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Don’t let yourself be radicalized

I think a lot of you guys should probably see this, you need it.

>the animating force of the far right is and always has been bigotry
Video after video this man has pumped out and I don't think once he has ever picked up a book to try to understand the right. He is worse then that jew Adorno and his F scale.
Ok lets just skip the book he could try to talk to someone on the right, well at least someone on the right who reads and is engaged in the literature and not just a low iq pleb but he doesn't he makes no effort at understanding but rather he just continues to march forward producing videos.
>gabe comes for the community the ideology is just the price of admission
No, no, absolutely not. The right, the real right and not the caricatures on tv or the jew-right, attract people, well attracted me, because the way they understand the world appears to be true and better explains reality then what I have read from the left.
>the right does not critique capitalism
I am so tired of this bullshit. The right has a critique of capitalism that agrees with the left on many points. The problem is in the solutions of the right are not communism.
Sorry but this video is just bad and every left you tuber appears to only understand the right through the caricature of the false right controlled opposition they themselves control.
>blaming immigrants
Ok last one but I don't think anyone here actually "blames" the fucking shitskins. I don't know a single person who does not see them as fucking pawns of capital/kikes. I am starting to think the bulk of this video is projection.
>if you don't agree with me you are ALLT RYTE

why does it take 40 minutes to say this?
No. After being open minded for many years, I am now close minded to BS.

English YouTuber gets stopped by cartel members in Bolivia

Western tourists are so stupid. They think everywhere is safe. This guy is gonna get his head chopped off by the cartels.
https://youtu.be/rSoFDivGIdc?t=270 skip to 4:30

Giving them too much credit, lmfao. These are extremely poor and uneducated Aymara peasants living in isolation in the middle of fucking no where. They are unpredictable and unfriendly, and govern themselves with their own law.

Aymara's in that region don't like white people. They are hard to govern, and a big reason why Bolivia is a shit hole, with the exception of places where they don't reside.

He got fucking lucky. It could have ended way worse, and no one would've known about it.
Yellow youtubing clickbait, not cartel just an idiot looking for content.

He just gave his passport to local NARCOS.


WHY are people are like that???

He is totally disconnected from the reality of these countries: it's not a game and he could have been killed.

What a faggot.