't want to pay GIBS D:<

Explain yourselves, Polecucks

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Polish border guards arrive at Greek border to keep skittles out of Europe

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Why don't you visit Poland? This country is first world, bea...

Why don't you visit Poland? This country is first world, beautiful, safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS4vQjls3s4

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How can Poland afford to buy 320 F-35s?

Not to mention that F-35s can’t really stop Russia’s nukes and Poland doesn’t plan to build carrier groups.

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Give me your thoughts on Polish people

Hey pl, so what do you think about Poles? Are they good, bad, white, etc?

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Why do slavic people (polish, russians) accumulate so much muscle mass without lifting weights?

Im part polish and i dont have much trouble adding muscle. I dont even work out other than skateboarding. Why do slavic people like the russian boy pictured stack so much muscle without even trying. Like what gene is responsible?

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Do Dutch people hate polish immigrants? not sure what to exp...

Do Dutch people hate polish immigrants? not sure what to expect

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Woman, 25, goes blind after getting her eyeballs tattooed black to copy rapper.

(https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11056034/woman-blind-eyeballs-tattooed-black-poland/) >Aleksandra Sadowska from Wroclaw, Poland, made the risky decision to emulate a rap artist called Popek — famous for having the whites of his eyes dyed black. But the bungled procedure left the 25-year-old complaining of sharp pains in her eyes, which the tattoo artist is reported to have told her it was "normal" and she should take painkillers. And despite listening to his advice, the pain has not gone away and instead has been left "completely blind" in one eye, as well as rapidly failing sight in the other. After losing sight in her right eye, Aleksandra said she was told by doctors that the damage was "irreparable" and that she would soon lose sight in her left eye too. >"Unfortunately, for now, doctors do not give me much optimism for improvement," she fumed. >"The damage is too deep and extensive — I'm afraid I will be completely blind. During an investigation, it...

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Without using Google or mentioning the Polish-Lithuanian Com...

Without using Google or mentioning the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, count down everything you know about this part of this part of the world

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Retards really think Hitler started ww2.

Yes he may have officially started it by invading Poland, but literally the rest of Europe was asking for it by imposing extremely heavy sanctions on Germany. Literally everything Hitler built was about to be destroyed if he didn't start war. I don't praise Hitler, but his ideology was good and as JFK said "He had in him the stuff of which legends are made." It's funny as shit too, because the commies were 10x worse than the Nazis and ya know >Dresden.jpg

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Poland, Germany and France to lead Europe after Brexit


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>Poland bought 32 F-35's why? for flex

>Poland bought 32 F-35's why? for flex

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How to deal with the fact that I'm a shitskin with parents from a sandnigger shithole?

I hate my race, I hate being shitskin, I hate my sandnigger face, I hate the fact in beautiful and based White ethnostates like Poland, Hungary and Czech I'd be lynched on sight because of my shitskin and my dunecoon features, I wish I was White, I'm depressed because I'm not White and I'd like to die but I'm too much of a pussy to kill myself.

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23% of Polish babies born in the UK have Paki or African fathers

23% of Polish women in Britain give birth to either Black or Brown Babies "...Most of the 21,000 children born to Polish mothers in 2012 had Polish fathers, but the rest, 23% had African or Asian fathers." https://www.economist.com/news/britain/21595908-rapid-rise-mixed-race-britain-changing-neighbourhoodsand-perplexing This came from 2011 statistics. Imagine what the stats are now? Picture: A Polish grandmother hugs her favourite grandson. (His blond Polish mother is off camera.)

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This is Czesława Kwoka (1928 – 1943) was a Polish Catholic g...

This is Czesława Kwoka (1928 – 1943) was a Polish Catholic girl who was murdered at the age of 14 in Auschwitz. Why?

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Is Poland shit?

I swear I see no one on here that says anything good about Poland even the Polish themselves on here don't say much that is positive about it.

popularity: 72

Polish people in the UK

Most of them can't speak a word of English yet somehow are given a pass for that. Yet when an Refugee or African doesn't know English he's accused of "not assimilating" and "not taking part in British society" Why the double standard?

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Poland is banning porn

I think the shit our government is doing is straight up insane. First off you all foreigners think that the government is right wing - that's not true. They larp as right wingers when they introduce more and more social programs, and take our freedom away. I don't think porn is good, hell I watch it like once a month at best but it's up to the parents to control their children and raise them to become decent human beings and the state should shut the fuck up and maybe focus and making the country less of a shithole so people won't massively migrate from here. I hate what's happening here and I would honestly rather have a ton of niggers (that we have anyways, just not as much) than taking away my damn freedom.

popularity: 73

>Be Polish single mother >Have master's degree from Poland >...

>Be Polish single mother >Have master's degree from Poland >Use the EU given right of free movement and move to Norway >Can't get a job >Use EU given rights to collect 2500 USD of free Norwegian gibs >Live in the most depressing neighbourhood >Suggest that Norwegians are racists for not wanting to employ somebody that are unable to speak the language >Complain about being poor Literally why? Why not move to a cozy former German city like Poznan, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz or Gdansk, get a proper job and contribute to society like a normal person? Why not put her children in a Polish school where they actually can understand what the teacher says from the first day? https://www.bt.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/kJ1k6Q/vi-polakker-har-andre-maater-aa-leve-paa-vi-er-vant-til-aa-leve-paa-en-l...

