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Dindu Ruffin

>Pitbull attempts to maul Clydesdale horse
>Suffers such trauma from the horse that it ends up being euthanized


How retarded are these dogs? What narrow-minded creature attempts to attack something 20x it's scale and doesn't back off after getting hit once?

How do we solve the Pitbull problem?

Poor horse, apparently got tore up pretty good but should be alright.
yeah. it is what it is

Why is it always them doing this? https://www.dailymail.c...

Why is it always them doing this?


>don't want to exploit their own girls
>target teenage and young poor ukrainian girls
>film their porn in one of the most conservative and religious nations in the world risking serious consequences for the girls

Maybe next they will claim they are the victims here.

Here is a better question why do eastern european women always sign up for this shit?
If you read the article, it was literally organised by a Russian, not a Jew.
why we doing this all the time?