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Devon Stack BTFO's Civ/Amnats by exposing Cucker Carlson for being a NeoCon.


So what? Are you suggesting people's opinions cannot change? I was a pro-immigration social democrat leftist faggot 5 years ago, but now I'm an unironic fascist who thinks all non-Euros should be deported from the continent post haste.
Don't care, still going to watch Tucker every night.
where are the immigrants coming from though?

trump speech twitter salt thread

trump speech twitter salt thread

Trump doesn't sound like Hitler and I'm tired of this own the libs shiy
Trump's a retard faggot that's turned out to be another shitty lefty, but with shittier economic sense and restraint on retardation. I think he ran as a "switched" to be republican for the legal tax evasion and because he couldn't stand a chance of running as the liberal he is.
The 2016 gaslighting campaign switches into overdrive.