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Poland stands with USA

popularity: 68

>Be in Poland ( german here) visit my extanded family >Alway...

>Be in Poland ( german here) visit my extanded family >Always tell us how proud they are etc etc >How independant Poland is >Every new street i walk >EVERY SINGLE STREET >Has a little street sign near to it >On this sign is stated: "Was build with money from the European Union" >Every new street >Visit ancient landmarks >Same signs >Visit museum >Same sign >Visit old town of cities >Everything is build with EU money >I literally walk on the collective spendings of europe in a single country to support it after 40 years of socialism I dont realize how people can be this ungrateful. Everything i see is financed by the european union and yet when i ask people they say the Eu is shit....

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What is your family's WW2 story?

My family lived in so called "Kresy" - former land of Poland that is Ukraine and Belarus today. My grandmother used to say that they were afraid of Ukrainians, Russians and Jews much more than of Germans. Especially of Ukrainians, which were the only reason for which they were forced to escape from former Eastern Poland, because they were chasing them with axes in hands. It was a literal orgy of killing in most sadistic way, they were even unaware that such things are possible. Everywhere Russians showed up, mass executions and rape was everyday reality. Jewish-soviet crime-guerilla-groups that were terrorizing Polish villages to steal any available food and valuables were third worst thing that could happen to a Pole during WW2. These criminals and killers were presented as "anti-nazi heroes" by Hollywood in "Inglourious Basterds" for example. Meanwhile the only memories my grandmother had about Germans were very positive. A German soldier helped to catch hens that escaped from her fa...

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Was your country civilized by the Romans? Poland No

Was your country civilized by the Romans? Poland No

popularity: 71

Finally, the polish will fuck off back to Poland. THANK YOU...

Finally, the polish will fuck off back to Poland. THANK YOU FOR VOTING CONSERVATIVE.

popularity: 65

Racist Polish Zoomers worshiping Brenton Tarrant


popularity: 56

Nazis enslaving whites

Why did the Nazis hate slavs so much? Why did they want to kill slavs and replace them with Germans, shouldn't they promote a home for all Europeans? >In 1941 it was decided to destroy the Polish nation completely and the German leadership decided that in 15–20 years the Polish state under German occupation was to be fully cleared of any ethnic Poles and settled by German colonists.[32]:32 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generalplan_Ost Apparently the Nazis also planned tp enslave able bodied brits aged 17-45 and send them to the East for industrial production!

popularity: 86

Poland says Fuck forced diversity

► https://youtu.be/6WLvBJW88uA

popularity: 75

Poland #1 kek

Poland #1 kek

popularity: 86

POLAND on TOP of antisemitism in the WORLD

According to ADL Poland hit the top place in the world's antisemitism ranking. You can leave your congrats below. Why Poland so based? 48% of Polaks are antisemites, the poll says. Are the Jews right when they say, Polaks milk antisemitism from mothers tits? https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/.premium-adl-report-poland-south-africa-ukraine-and-hungary-most-anti-semitic-countries-1.8156819

popularity: 88

Poland: >cop shots and kills a 21yo men >the whole country,...

Poland: >cop shots and kills a 21yo men >the whole country, media/internet/people going crazy USA: >cops killing people everyday >nobody gives a shit

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If a Polish woman aborts she gets life in jail

Any Polish woman (any woman with Polish ancestry is Polish by descent and subject to Polish laws) who gets an abortion is subject to many years of jail time. Of course the Krauts facilitate this. >Poland has among the strictest laws against abortion in the EU, which has led to the widespread practice of abortion tourism in which Polish women travel to neighbouring countries (typically Germany) to obtain an abortion. This has led to calls among hardliners on the pro-life side of the abortion debate to introduce extraterritorial laws criminalizing abortion tourism. Some of the proposed bills make no exceptions for Polish diaspora. If such a bill were ever enacted, a woman of Polish descent who obtains an abortion legally in their home country could theoretically find herself liable for criminal prosecution in Poland.

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you Polish always bragging how you hate communists and all t...

you Polish always bragging how you hate communists and all that, why dont you give back the eastern German lands which you stole yes, that is right you stole it, you complain about communists yet you co-operated with the russian beasts and brutalized the German people and drove them out of their eastern lands, having no regard even for religious buildings such as churches; converting them to rubble or to storage houses for potatoes at the very least. NOT to mention what you and your soviet-friends did to the people when they got trapped (and this is civilians from the cities and farmers I am talking about). German lands you ought to give back you thieving traitor soviet-allies, you ally with anyone, raise the England flag before the war, then roll with the Soviet beasts afterwards;you're not really people are you. GIVE BACK= >Hinterpommern & Stettin-936-1945 >Danzig - 1244-1454/1793-1918/1939-1945 >Westpreußen-Posen-1793-1918/1939-1945 >Ostpreußen-1226-1945 >Memelland-1250-1920/1939-1945...

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Polish people in Britain

Why they do it? Thats not they're country

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I live in small town in Eastern Poland AMA