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Why is it always them doing this? https://www.dailymail.c...

Why is it always them doing this?


>don't want to exploit their own girls
>target teenage and young poor ukrainian girls
>film their porn in one of the most conservative and religious nations in the world risking serious consequences for the girls

Maybe next they will claim they are the victims here.

Jews are evil pigs, women are fucking retarded.
Anything else, OP?
Here is a better question why do eastern european women always sign up for this shit?
If you read the article, it was literally organised by a Russian, not a Jew.

/pol/ humor

Low effort bait with such shitty arguments that anyone with 3 years of experience can already debunk, especially calling the Protocols a Hoax. Sadly pdfs aren't supported, but there's a 93 page book investigation and simple refutation of the notion that they are a hoax, this being the very very small version of which the author was still elaborating an absolute refutation of any notion it is made up. Further, relying on a single author is the most retarded thing possible, this image tries to mock actually valid points by making a gross overlook of the alien elements in any empire. It mixes truth with lies, typically jewish, whether the poster is one or not. Read Kevin MacDonald and you'll see there's more to this "its da jews". Sure, not all problems are caused by jews, they are merely the flies of a rotting corpse, but never in history was man ever criticized for trying to get rid of rats in his house than in the modern era. The points made are also cherry picked.

TL;DR Lurk moar and try harder.