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I'm still confused about this /pol/ is Fascism a left-wing o...

I'm still confused about this /pol/ is Fascism a left-wing or right-wing ideology?

holy fuck I need to go to D-land with my college buds and fuck with these people so bad...
What phenotype is this /pol/?
Neither, left and right wing is kike propaganda

/ctg/ CHAUVIN TRIAL GENERAL DAY 7 #9 - rootin' tootin' nelson edition

Trial began Monday, March 29 and is scheduled to last 4 weeks before juror goes into deliberation.

>Prosecution is still calling their witnesses to give testimony and entering exhibits into evidence.
>This will take until the rest of the week, approx.
>When the prosecution’s witnesses are done, then the defence will call their witnesses, which will take approx. 2 weeks

>Prosecution's list of witnesses

>Defendant's list of witnesses

Charges against Derek Chauvin (he has pleaded not guilty to all charges)

>Second degree felony murder- does not require intention to kill, death of victim occurs during the commission of a felony, in this case the state is arguing third degree assault
>Third degree murder- no intent to kill, but evincing a depraved mind without regard for human life
>Second degree manslaughter - no intent to kill, but created an unreasonable risk of serious harm or death

The state is arguing that Chauvin used excessive force against George Floyd in violation of his training as an MPD

>Medical Examiner’s Report:

>Anon’s collection of trial highlights


too much onions in these witnesses today