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"Standing by"

How many of you have kids, young cousins, nieces and nephews, or work with kids in a professional capacity? Is this anon right?

I'm a shut in, but I can't imagine it not being true. Even the darkweb, which was a libertarian stronghold for ages is now /pol/tier. You can't explore anything on the internet in depth without becoming at least somewhat red pilled.

Look at BLM. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Any white child that doesn't hate himself is at least wary of blacks now. That's not good material to work with if you're the left. The whole nation is racially aware now. The few who don't want to be are soon going to be forced to pick sides. Blacks who don't support BLM aren't going to find refuge in conservative groups anymore. Latinos, Asians, Jews and other nonwhites might have more leeway than blacks, but even they don't get absolute in-group approval from whites, who are now becoming increasingly weary of the forces actively working against them.

Gen Z/Alpha are becoming ISIS tier radicalized, and whoever comes next will be born into a world with them at the helm of youth culture

Weak conservatives and the left should say their prayers. Time isn't on their side, and nothing built on houses made of sand lasts


*/ we dont give a fuck if you dont like the desert
>Brainwashing kids into our ranks
In our hatred of the rabbi, have we became him, by accident?
Alt-right was a fucking blatant psy ops by the msm and whoever have their arm so far up their asses they're basically their puppets, and it failed spetacularly as it failed to get any genuine traction and it sole purpose was to herd the rising ring wing youth demographic into an easily manipulable platform with propped leadership no one even had heard of before. Hence why after 3 months or so, they just abandoned the ordeal, started to treat them just like the narrative treat all right wing politics and proceeded not to ever talk about them seriously again.

Anyone who treat the "alt-right" as anything more than a failed psy op and highjacking of a rising demographic are either clueless faggots or shills, as everyone else dont give a shit about it.



He was constantly looking down and concentrating REALLY hard on what was being said to him in the earpiece.
nobody but the trump deadenders cares.
Trump 2024