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The EU is investigating Portugal for RACISM

Apologize, Portugal:

>A senior European human rights official is sounding the alarm about a rise in racism and discrimination in Portugal.

>The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, published a report Wednesday into “the increasing level of racism and the persistence of related discrimination” in the southern European country.

>Mijatović singled out for special concern a rise in the number of racially motivated hate crimes and hate speech, and discrimination against Roma and those of African descent. She recommended that authorities take measures “urgently.”

>Mijatović also said she was “deeply concerned at reports of racially motivated police misconduct and allegations of infiltration of some segments of the police by far-right extremist movements.”

>Those reports have come amid the emergence and rise of a two-year-old anti-immigrant populist party called Chega, which has moved into the political mainstream by gaining a seat in parliament and showing strongly in a recent presidential race.


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