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Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain

Portuguese, Italian, Greeks, Spaniards, what do you think about the way the EU, specially the rich countries like Germany, Nederlands... treat our countries? Not only with the Covid-19 shit, also with the 2008 crisis, the Catalan crisis in Spain... they pee on us and say that is raining.

The EU cant hold two economic speeds. They cant say the slower economies to try to keep up with the faster ones, because that destroys our reserves, our workers, all.

We should think a solution to this problem because the EU is going to be very damaged after this health crisis

Get a load of OP over here. Lmao he thinks the EU was ever a good idea. Looooooooooooooool
Man, it only takes one post to turn /pt/ into a shitshow. Y'all are equally stupid for being so butthurt about this.

Yes, Northen Europeans are xenophobic and hypocrite. Yes, Southern Europeans are lazy and corrupt. Now stop complaining about obvious shit and either do something or stfu
And so the jew divides the European peoples again. The actions of (((politicians))) make low IQ mongoloids hate their European brothers.

BERNIE KILLED MLK - New Evidence Released Shows His Arrest And Coverup

This guy is some kind of magic portal using serial killer that has been seen throughout the decades at numerous killings and in numerous police sketches, called everything from "Sandy" to the "Barefoot Intruder", to the "Zodiac Killer".

But nobody knows that Sanders was arrested in '63 in the King Assassination Investigation while he claimed to have been working on a Kibbutz in Palestine.

They don't even recognize him at all as being there, so where was he and what was he doing?

He even wrote one letter to the media to frighten them, that was kept from the public and investigators in local law enforcement by the FBI until 2010 that speaks of a man going to Vermont to kill more, and highlights the word king in his letter by capitalizing a K in speaKing.

well if he's that competent, you better make him president asap
Greatest timeline lads. Make sure to spam this on twitter.